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More than 10 years as the Republic Bashkortostan independently carries out international and foreign economic relations.

Bashkortostan has built up a reputation for itself on the international arena as a reliable, economically and politically stable partner, ready to cooperate and to interact on the basis of equality with all foreign countries and regions of Russia.

Very rich natural resources, convenient geographical position and well-developed transport infrastructure have predetermined the development of Bashkortostan as a major industrial centre of Russia. Two diversified complexes dominate: mechanical engineering and technologically interconnected among themselves branches of oil and gas producing, oil refining, petrochemical, chemical and microbiological industry.

Electrotechnical industry, instrument making are well advanced. Machine-tool construction, motor industry, wood producting, mechanical engineering, iron and steel industry are highly developed.

Industrial and scientific enterprises of defense complex possess high-power industrial basis, unique equipment and «know-how». In the course of conversion they master production of increased complexity, including new engineering.

Oil is the main wealth of Bashkortostan, its production in many respects determines the development of the republic's economy.

The republic has the second most powerful oil refining complex in Europe. Bashkortostan occupies the first place in Russia in oil processing. The overall capacity of oil processing makes about 45 mln. tons per year.

Bashkortostan is a major centre of chemical and petrochemical industry. The chemical industry produces the cheapest in the country soda, synthetic spirit, plastic, synthetic rubber and other kinds of production.

Ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, forestry and wood processing, light, food, medical industry, applied arts are highly developed in the republic.

Supported by its rich natural and industrial potential, the Bashkortostan Republic fruitfully develops its foreign economic relations, being one of the largest export-orientated regions of Russia. About half of all the production made in the republic is exported to the external market.

The geography of foreign trade is constantly extending, today it envelops more than 90 countries of the world.

In terms of the volume of foreign trade turn-over Bashkortostan is among top ten largest regions of Russia. Foreign trade of the republic is traditionally predominated (more than 85%) by export. The basis of export is formed by the produce of fuel and energy, chemical and petrochemical, machine-building complexes. Machines and process equipment as well as consumer goods predominate in import.

Bashkortostan is characterized as a region with a favourable investment climate. The order of granting warranties is developed, normative acts providing privileges for the investors are adopted in the republic.

The Ministry of Foreign Relations and Trade of the Republic of Bashkortostan carries out coordination and regulation of external economic and trade, cultural, scientific and technical and other ties with foreign countries, regions of the Russian Federation, determines development of external and domestic trade, services and small business in the republic.

The ministry does purposeful work to increase efficiency of foreign trade activities, focusing its efforts on promoting production of the republic's commodity producers to the new perspective markets. I am sure that the export potential and the most perspective investment projects of the enterprises of the Bashkortostan Republic will draw your interest and it will become one more step on the path of development and solidifying of our trade and economic relations.

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