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Fuel, Chemical and Petrochemical Industry
Black and Colored Metallurgy, Machinery Engineering and Metal Processing
Timber Industry
Glass Production and Medical Industry
Consumer Goods Production and Food Production
Investment cooperation
Oil-extracting, chemical and oil chemical industry
Ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, mechanical engineering and instrument production
Wood processing industry and construction
Glass-working and medical industry
Light and food-processing industry
Electric power industry and transportation
Small business entities projects

 Black and Colored Metallurgy, Mashinery Engineering and Metal Processing

Black Metallurgy

  • Alloy-steel
  • Mining-metallurgical
  • Rolling
  • Rope-making shops as well as a number of subsidiaries
  • Steel wire

Colored Metallurgy

  • Copper concentrate
  • Detritus
  • Limestone
  • Pyrites concentrate
  • Zinc concentrate

Mashinery Engineering and Metal Processing

  • "Aghidel" electric shavers
  • "Tropik-3" electric convection air heater
  • 1U61M enhanced precision universal screw-cutting lathes
  • 2APOK unit for repairs and maintenance of sucker-rod pumps
  • 2S132 universal vertical-drilling machine
  • 2S132K universal vertical-drilling machine with floating table
  • 2S132L universal vertical-drilling machine on a round column
  • 2S550 radial-drilling machine
  • 2YaG hydraulic anchors
  • Agricultural and other types of special-purpose machinery
  • Airborne hardware
  • Airplanes
  • Angle grinders - IP-2106, IE-2110, IE2112
  • Appliances for elevators
  • Appliances for protecting switch off
  • Auxiliary gas turbine engines
  • Bells
  • Boxes and containers for HES and AES operation, protection and for other branches of industry
  • Operating boxes for asynchronous motors
  • Diffusing boxes and stations
  • Bread baking equipment
  • Building materials and articles
  • Building materials and articles machines equipment consumer goods
  • Cables
  • LAN - cables
  • Cast wedge gate valves
  • Castings
  • Cementing units
  • LAN
  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Charge devices for automobiles
  • Consumer goods
  • Cruiser and sports "Bars"
  • Cut outs
  • Cutlery sets
  • Designing and engineering works for specific projects in oil-related machine-building
  • Efficient pneumatic tools - IP-4612
  • Electric drills - IE-10336E, IE-1049E, IE-1506E
  • Electric lamps
  • Engines for "Moskvitch" and "IZh-Orbita" cars
  • Equipment & tools
  • Equipment for agricultiral tools
  • Equipment for electro, gas, thermal watersupply
  • Equipment for oil and gas industry
  • ETA-50, ETA-50P type pipe elevators
  • Fertilizer spreading machines
  • Filters with electric contamination alarm
  • Finnish sauna and Russian bath stoves
  • Fishing tools
  • Fusible insertions for safety fuses
  • Gas pumping and power units
  • Gas turbine engines for combat aircraft
  • Geophisical equipment
  • Heavy-duty electric drives for pipeline gate-valves
  • Helicopter transmission units
  • Helicopters
  • Home lamps
  • Honing heads
  • Hydraulic filters
  • Fuel filters
  • Air filters
  • Hydraulic motors
  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Hydraulic valves
  • Hydrostatic transmissions
  • Individual NKU by customer's schemes
  • Individual NKU by customer's schemes
  • Industrial products
  • Information protecting complexes for aviation objects
  • IP-4125M Pneumatic Chipping
  • KTP-1 rotation cranes
  • Lighting flexes
  • Wires for Winding
  • Low-tension complete appliances for electric motors and regulating mechanisms supplying
  • Manufacture and sales of drilling and oil field equipment and spares therefor
  • Manufacturing activities is the oil business-related items
  • Mechanical wrenches of the APR-2 VBM, KMU-50M type
  • KShE rod wrenches
  • PBK-4 suspended pneumatic wrench
  • Pipe wrenches of the KT, KTGU-M, KTsN type
  • Stopping wrenches of the KCM type
  • Mills
  • Monoculars
  • Navigation and steering complexes
  • New product lines based on ZiL, Ural, MAZ, KrAZ, MZKT vehicles chassis
  • PBK-4 suspended pneumatic wrench
  • Personnel haulers
  • PM200 Riveting Hammers
  • Polycanal mobile trunk radiostations
  • Polyfunctional light transparency
  • Posts and button switches
  • Punches
  • Radiowires
  • Rpm controllers for asynchronous motors
  • Safety valve switching devices
  • Safety valves (spring-loaded)
  • Non return rotary valves (stop valves)
  • Seeders
  • SF 16.02 bench-type drilling-milling machine
  • SF-32 universal drilling-milling machine
  • Sleeve stop valves
  • Smallsize cast protectors
  • Snow tractors - "Rys"
  • Souvenirs
  • Springs to automobiles, to internal- combustion engines of all types, railway transport and pipelines
  • Stainless steel flexible hoses Flexible hoses with teflon inner surface
  • Sunflower refining complex
  • Switchboards for apartments
  • Swivel cranes for servicing drilling units
  • Swivels of the VE-50, BU-50Br type
  • Tamping blenders
  • Technological equipment for primary manufacturing of fruit and berries
  • Telescopic sights
  • Tool & office equipment
  • Tractor sheet ressors
  • Trailers and sledges for "Rys" snow tractors
  • Tripole and singlepole automatic switches
  • UMZ-5V and UMZ-340 single-cylinder 4-stroke carburator engines
  • Units and installations for repairs and maintenance of wells
  • Units for cable winding on spools
  • Universal switches
  • Universal wood manufacturing machine tools
  • "Ural", "Ural-3" and "Agros" engine units
  • VM-650 water bikes and 60-hp engines thereto
  • Well inspection tools
  • Wires
  • ZPVM mechanical packers

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