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Fuel, Chemical and Petrochemical Industry
Black and Colored Metallurgy, Machinery Engineering and Metal Processing
Timber Industry
Glass Production and Medical Industry
Consumer Goods Production and Food Production
Investment cooperation
Oil-extracting, chemical and oil chemical industry
Ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, mechanical engineering and instrument production
Wood processing industry and construction
Glass-working and medical industry
Light and food-processing industry
Electric power industry and transportation
Small business entities projects

 Glass and Medical Industry

Glass Industry

  • Bottles from glass pipes
  • Bottles from glassmass
  • Jars from glassmass
  • Plials from glassmass
  • Bottles from glassmass
  • Bottles for cosmetics
  • Carpet mosaic tile
  • Ceramic tiles
  • China items
  • Glanfibre mats
  • Glass home articles
  • Mirrors
  • Ceramic articles
  • Glass pipes
  • Glass pipes for electric lamps
  • Glass stabs for electric lamps
  • Leaf glass
  • Tempered safe glass
  • Polylayer safe glass
  • Glass for autotransport
  • Bullet proof glass
  • Plials from glassmass
  • Bottles from glassmass
  • Sort vessels made of glass
  • Thermal isolation material

Medical Industry

  • Acetylcisteine solution for injections, 10%
  • Albumin solution (donor and placental)
  • Antirabies, culture, inactivated vaccine, dry, for human immunization
  • Antitetanic serum, purified, made of horses, concentrated, liquid
  • Bacteriophagum: no specific and combined ("Biophag" branch factory's production)
  • Bificol, dry
  • Bifidumbacterin, dry
  • Calcium dextrose for injections, 10%
  • Cerebrolizatum
  • Ceruloplazmin lyophilized for injections
  • Cocarboksilaza hydrochloride, 0,05, for injections
  • Collagenaza KK 250 UNITS
  • Complement, dry
  • Dalargin lyophilized, for injections
  • Diphtheria and tetanus toxins and pertussis vaccine (DTTP), adsorbed, liquid
  • Diphtheria tetanus vaccine, adsorbed, purified, liquid (DTV)
  • Diphtheria tetanus vaccine, purified, antigen-ingredient reduced (DTV-M), liquid
  • Gastric juice "Ekvin", natural
  • Glucose solution 5%, for injections
  • Hemodezum
  • Histoglobulin, dry
  • Hondrolon
  • Horse serum, normal for bacteria growth medium, liquid
  • Human diphtheria immune serum, purified, made of horses, concentrated, liquid
  • Immunoglobulin antiallergenic, liquid
  • Immunoglobulin antistaphylococia, human, liquid
  • Immunoglobulin, human, normal
  • Influenza, inactivated, fluent-centrifugal vaccine, liquid (IIB)
  • Influenza, multipartial polimer-subsolitary vaccine, liquid GRIPPOL
  • Injection plazmol
  • Injection preparations
  • Interferon human leukocytes in suppository
  • Interferon, human leukocytes, dry
  • Iodine spirituous solution 5%
  • Lidaza
  • Magnesium sulfate solution, 25%, for injections
  • Multi-vitamin dragee
  • Natrium adenozintriphosphate solution, 1%, for injections (ATPh)
  • Nicotine acid, 1%, for injections, packed: 10-ampoule solution 1%, 1 ml. each
  • Oxytocine
  • Piobacteriaphagum multipartial, purified, liquid
  • Propolis tincture
  • Prostatilen
  • Sodium chloride solution, isotonic
  • Soft capsules
  • Staphylococci and protein and sinepurelent vaccine
  • Syrups
  • Tablets
  • Tetanus vaccine, purified, adsorbed, liquid
  • Threehystoglobulin, dry
  • Tinctures
  • Vilozen

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