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 Bashkirian honey


Bashkortostan Supplies for Beekeeping Development

Beekeeping in Bashkortostan is an ancient occupation of native inhabitants with deep historical roots, thousand-year experience and traditions. Bee and honey have been symbols of Bashkortostan for a long time.

There are all the necessary conditions to run a successful beekeeping business: rich natural melliferous vegetation; unique race of Bashkirian honeybees; age-old traditions and high skills of beekeepers; educational institutions for training skilled experts; companies for beekeeping implement and honeycomb production.

Honey provisions in the republic account to about 525,000 tons, including supplies available for bees - 175,000 tons or 33 %. Taking into account that the average production of one bee family is 40 kg of commercial bee, we can keep 1 350,000 bee communities.

Bashkortostan is among few constituent units of Russian Federation that has legislative framework on beekeeping development. The Republic accepted Law on Beekeeping.

Value of Bashkirian honey

Food quality of Bashkirian honey is out of line with other sorts of Russian honey. It has unique orga-noleptic, physical-chemical characteristics and therapeutic qualities.

Bashkirian honey has sweet pleasant taste rating from weak to strong without any foreign flavours. The main physical-chemical characteristics of Bashkirian honey determining its biological value are much higher than those of other honey sorts from the territory of Russia and neighbouring countries.

The Republic of Bashkortostan is the only region in Russia where you can find more than 400 kinds of nectariferous and polliniferous plants.

Bashkirian honey is famous thanks to linden, which is the main bee plant of the Republic. Last century Bashkirian honey was triply awarded gold medals at big international exhibition fairs: in Paris in 1900, in Erfurt in 1961 and in Moscow in 1971. It got the highest awards at World fairs "Russian Farmer" and "Agrarian Russia" in Saint-Petersburg in 2001-2004 and Russian Agro-Industrial Exhibition "Golden Autumn" in Moscow in 2001-2006.

Value of Bashkirian honeybee race

Bashkirian honeybee race has unique business qualities - excellent winter hardiness, high bee productivity as well as resistance to black brood, nose-matosis and paralysis during honeydew flow.

Bashkirian honeybee race is superior on high productivity and volume of harvested bee bread compared with other Russian bee races. They are less tended for theft.

Bashkirian bee was awarded a diploma and a silver medal at International Beekeepers' Congress in Bucharest in 1965. Bashkirian bee was given two gold and two silver medals at Russian Agro-Industrial exhibition "Golden Autumn" in 2002-2005 (Moscow).

According to President Decree of Bashkortostan Republic (December 4, 2000), state establishment "Bashkirian Scientific Research Centre on Beekeeping and Apitherapy" is determined as the leading republic company involved in beekeeping and apitherapy research and production. The effectively functioning business structure of the centre includes state beekeeping inspectorate, research departments, scientific and experimental, production units, sales department.

There are three main research work programs conducted by our centre:

  • genetic conservation and reproduction, enlargement of Bashkirian honeybee distribution area (Russian Federation's state certificate Nę 0120.0404876)
  • survey of natural zones in the Republic of Bashkortostan with best conditions for producing high-quality ecologically safe beekeeping goods (No 0120.0404877)
  • development, improvement and clinical use of therapeutic agents, dietary supplements and bioactive lotions, based on beekeeping produce and medicinal herbs (H> 0120.0404875).

The results of research work done in 2005 made it possible for Bashkir Beekeeping and Apitherapy Research Centre to get a patent on the trade mark "Bashkirian honey". Currently the Research Centre is the only and the primary holder of this patent in the world.

There are 5 scientific and experimental stations in different natural and agricultural areas of the republic. 45 breeding bee yards include more than 5,000 bee families. Bashkirian honeybee race was certified by Russian Federation's State Expert Committee on Examining and Protection of Selection Achievement and was given a patent and a certificate.

Experimental production

The company has developed and produces more than 80 kinds of therapeutic agents, dietary supplements and bioactive lotions, based on beekeeping produce, most of them were awarded diplomas and medals at different international and domestic fairs.

23 items of the centre's experimental produce got medals, diplomas and certificates of ecologically safe goods.

Sales activity

The State establishment "Bashkirian Scientific Research Center on Beekeeping and Apitherapy" is a supplier of Bashkirian honey for 1,300 sales outlets in 33 Russian regions, including Moscow region, Saint-Petersburg, Siberia. Since 2005 the centre has exported honey to the USA. The company provides regions of Russian Federation with queens, bee packages and bee colonies of Bashkirian race.

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