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 Honey «Good Spirit»

Series of "Good Spirits" honey is marked by gold medals at International Exhibition-fair "Agrarian Russia" in Saint Petersburg in 2004 and at Russian agro-industrial exhibition "Golden autumn" in Moscow in 2004-2005. At international competition "Ecologically safe products" in Moscow in October, 2005 honey "Good Spirits" got a diploma and a certificate of ecologically safe product.

Honey "Good Spirits" with a dietary supplement "Vetoron".

An eucalyptus leaf has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and analgetic effects thanks to its essential oils, phenol and polyphenol compounds. Composition of honey and eucalyptus increases antimicrobial and pain-relieving effect of the plant, has frank antiseptic effect.

Honey "Good Spirits" with pollen, and vitamin C.

This product made on a unique recipe stimulates body defenses, increases vital tonus and growth, and activates blood circulation.

It is recommended for coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, chronic hepatitis, chronic prostatitis and general weakness.

Honey "Good Spirits" with a "Neoselenium" supplement.

The deficit of selenium causes deacidification diseases of different organs and systems and results in senilism and decreases age of human life.

Composition of honey with an important microelement -selenium - stimulates metabolism, increases body defenses from nervous break-downs and senilism.

It is recommended for cardiovascular and nervous system diseases, anemia, bronchial asthma, diabetes, leucosis, X-ray sickness.

Honey "Good Spirits" with a "Iod Casein"

Supplement. Improves metabolism, strengthens the nervous system, is good for growth and development. It is recommended for prophylaxis of iodine deficiency.

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