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 Creams «Magic Bee»


State establishment "Bashkirian Scientific Research Center on Beekeeping and Apitherapy" offers series of cosmetics based on natural components with bioactive lotion of beekeeping products.

Cream for dry and normal skin.

The main component with rejuvenating effect is royal jelly. It contains proteins, sugar, complex of vitamins, mineral substances. Besides, it has hormones and bracing components.

In the course of time our skin loses its elasticity, becomes drier, regeneration processes of its cells become slower. Cream "Magic Bee" is a good means for increasing vitality and softening of skin, it has a very delicate consistency. You can use this cream during the day time and in the evening. You should apply the cream on well cleaned skin daily. Regular use of the cream protects the skin from early aging.

Day cream for oily and problem-prone skin.

An eucalyptus leaf has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and analgetic effects thanks to its essential oils, phenol and polyphenol compounds. Composition of honey and eucalyptus increases antimicrobial and pain-relieving effect of the plant, has frank antiseptic effect.

Cream-balm for dry and damaged hair.

Rich in necessary nutritives, flavonoids and microelements a propolis extract strengthens hair, improves its structure, especially in high fragility, makes hair healthy and well-cared; a paprika extract intensively stimulates blood circulation and oil glands work.

It is necessary to apply small amount of the cream-balm along the hair length by weak massaging motions and keep the cream-balm for 3-5 minutes, then you should wash your hair up with large amount of water.

Hand cream.

Specially created original make-up is developed to take care of hand skin.

The cream has frank anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial effects thanks to a propolis extract.

Plant oils and beeswax wet and protect hands for long time, stimulate cell regeneration processes, make skin smooth and even.

Wheat germ oil has rejuvenating effect and an aloe extract results in anti-inflammatory as well as soft and delicate hands.

Foot cream.

Is an effective means to care of foot skin that has an anti-fungus effect.

Beeswax and plant oils make foot skin wet, soft and well feed, especially in areas with rough skin, remove muscular strain and tension.

A propolis extract furthers cell regeneration and quick healing of clefts, fissures and chafing.

Natural extracts of horse chestnut and oak rind are favourable for capillary and vein walls, enforce blood circulation, has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect. Menthol is a good skin deodarant.

Application of the cream is effective in foot oedema and pains.

Sifter Shaving cream.

Is a soft care of irritated facial and neck skin.

A propolis extract is the main component that has a favourable effect for cell regeneration speeding up and removes skin irritation.

Beeswax and plant oils renew damaged skin. A plantain extract, alantoin and vitamin precursor B5 has an antiseptic, wound-healing and pain-relieving effect.

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