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Wood processing industry

JSC «Bashlesprom»
Construction of chemical shop for production of activated carbone at the Amzya wood processing plant
Total project cost — 3 000 000 USD
Required investments — 3 000 000 USD
Payback period, months — 24
Current status
There are construction sites, communications, infrastructure.
The project's summary
The main purpose of the project is the launch of production of activated carbone in the existing building of former electro shop after reconstruction and enlargement of the area.
An activation furnace has been bought, second one will be ordered to be manufactured.
All construction works and the start-up of the new production is planned to execute within 9 months. The project has passed ecological expertise and has received the positive conclusion.

JSC «Bashlesprom»
Construction of splint-slab plates laminating shop in the Ufa plywood factory
Total project cost — 1 800 000 USD
Required investments — 1 800 000 USD
Payback period, months — 36
Current status
The industrial building has been constructed; the necessary sites for construction, communications are prepared.
The project's summary
The project provides purchase of the splint-slab plates laminating equipment. The aim of the project is to produce qualitative laminated splint-slab plates, which finds great demand with the manufacturers of furniture and construction organizations.
The sale of the planned products is to meet own needs, i.e. manufacturing of furniture — 90%, construction purposes — 10%. Splint-slab plates and film are produced by the enterprise. The enterprise possesses free industrial capacities equipped with the necessary engineering equipment.

Municipal enterprise «Karagai»
Organization of production of glued board shield
Total project cost — 1 430 000 USD
Required investments — 1 430 000 USD
Payback period, months — 27
Current status
The supplier of the equipment and direction of sales of production are determined.
The project's summary
The purpose of the project is organization of production of high-quality produce, which parameters accords with the international standards, with realization on the market of Germany. It is planned to purchase main and auxiliary equipment.
At the first stage it is planned to export all manufactured production. The pre-contract study of sales of production to the supplier of the equipment has been conducted. It is possible to start manufacturing new kinds of production in the basis of the existing equipment with some modifications.

JSC «Oktyabrsky wood processing complex»
Construction of volumetric – modular buildings on the basis of the wood--processing complex
Total project cost — 12 500 000 USD
Required investments — 12 000 000 USD
Payback period, months — 40
Current status
Industrial objects have been prepared for setting the equipment.
The project's summary
The project ’s goal is to erect lowsored industrial construction complex on the basis of the technology of volumetric — modular building (VMB) with the use of production wood processing complex.
The realization of the project in short time at rather small costs will allow constructing qualitative housing in accordance with Russian and international standards. The structure of industrial construction complex assumes setting up of a plant to produce volumetric — modular buildings (7 mill.USD), wood processing shop for supply of construction with raw material, and sales centres.


State enterprise «Mansour integrated plant for building materials»
Establishing stone-processing production
Total project cost — 5 434 000 USD
Required investments — 5 434 000 USD
Payback period, months — 20
Current status
Astone-cutting and 2 mining shops are running. Land assignment and licenses for deposits developing have been made out.
The project's summary
The project is aimed at developing stone-cutting production based on the existing stone-extracting and stone-processing productions,and increasing output of facing plates out of rigid rocks.

JSC «Bashkirian investment house»
Plant for small-sized wall blocks out of porous concrete
Total project cost — 9 074 000 USD
Required investments — 5 171 000 USD
Payback period, months — 50
Current status
The construction is completed at 50%.
The project's summary
The project is aimed at mastering new technologies to produce effective building materials in order to meet better requirements for thermal protection of construction buildings.
The technology is based on heat and moisture treatment in autoclaves at the pressure of 0,8–1,2 MPa.

JSC «Bashkirian investment house»
Construction of Trading Centre in Sipaylovo district of Ufa
Total project cost — 8 173 600 USD
Required investments — 8 173 600 USD
Payback period, months — 29
Current status
There is a resolution of the city administration to construct the Trading Centre.
The project's summary
The total area of the projected object is 6358 m2, an area of the main trade hall — 2100 m2, an area of a trade hall on entresol — 1900 m2.
There is much house construction in the neighbourhood, and the trade enterprises of the district provide only 28,4% of its demand. The construction of the Trade Centre will allow covering large number of potential customers in the district.
The expected annual amount of goods sales is estimated at about 27,2 mln US dollars.

JSC «Bashkirian investment house»
Establishing production of window units and door laminated glued boards
Total project cost — 3 720 000 USD
Required investments — 3 557 800 USD
Payback period, months — 25
Current status
There were held preliminary talks on necessary facilities for production dislocation.
The project's summary
The investment project is aimed at its realizing at any wood processing factory with industrial site with area of 5000 m2. The pre-contract study has been conducted and Germany-made equipment selected. The equipment supplier takes responsibility to provide with engineering specifications, transportation, equipment assembly and launching, and also staff training.

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