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 Light and food-processing industry

Light industry

JSC «Bashtex»
Establishing of wool-spinning production
Total project cost — 23 680 000 USD
Required investments — 17 050 500 USD
Payback period, months — 86
Current status
Construction is in progress. Constructing and assembly works have been done for 60%, including the leading up of the main part engineering communications. Business–plan has been elaborated.
The project's summary
The project is of importance for developing light industry of the republic, for its implementation will make it possible to process thin wool from sheep shearing up to manufacturing the finished goods. The region’s knitting enterprises will be able to produce competitive and high-quality wool and part-wool yarn.
There have been considered and arranged sales of yarn for export.
The enterprise is located in a free economic zone, where tax privileges on sums paid to the republican budget are offered.

JSC «Isimbay factory for knitted goods»
Setting up a joint venture producing knitted goods
Total project cost — 747 000 USD
Required investments — 311 000 USD
Payback period, months — 32
Current status
Feasibility report elaborated.
The project's summary
To keep the leading position in the sales markets the enterprise has to replace a part of knitting equipment in order to reduce material consumption of the goods and improve products quality. Reduction in the amount of materials used will allow reducing prices at 20-30%in comparison with the present level. This will ensure the constant demand for our knitted goods. The joint venture to be set up will have to pay fewer taxes.

Food-processing industry

JSC «Ufa meat-packing integrated plant»
Construction of shop for processing fish produce
Total project cost — 3 000 000 USD
Required investments — 3 000 000 USD
Payback period, months — 54
Current status
Industrial premises, refrigerating areas for raw material and production storage prepared.
The project's summary
The project aims at construction the shop for processing fish produce in order to produce slightly salty, cold and hot smoked fish. We plan to sell weight, packed in large and customize scale fish produce of about 100 tons per month in the Urals region.

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