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Small business entities projects

 Small business entities projects

Enterprise Project Sum,
th. Rub.
JSC «Uralintekh» Production of powder paints and coatings 500 6
The realization of the project will allow to considerably increase the capacity of production and to introduce production of all kinds of powder paints (epoxy, epoxy-polyester, polyester)
Net of drug stores «Leko» Development of in-store preparing of medicines 2200 18
The project is aimed at the development of in-store preparing of medicines, which will allow to enlarge manufacturing of the number of medicinal preparations in Ufa
Small business development and support fund Production of polymer-filled tile 3500 18
Due to long term of chemical and biological fall out of polymeric waste there is necessity in collecting and recycling of the wastes to produce fabricated items
«Neral» Group Establishment of the dairy collecting facility 3000 9
The purpose of the project is to establish a facility to collect milk from the population. Collected milk undergoes a simple technological processing and is sent to the dairy factory
JSC «Centre of ecological technologies» Utilization of oil slam after oil extraction and oil processing 3000 18
The project will allow to solve ecological problem of elimination of oil slams with setting up a gravel production and road-constructing material «Ecodor» and oil return
Farm «Radmir» Growing vegetables in glass houses 1000 24
Project is aimed at erection of film covered heated glass houses with area up to 3 hectares, designed for out of season vegetable growing
JSC «Instrom» Production of foamed concrete articles 1200 12
The project is devoted to solving housing problem in Khaibullinsky region of the republic by means of setting up a production of construction materials
JSC «Fizcultura i Zdorovie» Production of medical non-sterile bandages 4500 24
A license to manufacture and a serial production permit were granted. It is supposed to manufacture bandages of three sizes, packed in plastic film
Farm «Nuriakhmetova » Establishment of fish farms 2500 24
The purpose of the project is establishment of fish farms, in order to grow carps in the existing reservoirs. Planned capacity is up to 100 tones of fish
«Zolotoy Ulov» Group Construction of fish shop 1200 24
The aim of the project is the achievement of stable volume of realization of fish products through chain shops
RPE «Poligon» Production of goods on the basis of integral chips 20000 60
The project will meet the demands of telecommunication equipment producers in modern devices of microelectronics (interfaces, multiplexors, switch boards, codecs etc.)
JSC RPC «Atlant» Production of polymer reinforced tubings 24000 36
The technology provides competitiveness of products and will allow to change for industrial introduction of polymer reinforced tubing

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