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 Archive of news - January 2004

30.01.04. - Communication enterprises' incomes totaled nearly 1 bln in 2003

Communication enterprises’ incomes totaled nearly 1 bln rubles in 2003. Within 2003 enterprises performed services in the amount of 5 bln 785 mln rubles, which is 42.8 per cent more then in 2002. According to Deputy Minister of Bashkortostan Ministry of Industry Azamat Ilimbetov, reporting at the Ministry collegium, these figures prove communication field to be one of the most effective and dynamically developing. JSC "Bashinformsviaz", which is one of Russia largest communication operators, sets the pace here. In 2003 "Bashinformasviaz" provided services to the customers in the amount of 2 bln 900 mln rubles - 27 per cent more then in 2002. "Bashinformsviaz" general capital investments totaled 400 mln rubles. Within 2003 it put into operation over 4 thousands telephone numbers, laid 230 km of fiber-optic communication lines. Besides, number of Internet users has been growing up. The enterprise has been continuing performing republican Program for development village telephone communication. In 2003 over 20 mln rubles was allotted from Bashkortostan budget for supporting the Program. Over 190 telecasting transmitters has been put into function for telecasting all-Russian television programs, and telecasting subscribers cover zone has now approximated 100 per cent. However, according to Azamat Ilimbetov, there are still unresolved tasks, in particular, great demand for telephones, with the queue of nearly 150 thousand users. Besides, telecasting equipments and facilities have depreciated and been used up, and want soonest renovation. NA "Bashinform".

30.01.04. - Glass making, chinaware and delftware production went through fall

Last year featured certain fall in glass making, chinaware and delftware production. Products output amounted to 1 bln 78 mln rubles, and actual output in the field totaled 96 per cent. Theses figures were reported at yesterday’s collegium in Bashkortostan. According to the Deputy Minister of Industry Azamat Ilimbetov, the fall was mainly caused by stoppage of two chinaware making plants - Tuimazy and Oktiabrsk, while the actual output was achieved by JSC "SalavatSteklo" and Krasnousolsk glass-making plant. In 2003 JSC "SalavatSteklo" output amounted to 1 bln 65 mln rubles or 9 per cent of the total output in the field. Actual output volume totaled 104.4 per cent. The enterprises carried out commitments on current payments to budget and off-budget assets. Salaries to employments were paid timely. The plant’s due arrears having been paid in accordance with its restructure schedule. Products output volume of another glass making enterprise - Krasnousolsk glass-making plant - amounted to 95 mln rubles, while actual output index totaled 97.5 per cent. The plant has kept unstable position. Under such conditions the only way to improve the situation is to start constructing new enterprise for dark beer bottle production. The equipments and facilities used can hardly insure quality and competitiveness of the produced products. Chinaware production plants also went through their hard times in 2003. At the end of 2003 as a result of reorganization and due to attraction of strategic investor, serial production was restored at Tuimazy chinaware plant. In January 2004 production lines were put into operation at Oktiabrsk chinaware plant. According to Ilimbetov, as a result of renewing production at these plants, 10 per cent increase in output volumes is expected at the field in general. However, future operation of the enterprises will fully depend on their abilities to work on the market demanding competitive and quality products. NA "Bashinform".

30.01.04. - Light industry rose 5.9 per cent

In 2003 light industry was set a goal of 10 per cent increase in output volume in comparison with 2002. Some enterprises and sub-fields of the industry have coped with the task, but in general light industry enterprises’ actual output volume totaled 105.9 per cent. If take into account rather long-term decrease in output production in the field, nearly 6 per cent increase is considered to be good result. Yearly results of sewing and shoes-making industries have impressed the most: sewing enterprises produced 17 per cent more then in 2002, while shoes-making enterprises - 15 per cent more. These figures have been reported at the collegium of Bashkortostan Ministry of Industry. Deputy Minister of Industry Azamat Ilimbetov disclosed situation in light industry. He declared Work Uniform Making Plant (JSC), Ufa sports goods production factory, Ufa leather goods making factory, Birsk sewing factory, Oktiabrsk leather and shoes-making enterprise, Ufa cotton goods production enterprise and Bashkir fine arts making co-operative "Agidel" to be the most financially and economically successful enterprises. Ilimbetov emphasized that positive dynamics has been reached due to renewing and broadening of assortment, applying updated technologies and active participating of the enterprises in exhibitions and fairies. Economical growth has positive impact on social indexes. Average monthly wages grew 21 per cent as compared to 2002. In 2003 overdue wage arrears decreased over 5 times - from 5.6 mln rubles to 1 mln rubles. In textile making industry the situation is not so optimistic. Actual output index 16 per cent did not reach 100 per cent. Lack of turnover means, slack demand for the goods on the market due to low competitiveness, significant functional and moral depreciation of the equipments - these are main factors that caused falling behind, according to specialists. Key task for all light industry enterprises this year has declared rise of products quality and competitiveness. JSC Ishimbay knitwear factory started production of 60 new wear models, while Sterlitamaksk leather processing plant mastered production of new models of natural fur coats and fur sheepskins that meets modern standards. NA "Bashinform".

29.01.04. - Bashkortostan Ministry of Industry collegium took place

Today in Bashkortostan Ministry of Industry summed up last year activities of the enterprises under its supervision and outlined key tasks for 2004. Agenda has got two questions: 2003 results and tasks for 2004. Agenda second point has been pleasant event of awarding certain top managers for contribution of their enterprises into development of industry fields of Bashkortostan. Traditionally, Bashkortostan Deputy Minister, Minister of Industry Sergey Yermilov, has opened final collegium. "Positive dynamics of the main figures of industrial output proves stabilization in Bashkortostan industry and economy in the whole", Yermilov noted. Output volume totaled 192.1 bln rubles, while growth rate totaled 107.5 per cent and proved to be the highest within the last three years. Basing on the figures Bashkortostan is ranking 10th amongst 89 other Russia regions. The most significant growth has been seen in machine building and metal processing - 120.4 per cent, ferrous metallurgy - 117.6 per cent and medicine industry - 114.2 per cent. Increase has been recorded in forest production, wood processing, paper manufacturing, light industry and crude oil extraction for the first time since 2000. Bashkortostan figures are quite good, but nevertheless, according to the Minister, the republic still has examples to reach for: a lot of neighboring Ural regions have shown even greater results, among them are Sverdlovsk and Cheliabinsk districts, which have outstripped Bashkortostan, having achieved 8.5 per cent and 9 per cent industrial growth accordingly. Therefore, Yefremov has set minimum 7-8 per cent increase of the industrial output as a main task for 2004. This is the task for all industrial enterprises in general. Yefremov has also outlined individual tasks for Ministry of Industry. According to Yefremov, one of them is to be Ministry re-orientation from information accumulating and reports making function to strategic tasks solution. According to Minister, main goal of Ministry of Industry function is to be increase of gross domestic product twice as much as now by 2010. Resolving the task requires increasing enterprises investment appeal, orientating small and medium-scale businesses to industry, searching alternative to budget financial sources for implementation of various programs. "Persistent development of industry evidently needs qualified personnel", Yefremov stressed. In this connection Ministry is starting implementation of training program of marketing specialists, economists, and lawyers for business planning. Taking into account Russia’s preparations for joining WTO, Bashkortostan Ministry of Industry has got one more task - defining and supporting those Bashkir enterprises that are really able to compete with Western manufacturers. But these are just a few tasks set before Bashkortostan Ministry of Industry and industrial complex as a whole. At the collegium, Yefremov’s Deputies declared priority directions to all the fields of Bashkortostan industry. Top managers of industrial enterprises present at the collegium contributed to defining the directions as well. NA "Bashinform".

29.01.04. - New perspectives for co-operation with large enterprises set

On January 28 Bashkortostan President Murtaza Rakhimov had business meeting with LukOil President Vagit Alekperov in the House of Republic. Vagit Alekperov noted that he was glad to visit Bashkortostan, because his company and the republic are bound with solid business relations. "We have maintaining humanly warm and friendly relations with Bashkortostan President. Bashkortostan is one of the largest producers of industrial products, and in particular petrochemical ones, which have great investment appeal and significant potential for the further industrial development", Alekperov stressed. He informed Rakhimov about company’s plans as per expansion of its activity in the republic: these are retailing development, increase of crude oil supplies to oil refineries for selling oil products not only in Bashkortostan, but in the neighboring regions as well. Bashkortostan President appreciated current state and perspectives of co-operation between Bashkortostan and LukOil as well as initiatives of LukOil manager as per of further co-operation. * * * On January 28 Bashkortostan President Murtaza Rakhimov had business meeting with President of financial corporation "NIKoil" Nikolay Tsvetkov in the House of Republic. At the meeting questions of cooperation between Bashkortostan and the financial corporation after its merging with "UralSib" bank group was discussed. The parties emphasized that at the moment one of the largest and the most reliable financial organizations joining business circles of Bashkortostan and Moscow has been established. Financial foundation with its old name "Uralo-Sibirskiy Bank" is to provide people quality services of investment, insurance and pension. Besides, the parties reviewed questions of elaborating detailed program for appealing investments for financial support of the mutually beneficial projects in various fields, which is to be carried out together with Bashkortostan government. In discussion Bashkortostan Premier Rafael Baidavlietov and "Uralo-Sibirskiy Bank" acting President Fuad ahundov took part. NA "Bashinform".

27.01.04. - Ufa foreign economical activity shows growing success

Ufa, January 27, NA “Bashinform” Alim Faisov. At the latest Ufa city authorities conference, foreign economical and interregional activity of Ufa authorities has been discussed.
Ruslan Mirsayapov, chief of the foreign economical activities department, reported about organization of this work in the city. In particular, he noted that Ufa is ranking top in the republic foreign trade. The city’s share in Bashlortostan foreign trade turnover exceeded 65 per cent in 2003. In that, fuel and energy industry, machine building and petrochemical complex outputs are traditional export basis, whereas machine building industry products are import basis. Equipments and facilities made in China, Germany, Belgium, USA are of the greatest demand. Authorities is actively supporting medium-scale works and plants, which require assistance in penetrating into both Russian and foreign markets. Strong contacts have been established with Ufa plants foreign economical affairs and marketing departments. Last year Ufa plants participated in over 30 different business conferences and trips. In the first quarter of 2004 full-colored presentation included Ufa main functions as well as information of the city’s hundred enterprises and organizations, is planed to come out. Catalogue of the investments projects into Ufa enterprises has been updated. These data are used at the meetings with official and business delegations visited Ufa. Ufa foreign economical contacts have been developing more successful year by year. In 2003 there were meetings with official delegations and representatives of Czech Republic, town of Galle (Germany), Saxony, Germany; Ufa authorities’ delegations visited and participated in the First conference of Ankara twinned-towns, active work was conducted with the Agency of business co-operation development with Switzerland government. Significant interest was shown toward co-operation with other cities-members of the Capitals and Large Cities International Assembly (IAC). In the interregional sphere stable contacts were established with Yekaterinburg, Orenburg and Samara. City authorities believe that the accumulated experience proves other cities’ great interest toward Ufa. NA “Bashinform”.

27.01.04. - Lufthansa opens flights to Ufa

Bashkortostan Prime-Minister Rafael Baidavletov has received Lufthansa delegation headed by Russia and CIS regional manager Gunter Otto. While greeting German guests, Rafael Baidavletov noted that Bashkortostan and Germany are bounded with old and various business relations, and declared willingness to continue mutually beneficial co-operation. In his turn, Mr. Otto thanked Baskir side for the warm receive and opportunity to discuss questions of the mutual interest at the high level. The aim of the current visit of the world’s largest airlines company has been declared as fulfillment of the mutual project - opening air communication between Frankfurt-on-Main and Ufa. According to Mr. Otto, visiting “Ufa” international air terminal made the most positive impression on German delegation. On his opinion, it's advisable for other Russian air terminals to which Lufthansa’s flying, to be renovated to achieve similar high standards. Not having any doubts in the project success, German side wished to have got comprehensive informational database as per new international flight opening. Bashkortostan Premier Baidavletov assured the guests they would receive the most exhaustive replies to all the questions of their interest. Negotiations resulted in the parties’ unanimous opinion that the new airline will contribute to further development of co-operation between Germany and Bashkortostan. NA “Bashinform”.

26.01.04. - Bashkir entrepreneurs delegation returned from the UAE

Bashkir business delegation has returned from the United Arab Emirates, where for the first time it participated in the World Trade Festival held in Dubai for the ninth time. According to the delegation Head Larisa Alekseeva, managing director of Bashkortostan Association of entrepreneur organizations, delegation held down nearly all the tasks and events planned. Representatives of some Bashkir companies concluded mutually beneficial contracts with foreign companies, including Arabic ones. Delegation members got acquainted with trade organizational system of the largest markets, which impressed them by oriental coloring and abundance, they visited various pavilions of the fair. Russian pavilion was one of the most imposing, and products of the “Propolis” enterprise and famous Bashkir honey was proudly promoted by enterprise managing director Gulfira Bakirova, who looked very beautiful dressed in Bashkir traditional costume. Small and medium business representatives have been satisfied with the results of the visit to this exotic and hospitable country, and intend to attend next Festival. NA “Bashinform”.

26.01.04. - Positive changes recorded in petrochemical industry

As a result of 2003 positive tendencies have been recorded in Bashkortostan chemical and petrochemical industries, proved by Bashkortostan State Statistics Committee data. In December enterprises of the industries 7% increased production output as per the same period the year before, though results of the first ten months were distressing: factual output index 0.9 per cent did not reach 100 per cent rate. Such increased happened due to effective operation of petrochemical enterprises. In the last month of 2003 they raised production output over 30.5 per cent as per December 2002. The most significant increase was recorded in output of synthetic rubber, technical carbohydrates, benzol, ethylene and styrene. Such increase compensated slight fall in production output of some chemical enterprises manufacturing hydrochloric acid, hydrate of sodium and fiberglass plastics which total output reached 99.1 per cent in December of 2003 as per the same period of 2002. In the total, yearly index of the factual output in chemical and petrochemical industries reached 95.1 and 107.4 per cent accordingly. In money terms in 2003 the industry output totaled 23 bln and 256 mln rubles. In 2003 the largest Bashkir crude oil mining enterprise “Bashneft” kept its normal mining capacity. “Bashneft” oil mining departments extracted over 12 mln tons of crude oil, having had 0.4 per cent exceeded its plan, whereas “Bashneft” divisions are ranking as follows: “Krasnokholmskneft Ltd.” is ranking first with the most high figures totaling 2.16 mln tons of crude oil in 2003, “Arlanneft” ranking second totaling 1.84 mln tons of crude oil in 2003, “Chekmagushneft” ranking third totaling 1.81 mln tons of crude oil in 2003. All the eleven oil and gas mining divisions of “Bashneft” met mining plan in 2003, but such divisions as “Ufaneft”, “Tuimazyneft” and “Yuzharlanneft” exceeded mining plan at maximum. Alongside crude oil, “Bashneft” divisions extracted 340.4 mln cubic meters of natural gas as a by-product, which is 103.6 per cent of the yearly plan. Two crude oil mining divisions - “Ufaneft” and “Ishimbayneft” - extracted 28 mln cubic meters of natural gas, which is 12.5 per cent higher then planned output. “Bashneft” divisions manufactured 102.8 thousand tons of liquefied gas and 61.8 thousand tons of casing-head gasoline. NA “Bashinform”.

21.01.04. - Export rise and import fall in Bashkortostan in 2003

Export positive dynamics and fall of import were recorded in Bashkortostan foreign economical activity in 2003. As Bashkortostan State Statistic Committee reported to NA “Bashinform”, in 2002 export shared 87 per cent in foreign trade turnover, while in 2003 export shared 90 per cent. In the total, within 11 months of 2003 foreign trade turnover amounted to USD 2 mln 624 thousands, which is 14.7 per cent higher then in the same period of 2002. In that, goods export to other countries totally amounted to USD 2 mln 345 thousands within January-November 2003 (19.1 per cent higher then in the same period of 2002), while goods import totaled USD 279 thousands within January-November 2003, which is 12.2 per cent less then within January-November 2002. Today Bashkortostan has been maintaining trade relations with nearly 90 countries. Bashkortostan main partners in Europe are Grate Britain, Germany, Turkey, Italy, while trade relations within CIS have been actively developed with Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus. Bashkortostan basically exports products of fuel and energy complex, chemical and petrochemical industries and machine building, while imports basically modern machines, equipments, consumer goods, as well as some kinds of chemical products. NA “Bashinform”.

21.01.04. - Each seventh Bashkir employed in small business

In 2003 in Bashkortostan general number of employees in small businesses including self-employed persons rose 34 per cent in comparison with 2002. According to data provided by Small Business Development Department of Bashkortostan Ministry of Industry, each seventh person amongst economically active people is employed in small business. Average quantity of permanent employees in small-scale enterprises (including registered employees, employees working under labor agreements of any kind, employees who combine their jobs) and those working on farms totaled over 170 thousand persons in 2003, or 123.5 per cent as per 2002. In that, over one third of them are employed in trade and catering, totaling 36 per cent; nearly each fourth person is employed in building and construction, and each fifth - in industrial sector. According to economists, small business in Russia is featured by secondary employment, which stresses social direction of small businesses, i.e. providing people with additional income sources. Such kind of employment is widely practiced in communications, education and scientific sector. NA “Bashinform”.

20.01.04. - Retail turnover in Bashkortostan permanently rising

According to the Bashkortastan State Statistics Committee, in 2003 retail turnover in Bashkortostan totaled 103.8 bln rubles, which nearly 16 per cent exceeded 2002 figures. According to annalists, increased real earnings of population and further market satiety with consumer goods affected trade turnover monetary aggregate. Currently trade is one of the most dynamically developing fields of economy. People’s high activity toward trade companies contributes to developing chains of trade enterprises. In the whole, at the moment small entrepreneurship has been actively developing in trade business, sharing 70 per cent of today Bashkortostan total trade turnover. NA “Bashinform”.

20.01.04. - Bashkortostan ranking third in number of small-scale enterprises

According to data provided by Small Business Development Department of Bashkortostan Ministry of Industry, Bashkortostan is ranking eleventh in number of operating small-scale enterprises in Russia and third in Volga region. Bashkortostan has six times more small-scale enterprises as per one thousand people then in average in Russia, in other words, in the republic there are 30 small-scale enterprises (including 6 farms) and 24 self-employed persons not registered as juridical person, accounting for a thousand persons. Small-scale enterprises contribute over 10 per cent to Bashkortostan gross regional product. In 2003 these enterprises performed work and services in the amount of nearly 30 bln rubles, which is half as much then in 2002 (basing on the valid prices). Last year general number of actually functional small businesses in Bashkortostan totaled 120.9 thousand, in that 81 per cent - self-employed persons, 15 per cent - small-scale enterprises, and 4 per cent - farms. Nearly 400 thousand persons or 15 per cent of economically active people are employed in small businesses. Persons employed in small businesses contribute 10.5 per cent to the republic budget. Within the last five years small businesses ensure one tenth of all tax proceeds. NA “Bashinform”

19.01.04. - Agriculture of Bashkiria uses the cheapest petrol in Russia

The agriculture manufacturers of Bashkortostan use the cheapest combustive-lubricating materials of Russia. These facts arise from overview of the prices on oil products among the regions of Russia. For example, one ton of petrol A-76, the most popular mark among the agricultural enterprises, costs 9101 rubbles - it’s the lowest price in Russia. This kind of CLM costs more on five hundred rubbles only in such regions as Chytin, land of Habarovsk, on four hundred rubbles - in Tatarstan, region of Arhangelsk, on three hundred rubbles - in the regions of Kaliningrad and Rostov. Also we have the cheapest solaria in Russia. In Bashkortostan one ton of diesel oil is on sale with the price 7096 rubbles. In Arhangelsk and Kaliningrad regions you’ll pay on six hundred rubbles more, in Rostov region - on five hundred, in Moscow, Voronezh and Yaroslav regions - on four hundred. IA "Basinform".

19.01.04. - In 2004 bank "Uralsyb" will direct 10 million rubbles for small business crediting

Joint-stock company "Uralo-Sybirskiy bank" will direct this year ten million dollars for small business crediting in accordance with the agreement between European Bank of Reconstruction and Development. The money will be given to the entrepreneurs as the credits due to the running program of the Fund of small business support EBRR in Bashkortostan. As Rushana Ibraeva stated, the leading management specialist of PR "UralSyb", last year in accordance with this program the bank gave about two hundred credits on sum about one million dollars. Thus, the program began its functioning only in the third quarter of 2003. In the due year the recipients of credits will become not only inhabitants of Ufa, but inhabitants of other cities and regions of the republic either. IA "Bashinform".

14.01.04. - The best last year building objects of Bashkiria are named

In bashkortostan the totals of republican show-competition of the best living complexes and civil buildings, built in 2002-2003 are done. Administration of major building of Ministry of transport building of RB, joint-stock company "SPK Stroitel" in the section of living complexes and separate apartment house and creative architecture firm "Archproject" in development of the project and building with high quality finishing and well-equipment works in the apartment house ¸3 on Socialisticheskaya Street in Ufa got Diploma "Best Object of 2003". In the section of low building - cottages and houses beyond six stores, excelled municipal unitary enterprise "ISK of city Ufa", OJSC "SU-12 KPD", TAF "Archproject" and Ltd. PTI "KPD-project", which jointly erected the apartment house ¸7 in the block of 420 capital. the school in microdistrict Nizhegorodka of Ufa was admitted the best school among new schools children infant schools, hospitals, policlinics, clubs and shops. It was built by MUP "ISK of city Ufa", OJSC trust "Bashkortostanneftezavodstroy" and "Project-Technological Institute". There are two laureates in the section of museums, palaces of culture, theatres, big sports constructions. The first one - the monument to the natives of Republic Bashkortostan, died in local wars of XX century. In its erection took part MUP "ISK of city Ufa", OJSC "Bashkortostanneftezavodstroy" and TAF "Archproject". The second laureate is state Tatar theatre of Ufa "NUR" (UKS of Ministry of transport building of PB, JSC "Bashgrazhdanstroy", project institute "Bashkirgrazhdanproject").

14.04.04. - Money incomes of population are increasing

Last years the main population’s life level indexes are characterized with the positive dynamics in Bashkortostan. Thus, according to preliminary estimation of the specialists of State statistics committee of RB during 11 months of 2003 real average income per a head have increased in comparison with the same the year before period on 15 per cent. At the same time really added on celery has increased on six per cent. Money income of republic’s population and average celery made up 4621 and 4954 rubbles, accordingly, last year in November. Average pension at the end of September was 1614 rubbles. IA "Bashinform".

13.01.04. - Much attention is still paid to agriculture development in Bashkiria

From year to year the economy of our country is paid much attention. The new 2004 year is not an exception either. Thus, it’s being planned to give 34 million and 568 thousand rubbles on various branches of agriculture development. The part of these means id directed to cattle breeding, plant breeding support, agricultural techniques purchase, elite seeds, field works implementation, relaying of banking credit part, on reducing the price of fertilizers, objects’ building in the village and others. By the way, the money appropriation from the federal budget is anticipated - the will be directed to agriculture support in our republic, in particular livestock breeding, poultry keeping, fish keeping development, partial reducing the price of fertilizers etc. Let’s remind, totally in Russia the state will direct 4.15 milliard rubbles to subsidize the interest rate of the credits, attracted by the agro industrial enterprises in commercial banks. Besides, this year budget considers to give some subsides to pay the parts of insurance payments during the crops insurance at the rate of 1.9 milliard rubbles. Totally 3.96 milliard rubbles will be given on purpose grants and subsides to support the northern deer breeding, livestock breeding, home sheep keeping, elite seeds keeping, gardening and grapes keeping. It’s anticipated to give 3.38 milliard rubbles on federal purpose program "Fertility of Russian soils". Totally in the section of "Agriculture industry" it’s being planned to give 22.27 milliard rubbles. And two milliard more will be directed to OJSC "Rosagrolizing" in the way of payment to assessed contribution. In the section "Soil resources" it’s considered to give 1.98 milliard rubbles, in the section "Fishing economy" - 3.17 milliards. Totally in the section "Agriculture and Fishing" the budget outcomes will be 29.58 milliard rubbles. IA "Bashinform"

13.01.04. - The totals of interregional collaboration of Bashkiria during 2003 and purposes on this year

Interregional connections development is still one of the priority directions in state policy of Republic Bashkortostan. Thus, last year regulatory-legislative base and organization of delegations’ change with subjects of Russia were developing. As in Ministry of external economical and trade links of RB was stated, last year the RB President’s decrees were prepared. Among them there are "About organization the visits of RB’s official delegations to the subjects of Russian Federation and reception of official persons and official delegations of subjects from Russian Federation in Republic Bashkortostan", "About organization the visits of individual functionaries and bodies of executive power of Russian Federation in Republic Bashkortostan", "About representation the interests of Republic Bashkortostan in the subject of Russian Federation", and also the Law of RB "About consent of RB sate power bodies with the bodies of state power of RF subject". To consolidate interregional collaboration the representatives of official and business circles of Bashkortostan have taken part in series of meetings with the representatives of the other regions in the country. Thus, last year in January there was a visit to Saratov region, during which a Protocol in realization of Treaty upon friendship and collaboration between the republic and region. Moreover, in the context of Saratov conversation there were some meetings with economic elite of Penza and Volgograd regions. As a result representative offices of MVCT of RB were opened in these Russian subjects. With the purpose of cooperation with a joint-stock company "AvtoVaz" the governmental delegation of the republic was in Toliatty in February. As a result of business trip a Protocol was accepted, which provides the mastering, testing and increasing of the new products distribution to the industrial partner by such enterprises of our republic as GUP "Ufimcable", OJSC "Electric-bulb plant of Ufa", "Avtonormal", UZEMIK, concern "Inmash", "Salavatsteklo", FGUP "Unit production union of Ufa", FGUP UAP "Gidravlika". There was an official meeting on Khanty-Mansiysk land in April. Then the leading enterprises of the republic took part in the exhibition "Business Bashkortostan". Nowadays, for coordination of a project of Protocol upon realization a Treaty about friendship and collaboration between the republic and district was directed to the leaders of Khanty-Mansiysk independent district. In the list of our partners there is Rostov-upon-Don, which the representatives of Bashkortostan visited last year. There the negotiations with administration of OJSC "Rostselmash" were held about further industrial collaboration. Nowadays, there is a Protocol upon the realization of Agreement about trade-economic, scientific-technical and cultural collaboration between the Government of Republic Bashkortostan and Administration of Rostov district. Also a new agreement about collaboration with Chelyabinsk district was signed. The official visit on the head with the President of Bashkortostan Murtaza Rahimov to Sverdlovsk district took place. In its context a permanent representative office of Bashkortostan in SO was opened, a document about further links expansion was signed. The days of St. Petersburg became significant. The held work allowed widening the institute of representatives of Bashkortostan in other Russian subjects. There are twelve of them now. Also in anew appointed in Kaliningrad and Nizhniy Novgorod districts a reattestation of eight representatives took place. This year there will be not less of the purposes to the Ministry of external economic links and trade of RB. Particularly it’s planning to receive in our republic official delegations of Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk districts, of Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous region, the visits of Bashkortostan side to Orenburg, Nizniy Novgorod, Rostov and Samara regions, Krasnodar region, Republic Tatars tan and St. Petersburg are contemplated. It is supposed to create an Interregional coordinative council upon the questions of trade-economic and scientific-technical collaboration with the subjects of RF. IA "Bashinform".

13.01.04. - The totals of 2003 are the evidence of industrial manufacture increase in Bashkortostan

According to the totals of 2003 the volumes of industrial manufacture in the context of big and medium enterprises of the republic are estimated in 181 milliards of rubbles. In December this index made up 17 milliard rubbles. The evidence of this fact is preliminary data of State Statistics Committee of RB. On the whole, the average year index of the physical volume was on the level of 107.4 per cent. In December this index was on the level of 108.1 per cent. The specialists note, during the last five years the macroeconomic indexes of the republic have strongly increased. This period is characterized with the beginning and stabilization of economic increase. If to compare the last year results with the level of 1998, the capacity of industrial manufacture has increased about in a third. Nowadays, due to the industrial manufacture Bashkortostan is in the list of leaders of Uralo-Povolzhskiy region, passing ahead the regions of Nizhniy Novgorod, Perm, Samara, and Republic Tatarstan, being inferior to Sverdlovskiy and Chelyabinskiy regions. It should be stated, the indexes of the republic are higher than All-Russian ones. On the scope of Russian Federation accounts for half of total output of trolley-buses, soda ash, butyl and isobutyl alcohol, the fifth part of light petrol products and hydrate of sodium, the seventh one - of synthetic gums and plastics, the tenth part of polyethylene and reduced fuel oil, 13 per cent of extractive oil in the country is being processed. By the end of 2003 year the enterprises of the most industrial branches of the republic increased their volumes of output. The highest temps are reached in black metallurgy - 117.6 per cent, in machine-building - 120.3, in flour-mill - groats and mixed fodder - almost 144, in printing trades - a little more 125 per cent. Last year the slight decrease was observed in power industry - 97.5 per cent, also in glass and china-and-crockery industries - 96 per cent. IA "Bashinform".

12.01.04. - Petrochemical Complex of Bashkiria manufactured its production in 23 milliard rubbles

During 2003 the enterprises of chemical and petrochemical branches of Bashkortostan manufactured the products in 22 milliard 971 million rubbles. The index of physical volume in the branch is 100.5 per cent. In December they manufactured the products in 2 milliard and 140 million rubbles, IPV made up 107.9 per cent. However the average index doesn’t show that both of the complexes of the republic worked equally well. Thus, the volume of industrial production of chemical complex, represented by such joint-stock companies as "Ufahimprom", "Soda", "Caustic", "Minudobreniya" and others, during the last year arranged more than 12 milliard rubbles, with the index of physical volume 96.3 per cent. The petrochemical branch, having produced the products in more than 10 milliard rubbles, finished the year with the index of physical volume 107.4 per cent. Among other things, only in December IPV of the enterprises of chemical and petrochemical industry made up 130.7 per cent. As usual, JSC "Cauchuk", COJSC "Sterlitamack Petrochemical Plant", OJSC "Tuymazytehuglerod", OJSC "UZEMIK" had worked hard. Now as before the oil-processing complex of Bashkortostan, which has finished the year with the index of physical volume 100.2 per cent, works steadfastly, has manufactured its production in 38.9 milliard rubbles. IA "Bashinform".

6.01.04. - Ministry of Building of Bashkiria is preparing to Russia’s joining to ETR

Ministry of Building, Architecture and Transport of RB pays intent attention to Russia’s joining to ETR. The extensive program was developed to create the conditions for building complex’s transfer to higher quality level. Thus, in the first quarter of the following year it’s being planned to hold the seminars with the leaders of enterprises of building branch about the stated problem on the basis of building faculty of UGNTU, centre of standardization and GUP RCS "Bashstroysertifikaciya". In the second quarter of the due year the specialists of the ministry are to prepare the propositions to the Government of RB to include into the Plan of ETR Joining of our republic. They work upon the question about saving the system of forming the tariffs on energy sources in Russian building complex (saving of the branch specific weight of energy sources in net cost per unit of output). Or they are to admit the necessity of transition period for gradual affixment of tariffs to the international level. The propositions upon development of mortgage lending and other forms of financing the quarter building will be analyzed next year. The programs of modernization of exist manufacture, renovation of travel facilities park, road-building techniques, air ships, building of self-propelled and non-self-propelled ships, modernization of aerodrome complex are developed by the enterprises of the transport and building complexes of RB on period up to 2010. In 2005 the application of automated system of state building cadastre conducting of all the subjects of town-planning, creation of 24 laboratories of road complex of RB. Nowadays Ministry of building of the republic jointly with Ministry of External Economic Links and Trade of RB conduct the work upon widening of investment propositions’ bank and search of investors for creating joint enterprises and other forms of collaboration to participate the international auction. And also the popularization of new materials, technologies of waste products processing, source and energy saving with purpose of mastering competitive materials production is being continued. Expert estimation of innovative propositions is being lead. IA "Bashinform".

5.01.04. - Russia has increased export of bread almost in two times

In accordance with the data of experts of grain market, last year Russia increased its flour export almost in two times. For example, during July-October 72 thousand tons of the products were exported compared to 35 thousand tons of the year before last. The specialists consider, if such temps of export are saved and the flour price won’t be beyond the limit, export will achieve 400 thousand tons. As regards Bashkortostan, our republic is also able to incamate bread excess. And many of the regions intend to buy our grain. With the request of its purchase inhabitants of Kharkov, Ekaterinburg, Hizhhiy Novgorod, St. Petersburg and northerners have addressed to our republic. Let’s remind, last year we gathered 4.2 tons of grain of the best quality. Bashkortostan entered the number of those not many subjects of Russia, where such good harvest could be grown. Our republic has not only supplied with grain till the new harvest. The republican and insurance funds are put in necessary volume, the appointed part is given for cattle breeding development, to villagers, and also for last years debts reckoning with the budget of the republic. And only the grain isn’t exported abroad. It’s realized mostly in altered form. IA "Bashinform".

5.01.04. - Bashkir Agriculture Enterprises are among 330 leaders of agribusiness of Russia

According to the totals of agricultural enterprises’ work in 2000-2002 "Russian Newspaper" has published the rating of 300 the most big and effective Russian economies, which are the members of club "AGRO-300". In the list of 300 leaders there are Bashkir agricultural complexes - GUSP SVH "Alexeevskiy" taking the 33-th place in the elite list, and GUSP sate farm "Roschinskiy" - the 36-th place. The main index, which allots to the places on agrarian Olympus, was the volume of incarnated production. However, the indexes if effectiveness (the amount of balance sheet profit per one worker or profitability of sale) are the basis the positions will appreciably change. For example, in accordance with balance sheet profit per one working man state farm "Roschinskiy" has passed 15 agricultural enterprises with the higher places in rating, including Krasnodar CJSC "Agrocomplex" (the second place in rating), Tyumen CJSC "Battery farm "Borovskaya" (the fifth place), Sverdlovsk SE "Battery farm"Rephtinskaya" (the eighth place). The profitability of sale (profit’s aught to receipts) of GUSP SVH "Alexeevskiy" - 28 per cent, GUSP state farm "Roschinskiy" - 23.3 per cent. In the first ten of rating the profitability of state farm "Roschinskiy" is lower only CJSC "Nazarovskoe" (the tenth place). Among the 50 agricultural enterprises-giants the state farm "Alexeevskiy" took the 15-th place, and the state farm "Roschinskiy" - the 22-th place due to the index of profitability. IA "Bashinform".

4.01.04. - State Enterprises of Bashkortostan will be displayed for sale

Ten state unitary enterprises of Bashkortostan, which are in federal property, became a part of predication plan of privatization in the due year. Among them are "International Airport "Ufa", air company "Bashkir Airlines", "Instrument-making Industrial Unity of Ufa", "Kumertaut Aviation Enterprise", Ufa Plant of microelectronics "Magnetron", "Bashblankizdat", plemzavod "Novo-Raevskiy", Bashkir enterprise "Bashkirpybhoz", laboratory of standardization and metrology "Bashkirskagropromstandart" and Admonistration ¸ 30 (Mezhgorje). The total volume of heir permanent assets made up about two milliard rubbles in money equivalent at the beginning of the last year. "Nefteavtomatika" will be displayed as a joint-stock company, which safety stock is under state property. Totally on the auction 1063 FGUP and 717 joint-stock companies will be displayed. In accordance with specialists’ prognoses, not less than 40 milliard rubbles will go into the federal budget as a result of privatization. IA "Bashinform".

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