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 Archive of news - February 2004

25.02.04. - Bashkortostan helps Russia develop relations with Turkey

Successful mutual co-operation between Russia and many other countries proves Russia stability in the world economy. One of such partners of Russia is Turkey. President Vladimir Putin expressed his satisfaction with the course of co-operation development at the summit with Turkey Foreign Affairs Minister Abdullah Gul. According to news agencies, Russian President emphasized that relations between the two countries have been positively progressing lately. Official commodity turnover have been rising 15-20 per cent annually and has now totaled 6.5 bln US dollars. Taking into account proceeds from tourism and so called "shuttle trade", total turnover may approximate 12 bln US dollars, according to Russian President. Today Russia keeps second place after Germany in commodity turnover with Turkey. Undoubtedly, Bashkortostan is also contributing to developing relations with Turkey. Last year important event was business trip of Bashkortostan official delegation and businessmen headed by Premier Rafael Baidavletov to the 72th International Universal Industrial Fair held in Izmir. As a matter of fact, Bashkortostan republic represented the whole Russia Federation there. At the common booth products of over 40 large Bashkir enterprises and companies were displayed. While visiting, Bashkortostan Head of Government had summit with Turkey Minister of Industry Mr. Ali Joshkun. The summit resulted in sighing a Statement of Bashkortostan and Turkey mutual interests towards expanding trade and economical and investments activities in crude oil extraction and refinery, textile manufacturing, sewing and leather goods making industries, agriculture and machine-building. The statement provides establishing Bashkortostan trade and commerce chamber in Istanbul. In October last year, Turkey Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador in Russia Mr. Kurtulush Tashkent and Embassy Trade Councilor Mr. Shamil Ajarturk visited Bashkortostan. At the officials’ summit there was reported that today business contacts with friendly country had been actively developing by Beloretsk metallurgy works, UfaOrgSintez, Novoufimsk Oil refinery, Kaustik, SalavatSteklo, Soda, Ufa plywood enterprise and UZEMIK. Mutual cooperation of the two countries was active not only at the high level, but also affected small-scale enterprises and companies. Thus, in October representatives of Manis town Commerce and Industry Chamber headed by General Secretary Akhmed Kurshun visited Ufa with business trip. They met Bashkortostan Deputy Minister of Industry Azamat Ilimbetov and Minister of Foreign Economical Affairs Ildar Akhmetshin, and also Head of Bashkortostan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Boris Bondarenko. In the course of their visit, Turkish guests visited Ufa bread-baking plant No. 2, Bashkelme JSC (Meleuz) and Sterlitamaksk leather and shoes-making factory. Certain covenants on further co-operations were agreed upon there. Turkish businessmen showed particular interest towards products made at Meleuz-based enterprises. NA "Bashinform".

24.02.04. - In January 2004 retail turnover exceeded 7.45 bln rubles

In January 2004 retail turnover in Bashkortostan totaled nearly seven bln 455 mln rubles, 6 per cent over as compared to January 2003, Bashkortostan State Statistics Committee has disclosed the figures. To remind - lately Bashkortostan has been stably included into Russian top 10 regions in absolute index of retail turnover. According to specialists, trade balance has got significant rise due to increase of factual money earnings of population and further market satiety with consumer goods. Lately, individual entrepreneurs account for appreciable role in trade. According to statistic data, presently individual entrepreneurs’ retail turnover portion has approximated 40 per cent. NA "Bashinform".

24.02.04. - Bashkortostan growing external economical activity

Strengthening Bashkortostan external economical positions has been considered one of the priority directions of Bashkortostan Ministry of Foreign Economical Affairs and Trade for 2004. In this connection the Ministry has set to develop program on Bashkortostan external economical activities for 2004-2005, elaborate Decree "About basic principles of the state regulation on external economical activities", conduct contest "The best exporter in Bashkortostan" and organize other events. According to Bashkortostan Minister of Foreign Economical Affairs and Trade Boris Kolbin, achievements of 2003 will secure successful accomplishment of the tasks set. In 2003 Bashkortostan foreign trade volume exceeded 3 bln rubles excluding unorganized trade. It rose 15.1 per cent as per the same period of 2002. In that, export exceeded 2.7 bln US dollars (18.3 per cent increase). 92 countries worldwide became Bashkortostan trade partners. Top 10 list of partners was formed by Grate Britain, Chine, Germany, Kazakhstan, The Netherlands, Ukraine, Italy, Poland, Israel and Cyprus. Trade volume with these countries totaled nearly 71.8 per cent of Bashkortostan foreign trade turnover. There were certain changes in the foreign trade turnover: non-CIS countries’ share in the turnover decreased from 89.5 per cent to 82.3 per cent, whereas export share decreased from 90.9 per cent to 83.7 per cent, import - from 79.4 per cent to 70.2 per cent; while trade turnover with CIS countries increased 92.9 per cent and totaled 538.2 mln US dollars. Bashkortostan export growth was ensured basically by 19.6 per cent increase of mineral products and fuels supplies, 18.6 per cent - chemical and petrochemical products supplies, 64.8 per cent - metals and metal products supplies. Export of machines, equipments and transports was equal to 2002 level. As per export commodity structure, it changed insignificantly: mineral products and fuels supplies grew 0.9 per cent, chemical products and rubber - 0.1 per cent, metals and metal products - 0.8 per cent. Last year 84 countries worldwide purchased products made at Bashkortostan-based enterprises. Main countries-partners of Bashkortostan remained Grate Britain, export to which particularly rose (56 per cent) and totaled 508.3 mln US dollars, Chine, The Netherlands, Ukraine, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Poland Israel and Cyprus. In 2003 basic import article remained machine-building products. Import growth was registered at mineral products and fuels - 42.5 per cent, chemical products and rubber - 4.8 per cent, foods and agricultural products - 10 per cent. Bashkortostan imported goods from 65 countries of the world. In the whole, in 2003 import supplies from CIS countries grew 35.7 per cent whereas import supplies from non-CIS countries fell 17.1 per cent as compared to 2002. NA "Bashinform".

23.02.04. - Bashkortostan establishing business relations with Uzbekistan

Bashkortostan has been actively expanding its economical relations. In the beginning of February 2003, Bashkortostan Plenipotentiary representative office was opened in Sverdlovsk oblast, President Decree of cooperation with Turkey has recently been signed, while plans for the nearest future are establishing Plenipotentiary representative office in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. As Minister of the External Economical Affairs and Trade Boris Kolbin reported to Interfax, alongside with establishing representative office of Bashkortostan in Tashkent, Agreement on cooperation between Bashkortostan and Uzbekistan is planned to be signed, but the process requires time for coordination and agreements of certain documents in several Federal Ministries of Russia. Minister noted that Bashkortostan is interested in strengthening relations with Uzbekistan due to large Bashkir diaspora there. Next, priority in establishing representative offices will be given to Germany and Kazakhstan. In 2004 network of Bashkortostan Ministry of External Economical Affairs and Trade in Russian regions will also increase from 17 to 25. In 2003 Bashkortostan has got 92 trading partners, including 11 CIS countries. NA "Bashinform".

22.02.04. - Bashkortostan welcomes interregional cooperation

Interregional co-operation has stayed one of the key directions of Bashkortostan economical policy. As it has been noted at Bashkortostan Ministry of External Economical Affairs and Trade Collegium conference, today 49 subjects of Russia has signed statements with Bashkortostan under 77 inter-governmental agreements. Just last year, there were signed Statement on friendship and cooperation between Bashkortostan and Saratov oblast, Agreement on trade and economical, technical and scientific, social and cultural cooperation between the republic and governments of Kurgansk, Cheliabinsk and Sverdlovsk oblasts. To strengthen relations between regions, Bashkortostan has been developing institution of Bashkortostan representatives in other regions of Russia on a voluntary basis. Such institutions significantly contribute to establishing mutually beneficial contacts while saving republic budget money. In 2003 representatives of Bashkortostan Ministry of External Economical Affairs and Trade were re-appointed in Kaliningrad and Nizhniy Novgorod oblasts. Eight representatives have passed re-attestation. Away meetings also play certain role in interregional co-operation. Thus, last year, Bashkortostan official delegations and business circles representatives visited Saratov oblast, which resulted in signing Statement on friendship and cooperation fulfillment between Bashkortostan and Saratov oblast. Visit to Toliatti was also successful: approved Statement, concluded between Bashkortostan and AvtoVAZ authorities, providing adoption of new articles made by Bashkir enterprises for trial at AutoVAZ aimed at increasing the articles supplies. Bashkortostan enterprises were exponents at the exhibition "Business Bashkortostan" in Surgut as well as at the VI International specialized fair "InterAgromash-2003" in Rostov-on-the-Don. Cooperation between Bashkortostan and Cheliabinsk and Orenburg oblast and also St.-Petersburg has last for years as well. Lat year, Bashkortostan representative office was established in Sverdlovsk oblast. Representatives of the republic Ministry of External Economical Affairs and Trade were founded in Saratov, Penza and Volgograd oblasts. Establishing more successful contacts with other regions of Russia requires specialists of the Ministry to analyze fulfillments of interregional agreements and covenants. Consequences and suggestions on improvement of the republic legislative authorities’ work on the task have been presented to Bashkortostan government. NA "Bashinform".

22.02.04. - Bashkortostan: real investment potential higher then evaluated one

Minister Boris Kolbin at the Ministry of External Economical Affairs and Trade collegiun conference has raised problem of Bashkortostan investment potential evaluations. Strange as it may seem, Bashkortostan having got high credit rating, has suffered from inadequate investments from foreign countries. According to Kolbin, Russia lacks precise methods for defining investment appeal of Federation regions. In some regions all the operations involving investments of foreign capital are taken into accounts, whereas in other regions - just those of specific value for the State. In general investment turnover of the republic Western investments into developing certain industrial enterprises were not taken into account, amongst them "Kaustik", Sterlitamaksk-based plant (over nine mln US dollars) and successful issue of introductory three years eurobonds of Uralo-Sibirskiy Bank in the amount of 140 mln US dollars, 8.9 per cent coupon annual interest rate, with maturity date expired in 2006. The majority of the eurobonds have been floated in Europe, mainly in Grate Britain, Switzerland, Germany and France. Inobjective evaluation of the republic results and achievements in this field forms foreign partners’ incorrect opinion on real situation. In 2003 40.2 mln US dollars was ploughed into Bashkortostan economy. Credits take the largest specific weight of the foreign capital - 98 per cent, while direct investments share totals 2 per cent. Overwhelming share of investments has been allocated to agriculture. Key countries investing were Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, China, which has been proved not just the figures, but also by World ratings agencies. In 2003, "Standard & Poor’s Ratinqs Group" assigned Bashkortostan long-term credit rating "Â+", the outlook is "stable", while "Moody’s Investors Service Limited"’ forecast of Bashkortostan long-term foreign and local currency ratings - "Âà3". According to "Expert-RA"’ annual ratings on investment appeal of Russian regions, since 1998 Bashkortostan investment appeal ratings have been permanently rated as "medium potential - moderate risk" investment climate type. In 2003 the republic was ranking 15th in investment potential and 11th in investment risk amongst 89 regions of Russia. According to specialists in Bashkortostan Ministry of External Economical Affairs and Trade, Bashkortostan has plenty reserves for investments. Last year specialists of the Ministry renewed and broadened investment projects database, which now includs 55 more projects. Within last year a great number of meetings and negotiations with foreign companies were conducted, due to which preconditions for foreign investments into Bashkortostan economy in 2004 were set. In that, during 2003 delegation of Swedish company "IKEA" repeatedly made business visits to Bashkortostan, and its representatives discussed construction of trade and entertainment center of the same name in Ufa with local authorities. The company has already concluded agreement with "TrestZapUralTISIZ" JSC on performing geological and hydrological investigation of the space assigned for the hypermarket construction. Besides, Laokhess Crude Oil Department of China province Laonin has shown interest towards Bashkortostan. It aims to found joint venture for making doors and windows of higher protection in Ufa. Representatives of the Italian companies "Agrotechnica", "Puccipell SRL" and "Veccia Toscana SpA" are attracted by opportunities of development leather goods production in Bashkortostan together with, say, Sterlitamaksk tannery. German companies "Franke Industriofenservis GmbH" and "BGTA GmbH" are investigating opportunities of joint venture foundation for beer dark bottles production. NA "Bashinform".

16.02.04. - Industrial output growth rate in Bashkortostan exceeding average growth rate throughout Russia

Nowadays one of the priority economical goals set by President Putin has been declared twice as much GDP growth rate achieved by 2010. To follow the task through, 7.2 per cent of GDP yearly growth or 7.5 per cent increase of industrial output is to be reached. Bashkortostan was equal to the task in 2003, having produced industrial products 7.5 per cent more then in 2002. Generally in Russia industrial output growth rate totaled 7 per cent, in Samara oblast - 4.9 per cent, Amur oblast - 6.8 per cent, Komi republic - 3.1 per cent, Karelia - 0.8 per cent, whereas in Nizhniy Novgorod oblast 3.6 per cent fall as compared with 2002 was registered by Russia State Statistic Committee and regional statistic committees, regnum.ru). In nine fields of Bashkortostan economy industrial output growth rate exceeded average growth rate throughout Russia. Thus, in Bashkortostan, output in machine-building rose 20.4 per cent (whereas in Russia - 9.4 per cent on average), in Moscow - 15 per cent, in St.-Petersburg - 14.8 per cent, Nizhniy Novgorod oblast - 17.4 per cent, Samara oblast - 3.1 per cent, Tatarstan - 2 per cent, Mariy El - 10.7 per cent, Altai Republic - 18 per cent. In ferrous metallurgy growth rate in Bashkortostan totaled 17.6 per cent (8.9 per cent generally throughout Russia), St.-Petersburg - 7 per cent, Altai Republic - 13 per cent, while in Moscow the output index fell. In non-ferrous metallurgy industrial output rose 7.6 per cent in Bashkortostan (6.2 per cent generally throughout Russia), while it fell 4.9 per cent in St.-Petersburg and 10 per cent in Samara oblast. In forest growing, wood processing and paper-making industries output growth rate in Bashkortostan over four times exceeded incorporate Russian index and totaled 6.4 per cent. In light industry Bashkortostan achieved 5.9 per cent growth, on the background of general fall in the industry in Russia (2.3 per cent on average): in Nizhniy Novgorod oblast - 13.3 per cent fall, Altai Republic - 20 per cent). In medical industry of Bashkortostan growth reached 14.2 per cent against 2.6 percent throughout Russia and 12 percent in Moscow. In flour grinding and cereal making industry in Bashkortostan industrial output rose 16.5 per cent, while it fell 1.5 per cent throughout Russia (Nizhniy Novgorod oblast - 11.4 per cent). Fall in the industry output was also recorded in Moscow. The largest growth in Bashkortostan has been recorded in printing and publishing - 30.8 per cent, whereas throughout Russia it fell 2.5 per cent. NA "Bashinform"

12.02.04. - Fuel and Petrochemical Enterprises are Main Payers To Bashkortostan Pension Fund

Last year has become significant stage in pension system reforming in Russia. All basic elements of the system have been tried. According to Bashkortostan Pension Fund Chief Foat Khantimerov, in 2003 eight bln 300 mln rubles proceeded to federal budget as integrated social taxes, eight bln 900 mln rubles proceeded to the fund as employees insurance dues, which is one bln 860 mln more as compared to 2002. Deposits totaled 1 bln 140 mln rubles. Main payers to the budget and the fund are fuel and petrochemical enterprises, and also electrical energy generating companies, which insured over 21 per cent of the total sum, noted Foat Khantimerov. Trade and catering enterprises insured 11 per cent of the proceeds, machine-building, educating and health care establishments, companies performing general commercial activities - 10 per cent, building and constructing industry - 8.5 per cent. As compared to 2002 general financial proceeds, positive tends in trade and catering fields, fuel industry and agriculture have been recorded. NA "Bashinform".

11.02.04. - 2 Million People In Bashkortostan are Economically Active

According to Bashkortostan Sate Statistics Committee data, in 2003 two million people were economically active in Bashkortostan. Nearly 1.8 mln people out of them (or 92 per cent) were employed in economical fields last year. Officially nearly 1.4 mln people were employed with Bashkortostan enterprises and organizations - 2.5 per cent less then in 2002. 37.3 thousands people combined their jobs or worked under agreements at different large and medium-scale enterprises that nearly 0.5 per cent more then in 2002. According to experts, despite of the certain decrease in number of the people employed with industrial sector, number of the employed with social field and market infrastructure as well as servicing increased. Besides, number of the self-employed people or people employed with private entrepreneurs has also risen. By the beginning of 2004, 27.2 thousands people has been registered as unemployed, which is 20 per cent more then in the beginning of 2003. Notably, 73 per cent of unemployed are women. Number of the vacancies announced open to placement services by Bashkortostan enterprises increased. According to the data as per January 1, 10.6 thousands employees were in demand, which is 17 per cent more then in January 1, 2003. Now 2.7 persons of those registered at the placement services account for 1 vacancy on average, whereas at the end of 2002 there were 3.9 persons. Totally in 2003 in Bashkortostan 77.1 thousands persons found their jobs, which is 72 per cent of those who applied to placement services. NA "Bashinform".

10.02.04. - Bashkortostan President Took Part in "Ufapromexpo-2004" Exhibition Opening Ceremony

Opening ceremony of "UfaPromExpo" exhibition has just been held in the pavilion one of "Bashkortostan" exhibition center. Over 130 enterprises and small-scale business companies based in Ufa are taking part in it. The specialized exhibition is held for the third time in Bashkortostan capital. Year by year it is progressing and becoming more imposing. It exhibits Ufa industrial enterprises’ achievements. Each out of seven Ufa districts has displayed visual layouts with various products produced by the district enterprises. Guests from neighboring Samara city are participating in the exhibition for the first time wishing to represent Ufa citizens assortments of the Samara enterprises. Bashkortostan President Murtaza Rakhimov characterized the Third city exhibition as bright and significant event in the life of republic. Before starting looking up exhibits, he congratulated participants and guests on the exhibition opening. Displayed layouts in the "Bashkortostan" exhibition center demonstrate the most innovative achievements of economy, prove high scientific potential of the capital enterprises. Today Ufa is one of the largest industrial and cultural centers of Russia, and each Ufa district has something to exhibit here. The organizers of the exhibition are Ufa city administration, Bashkortostan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, exhibition center "BashEXPO". In comparison with the last year exhibition the current one has become more imposing: it has hosted over 130 enterprises and small-scale business companies. President Rakhimov started layouts look up from Ufa Ordzhonikidze district segment. Involved in oil refinery in the past, he showed interest toward products of Ufa oil refinery plants "UNPZ" and "NUNPZ", "UfaNefteNim", "UfaOrgSyntez", "UfaHimProm", experimental plant "NefteHim" - all those enterprises that are constituents of Ufa industrial basis. "Svet" Ufa plant producing electrical lamps has displayed its various assortment, from extra diminutive lamps to large-scale floodlights. At the booth of "VostokNefteZavodMontazh" enterprise President and his delegation paid their particular attention to the equipments and facilities for fitness complexes, which were installed in many Ufa districts. Ordzhinikidze distrist layout has displayed all segment of economy, it has shown either equipments or products for technical applications and also consumer goods... Murtaza Rakhimov looked with interest at the articles made by "Uspekh" company craftsmen. The company specializes at making child’s plays and toys that are quite competitive with the foreign ones with their quality and design. At the exhibition, stuff of the Bashkortostan oldest markets - Kolkhozniy - has visually demonstrated what the market will look like in the nearest future. Now new modern block is being actively built. Then official delegation visited layouts of Kalininskiy, Oktiabrskiy, Sovetskiy,Demskiy, Kirovskiy and Leninskiy distrists. Layouts look up has last nearly two hours. President has been satisfied with the exhibits and exhibition in the whole. The exhibition has really made impression. It is a kind of report of enterprises and companies of all forms of ownership and scale as for their yearly work. Results of the contest conducted between the enterprises-participants will be announced at the last day of the exhibition - February 13th. NA "Bashinform".

9.02.04. - Specific Federal Program will allow increasing gross regional product

According to preliminary data, specific Federal Program provided "Bashkortostan social and economical development until 2006" will allow the republic to reach new qualitative level of economical and social development, and economical successes will insure growth of people living standards. Gross regional product - one of the development indexes - is estimated to reach 129 per cent as compared to 2001. Such rate is expected to achieve due to development of priority industrial fields. According to forecasts, additional oil extraction within 2003-2006 will approximate 7 mln tons from the deposits of the republic and 24 mln tons in Khanty-Mansiysk autonomy district. In chemical and petrochemical industries export-oriented production on the basis of several largest enterprises is intended to be launched. Thus, one of such enterprises is "Ufaorgsintez" produced ethylene, with output capacity of up to 300 thousands tons a year, propylene output capacity - 131.2 thousands tons a year and benzol output capacity - 107 thousands ton a year. In accordance with the Federal Program, at "Ufakhimprom" enterprise building and launching of polycarbonates production line with output capacity approximating 10 thousands tons a year is planned. The Program includes starting polyether-manufacturing complex in Blagoveshchensk and polyethylene production line with the output capacity approximating 120 thousands tons at "Salavatnefteorgsintez". At the majority of machine-building enterprises Federal Program execution will allow starting production of science intensive technical equipment and technology for the civil fields of economy. According to forecasts, the Program execution will result in starting number of production lines for: output of 136 turbo-jet double-circuit engines a year, manufacturing 10 eaches of Ka -226.50 helicopters, designing pre-production models of Ka-32-10 helicopter with their further serial production in the quantity of 15 eaches a year, producing thousands of buses, and also plants for calculation of oil extraction (up to 62 eaches yearly). In Bashkortostan agricultural complex significant increase of products output (half as much as in 2001) is estimated as well. Thus, grain production is planned to be increased to reach 3 mln 600 thousands tons per year, including food grain - to 520 thousands tons per year, while sugar beet - to 1 mln 350 thousands tons, sunflower and other oil-yielding crops - to 128 thousands tons, vegetables - to 300 thousands tons, mixed fodders - to 150 thousands tons. According to experts’ forecasts, cattle livestock will rise to 1800 thousands heads, pigs - to 700 thousands heads, cattle and poultry meat - to 400 thousands tons (in live weight), milk - to 1900 thousands tons. Moreover, carrying out social events under the Program will insure 31.4 thousands new vacancies, while number of unemployed will presumable fall to 7.5 thousands people. NA "Bashinform".

6.02.04. -Bashkortostan ranking third in crude oil extraction in Russia

Currently Bashkortostan is ranking third in crude oil extraction in Russia after Tiumen oblast and Tatarstan, according to Bashkortostan State Statistics Committee data. Totally in 2003 in Bashkortostan 11.2 mln tons of crude oil and 352.5 mln cubic meters of natural gas were extracted. In 2003 Bashkortostan enterprises refined 25.4 mln tons of crude oil, increased output of high-octane gasoline and diesel fuel. The republic is a stable leader in raw oil refinery. Besides, recently Bashkortostan crude oil refineries have been permanently rising raw oil refinery depth, which has now reached 75-80 per cent. On experts' opinion, products produced in Bashkortostan quite meet European quality and ecological standards. NA "Bashinform"

6.02.04. - Bashkortostan has join ten leading regions of Russia in retail turnover

In 2003 retail turnover in Bashkortostan totaled 103.8 bln rubles, or as much as 116 percent in comparison with 2002. Basing on the today retail turnover net index, Bashkortostan has joined ten economically leading regions of Russia Federation, which is proved by data provided by Bashkortostan State Statistics Committee. According to specialists, retail turnover growth was caused by increase of real incomes of people and further saturation of market with consumer goods. In 2003 retail turnover rose 14.5 per cent per capita as compared to 2002, and amounted to 25.4 thousands rubles. In 2003 Bashkortostan citizens more actively purchased non-food products that is evidence of increase of living standards. This products portion in total turnover rose from 48.1 per cent in 2002 to 50.7 percent last year. Totally in 2003 population purchased: foods in the amount of 51.1 bln rubles (over 9% more than in 2002), nonfoods - 52.7 bln rubles (22.7 per cent more then in 2002). Recently individual entrepreneurs have taken significant portion in trade. As per January 1, 2004 they were 46 thousands people or as much as 47 per cent of all the entrepreneurs registered. According to statistical data, private entrepreneurs contribute 40 per cent to the total retail turnover of the republic. NA "Bashinform".

3.02.04. - Work performed by small-scale enterprises amounted 30 bln rubles in 2003

Over 10% of gross regional product in Bashkortostan is made up by small-scale enterprises. Today 121 thousands of enterprises are operating in Bashkortostan. Nearly 400 thousands persons or 15 % of economically active people are employed in small-scale enterprises. In 2003 works and services performed by these enterprises amounted 30 thousands rubles, which is half as much as in 2002 in the valid prices. These figures were reported at the last Bashkortostan Ministry of Industry collegium. Deputy Minister on Bashkortostan Industry Nur Saifullin noted that small business insures 10.5 per cent of all the proceeds to the republic budget. Number of the individual entrepreneurs is growing fast in particular and totaled 98 thousands. As per operating small businesses Bashkortostan is ranking 11th in Russia and 3d in Volga federal regions. In general, industrial products output 16 per cent accounts for small-scale enterprises. Small businesses are developed the most in machine building, metal processing, food industry, light industry, wood processing and paper manufacturing, as well as in construction materials production. However, Nur Saifullin emphasized that the majority of the small businesses are involved into trade, catering and agriculture. Therefore, today topical is the task of gradual changes in the industry structure due to increase of role of innovations, housing services and domestic tourism. In accordance with Small Business State Support Program and assisted by Bashkortostan Ministry of Industry, 7.3 mln rubles have been allotted from the republic budget to financing small business activity, and 5 mln rubles have been allotted as a state guarantee reserve for attracting federal structures’ money. Speaking about new forms of co-operations, Deputy Minister referred to Bashkortostan President Decree passed back in October 30, 2001 "Decree about small business production and technological centers in Bashkortostan". According to the Decree, 23 such centers have been set up, which embraced over 190 small businesses. These businesses take up 220 thousands sq. m. of manufacturing and trade spaces, and nearly 3.3 thousands hectares of agriculture lands. At the collegium, tasks for the current year were set, and amongst them are providing small business with equal access to the available state orders, access to budget credits and long-term investments, efficient use of the production means as well as free spaces in the state and municipal properties. Small businesses are also to appropriately participate in housing reforms, held now. NA "Bashinform".

3.02.04 - Koumiss production grows in Bashkortostan

Koumiss production was paid particular attention in our republic within the last years. Significant growth in koumiss production has notably been reported after Bashkortostan government allotted subsidies to its manufacturers. Main suppliers of this healing drink are Alsheevsk, Diurtiulinsk, Ufa, Belebeievsk, Baimak, Abzelilovsk and Uchalinsk districts, in every of which over 40 tons of koumiss are produced. In the total, over 200 hundred producers make koumiss in 37 districts of Bashkortostan. They totally produced 1451 tons of koumiss in 2003, while just Ufa stud farm No. 119 and "Baimakskoye" enterprise in Baimak district produce koumiss all year round. According to specialists, koumiss production in the republic might be farther increased due to the good perspectives available. However, there is a "but": there is just one drying horse milk device in Bashkortostan, available in "Yumatovo" sanatorium. If Bashkortostan has at least two such devices, koumiss production would grow much faster. NA "Bashinform".

3.02.04. - Bashkortostan President Awards conferred on products quality

Bashkortostan President issued Decree "About 2003 Bashkortostan President Awards conferred on products and services quality". Decree is stating: "After scrutinizing contest committee’s offers on Bashkortostan President Awards on products and services quality, I resolute as follows: 1. Award with Bashkortostan President Award for products and services quality in the following economical fields: ferrous metallurgy - Beloretskiy Metallurgical Plant - 1 place; chemistry and petrochemistry - open JSC "Kaustik" - 1 place; Ufa plant of elastomer materials, products and constructions - 2 place. Machine building and metal processing - open JSC "Krasniy Proletariy" - 1 place; open JSC "Avtonormal" Belebeievskiy plant" - 2 place; building and construction material production: open JSC "Krovlia" - 3 place. Food industry: open JSC "Ufa meat and canned products making plant" - 1 place; JSC "Diurtiulinsk milk and diary products plant" - 2 place. Medical industry: "Immunopreparat" - affiliate of Russia Federal State enterprise "Mikrogen" Scientific and Production Enterprise on medical immunobiological medications, functioning under Russia Ministry of Health Care - 3 place. Enterprises and organizations in servicing: state trading and manufacturing enterprise "Bashkirskiy Khladocombinat" - 1 place; "Bashinformsviaz" affiliate - Sterlitamakskiy interregional electrical communication office center - 2 place. 2. Deliver Quality Cup with Bashkortostan President Award emblem on products and services quality and present laureate diplomas to the enterprises winning 1 place. 3. Present 2-grade and 3 grade diplomas to the enterprises and organizations that won second and third places. 4. This Decree is to take effect since the date of its signing. Bashkortostan President M. Rakhimov". NA "Bashinform".

1.02.04. - Bashkortostan ranking first in oil refinement in Russia

Bashkortostan keeps ranking first in hydrocarbon raw materials refining amongst Russia regions. Factual output of oil refineries totaled 100.2 per cent in 2003. Products output amounted to 39 bln rubles. According to the report of Bashkortostan Ministry of Industry collegium, reviewing results of 2003 and setting plans for 2004, enterprises of the field refined 25.37 mln tons of crude oil, including 19.5 mln tons in Ufa plants. In general, persisting positive tendency of increasing primary crude refinement has set up, and production of diesel fuel and gasoline has risen. In the gasoline produced, 70 per cent accounts for high-octane gasoline, which is the highest rate in Russia. Moreover, petrol produces by Bashkir enterprises meets European quality and ecology standards, whereas has higher content of benzyl. High profitability of Ufa enterprises insured balance sheet profit as much as 2.8 times higher then in 2002. All oil refineries decreased accounts receivables, insure timely taxes remittances to the budgets of all levels and pay comparatively high salaries. NA "Bashinform".

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2005 year - | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11 | 12 
2004 year - | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11 | 12 

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