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 Archive of news - April 2004

28.04.04. - Glass-Package factory to be opened in Ufa

On April 27, in the House of Republic Bashkortostan Premier Rafael Baidavletov met representatives of "Sisejam" Turkish group of companies that is a world-known manufacturer of glass package products. Light bottles made by the company, are used for beer bottling. The bottles are of original design, meet required world standards, demands twice as fewer natural resources for their production as compared to the ordinary ones and might be used in recycling. The company has recently built glass package factory in Vladimir oblast, and in several months the same factory is to be put into function in Vologda oblast. There is a large demand for such products in the Urals region as well. "Sisejam" representatives' visit to Ufa has been caused by necessity to find a suitable place for the factory. According to Mr. Teoman Enigul, company's president, the company chose Ufa due to old and tight economical and cultural bounds between Turkey and Bashkortostan. The company picked existed 18 hectares space in Shaksha, where paper making factory construction was ceased. Future investors have been drawn by the nearly completely finished infrastructure there, availability of entrance ways and stock houses premises. Minimum 2 ovens in the amount of 45-50 mln US dollars are planned to be built there. According to Eldar Mirzoev, Chief of "Sisejam" representative office in Russia, technical conditions allow putting four ovens into operation. In this case, Ufa-based factory will have no analogy in the world. Besides, he noted, it is important that there is a quartz quarry in the republic. Turkish party has views to invest into it as well. Perhaps, the quarry will serve not only Ufa-based factory, but also another factories owned by the company. "We have mutual interest towards launching glass package factory. The factory will insure investments, work places, tax proceeding to budget", Baidavletov stressed. "I guess, we will be able to sign a protocol of mutual cooperation in the nearest future". NA "Bashinform".

27.04.04. - Bashkortostan representing its economical potential in Stuttgart

Bashkortostan government delegation headed by Deputy Prime Minister, Bashkortostan Minister of External Economical Relations and Trade Boris Kolbin arrived at Stuttgart (Baden-Wurttemberg Land, Germany) yesterday evening for participation in the Days of Russia Economics. The same day, Baden-Wurttemberg Ministry of Economics organized dinner for all Russian regions taking part in the Days of Russia Economics (beside Bashkortostan, these are Perm and Sverdlovsk oblasts). Today in the morning, members of official delegation and also business circles of Bashkortostan participated in Baden-Wurttemberg Society for International Economical Cooperation (GWZ) in the Days of Russia Economics in the section "Bashkortostan, Perm and Sverdlovsk oblasts - Ural industrial region". Head of Department of Baden-Wurttemberg Ministry of Economics Mr. Fredric Bullinger greeted participant and guests of the Days. Kristian Himmighoffen, chief editor of Central and Eastern Europe section at "Frankfurter Allgemeiner Zeitung" newspaper that represents Institute of Information of Management, Market and Communication Means (Frankfurt-on-Main) delivered report "Modern economical and political situation in Russia, state of economic reforms and relations with Germany". Then ceremony of presentation of Russian regions started. Honored right of opening Days of Russia Economics was conferred to Bashkortostan. Economical potential and opportunities for collaboration between Bashkortostan and foreign and particularly German companies were disclosed by Boris Kolbin, Deputy Premier, Minister of External Economical Relations and Trade, Bashkortostan Minister of Economical Development and Industry Valentin Vlasov, Deputy Minister of External Economical Relations and Trade Ildar Akhmetshin, First Deputy Head of Ufa city Administration Ramil Khalimov. Information film about Bashkortostan was also shown there. Perm oblast was introduced by Chairman of Department of Industry and Science Sergey Diagilev, and Sverdlovsk oblast was introduced by Government Head of Economical Policy and Development, Minister of Economics and Labor of the oblast Galina Kovaleva. After the presentation had finished, discussions started. After that, members of official delegation of Bashkortostan negotiated with representatives of Baden-Wurttemberg Ministry of Environment and Transport about perspectives of development of collaboration between Bashkortostan and Baden-Wurttemberg in transport sphere and granting credit loans by Baden-Wurttemberg Land Bank and an authorized bank in Bashkortostan. At the same time, Bashkortostan business circles kept on participation in the Days of Russia Economics. There were represented JSC "Soda" and JSC "Kaustik", "Motor" production and scientific enterprise and also "Constructing paper making plant board of directors Ltd". Participants listened to German specialists reports. Among the themes reported there were as follows: "Legal frame terms in entrepreneurship organization in Russia" by Tobias Lupke - a Luther Menold Advocates Society representative (Frankfurt-on-Main); "Credits, guarantees, financing opportunities for Russian enterprises" by Michael Henneke - co-director of Baden-Wurttemberg Land Bank (Stuttgart); "Baden-Wurttemberg enterprises experience in business relations with Russia, achievements and projects development in Russia" by Helmut Schmidt - owner of Sc-Techno GmbH company (Illinhen); "Business activity of Daimler Chrysler AG in Russia" by Joseph Schleiher (Stuttgart). Tonight Bashkir delegation is to depart to Dresden. NA "Bashinform".

26.04.04. - Bashkortostan shareholders the only in Russia to get complete information of enterprises activity

According to Russian division of Standard & Poor’s rating agency, Bashkortostan is the only region in Russia, which provides shareholders and investors with complete information about financial and economical activity of enterprises. Today, investors have got quite complete information about financial situation at joint stock companies in the republic. Basing on the Bashkortostan Cabinet of Ministers Decree "About measures to be taken to increase investment appeal and securities market infrastructure development in Bashkortostan", the first regional system for displaying information in the Internet has been started together with issuers. Website of Bashkortostan Committee on securities market is browsed by over ten thousands people a year. The system has been designed to provide complex quarterly financial analysis of joint stock companies and solvency evaluation of potential issuers of corporate bonds using special software and basing on the methods elaborated together with specialists of bank "Zenit" and auditory company "Ernst and Young". Under solvency evaluation are forty large joint stock companies with their income exceeding one bln rubles a year. Financial reports displayed in the Internet, are used by financial institutions when making investment decisions and applying monetary policy; they are also used by Bashkortostan Ministries and Departments when elaborating strategies for social and economic development, besides, they are used by international rating agencies while monitoring Bashkortostan credit rating. NA "Bashinform".

26.04.04. - Bashkortostan delegation left for Germany

Today in the morning Bashkortostan government delegation headed by Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of External Economical Relations and Trade Boris Kolbin, has departed to Germany. Delegation members are: Bashkortostan Minister of Economical Development and Industry Valentin Vlasov, Deputy Minister of External Economical Relations and Trade Ildar Akhmetshin, First Deputy Head of Ufa city Administration Ramil Khalimov, directors of large enterprises of the republic, such as JSC "Soda", JSC "Kaustik", "Motor" scientific and industrial enterprise and others. In Stuttgart (Baden-Wurttemberg) delegation is to participate in the Days of Russia Economics, where presentation of economical potential of Bashkortostan (alongside with Perm and Sverdlovsk oblasts) is scheduled. Business meetings have also been scheduled to be held in Dresden, Erfurt and Freiberg (Saxony). Delegation return has been timetabled for April 30th. NA "Bashinform".

26.04.04. - Bashkortostan President issued decree "About Appointment Of Bashkortostan Representative In Istanbul, Turkey"

Decree "About Bashkortostan Representative in Istanbul, Turkey": 1. Misiev Kanshaubiya Andrayevich is appointed to be Bashkortostan Representative in Istanbul, Turkey. 2. The Decree is to take its force in the day of its signing. Bashkortostan President M. Rakhimov. Ufa, House of Republic, April 26, 2004. * * * K. Misiev was born in February 17, 1951 in Turkestan, Kazakhstan. He has got higher education - was graduated from Asian and African countries Institute at Moscow State University. He started work in 1968 in the position of electrical mechanic at "Molibden" mine of Tyrnyauz tungsten and molybdenum works. In 1969-1976 he studied at Asian and African countries Institute at Moscow State University, worked as a probationer there. Till 1980 he was a postgraduate student at Linguistic Institute of Academy of Science in Moscow. From 1980 till 1990 Misiev worked as an economist at the Foreign Companies and Supplies Department at Olympic Games Organizing Committee "Olimpiada-80", was a clerk at Institute of Public Sciences at SU Communist Party Central Committee. In 1991-1993 ran cinema and concert activities, coordinated films production of "Interdet" company at State Cinema Committee, occupied position of chief manager of "Kartal" company. Since 1993 up till now, K. Misiev has been working in "Idil" company in Istanbul. Since 1997 he has volunteered position of Bashkortostan Ministry of External Economical Relations and Trade representative in Turkey. Speaks Turkish. NA "Bashinform".

23.04.04. - Bashkortostan will represent its economic potential in Germany

Next week, on April 26 Bashkortostan government delegation headed by Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of External Economical Relations and Trade Boris Kolbin, is to depart to Germany. According to MEERT press service, delegation members are to be: Bashkortostan Minister of Economical Development and Industry Valentin Vlasov, Deputy Minister of External Economical Relations and Trade Ildar Akhmetshin and First Deputy Head of Ufa city Administration Ramil Khalimov. Deputy general manager of news agency "Bashinform" has been invited as a press representative. Beside officials, chiefs of large Bashkir enterprises are to join the delegation, amongst them are managers of JSC "Soda", JSC "Kaustik", "Motor" scientific and industrial enterprise and some others. Visit main aim has been defined as presentation of Bashkortostan economical potential and discussion of execution of several mutual investment projects. Delegation visit program is to be quite rich. Delegation is to arrive at Stuttgart (Baden-Wurttemberg) in April 26 late afternoon. Next morning, Bashkir delegation is scheduled to participate in Baden-Wurttemberg (GWZ) Community on International Economical Cooperation, the Days of Russia Economics, part "Bashkortostan, Perm and Sverdlovsk oblasts: The Urals Industrial region". The first region to be represented there is Bashkortostan. Economical potential and opportunities for cooperation with foreign companies and German ones in particular will be disclosed by Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of External Economical Relations and Trade Boris Kolbin, Bashkortostan Minister of Economical Development and Industry Valentin Vlasov, Deputy Minister of External Economical Relations and Trade Ildar Akhmetshin and First Deputy Head of Ufa city Administration Ramil Khalimov. Introductory informational film about Bashkortostan is to be screened there. At the end, discussions will be held. After that, delegation officials will have negotiations at Baden-Wurttemberg Ministry of Economics with representatives of Baden-Wurttemberg Ministry of Environment and Transport and discuss range of questions and problems on mutual cooperation. Particularly, outlook on cooperation between Bashkortostan and Baden-Wurttemberg Land in transport sector and credit loans between Baden-Wurttemberg land bank and authorized Bashkir bank are to be discussed. In Stuttgart, visit to industrial enterprises ("Cublin" company and some others) is planned. At the same time, participation of business delegation in the Days of Russia Economics will continue. In the evening of the same day, all the delegation will move to Dresden (Saxony). In the morning of April 28, in the State Community for Supporting Saxony Economics, Bashkortostan official delegation will have protocol meeting with Mr. Marcus Letzsch, the Community Chairman. The meeting will finish by presentation of economical potential of Bashkortostan, where Deputy Prime Minister, Bashkortostan Minister of External Economical Relations and Trade Boris Kolbin will address to the participants with his speech of welcome, while Valentin Vlasov, Bashkortostan Minister of Economical Development and Industry, will enlarge upon economical potential of Bashkortostan. At the meeting, 15 minutes informational film about Bashkortostan in German will be shown. In the afternoon, in the Saxony Ministry of Economics and Labor, Bashkortostan official delegation will negotiate with Deputy Minister Mrs. Barbara Mayer about continuation of granting credit loans and prolongation of Financial Protocol term of validity. Representatives of Saxony Land Bank are expected to participate in the meeting as well. Bashkortostan business delegation will continue business meetings. On Thursday, April 29, Bashkortostan delegation is to move to Erfurt, where visit to the glass packaging factory is in plans. In Freiberg, Bashkir delegation will be shown local brewery. Negotiations on execution of the project of constructing a factory for beer bottles production in Bashkortostan together with "Franke und Glasinvest" company are planned. For business circles of the delegation, separate meetings and negotiations with German companies are to be organized. Delegation return to Ufa is timetabled for Friday, April 30. NA "Bashinform".

22.04.04. - Foreign experts studied situation in light industry

At present, in Bashkortostan, new approaches to operation of light industry enterprises basing on the experience acquired by leading European countries are being elaborated. In 2003 the republic showed great interest towards European Community programs performed in Russia. Thus, for participation in contest for obtaining "European Community technical assistance to CIS countries" TASIS program grants, a special project for supporting Bashkortostan light industry enterprises has been made. The project has been validated by TASIS coordinators and put into execution. A group of foreign experts selected after a competition by European Commission representatives in Russia has been appointed to be immediate executor of the project. At the end of March through the beginning of April there was held initial stage of work of the experts in Bashkortostan, where industrial policy was monitored, budgeting questions were studied and strategies and terms of enterprises crediting were analyzed. At the same time, the experts met chiefs and specialists of Ufa, Sterlitamak, Ishimbay based industrial enterprises, visited Bashkortostan National Bank and leading commercial banks, republic and city funds supporting small entrepreneurship, small-scale enterprises and leasing companies. Next visit has been scheduled for the first decade of May, Bashkortostan Ministry of Econimical Development and Industry has reported to NA "Bashinform". NA "Bashinform".

21.04.04. - Bashkortostan President Rakhimov met chiefs of companies "Barilla" (Italy) and "Harris" (France)

Group of companies "Barilla" and their affiliate "Harris" are one of the world leaders in food industry, particularly in macaroni production, bread baking and confectionary. In Russia they built a confectionary factory in Moscow oblast. Foreign businessmen introduced their plans as for expanding their production in the country to President Rakhimov. "Ufa is a comfortable place for our plans from developed business infrastructure and geographical position point of view. Here are required modern productive facilities - "Kondi" confectionary factory - into which we might invest and introduce Italian technologies for manufacturing new products - macaroni and confectionary. We are currently negotiating on investment project - the factory reconstruction", Guido Barilla noted. In the course of discussion, questions of "Kondi" development have been raised. "Kondi" is one of four largest confectionary factories in the country. After new investor (Siberian Bread Corporation) came, products output and sales rose twice. It has been stressed at the meeting, that performing new project will result in launching new federal brand, broadening factory assortment and increasing factory products sales via "Barilla" distributing shops chain throughout the country. Dmitriy Tereshkov, Siberian Corporation CEO, who participated in the meeting, thanked Bashkortostan authorities for large and positive support of plans for development of the confectionary factory. "Bashkortostan is one of the most dynamically developing states in Russia. It is proved by high credit ratings given by "Moody’s" and "Standard and Poors" international rating agencies. Bashkortostan long-term rating is equal to Moscow and St.-Petersburg credit ratings. We welcome foreign companies investing into new productions in the republic. For us, it means new work places, quality products output, additional proceeds to the budget", Rakhimov emphasized and wished luck to the guests in the discussion with their Bashkir partners. In the working meeting Bashkortostan Premier R. Baidavletov, Deputy Prime Minister S. Vakhitov, "Barilla" Vice President Paolo Barilla and Chief of Industrial Development of "Harris CIS" Ch. Nicolas have participated. NA "Bashinform".

21.04.04. - Meeting with USA diplomatic mission

In Ufa city administration, Chief of the city administration Pavel Kachkaev has met American diplomatic delegation headed by US Deputy Ambassador in Russia Mr. John Bayerly. While negotiating, opportunities for intensification of cooperation in industrial manufacture, construction, and health care have been discussed, city administration reported. Kachkaev noted that USA is one of the investors into Bashkortostan, not the most active though. Amongst the countries with the largest volume of money invested, the US is the fifth one. Basing on the data as per the end of 2002, the money invested totaled nearly 4.5 mln US dollars. At present, in Ufa "Oyo-Geo-Inpuls International"American-Japanese joint venture has been successfully operating and producing geophysical equipment of world standards. Amongst nearly 90 countries - Bashkortostan partners in its external economical activity - the US plays significant role. Bilateral trade and economical relations have been basically established in petrochemical field and also in machine building. In 2003 foreign trade turnover totaled 38.4 mln US dollars. Now, trade turnover specific share with the USA in all-republic volume totals 1.6 per cent, which insures the country the 13th place among Bashkortostan foreign trade partners. The parties have agreed that mutual efforts will allow reaching higher indexes of foreign trade turnover and re-defining ways of further collaboration. NA "Bashinform".

20.04.04. - Bashkortostan President 2003 message execution insured Ufa dynamical economical development

Program of applied measures "Powerful social state meets citizens interests" that bases on the tasks set by Bashkortostan President in his last Message to citizens and Kurultay (State Assembly) insured capital Ufa dynamic and permanent development in real sector of economy, social and cultural spheres, head of city administration Pavel Kachkayev has reported today at the Presidential Council meeting dedicated to discussion of Bashkortostan President 2004 Message draft. Thus, Kachkayev noted that last year there was recorded growth in industrial output (totaling 107.7 per cent as per the end of 2003), investment activity, services to citizens and retail trade turnover. In fact, nearly all the fields of city economics worked stable in 2003. Total income of the city enterprises rose more then twice as compared to 2002 and approximated 20 bln rubles. Besides, number of unprofitable enterprises decreased from 24.2 to 22 per cent as per the beginning of 2003. Proceeds to city budget 4 per cent exceeded the expected figures, which resulted in improving citizens living standards. Thus, within 2003 average monthly income got real 16 per cent growth and amounted 4147 rubles per capita. Average monthly salary rate totaled 6146 rubles, which insured Ufa the second place in Volga Federal region after Samara. 3 per cent growth was also recorded in pension rate and it amounted to 1664 rubles on average. Due to efforts aimed at meeting labor legislation and timely salary pay offs in particular, wage arrears in the city decreased 3.7 times in 2003. According to Head of city administration, a lot has been done in social sphere as well. As a priority task for 2004, Ufa authorities will actively execute housing policy and make complex construction reasonably intermingling construction of lodging places and social establishments - kinder gardens, schools, hospitals, sports establishments and shops. One of the most important directions of development of non-state sector of economy has again been defined to be support of small entrepreneurship. This year, social work in Ufa will be performed according to target principle. Now, nearly 30 programs has been working in the city, and their execution ought to improve citizens living standards and ensure more social protection. These and other tasks will be delineated in Bashkortostan President 2004 Message and will guide all Bashkortostan citizens, Kachkaev emphasized. NA "Bashinform".

19.04.04. - Agriculture enterprises output totaled 6.8 bln rubles

In January-March of 2004 Bashkortostan agriculture output totaled 6.8 bln rubles, according to Bashkortostan State Statistics Committee data. The indexes slightly over four per cent exceeded the indexes of the same period last year. In the total structure of agriculture output, agriculture companies’ share totaled 25.3 per cent of the products output, whereas individuals’ share totalled 72.1 per cent and farmer companies’ share - 2.6 per cent. NA "Bashinform".

19.04.04. - USA embassy representatives organized seminar for small and medium-scale business supporting structures

Today, under the program of visit of American diplomatic mission headed by US Deputy Ambassador in Russia Mr. John Bayerly, there has been organized introductory seminar for the structures supporting small and medium-scale business, and for companies and enterprises interested in cooperation with the US. At the seminar ceremonial opening have been presented US Deputy Ambassador in Russia Mr. John Bayerly, US General Consul in Yekaterinburg Mr. Scott Roland, USAID top manager Mr. Terry Mayers, whereas Minister of External Economical Relations and Trade Boris Kolbin, Chairman of Chamber of Commerce and Industry Boris Bondarenko, Representative of Russia Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ufa Zinnur Mardanov have represented Bashkortostan. Seminar aims at introducing American companies willing to collaborate with Russian companies to chiefs of Bashkortostan small and medium scale enterprises. According to John Bayerly, Russia mostly knows American giants - “General Motors", "Microsoft" etc., while US economy grounds on small and medium-scale companies. Thus, this sector of business ensures majority of work places and generates new ideas. Cooperation between USA and Bashkortostan will contribute to execution of purposes of Bush and Putin, who repeatedly discussed broadening of economical relations of the two countries at various summits. As US Deputy Ambassador stressed, the USA has a lot to suggest to small and medium-scale business representatives in Bashkortostan. Thus, CIS business information service BISNIS operating since 2000, has got thousands contacts of American companies that are ready to plough into Russian business, moreover, various educational and financial programs have been elaborated. Bashkortostan is an appealing region for investments. Political and economical situation in the republic is much favorable for broadening and deepening of business contacts. According to Boris Kolbin, today, Bashkortostan actively collaborates with over 90 countries worldwide. Last year commodity turnover exceeded 3 bln rubles, which is the best results within the last 12 years. Quite recently, world-known Standard & Poor’s rating agency upgraded Bashkortostan credit rating to "B-" /Stable/. Within 2003, the republic received 22 foreign delegations and made 24 business visits to foreign countries. Unfortunately, the US is not the country of intense collaboration. In 2000 turnover between the USA and Bashkortostan totaled 2 mln rubles, while today it totals 53 mln rubles. 20 joint ventures are operating in the republic, but opportunities for mutual cooperation are far away from exhaustion. At present, there are over 20 thousands small and medium-scale enterprises in Bashkortostan with output totaling one bln US dollars just in 2003 and 9 per cent of total tax proceedings to budget. Today visit of the American delegation and the seminar allows to see new perspectives in mutually beneficial cooperation between the USA and Bashkortostan, according Boris Kolbin. NA "Bashinform".

15.04.04. - Ufa was affirmed "B" /Stable/ long-term credit rating

On April 14, Standard & Poor’s International rating agency affirmed "B" /Stable/ long-term credit rating to Ufa, Bashkortostan capital. Te agency also affirmed Ufa "ruA-" rating of the national scale, "Finmarket" reported. Ratings are limited by risks connected with local government reform, federal and regional authorities’ control over the city incomes, poor economy diversification and also susceptibility to commercial risks. Ratings are backed by city growing economy, high level of living standards, conservative financial policy, low debt rating and competent debt management. Standard & Poor’s expects city economy to keep on growing 5-6 per cent yearly. It also expects the city to maintain debt level 30 per cent lower then managing level. Rating may be reviewed and later upgraded, which much depends on results of local government reform and further increase of the city financial predictability. NA "Bashinform".

14.04.04. - Social and economical results of Bashkortostan development in the first quarter of 2004

Premier Rafael Baidavletov has disclosed social and economical results of Bashkortostan development in the first quarter of 2004 at the selective republican meeting. According to statistics, industrial output of Bashkir large and medium scale enterprises exceeded 57 bln rubles. Physical volume totaled 103.4 per cent. In comparison with the last year indexes, industrial output rose in ferrous metallurgy (124.4 per cent as compared to the first quarter of 2003), chemical and petrochemical industries (12.4 per cent) and non-ferrous metallurgy (108.2 per cent). Head of the government has particularly stressed on achievements of enterprises making construction materials - 26.3 per cent over the index of the same period of 2003. In the same time, industrial output has declined 1.4 per cent in electrical power engineering and 3 per cent in fuel industry. In the first quarter of 2004, 195.1 ths sq. m. of lodging space has been put into commission, which is 9.3 per cent growth as compared to the same period of 2003. Pleasingly, housing construction rose in 58 towns and regions, though the index has declined in Tuymazy, Askinsk, Bijbuliak, Yermekeyev, Kiginsk, Kugarchinsk, Sterlibashevsk and Ufa regions in comparison with the same period last year. Not a single sq meter has been put into commission in Agidel. Money income in January-February amounted 3.8 ths rubles per capita, which is 19.2 per cent over the figure of the same period last year. Monthly average nominal salary rose 30.5 per cent as per the same period of 2003 and approximated 5 ths rubles, while real salary rate rose 17 per cent. Wage arrears totaled 383.6 mln rubles as per April 1. Significant growth in wage arrears has been registered in the towns of Kymertau, Ishimbai, Birsk, Baimak, Neftelamsk, Ufa and also in Krasnokamsk, Birsk, Salavatsk, Busdiaksk, Aguriysk, Kiinsk, Kaltasinsk and Sterlibashevsk regions, while wage arrears fell in 10 towns and 24 regions as of the beginning of the year. The problem has been completely settled in the towns of Agidel and Blagoveshchensk, and also in Baktachevsk, Diurtiulinsk, Karaidelsk, Meleuzovsk and Tatyshlinsk regions. Baidavletov has characterized employment sphere as stable. In the employment services of the republic there were registered 26.9 ths people as per April 1, which is 23 per cent less then in 2003. Overwhelming number of the registered people - 80 per cent - are towns citizens. Registered unemployment rate throughout republic totaled 1.37 per cent as per the beginning of the month (against 1.82 per cent last year). The largest number of the unemployed is registered in Agidel, Kymertau, Mezhgoriye, Beloretsk and Davlekanovo. In 15 regions and towns of Bashkortostan unemployment rate is less then 1 per cent. NA "Bashinform".

13.04.04. - Chambers of commerce and industry of two regions exchanged with experience

Bashkortostan Chamber of Commerce and Industry delegation visited Chelyabinsk, where specialists of the Chamber familiarized with the work of their colleagues in Southern-Urals Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Economical relations between the two regions are known to base on bilateral agreements about mutual collaboration. Within the last years valuable experience of the beneficial interaction has been accumulated. Last month in Ufa, Bashkortostan president Murtaza Rakhimov and Chelyabinsk region governor Peter Sumin signed next protocol about execution of economical, trade, social and cultural collaboration between Chelyabinsk oblast and Bashkortostan. The sides drafted plan of activities for 2004. At the same time, there was held a meeting between chiefs of both Chambers of Commerce - Boris Bondarenko and Fedor Degtiaryov. They also signed agreement about collaboration between the chambers on the matters of their competence. Our delegation' last visit to Chelyabinsk appeared to be very useful: there were a lot to see, compare and learn. Our neighbor actively provides such services as commodity examination, certification of the goods origin, evaluation services and intellectual property protection, Chelyabinsk Chamber reported to Bashinform. The Southern-Ural Chamber took lead over the Bashkir one in information services. At the same time, Chelyabinsk specialists pointed out Bashkortostan Chamber high activity in fairies and exhibitions, stuff training and also organization of business missions. The sides agreed on performing several mutual information projects, organizing seminars basing on the system of quality management and management of the countries that are WTO members. Administrations of the two Chambers are willing to mutually organize visits of business circles to Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Uzbekistan… In this connection, at business meeting there were discussed problems of interaction with State Authorities bodies applicable to external economical relations. After exchange with opinions, representatives of both Chambers signed 2004 activities plan on performing the agreement of mutual collaboration. NA "Bashinform".

12.04.04. - Bashkortostan keeping stable industrial growth in the first quarter of 2004

Basing on the preliminary statistic data that include large and medium-scale enterprises work results, Bashkortostan economy has been growing quite stable, Bashkortostan State Statistic Committee reported to Bashinform. According to the 2004 first quarter data, Bashkortostan has been keeping industrial output growth. Just In March, Bashkir large and medium-scale enterprises output in the total amount of 19.6 bln rubles - more then 3 per cent over then in March 2003. Within the first three months of 2004 industrial output rose 3.4 per cent as compared to the same period of 2003 and totaled 57.1 bln rubles. According to specialists, growth generators in the first quarter are chemical and petrochemical industries, metallurgy and industry of construction materials. Besides, industrial growth since the beginning of the year has been insured by majority of the industries except for electric power engineering and fuel industry. Commissioned lodging space within the period 9.3 per cent exceeded the same period of 2003. In the total, in Bashkortostan both organizations and individuals have built over two ths apartments of the total space of 195 ths sq. meters by April 1. Just in March 2004, 96.5 ths sq. m. was commissioned, which is a little less then in March 2003 though. Increase in apartment construction has been basically due to individuals. Thus, in the first quarter of 2004 they put into commission apartment blocks of the total space 144.7 ths sq. m., which is 25 per cent over January-March period of 2003. Bashkortostan consumer market can now be characterized as saturated and stable. Composite consumer price index totaled 101 per cent in March, and it has increased 5.4 per cent since the beginning of the year. In Bashkortostan, the problem of overdue wage pays off has still been topical. Thus, basing on the efficient data valid on April 1, total amount of the overdue wage arrears has amounted 383.6 mln rubbles. Basic part of the wage arrears - nearly 43 per cent - has been registered in industrial field, 33 per cent - in construction field and 17 per cent in the agricultural complex. By now, 102 thousands employees of large and medium-scale enterprises haven’t got their salaries yet. Positive results have been recorded in social sphere: basing on the preliminary statistic data, within the two last months of 2004 average money income rose more then 9 per cent per capita as compared to the same period of 2003, while real salary increased 17 per cent within this period. In February, average money income a little exceeded 3 ths 900 rubles per capita, while salary rate a little exceeded 5 ths rubles. NA "Bashinform".

6.04.04. - Turkish Businessmen Show Interest Toward Ufa

Turkish businessmen show significant interest towards Ufa, to such fields as construction, retail trade, catering and city equipping with services and utilities in particular. It was lately discussed at Ufa administration’ office when Albina Yusupova, Deputy Head of Ufa city administration, had negotiations with Mr. Ismail Hakki Musa, General Consul of Turkey Republic in Kazan who made his first two-days visit to Ufa. Albina Yusupova introduced Mr. Consul social, political and economical situation in Ufa, Ufa city administration information and analytical department reported. Presently Turkish company "Ramenka" picked up space, suggested by Ufa authorities for hypermarket construction. In the framework of cooperation between twinned towns Ufa and Ankara, participation of Turkey’s capital in the events dedicated to 430th anniversary of Ufa foundation and 250th anniversary of Salavat Yulaev birthday is expected. NA "Bashinform"

6.04.04. - "Furniture, Interior And Wood Processing-2004" Exhibition Opening Tomorrow In Ufa

Tenth specialized exhibition "Furniture, Interior And Wood Processing-2004" to be opened tomorrow, April 7, in Ufa is to become outstanding event for enterprises of timber industry of the republic. Traditionally, it will be held in "Bashkortostan" exhibition complex. Ceremony of exhibition opening will take place at noon. The event will last till April 10. Experts greatly appreciate the event, which is quite explicable due to the situation recently occurred: in Bashkortostan timber industry problems have been lately attached great importance to. Currently, program on further industry development is being progressing, and it has been involved well-known Russian specialists. And thus, the exhibition will obviously demonstrate what direction timber industry has taken. At "Bashkortostan" exhibition complex halls producers of furniture for homes, country houses, summer cafes, offices, and educational establishments will display. There will also be presented furniture assembly kits, accessories, furniture textile, tapestry, blinds and curtains on display. At the jubilee exhibition there will be opportunity to know latest trends in interior design, choose suitable lamps and chandeliers. The exhibition is to arise not only population interest, but also timber industry representatives. They will have opportunity to find equipments, facilities, instruments, technologies, fixing instruments, nail hammering and brackets hammering instruments and also all items needed for mounting production lines. Last year, over 80 companies participated in the exhibition. Events of the kind help establish business contacts, their commercial efficiency is a good stimulus for taking part in the exhibition over and over again for such famous Bashkir enterprises as "Ufamebel", "Adigel-M’, "Prema", "Bashmebel", etc. NA "Bashinform".

2.04.04. - Outlook on Relations Between Bashkortostan And Turkey Discussing In Ufa

Promising directions of cooperation between Bashkortostan and Turkey has been discussing in Ufa the second day. It is due to two-days visit of General Consul of Turkey Republic in Kazan Mr. Ismail Hakki Musa. Both republics intend to develop relations and increase trade turnover expanding export of honey, dry and condensed milks, spirits, rolled metals, wire, sheet and polished glass, petrochemical products, pharmaceutical products, etc. Establishing joint ventures in agriculture, light industry, timber and stone processing industries, machine building in the territories of both republics has also been on the motion. Moreover, it has been discussed intensification of investment cooperation, organization of works on probation in education, possibilities of medical equipments supplies from Turkey to Bashkir health care establishments and clinics, ensuring exchange with experience and medical practice in health care, receiving Turks in Bashkir healthcare establishments, and also exchange with experience in servicing in tourism. Officially, relations between Bashkortostan and Turkey started in 1996 after signing Agreement on trade, economical, scientific, technical and cultural collaboration between governments of both republics. Since that, foreign trade turnover has risen from 15.8 to 59 mln US dollars a year, whereas main exporters are the joint stock companies as follows: Beloretsk metallurgical plant, "Kaustik", Ufa refinery, "Salavatsteklo", "Salavatnefteorgsintez", "Ufaneftehim" and "Soda". Domestic manufacturers export to Turkey oil products, ferrous metal articles, plastics and glass products. Turkish importers are the limited companies as follows: "Baturos", "Esit", "Evren", "flora", "Oknoplast". In construction industry the most well known companies are the following: "Klima" (has built National Bank of Bashkortostan, Bashprombank, steam therapy clinic in Yangan-Tau), "Penta" (has constructed building of Sotsinvestbank), "Summa" (has constructed Bashkreditbank) and others. NA "Bashinform".

2.04.04. - Turkey Consul Establishing Contacts Between Turkey And Bashkortostan

In April 2, Bashkortostan Premier Rafael Baidavletov has had a meeting with General Consul of Turkey Republic in Kazan Mr. Ismail Hakki Musa. Consul’ visit aim is to get familiar with political, social and economical situation in Bashkortostan. Premier Baidavletov has disclosed in details situation and perspectives of economical and social spheres of the republic. He much stressed on success achieved in fuel and energy complex, machine building and agriculture. Bashkortostan has also been deepening external economic relations with CIS countries and worldwide. Relations between Bashkortostan and Turkey ground on Agreement on trade, economic, scientific, technical and cultural collaboration singed back in 1996. Capitals of the both republics - Ankara and Ufa - have become twinned towns. Bashkortostan representative office is to open in Istanbul soon. Since 1996 foreign trade turnover between both republics has risen nearly four times, now totaling 59,054 ths US dollars. Bashkortostan has also got positive trade balance with Turkey. Last year, Bashkir enterprises participated in the 72nd International Universal Industrial Fair in Izmir. "Bashkortostan is really booming in construction", Baidavletov reported. "And we are fortunate Turkish companies contribute to it. 63 companies with Turkish capital have been working in Bashkortostan. Successful is "Baturos" company that is participating in construction of many objects, significant to Bashkortostan, such as "Assy" and "Yakty-Kul" sanatoriums". - "We understand that Turkish companies have succeeded due to close attention of Bashkortostan authorities", Ismal Hakki Musa told. "We count on that our relations will further developing, as they have great potential and mutual interest". Presently, prepared is draft agreement for light industry, which is to be concluded between authorities structures monitoring small and medium-scale business. Turkey is also willing to cooperate in wood processing and timber industry and other fields. Minister of external Economical Affairs and Trade of Bashkortostan Boris Kolbin, Representative of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ufa Zinnur Mardanov have taken part in the meeting as well. NA "Bashinform".

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