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 Archive of news - May 2004

31.05.04. - Bashkortostan enterprises ranked amongst ten largest chemical enterprises in the Ural region

As a result of 2003, three Bashkortostan enterprises were ranked amongst ten largest chemical enterprises in the Ural region - "Salavatnefteorgsintez" open JSC (first place), "Kaustik" JSC (fourth place), "Kauchuk" JSC (sixth place). Basing on the data of "Expert-Ural" analytical center, income of these enterprises rose in 2003. Thus, "Salavatnefteorgsintez" income rose 14 per cent, "Kaustik" - 14 per cent, "Kauchuk" - 11 per cent. In chemical industry of the Ural region "Salavatnefteorgsintez" is undoubtedly a leader in the volume of sold products. Last year the enterprise output amounted to 14 bln 544 mln rubles, which is 2.2 times over the enterprise ranking the second in the rating - "Uralkaliy" (Perm oblast). "Salavatnefteorgsintez" net profit totaled 575 mln rubles - the largest index amongst chemical enterprises in the Ural region. Other Bashkir enterprises finished the year with lower results: "Kaustik" - 237 mln rubles, "Kauchuk" - 31 mln rubles, "Bashinform" reported. In 2003, "Salavatnefteorgsintez" also had high labor productivity index - 1 mln 260 ths rubles per an employee (the second place among ten largest chemical enterprises of Ural region). In 2003, Bashkir chemical enterprises increased 12 per cent nitric fertilizers output, mineral fertilizers - 1.3 per cent, synthetic resins and plastics - 4.6 per cent. Bashkortostan enterprisesí share in production of caustic and calcium soda remains high - nearly 20 per cent of the total Russian output and nearly 70 per cent accordingly. NA "Bashinform"

31.05.04. - Russia Saving Bank willing to significantly invest into Russian economy

On May 31, in Ufa Bashkortostan President Murtaza Rakhimov has had a meeting with CEO of Russia Saving Bank Andrey Kazmin, who arrived to Bashkortostan for discussing perspectives of collaboration with Bashkir enterprises. At the meeting, possibilities of extending authorities of Bashkortostan Saving Bank, which is now a division of Ural Saving Bank of Russia, have been touched upon. Andrey Kazmin declared his willingness to extend competence of Bashkir division and pointed out that for efficient settlement of the tasks and problems, the bank ought to have higher authorities. Exchange with opinions on Russia Saving Bank participation in crediting Bashkortostan economy has been held. The parties pointed out mutual interest toward long-term investment programs. There have also been enlarged upon projects for crediting large enterprises of petrochemical field, agriculture, industrial construction and housing construction and also small and medium-scale enterprises. As a result of business negotiations between Russia Saving Bank and Bashkir partners, program of activities is expected to be worked out, and the program will be included into Bilateral Agreement between Bashkortostan and Russia Saving Bank. "We are ready to significantly invest into Bashkortostan economy, including providing long-term loans for republic target programs", Kazmin stressed. In the meeting, Bashkortostan Premier Rafael Baidavletov, Deputy Premier and Bashkortostan Minister of Finance Airat Gaskarov, Deputy Premier and Bashkortostan spokesman at Russia President Albert Kharisov, CEO of Bashkortostan National Bank Rustem Mardanov, First Deputy CEO of Russia Saving Bank Alla Aleshkina, members of its Board of Directors - Irina Bohan and Nikolay Kuleshov, Chairman of Ural Saving bank Vladimir Cherkashin and also Manager of Bashkortostan division of Saving Bank Yulay Kinziabulatov have taken part. NA "Bashinform".

28.05.04. - Bashkortostan President received Gazprom delegation

On May 28, Bashkortostan President Murtaza Rakhimov has received Gazprom delegation headed by Deputy CEO Alexander Ananenkov. Delegation arrived to Ufa for participation in ceremony dedicated to 50th anniversary of "Bashtransgaz" putting into operation. There has been pointed out that "Bashtransgaz" well deserved its jubilee. The enterprise insures 20 per cent of the total Russian gas supply to both Russian consumers and abroad. The enterprise gas pipelines exceeded 6 ths km. Beside production tasks, "Bashtransgaz" assists in settling social problems. In Diurtiulinsk, Karmaskalinsk, Nurimanovsk, Sharansk and other districts, villages with developed infrastructure for gas industry workers have been built. At the meeting, there have also been reviewed problems of further cooperation between Bashkortostan and Gazprom. Rakhimov pointed out that Bashkortostan machine-building enterprises and Ufa device constructing enterprise in particular, produce safety and quality equipments and facilities applied in Gazprom gas pipelines systems. In the talking Gazprom Deputy CEO Sergei Ushakov, members of Board of Directors Bogdan Budzuliak and konstantin Chuichenko, Head of depertment on collaboration with Russia Federation Federal Assembly Fanuza Arslanova and General Manager of "Bashtransgaz" Sergei Pashin have participated. * * * The same day, President Rakhimov together with Gazprom delegation have taken part in the events dedicated to 50th anniversary of "Bashtransgaz" putting into operation. NA "Bashinform".

27.05.04. - Cooperation between Bashkortostan and Magnitogorsk Metallurgy Works got "fruitful" appraisal

Problems of development of bilateral cooperation have been discussed during business meeting between Bashkortostan President Murtaza Rakhimov and General Manager of Magnitogorsk metallurgy works Viktor Rashnekov, held on May 27 in the House of Republic. They have discussed performance of previously agreed covenants on cooperation, touched upon participation of Magnitogorsk metallurgy works in development of Bashkortostan recreation areas and resorts, "Yaktykul" sanatorium in Abzelilovsk region and mountain skiing centers in Trans-Ural region of Bashkortostan in particular. There has also been pointed out great mutual work on draining soils, equipping territory with all conveniences and housing construction near Bannoye lake. There have been enlarged upon road building in the region and further supplies of Magnitogorsk enterprise products to Bashkortostan. The parties appraised collaboration between Bashkortostan and Magnitogorsk enterprise as "mutually beneficial and fruitful" and have signed new protocol of activities aimed at further development of business relations. In the meeting Bashkortostan Premier Rafael Baidavletov, Head of Bashkortostan President Administration Radiy Khabirov, Chairman of Bashkortostan State Committee on Construction, Architecture and Transport Khamit Mavliyarov, First Deputy General Manager of Magnitogorsk metallurgy works Andrey Morozov and Head of "YuzhUralAvtoban" enterprise Alexey Gushchin have taken part. NA "Bashinform".

26.05.04. - Bashkortostan representatives to visit Kiev for "Days of Kiev-2004" feasts

Since May 28 through May 31, Bashkortostan delegation is to take part in "Days of Kiev-2004" festive occasion. Ukraine will visit Ramil Dilmukhametov, Deputy Head of Ufa city administration, co-Chairman of "Kobzar" Republican national and cultural center of Ukrainians in Bashkortostan and Head of Sholokhov Moscow State Open Teacher Training University affiliate in Ufa Basiliy Babenko. Our natives have been invited to attend ceremonial meeting and festive concert; they will visit "Kiev Pechersk Cave Monastery" National historical and cultural reserve and "Mikhaylovskiy Zlatoverhiy Cathedral" National reserve. In Bashkortostan, tens thousands of Ukrainians reside and seven Ukrainian schools operate, Ministry of External Economical Relations and Trade official reported. In 1990 "Kobzar" Republican national and cultural center of Ukrainians in Bashkortostan was founded. In December 1999, Bashkortostan President signed Decree about establishing Bashkortostan National and Cultural Center of Ukrainians in Zolotonoshka village in Sterlitamaksk region. Lately, Bashkortostan has been closely collaborating with Lvov and Luhansk oblasts in Ukraine. Luhansk oblast was already visited by Bashkortostan delegation headed by Bashkortostan President. Delegation got familiarized with work of "Agroton" agricultural company and studied agriculture complex in the whole in Novo-Aidarsk, Belovodsk, Stanichno-Luhansk regions of the oblasts. It also learnt operation process of automated technological station and work of American company "Case Corporation" service center. In December 13-16, 2000 Bashkortostan official delegation returned visit to Lvov oblast in Ukraine. Parties discussed opening "Ufa-Lviv" trading center in Lvov aimed at promoting Bashkortostan products in Ukrainian market and establishing business contacts between Bashkir and Lvov companies and enterprises. Our delegation studied experience of Lvov agriculture exchange, markets and catering companies and was also familiarized with ways of arranging leisure for youth. Then treaty about collaboration between Bashkortostan Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Lvov Chamber of Commerce and Industry about establishing representative offices of the both Chambers either in Ufa or in Lvov was signed. Since December 1, 2000, representative of Bashkortostan Ministry of External Economical Relations and Trade has been operating in Eastern Ukraine. Today, in Bashkortostan 14 Bashkir-Ukrainian joint stock venture, 5 companies with 100% Ukrainian capital and 5 affiliates of Ukrainian companies are registered. Foreign trade turnover between Bashkortostan and Ukraine amounted to 223 mln US dollars in 2003. Exporting to Ukraine are basically mineral products and fuel, and also glass articles, detergents and pharmaceutical products, while Ukraine is the main supplier of machine-building products in CIS countries. In the composite commodity circulation volume with foreign countries Ukraine is ranking 11th, with 2.8 per cent specific weight) and the second - with CIS countries (16 per cent specific weight). NA "Bashinform.

25.05.04. - Bashkortostan upgrades its rating

Execution of Russia President Vladimir Putinís task aimed at GDP double increasing mostly depends on its execution at the regional level. At present, a few regions of Russia Federation are able to develop dynamically and contribute to industrial production increase in the country. In 2003, on the successful Moscow, Moscow oblast, St.-Petersburg, Tiumen oblast, Khanty-Mansiysk and Yamalo-Nenetskiy autonomies, Bashkortostan and some others regions, there are still a lot of regions in Russia that are unable to insure dynamical economical growth. Last year, 50 regions failed to overcome 7 per cent level growth, whereas in 9 regions industrial production declined. Nevertheless, in comparison with 2002, number of depression regions fell from 19 to 9, and number of regions with less then 7 per cent growth also decreased from 45 to 41. In Bashkortostan, industrial output growth totalled 7.5 per cent (against 7.3 per cent on average throughout Russia). Significant advancement of economical situation in the republic has been indicated by Bashkortostan move from 14th to 11th position in Russia regions creditability rating. Rating assigned by "ņ &Ő" analytical centre under Russia Federation Council support evaluated 10 parameters of Russia regions, including losses and incomes balance of enterprises, budget deficit or surplus, citizensí average incomes per capita (the data was out in "Rossiyskaya biznes-gazeta, # 19 of May 25, 2004). Integrated creditability level in Bashkortostan is higher then in Sverdlovsk, Cheliabinsk, Leningrad, Nizhniy Novgorod oblasts, Tatarstan, Krasnoyarsk and Krasnodar regions. In Bashkortostan, it totals 62.52 points (against 61.38 in Tatarstan, 57.69 in Udmurty, 56.18 in Nizhniy Novgorod oblast, 56.42 in Krasnoyarsk region). Karachyevo-Cherkessy has got the lowest number of points. High level index assigned to Bashkortostan has been due to its more dynamical development in 2003 in comparison to other regions. Basing on Russia Central Bank data, Bashkortostan enterprises profits rose 43.5 per cent in 2003 to reach 37 bln 138 mln and 725 ths rubles. In Tatarstan, it totaled 36 bln 408 mln rubles, in Sverdlovsk oblasts - 23 bln 324 mln 165 ths rubles, in Krasnoyarsk region - 22 bln 329 mln rubles, in Cheliabinsk oblast - 18 bln 413 mln 700 ths rubles. Bashkortostan is ranking sixth at budget surplus indexed in Russia, while there were 26 surplus budgets throughout Russia, according to the Russia State Statistics Committee. In Bashkortostan, incomes surplus reached 4.6 per cent, while in neighboring Tatarstan 2.5 per cent budget deficit was registered, in Sverdlovsk oblast - 2.3 per cent deficit, in Leningrad oblast - 5.2 per cent deficit. Average citizensí income in Bashkortostan amounted to 49 ths 760 rubles (the republic is ranking 32d among 87 Russia regions), thus yielding to Chukotka autonomy (the fifth place), Taimyr (Dolgano-Nenetskiy) autonomy (the seventh place), Sakhalin oblast (the eighth place) and number of other regions. But, examination of citizens buying capacity proves that living cost is cheaper in Bashkortostan then in several other regions with higher citizensí incomes. In Bashkortostan average income includes 2.33 living wages, while in Chukotka autonomy - just 1.55 living wages, in Taimyr (Dolgano-Nenetskiy) autonomy - 1.75, Sakhalin oblast - 1.8. NA "Bashinform".

24.05.04. - Saudi Arabia shows interest to "KumAPP" helicopters

Today, Saudi Arabia Ministry of Domestic Affairs delegation is to arrive at Bashkortostan. It visit has been organised due to interest toward technical equipments produced by Kumertausk Aircraft Enterprise and toward Ka-226 and Ka-32 helicopters in particular. The technical equipments of such type is in great demand with law and order organs, lifeguards and also for patrolling seacoasts. The delegation visit will last till May 26. NA "Bashinform".

23.05.04. - Bashneft increased its net profit in 2003

"Bashneft" joint stock national company increased its net profit 173.911 mln rubles in 2003 as compared to the year before and approximated to six bln rubles, "Finmarket" reported. It allowed the company to pay off shares interests. Thus, annual general meeting of Bashneft shareholders held in the beginning of May approved paying interests both on simple and privileged shares as a result of 2003. Simple shareís value was set 0.22 rubles per one share, while privileged shares - 1 ruble per one. The year before, in 2002, simple share cost 0.2 rubles per one and privileged shares - 1 ruble per one. Bashneft net profit totaled 871 mln 787 ths rubles in the first quarter of 2004, while earnings totaled 11 bln 350 mln 781 rubles. Earnings increased in the third quarter 3.8 per cent in comparison with the fourth quarter of 2003.

21.05.04. - "Oil. Gas. Technologies-2004" exhibition over

Today, XII International specialized exhibition "Oil. Gas. Technologies-2004" is finishing. Within 4 days - from May 18 thorough May 21- representatives of over 250 companies of Russia oil and gas complex have had opportunities to exchange with their opinions, establish new contacts and conclude mutually beneficial contracts. At the conferences, symposiums and seminars held in the framework of the exhibition there have been touched upon such theoretical aspects and themes as problems and perspectives of the field and its latest technological innovations. According to the common opinion of the participants the exhibition, one of the largest in the field that demonstrates achievements in oil and gas industry, the exhibition has really succeeded. Many of the exponents established new business contacts and got acquainted with their competitorsí offers. Specialists have got wide opportunities to enrich their professional knowledge, and the exhibition much contributed to intensive exchange with ideas and technological projects as whole. NA "Bashinform".

18.05.04. - In January-March Bashkortostan foreign trade turnover exceeded 600 mln dollars

Since the beginning of 2004, Bashkortostan foreign trade turnover has totally amounted to 648.4 mln US dollars, which is over 12 per cent more then for the same period of 2003, according to the State Statistics Committee data. Itís worth noting that this figure is calculated one month late by the specialists of statistics, therefore it embraces the first three months of 2004. Export share has still got overwhelming majority of the above amount - 577.7 mln US dollars. In January-March of 2004, export has increased 12.5 per cent in Bashkortostan, while import share has totaled 70,7 mln US dollars, which is 8,8 per cent more then in the same period of 2003. Today, Bashkortostan has established and been maintaining trade relations with nearly 90 countries. Bashkortostan main partners amongst non-CIS countries are as follows: Great Britain, Germany, Turkey, Italy, whereas trade relations amongst CIS countries are the most intensively developing with Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus. Exported are basically products of fuel and energy complex, chemical and petrochemical industries and also machine building. Major part of import is constituent by modern machines, equipments, consumer goods and also some kinds of chemical products. NA "Bashinform".

18.05.04. - "Bashneft" represented its potential at "Oil. Gas. Technologies-2004" exhibition

Bashneft" joint stock national company has been one of the exponents that are mostly attracting attention of visitors of the XII International Specialized exhibition "Oil. Gas. Technologies-2004", which has opened today in "Bashkortostan" exhibition centre. It is not by chance - today Bashneft is one of the largest Russian industrial and scientific enterprises, and it is one of top ten oil and gas extracting enterprises of Russia. Bashneft extracts over 12 mln tons of crude oil each year, having exploited over 160 oil and gas mines inside and outside of Bashkortostan. Within 72 years of its existence, Bashneft has become powerful multi-structural oil and gas extracting enterprise. Within the years of its operation, the company has extracted over 1.5 bln tons of crude oil and 70 bln c.m. of oil and natural gas. The enterprise stuff has accumulated great experience in highly effective exploitation of deposits of versatile oil and gases. At present, deposit exploitation is performed using modern equipments with the accent on improving oil output and observing ecological norms that are maximum friendly to earth bowels and environment. According to Ildar Iskhakov, Bashneft General Manager, in his interview to "Bashinform" correspondent, Bashneft has represented its fullest experience, gained within the years of its existence, including the latest technical researches that will undoubtedly become innovative for the refineries. It primarily concerns aerocosmogenic methods when researching oil deposits, methods of defining genetic types of collectors, correlation methods in sectioning upper protherosoic deposits, methods of researching small congregations of hydrocarbons at the high prospect phase and technologies of cyclical siphoning in gas for improving output of oil layers. Particular attention has been attached to ecology monitoring researches and technologies and also developing measures aimed at decreasing pollution while oil deposits exploitation. "Bashneft" joint stock national company has always attached great attention to environmental protection. At oil deposits being exploited by Bashneft has been recorded the lowest specific share of detrimental ejections amongst enterprises of the field. According to 2004 plan, the enterprise allotted over 600 mln rubles for water and atmosphere protection. NA "Bashinform"

18.05.04. - "Perspectives of cooperation between Russia and Germany in Bashkortostan" conference held in Ufa

Today, in Bashkortostan Ministry of External Economical Relations and Trade there has been summed up results of International conference "Perspectives of cooperation between Russia and Germany in Bashkortostan". The forum has been held in the framework of The Days of Germany currently held in Bashkortostan. When opening meeting, Bashkortostan Deputy Premier and Minister of External Economical Relations and Trade Boris Kolbin told that basing on the conference results the two republics have promising perspectives for mutual economical activities. After that, Heads of conference sections generally reported the pith of the problems and offers, reviewed in each section, and that has been delineated by the participants of the conference. According to Minister of Bashkortostan Economical Development and Industry Balentiv Vlasov, in the section under his supervision there have been discussed problems of development of trade and economical collaboration between Bashkortostan and Germany, Bashkortostan participation in external economical activities and also opportunities for banking and financial institutions in crediting investment projects. There have also been listened to interesting reports of the representatives executing mutual agreements, and "Salavatnefteorgsintez" in particular. Tatiana Bykova, Deputy Principal of Ufa State Oil Technical University, has disclosed work of the section there. In the section, representatives of six higher educational establishments have participated. As a result, they agreed on establishing information and consulting bureau in Bashkortostan that is to assist in cooperation with Germany. Bashkortostan Minister of Education Zugura Rakhmatullina has headed the section in Ufa gymnasia No. 86. Frau Fon Pletz, spouse of Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary Ambassador of Germany in Russia Federation has been Honorary guest at the conference. She gifted the gymnasia books in German. In their return, pupils presented Frau Fon Pletz their letters addressed to German pupils of the same age, and Frau Fon Pletz assured that the letters will be delivered to addressees. At the section, there have been discussed such serious problems as organizational process of teaching German, methods in teaching and there have been disclosed modern demand to the teaching methods. Bashkortostan Minister of physical education, sports and tourism Vladimir Samorodov has singled out a project of creating "Bashkortostan Golden Ring" reviewed at the section. First Secretary of German Embassy in Russia Jasper Vick has highly evaluated the meeting and the conference. He reminded of intention to organize Youth Culture Forum next year with Bashkortostan representatives attending Germany. According to Boris Kolbin, though The Days of Germany are organized in Bashkortostan, they are mostly held in Ufa. It is explicable by the fact that Ufa and German town of Galle are twins, and Galle delegation has been currently visiting Ufa. He also emphasized that when organizing and conducting The Days of Germany, Bashkortostan Ministry for Culture and National Policy has played principal role. First Deputy of Bashkortostan Minister for Culture and National Policy Tamara Pushkareva thanked German part for they have invited so many representatives from their country, as the events currently held in Bashkortostan are just a part of the Days of Germany in Russia Federation. Our nations managed to display level of the mutual development, which is proved by excellent and inspiring meetings named "Fluteís meetings with kurai", organized in the State Philharmonic, concert in the Arts Academy; delivery of books to the National Akhmet-Zacki Validi library has made great emotional impact on the participants as well. Today lecture-concert is to be held in Ufa State Academy of Arts, German Cinema Days are also to start. Negotiations participants passed resolution that will be upgraded by suggestions made at German-Bashkir Youth Forum. NA "Bashinform".

18.05.04. - Murtaza Rakhimov: "The exhibition really spurs developing gas and oil industry"

Bashkortostan President Murtaza Rakhimov has taken part in ceremonial opening of the XII International specialized exhibition "Oil. Gas. Technologies-2004" that has started today in "Bashkortostan" exhibition center. Official delegation, arrived to the center at 11 a.m., has been represented by Chairmain of Bashkortostan State Council - Kurultay - KonstantinTolkachev, Premier Rafael Baidavletov and also representatives of organizers of the event - Federal Agency for Energy Power Engineering, Bashkortostan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Russia Union of Oil and Gas Field Workers and others. They all looked over enterprises booths located in right pavilions and noted that even such small part of the exhibiting articles reveals high level of the event organization, which is to be very fruitful and useful for exhibitors. When opening the exhibition, President noticed that this year "technologies" have been added to the traditional "Oil and gas" name, and it proves increased importance of not only modern equipments development, but also importance of applying latest technologies, Rakhimov said. Bashkortostan is one of the leading industrial regions in the country. Itís valuable asset is a great potential and unique researches in oil extracting and refining fields, petrochemistry, non-organic chemistry, energy power engineering, crude oil, oil products and gas pipe lining, President stressed. Taking into account specific role of fuel and energy complex in the republic, Bashkortostan authorities performs adjusted strategy for its development aimed at intensification of innovative and investing activities and increasing production efficiency. According to Bashkortostan head, it is comforting that the exhibition gathers old partners, both Russian and foreign. But it also means broadening cooperation contacts and at the same time stimulating conscientious competition, which is one of the gear for increasing production efficiency. Bashkortostan President expressed his confidence that the forum will provide specialists with wide opportunities for enriching their professional knowledge and will contribute to boosting exchange with new ideas and technological projects and applying efficient solutions to settling contemporary tasks. Commenting on the exhibition held in Ufa for the 12th year, Gennadiy Shmal, President of Russia Union of oil and gas field workers, noted that the exhibition is an outstanding event in the field. It is symbolic that there are opportunities for familiarizing with technological researches and inventions, discussing problems of the field, exchanging with experience and taking novelties into professional arsenal in Bashkortostan. Bashkortostan is another Baku, it gave birth to a lot of directors of the largest oil and gas enterprises of Russia, and therefore Bashkir school can rightly be called school of winners. Murtaza Rakhimov and Gennadiy Shmal cut red band and after that delegation looked over exponentsí booths. Totally, the event gathered over 250 participants from all over Russia and also Germany, Sweden and Poland. All the exponents can be conditionally divided into several categories: extractors, refiners, machine-builders and suppliers. But everyone is confident he will find anything useful for oneís enterprise. For tomorrow and the day after tomorrow scientific and practical conferences, seminars and symposiums in the framework of the exhibition held until May 21, are scheduled. NA "Bashinform".

17.05.04. - Bashkortostan actively developing international collaboration

Boris Kolbin, Bashkortostan Deputy Premier and Minister of External Economical Relations and Trade reported about Bashkortostan achievements on the International arena when ceremonial opening The Days of Germany in Russia. Ten years ago, 31 countries worldwide were Bashkortostan partners, and now they are over 90. According to Vice-Premier, Bashkortostan is traditionally one of the leaders amongst Russia regions in the important figures and indexes. Last year, external trade turnover exceeded 3 bln rubles, which is the largest figure within the last 12 years. Export value amounted to 2.7 bln US dollars, and it is the eights result in the country. Unique combination of high investment appeal and economical safety is proved by International rating agencies. "Moody`s Investors Service Limited" Ť "Standard & Poor`s Ratings Group" assigned "¬ŗ«"/ Stable / "¬¬-" ratings to Bashkortostan. Foreign investment into Bashkortostan economy has now approximated 480 mln US dollars. Over one fourth of all the investments has been made by German financial institutions. Amongst largest investors are Western European and Northern American countries and also China. Bashkortostan has been also actively collaborating with UNIDO, UNESCO, TURKSA international organizations. Republic is having contracts with 17 foreign countries under 32 agreements for cooperation. Bashkortostan is represented in Intergovernmental Committees for economical collaboration between Russia and Austria, India, Vietnam and Egypt. Republican committees and working groups for trade and economical relations with Germany, China, Finland, Turkey, Hungary, Slovakia, Czechia and others have also been operating. NA "Bashinform".

17.05.04. - Bashkortostan among Russia top ten regions appealing for retail trade

Presently, Moscow and St.-Petersburg retail companies have turned to regions. This year, over 20 shops intend to open food products shop chains outside Moscow. "Kommersant" magazine together with "Tolpushov, Pagin and partners" consulting company investigated the most attracting regions in Russia for retail trade among 40 regions. Investigation has been basically made in the regions traditionally attracting for retail trade - Volga, Ural, Central and Northern-Western regions, while Southern and Trans-Ural regions of Russia are unanimously considered to be unappealing for retailers. Moscow and St.-Petersburg with their largest potential havenít been included into the final table. Evaluation has been made basing on the four indexes as follows: quantity of economically active population, average income per capita, sum of minimum living cost, retail trade turnover per capita. Bashkortostan ranks the sixth in the rating, leaving behind Samara, Nizhniy Novgorod, Cheliabinsk, Leningrad and other oblasts. Bashkortostan has totally got 1890 pointes. Mariy El has got the lowest number of points - 132, while Tiumen oblast has got the highest rating - 10569 points. In Bashkortostan, high quantity of economically active people has become crucial for retailers. Amongst 44 investigated regions, only Moscow and Sverdlovsk oblasts have higher index. Speaking of location of food shops ("Piaterochka" and "Avoska") or non-food retail shops, the most attracting regions for cheap food shops are the regions with minimum living costs prevailing (Mariy El, Ivanovo oblast). In Tiumen oblasts where citizensí income are much higher then average, itís preferable to sell expensive goods. Just compare: in Mariy El minimum living costs share in average income totals 88.3 per cent, while in Tiumen oblast - 36.3 per cent. In Bashkortostan, the index is 50 per cent, in Moscow oblast - 58.4 per cent, Perm oblast - 51.9 per cent, Nizhniy Novgorod oblast - 54.4 per cent, Cheliabinsk oblast - 59.2 per cent, Sverdlovsk oblast - 51.9 per cent. NA "Bashinform".

12.05.04. - Bashkortostan to be the center for oil and gas industry workers

In several days in Ufa, representatives of oil and gas industry of Russia - extractors of hydrocarbon raw materials, refiners and scientific researchers in the field - will gather for the twelfth time. Today it has been discussed at the press-conference held in "Bashinform" that has been dedicated to the XII International specialized exhibition "Oil. Gas. Technologies-2004" taken place in Ufa in May 18 through 21. In discussion First Deputy Minister of External Economical Relations and Trade Valeriy Valiakhmetov, Chairman of Bashkortostan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Boris Bondarenko, General Manager of "Bashkortostan exhibition center" Oleg Rytsev and director of Oil Chemical Refining Institute Elshad Teliashev partipipated. According to Valeriy Valiakhmetov, total quantity of exponents is expected to be over 800, and they will represent 250 companies of Russia, CIS and non-CIS countries; in that nearly 100 Bashkir companies, 13 foreign companies, including "Atlas Kopko" from Sweden, "Grudvos" from Germany, "Bumar" from Poland and others. According to Boris Bondarenko, the exhibition is to be held in three pavilions and on open sites of "Bashkortostan" exhibition centre. It will totally occupy nearly six ths sq. m. As Elshad Teliashev emphasized, exhibition is to success mostly due to the fact that in Bashkortostan and in the neighboring regions - Samara, Perm, Orenburg oblasts, Udmurty and Tatarstan - a lot of crude oil is extracted and refined. Traditional exhibition "Gas. Oil" has become popular not only with gas and oil specialists of Ural region. Close contacts have also been established with the specialists from Siberia. Oil and gas field specialistsí interest is also due to that Bashkortostan petrochemical enterprises serve many fuel and energy complex enterprises both in Russia and CIS countries and have oil refinery capacity over 40 mln tons a year. Specialistsí high interest toward the exhibition is also proved by the fact that official guests are to attend the event as well. Thus, Chairman of Russia Union of oil and gas industry workers Gennadiy Shmal, Vice-President of Russia Chamber and Commerce and Industry Vladimir Strashko, Deputy Minister of Industry And Energy Power Engineering of Russia Vladimir Stanev are to participate in the exhibition and its seminars, conferences and symposiums. In ceremonial opening of the exhibition, Bashkortostan President Murtaza Rakhimov, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Germany in Russia Hans-Fredrick Fon Pletz are to take part as well. Participants of the press-conference expressed their confidence that the exhibition in Ufa will be so much interesting and well-organized as it were last years. NA "Bashinform".

12.05.04. - Elshad Teliashev: "Ufa - main center of oil science in Russia"

"Itís pleasant to see that this year to the name of traditional Ufa-based gas and oil exhibition word "Technologies" has been added. It proves science impact on Russia oil and gas complex", Elshad Teliashev, director of Oil Chemical Refining Institute, pointed out at today press-conference dedicated to the XII International specialized exhibition "Oil. Gas. Technologies-2004" held in Ufa. He stressed that now Ufa has become principal center of Russia in "oil" science. While number of leading institutes of oil and gas complex has become private joint stock companies, scientific institutions in Bashkortostan remained state-owned and keep on working on the problems of the whole field, not just a company. According to Elshad Teliashev, Ufa-based exhibition is ranking second after Moscow-based one in rating of similar exhibitions, which is not by chance. Today Bashkortostan is the most advanced oil refining regions in Russia. Efficiency of refining hydrocarbon raw materials approaches 76 per cent, which is no less then in Japan, while average index throughout Russia approximates 64-65 per cent. The republic is also interesting because of the fact that it is the only region in Russia where complete process is developed - from investigation of deposits to refining crude oil. Interest of gas and oil industry specialists toward the exhibition is also enheightened with the fact that Bashkortostan petrochemical enterprises serves many companies and enterprises of fuel and energy complex of Russia and CIS countries and have oil refining capacity of over 40 mln tons a year. Not only the exhibition itself, but also seminars, symposiums and scientific and practical conferences dedicated to oil and gas industry problems draw specialistsí attention. This year, scientific part of the exhibition is rather extensive. Thus, in the conference organized by Oil Chemical Refining Institute on the theme "Contemporary conditions of oil refining processing" representatives of scientific institutions and enterprises of Russia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, German, France, Netherlands and other countries will take part. Over 200 reports from 70 organizations have come. It is also expected no less interest toward conferences delivered by Institute For Energy Sources Transportation, at which problems and safety methods for hydrocarbon raw materials pipeline and high technologies are to be raised and discussed. Problems of automation and metrology in oil and gas field will be enlarged upon at the "Nefteavtomatika" conference. "Geofizika" scientific and production enterprise will report about "High technologies in industrial geophysics". Scientific part of the exhibition will last since May 19 till May 20. NA "Bashinform".

12.05.04. - Bashkortostan to be visited by Argentina Ambassador

Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Argentina in Russia Federation Juan Carlos Sanchez Arnau will visit Bashkortostan on May 13-14. His official visitís aim is discussing problems of trade and economical collaboration. He is to have working meeting with Deputy Premier, Minister of External Economical Relations and Trade Boris Kolbin. Meetings with Bashkortostan Premier Rafael Baidavletov and President Murtaza Rakhimov have also been planned. The guest is to visit cattle farms - "Bashkirskoye" (breeding), "Mormylevsk" farm and "Bashkirskaya" poultry farm. Negotiations with Deputy Premier, Minister of Bashkortostan Culture and National Policy Khaliaf Ishmuratov and visit to Nesterov art museum have also been scheduled. Serious relations between Bashkortostan and Argentina started in the 90th last century, Ministry of External Economical Relations and Trade official reported. Bashkortostan then exported fertilizers to Argentina and imported coffee, tea and spices. In summer 1995, Russian government approved plan on execution of the covenants reached in the course of negotiations between Russia and Argentina. Bashkortostan then was instructed to establish trade and economical relations with Argentina provinces. In November 2001, at the invitation of Bashkortostan Ministry of Culture, Marta Shuare, attache on culture at Argentina Embassy in Russia visited the country. She took part in ceremony of awarding Argentinean artists, participants of the International exhibition Ural triennials on printed graphics. Contemporary trade relations with Argentina are rather unilateral. External trade turnover between the two countries consists of export of products made by local manufacturers, and it is uneven each year. In 2000 it amounted to 11,8 mln US dollars, in 2003 - 12 ths US dollars and last year - 6.5 ths US dollars. In the total external trade turnover Argentina ranks 58th. NA "BAshinform".

11.05.04. - "Bashlegprom" registered in Bashkortostan

Association of Bashkortostan light industry enterprises has been officially registered. "Bashlegprom" is the name of a new association. According to Alfia Zinnatullina, Association Chairman, founders of the Association are 16 large enterprises, "BashEXPO" exhibition center, "Tais Plus" leasing company and an appropriate department of trade union. Amongst members of the Association are Davlekanovsk footwear factory, Sterlitamaks tanning and footwear factory, Neftekamsk leather goods factory, Bashkir art center "Adigel", republican center of fashion, Ufa jersey factory and others. Association is to represent and protect interests of Bashkortostan light industry enterprises in State, private, public and international organizations. Besides, it is simpler for the enterprises to solve problems of purchasing raw materials, marketing their goods, appealing investments, pricing etc. together. "Bashlegprom" will assist its members in searching business partners and be responsible for scientific and methodical support of new researches and technologies, and also their implementation into practice. Professional training and qualification upgrading will also be in the new association competence. In other words, "Bashlegprom" main mission has been defined as assistance of forward development of Bashkortostan light industry, i.e. creating friendly economical terms for operation of local manufacturers, supervising enlarging and updating products assortment, contributing to cooperation between manufacturers and preventing money outflow abroad. Thus, Association is to supervise competitiveness of separate companies and enterprises and industry in the whole. Association will announce its existence at "UralLegProm" exhibition, which is to take place in Bashkortostan capital in the third decade of May, as "Bashlegprom" members will be displayed in one and the same booth. NA "Bashinform".

11.05.04. - Bashkortostan President charges Government to work out bill on republic economy and finances

Today, Bashkortostan President Murtaza Rakhimov signed Decree "About elaboration of Bashkortostan normative and legal acts on state economical and financial policy for 2005-2007". It reads: "With the purpose of timely elaboration of normative and legal acts defining main directions of economical and financial policy of Bashkortostan for 2005-2007, and acting under Article 87 and 117 of Bashkortostan Constitution, I decide that: 1. Bashkortostan Government 1.1. until October 27, 2004 is to elaborate drafts of Bashkortostan normative and legal acts and appropriate documents that regalement main directions of state economical and financial policy of Bashkortostan for 2005-2007: Draft Law "About Bashkortostan State budget for 2005" with the forecast of Bashkortostan consolidated budget in 2005; perspective financial plan till 2007; main directions of budget and tax policy for 2005; forecast of Bashkortostan social and economical development in 2005 and till 2007; forecast of Bashkortostan consolidated financial balance for 2005; plan of development of state and municipal sectors of Bashkortostan economics for 2005; program of privatization of state property for 2005, offer on enlisting strategic enterprises and joint stock companies; evaluation of budget losses after providing tax privileges, Bashkortostan target investment program for 2005 (with field sectioning); Draft Law "About budget of Republican fund for compulsory medical insurance in Bashkortostan for 2005"; 1.2. Agree on sums for financing 2005 Federal Target Program "Bashkortostan social and economical development till 2006" in Russia Ministry of Finances and Russia Ministry of Economical Development and Trade; 1.3. Agree on sums for financing 2005 Federal Target Programs in Bashkortostan with state consumers. 2. Define priority directions of Bashkortostan economical and financial policy in 2005: creating conditions for industrial growth and environment for conscientious competition, implementation of effective anti-monopoly policy; stimulating investment and innovative activity, improving budgeting basing on the principles of result-oriented budget planning and financing; improving inter-budget relations while differentiating power of budgets of different levels; implementation of reforms in budget sector of economy and social sphere directed at existing network of budget consumers; increasing efficiency of management of state and municipal property; increasing of social policy effectiveness. 3. Recommend local self-management authorities to organize working out and reviewing local budgets basing on the transit rules, validated by Bashkortostan Law "About amendments and additions to Bashkortostan Constitution" dated December 3, 2004. 4. Control over implementation of the present Decree is assigned for Bashkortostan President Administration. 5. Decree takes its force since the day of its signing. Bashkortostan president M. Rakhimov". NA "BAshinform".

7.05.04. - Germany willing to invest into construction of Mercedes Service Center in Bashkortostan

Germany is willing to invest into construction of Mercedes service center in Bashkortostan, Prime Minister of Baden-Wurttember (Germany) Erwin Teifel informed Bashkortostan Premier Rafael Baidavletov when he visiting Germany, Government Press Service reported to "Rosbalt" on Thursday. According to him, German specialists have already made marketing researches and found out that Mercedes cars are popular in Bashkortostan. Car service center is intended to work for the entire Urals region. Besides, Heads of both governments, Bashkortostan and Baden-Wurttemberg, discussed several mutually beneficial economical projects aimed at starting supplying German trams to Bashkortostan, continuing supplying Mercedes gears for buses made at "Neftekamsk auto plant" and intensifying exchanging with delegations and training of Bashkir specialists in Germany, sent there by Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture. NA "Rosbalt".

6.05.04. - Bashkortostan preparing for "Oil. Gas. Technologies-2004" Exhibition

Today, in Bashkortostan Ministry of External Economical Relations and Trade, regular conference of working group on preparing and conducting The XII International Specialized Exhibition "Gas. Oil. Technologies-2004" organized in Ufa in May 18-21, have been held. Deputy Chairman of the exhibition, Bashkortostan Deputy Premier and Minister of External Economical Relations and Trade Boris Kolbin has headed the conference. At the moment, majority of the preparation work has been completed: exhibition space of three pavilions of "Bashkortostan" exhibition complex has been decorated nearly in full, invitation cards have been sent and to majority of them replies have been received, promotional campaign is having been carried out, themes and places for scientific and practical conferences, seminars and symposiums have been defined, cultural program plan has been also prepared. According to Oleg Rytsev, EC "Bashkortostan" general manager, now landscape interior works around pavilions are having been performed, painting works and some others of the kind are of 50 per cent completeness, construction litter are having been taken away, parking lots - settled down, so, preparation works are in their height and done in accordance with the approved plan, so that to be fully complete by May 14th. Members of the working group have also discussed guests and participants accommodations. Unfortunately, not all the invited appeared to confirmed their participation in the exhibition and sent lists of their delegations. Moreover, at the meeting there have been touched upon preparation of medical service and security personnel for the exhibition. Models of various passes types- for participants, guests and the press - have also been demonstrated at the meeting. Exhibition organizers press conference to be held at NA "Bashinform" center has been scheduled for May 12. Preliminary fixed date for organizing committee final conference dedicated to the exhibition has been set on May 13. NA "Bashinform".

6.05.04. - Bashkortostan President reported Putin about social and economical situation in the republic

Bashkortostan President Murtaza Rakhimov informed Vladimir Putin about social and economical situation in Bashkortostan when having working meeting with him on Thursday. "Today, the most important thing is to perform spring field works in time", Rakhimov told. He noted that 200 ths hectares of the winter crops are required to be re-sown. But, Rakhimov added, it is not a problem. "We spent winter without any emergencies", Rakhimov kept on, "Flood pick was also overcome without emergencies". Reporting of wage arrears in the republic, Bashkortostan President emphasized that these have been paid off to budget employees. According to Rakhimov, wage arrears have been recorded in industrial enterprises in the amount of nearly 327 mln rubles. At the same time, he noted, wage arrears are managed to decrease 3.7 times". Rakhimov also reported that Bashkortostan has in plans construction of 1.5 mln sq m of lodging space this year, with 400 ths sq. m. in Ufa. "In the whole, our republic is doing well enough", resumed Bashkortostan President. According to him, in the first quarter of 2004 positive tendencies featured last year, have been kept as well. He also informed that growth has been registered in all spheres of industry except for oil refinery, but it is due to economic and market conditions. RNA "Novosti".

5.05.04. - Bashkortostan publishers to visit "Drupa-2004" International Exhibition in Dusseldorf

Specialists of several appropriate enterprises of Bashkortostan will take part in The 51 International Publishing Exhibition "Drupa-2004" held in Dusseldorf (Germany) in May 6 through 19. This is the most important exhibition displaying the latest achievements in printing industry in Europe and also in the world. It is held once in a five years. Traditionally, nearly two thousands of world-known exponents display there. Exhibition space totals nearly 223.5 ths sq. m. - it looks like real exhibition city! As one of the exhibition visitors - Oleg Lishchenko, chief of "Belaya reka" publishing house reported to NA "Bashinform" correspondent, last time his specialists spent four days just for initial familiarizing with exponents of the exhibition. "Drupa" concentrates and reflects innovative development of the entire publishing industry. The exhibition synchronizes work of all the leading researching centers and machine-building plants specialized in publishing. After it, a lot of regional exhibitions take place and extend information about new technologies and equipments. Publishing field is not so wide as it might seem at the first sight - normally exponents are quite the same in all the exhibitions. And thus, there is a joke among native publishers: "Russia is too large for meetings, letís have one in Germany". Indeed, recently native publishers have visited the exhibition in Dusseldorf regularly, and thus, itís worth saying, quality of the native printing and publishing services has been constantly increasing. This time, nearly 20 Bashkir specialists are to visit "Drupa". They have no doubts they will draw a lot of useful information from it. NA "Bashinform".

3.05.04. - Bashkortostan and Germany made one more step to mutual collaboration

Bashkortostan government business delegation visit to Germany headed by Boris Kolbin, Deputy Premier, Minister of External Economical Relations and Trade has just finished - this night the delegation arrived at Ufa. As it was previously reported, the delegation members were Bashkortostan Minister of Economical Development and Industry Valentin Vlasov, Deputy Minister of External Economical Relations and Trade Ildar Akhmetshin, First Deputy Head of Ufa city Administration Ramil Khalimov, business circles representatives, and heads of large enterprises of the republic. Main aim of the visit was participation in The Days of Russia held on April 27 in Stuttgart. Bashkortostan represented its economical potential together with two more Ural regions of Russia - Perm and Sverdlovsk oblasts. According to Boris Kolbin in his interview after the delegation return home to Bashinform agencyí correspondent, a member of the delegation, such visit abroad organised by Ministry of Economical Relations and Trade for the most extensive representation of Bashkortostan economical potential was the first one. According to him, presentation of Bashkortostan was made brilliant. The republic was the first introduced to Baden-Wurttemberg specialists of Ministry of Economics and entrepreneurs. In the beginning, there was shown 15 minute film about the republic in German to those gathered in the Baden-Wurttemberg House of Economics in Stuttgart. By the way, Perm and Sverdlovsk representatives havenít shown any film. Then Boris Kolbin delivered his detailed speech about Bashkortostan economy, outlooked on its development and external economical relations with foreign countries. His report was complemented by thorough speeches of Valentin Vlasov and Ramil Khalimov. After Ural region presentation was over, Valentin Vlasov, Ramil Khalimov and also heads of Bashkir enterprises - Oleg Dubinin, general manager of "Constructing paper making plant board of directors Ltd.", Alexander Ivakh, head of "Motor" enterprise, Sergey Titov, deputy sales manager of JSC "Soda", Sergey Zelenov, deputy general manager on investments and renovation of JSC "Kaustik" took active part in discussions with German specialists and entrepreneurs. In the discussions promising contacts were found and agreements on collaborations were established. Meanwhile, in Baden-Wurttemberg Ministry of Economics, Boris Kolbin, Ildar Akhmetshin and Bashkortostan representative in Western European countries Vadim Pletnev were negotiating with heads of departments of Baden-Wurttemberg Ministry of Economics - Fredric Bullinger, his deputy Hans Diter Frey, vice-president of Baden-Wurttemberg Bank Axel Shuffenhauer, representatives of transport companies and Stuttgart airlines. German party got detailed list of economic sectors in which collaboration might have been established. Baden-Wurttemberg Ministry of Economics representatives listened to Boris Kolbinís offers with great interest. Thus, covenants were reached as for several offers. Baden-Wurttemberg Bank representative assured that his bank was ready to join some investment projects supported by Land Government and grant loan credits for some projects if necessary. The first day of visit of our delegation to Baden-Wurttemberg finished with visit to "Zublin" construction company in Stuttgart suburbs and negotiation with the company top managers. "Zublin" is one of the largest construction companies in Germany that builds not only inside Germany, but throughout Europe and also in Russia. This year, "Zublin" opened its representative office in Ufa. When negotiating, there was agreed that the company will consider Bashkortostan suggestion to participate in tender for constructing Ice Palace in Ufa. All the materials concerning the grand construction were then passed to "Zublin" managers by Ramil Khalimov. So, the first day of participation of three Russian Ural regions in the Days of Russia Economics held in Stuttgart - capital one of the most economically advanced regions of Germany - turned out to be quite successful. The last two days that Bashkir delegation spent in Dresden and other towns in Saxony, brought no less important results. As Boris Kolbin emphasized, visit to Stuttgart had been made in order to strengthen further economical relations with an old Bashkortostan partner - Saxony, with which it had been cooperating for the last decade. Next day started in Dresden with negotiations between Bashkir delegation and Deputy Minister of Saxony Ministry of Economics and Labor Barbara Mayer. German party was also represented by a member of board of directors of Saxony State Society for Economic Assistance - Marcus Letzsh, Vice-President of Saxony State Land Bank (Landesbank) Mr. Kruger, specialists from Saxony Minister of Economics and Labor and representatives of some German companies. Boris Kolbin disclosed Bashkortostan current economical situation and external economical relations to those present at the meeting. He highly appreciated 50 mln Euro credit loan that was granted by Saxony government to Bashkortostan and that had been successfully using since 1992. This year, Financial protocol is to expire, and at the end of the year both governments are to negotiate about its prolongation. Both, Mrs. Mayer and Mr. Kruger assured Bashkir delegation members that they will do their best to insure further credit loans. According to Mr. Mayer, Saxony Ministry of Economics and Labor had made preliminary negotiations with Saxony Ministry of Finance and some other government departments about prolongation of Financial protocol singed in 1992. "We all are very optimistic as for this document prolongation", Barbara Mayer declared, while Mr. Kruger was even more precise when said "Collaboration between Saxony and Bashkortostan is beneficial for the both parties, this is a practical tool for our successful economical relations. All projects under Financial protocol proved to be efficient, therefore Saxony Lindesbank takes advantage of any opportunity to assure in its support of such crediting". The second day of Bashkortostan delegation visit to Germany finished by visiting one of the largest breweries in Freiberg. Delegation was impacted by the brewery: production lines are fully automated there, and the beer produced is of premium quality - it had been brewing there for 150 years. The brewery annual turnover amounts to 48 mln Euro, each year over 80 ths tons of 6 kinds of "Freiberg" beer is produced there. The third day of the visit to Saxony Bashkortostan delegation fully devoted to familiarizing with work experience of some German enterprises. Thus, in Heimnitz, delegation familiarized with possibilities of reconstruction and renovation of residential blocks, while in Erfurt delegation visited one of the biggest glass package production plants in Germany - "Glaswerk Ernsthal". Negotiations with a well-known German company "Galsinvest" about construction of beer bottles production factory in Ufa were held there as well and turned out to be quite promising. As Oleg Dubinin noted, "Glasinvest" offers for investments of the construction, its design and equipment supplies were very appealing. Ramil Khalimov agreed with Dubinin. "I liked the factory here, they have got very interesting ideas, we will consider them and analyze", Khalimov said. Alexander Ivakh was also satisfied with the visit results. According to him, thanks to visit "Motor" enterprises got a lot of interesting offers; signing contract with well-known company "Alstom" is planned for the nearest future and that is to insure "Motor" with orders and stable work for years. Sergey Zelenov returned home with a lot of business cards in his diary. He managed to agree upon supplying equipment to Sterlitamak for the future reconstruction of PVC production line at "Kaustik" that to be made by German companies "Hammelmann", "Mellers", "ABB" and some others. After the reconstruction, PVC production at "Kaustik" is to increase over then twice to reach 300 ths tons a year against 120 ths tons at present. He also agreed with "Ermafa" on supplying cable plastics to "Kaustik". Summing up results of three days visit to Germany, Boris Kolbin said that it turned out to be very efficient and successful. We made sure that we need to have more business trips abroad to represent Bashkortostan opportunities and learn the best abroad - positive experience and advanced technologies. Main purpose of such trips is further development of Bashkortostan economy and appeal of investments", Kolbin stressed. NA "Bashinform".

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