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 Archive of news - June 2004

30.06.04. - Annual meeting of "UralSib" shareholders took place

Yesterday, on June 29, annual meeting of "UralSib" bank shareholders was held. Bank shareholders resolved to pay share dividends for 2003 for simple shares in the amount of 0.002027 ruble per one with nominal value 0.1 ruble. Totally 20.007 per cent of the bank net profit will be paid as dividends. Dividends payment term was set for August 1 though December 31, 2004. Last year "UralSib" net profit totaled 770 mln rubles. Besides, shareholders meeting chose Observation Council that included 11 persons with 4 representatives of Bashkortostan: Premier Rafael Baidavletov, Deputy Prime Minister and Bashkortostan Finance Minister Airat Gaskarov, Minister of Property Relations Zufar Abdrakhimov, Minister of Economical Development and Industry Valentin Vlasov; three representatives of "UralSib" Corporation divisions - CEO of "Avtobank-NILoil" Nikolay Tsvetkov, Managing Director of "IBG "Nikoil" Dmitry Shmelev, Head of Department of "IBG "Nikoil" Dmitriy Chernov, three representatives of the UralSib bank - CEO and Chairman Fuad Akhundov, his Deputies Alexander Zhirkov and Liudmila Shabalkina, and also President of Trading House "Kopeika" Alexander Samonov. Bashkortostan Premier Rafael Baidavletov was chosen to be Chairman of Observation Council of the bank corporation. Shareholders also approved principle decision for reorganization of "UralSib" open corporation, "Avtobank-NIKoil" and "IBG "Nikoil" corporations for their subsequent integration. Problems of the reorganization form and further integration, their period and other questions, set by Law, will be on the agenda of the next extraordinary general meeting of shareholders scheduled for this year. Besides, shareholders approved annual general report and annual accountancy report, chose new stuff of auditing commission and approved auditor ("Expert-Audit auditing company"). The information has been prepared with "UralSib" Corporation PR Department assistance and courtesy. NA "Bashinform".

28.06.04. - Working commission session on collaboration between Russia and Austria held in Vienna

On the eve of Bashkortostan President Murtaza Rakhimov visit to Austria, working commission session on collaboration between Russia regions and Austria in the framework of Russian-Austrian composite commission on trade and economical collaboration has been held in Vienna. Russian group permanently headed by Deputy Premier and Bashkortostan Minister of Finance Airat Gaskarov was represented by 13 regions. Geography of the group activity has already extended its collaboration just with Austria: via the group and with the help of Russia trade representatives, Russia regions implement mutual project with EC and UNO divisions located throughout Europe. In the course of extended sitting, there have been held meetings in Austria Ministry of Economics with participation of other Austria Federal Institutions, Austria Ministry of Finance, UNIDO, Austria Chamber of Economics, and also meetings in Russian Embassy in Austria, in Russia Trade Representative Office. In Austria Ministry of Economics and Chambers of Economics, there have been made representation of Russia regions and disclosed investment projects implemented in the regions, included investment projects in Bashkortostan. These organizations authorities especially singled out Bashkostostan presentation, and information sheet provided to them was appraised as the most relevant to potential investorsí inquiries and requests. Moreover, at all the meetings and discussions Bashkortostan was repeatedly set as a sample of establishing external economical relations amongst Russia regions. UNIDO has also highly appraised Bashkortostan. As meeting results, Heads of delegations of regions of Russia applied for patronage over their investment projects by Bashkortostan Authorized Representative in Austrian Republic. NA "Bashinform".

21.06.04. - Ferrous metallurgy enterprises among leaders in industrial growth rate

Bashkir ferrous metallurgy enterprises keep on increasing industrial output. The figures have been proved by Bashkortostan State Statistics Committee data. Thus, in January-May of 2004, volume index totaled 123 per cent in the field, while solely in May it totaled 127.5 per cent. At present, it is one of the highest indexes in the industry. Within the first five months of the 2004 ferrous metallurgy enterprises output totaled three bln 110 mln rubles. Within this period Bashkortostan increased output of rolled iron, including its progressive types, as well as production of cold rolled steel bands and steel wires. NA "Bashinform".

16.06.04. - Ufa-based enterprises preparing to WTO conditions

At the regular briefing held at Ufa city authoritiesí, problems of preparations of Ufa-based industrial enterprises for their proper work after Russia has joined World Trade Organization (WTO) have been discussed. Chief of Industry Department Alexander Zarubin has reported about the problem. He noted that question of Russia joining WTO in fact has been settled; therefore Ufa enterprises have to take measures as per production modernization and increasing competitiveness of the products manufactured just now. One of the effective measures for permanent ensuring high quality of the products is a quality control system introduced in the Bashkir enterprises in the accordance with ISO international standards, and also products certification. While monitoring Ufa enterprises there has been revealed that amongst 74 enterprises of various fields just 20 per cent are ready to work under WTO standards, while 55 per cent of the enterprises are now being prepared for introducing quality control system. Alexander Zarubin stressed that success of such system implementation mostly depends upon enterprise chiefís personal interest in the system, his competence and participation in the project implementation. Availability of certified quality control system has been defined as a compulsory demand for enterprises participation in international tenders, winners of which usually receive large foreign orders. Our enterprises do have opportunities to successfully compete with foreign companies, and examples are UMPO that competed with a French company and won April tender for air gears supplies to India; "Gidravlika" enterprise exporting its products to 29 countries worldwide, UZEMIK that is one of the largest globe producers of lifesaving facilities for airplanes and vessels. NA "Bashinform".

13.06.04. - Congratulations on the occasion of Day of Light and Textile Industries Professionals!

Dear light and textile industries workers and veterans of Bashkortostan! Best wishes on the occasion of your professional day! Light and textile industries have always been valuable for our society. Professionals of the industries produce number of consumersí indispensables and also support other fields of economy. Recently output growth has been reordered in these fields as well, and their products penetrate into the market and find more thankful customers and consumers. Under present marketing conditions it is important that while preserving scientific and technical potential, you are persistent on renewal of assortment and increase of products quality. I believe that your professionalism and enterprise will increase enterprises investment appealing and competitiveness in the market. I wish you health, well-being and happiness, further successes in your work for Bashkortostan and Russia prosperity! Bashkortostan President M. Rakhimov. Bashkortostan President press-service.

12.06.04. - Bashkortostan President has conference meeting on Kumertau aircraft enterprise development

On June 12 in the House of Republic Bashkortostan President Murtaza Rakhimov has had conference meeting on problems of Kumertau aircraft enterprise development. In the meeting there have been present Chief Designer of "Kamov" JSC Sergey Mikheev and General Manager of Kumertau aircraft enterprise Boris Malyshev. "Kamov" company - native and international leader in helicopter construction - previously designed and constructed world-known helicopters Ka-27,  ŗ-50 "Black Shark",  ŗ-52,  ŗ-126,  ŗ-226 and many others. S. Mikheev was one of the first Russians to be conferred with "Hero of Russia" title for "Black Shark" helicopter construction. At the meeting, problems of further cooperation between "Kamov" and Kumertau aircraft enterprise have been discussed. Sergey Mikheev has emphasized that Kumertau enterprise is the major for "Kamov", as high-quality helicopters are being designed and constructed there, and the helicopters are comfortable in their function, and therefore are of good demand in the world market. Within the last years, the enterprise started production of three new models of helicopters, which are being widely ordered and purchased. Alongside, a problem of spare parts supply (particularly reducers) has raised and it is caused by price-related problems to be settled with their producer. Boris Malyshev reported that his enterprise has been normally operating and has no tax arrears. But there is still a problem of paying off wage arrears to the enterprise stuff. Board of directors of the enterprise does its best to settle the problem and define wage arrears pay-offs schedule. "Problem of wage arrears pay-off is to be settled primarily", Rakhimov stressed. At the meeting, perspectives on creating "Kamov" and Kumertau enterprise association have been touched upon. "In order to have stable and effective development of aircraft field in the country, it is vital to join efforts of both design bureaus and enterprises capable of serial manufacture and unify these into a compact structure. Kumertau enterprise is undoubtedly an element of such association, "Kamov" Chief Designer Sergey Mikheev emphasized. Bashkortostan President press-service.

10.06.04. - Bashkortostan and Hungary business circles agreed upon strengthening economic contacts

Today Bashkortostan and Hungary business circles have had meeting in Bashkortostan capital. "Bashinform" new agency previously informed of arrival of Hungary official delegation headed by Hungarian government authorized spokesman on developing economic activities with CIS countries, State Secretary of Hungary Ministry of Economics and Transport Mr. Dierd Gilian, to Ufa. Trade and economic bonds of the two parties have old history and good traditions. While there is serious potential for mutually beneficial collaboration, factual trade turnover is low though. There are a lot to be done towards developing collaboration, and the meeting between Bashkortostan and Hungary will undoubtedly much contribute to it. Official part of negotiation has been held first, and at that, importance, necessity and mutual benefit of bilateral collaboration have been pointed out. Hungary has been represented by Dierd Gilian, President of Russian-Hungarian section in Hungary Chamber of Commerce Rosa Nad, Hungary Trade Spokesman in Russia Pal Seutch and others, while in ceremony of official opening of business part of negotiations Bashkortostan state establishments have been represented by First Deputy Minister of Economical and Industrial Development of Bashkortostan Nur Saifullin, Deputy Minister of Bashkortostan External Economical Development Relations and Trade Ildar Akhmetshin, Spokesman of Russia Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ufa Zinnur Mordanov and others. Official opening of business part of negotiations has been announced by Chairman of Bashkortostan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Boris Bondarenko. According to Dierd Gilian, Hungary, which has recently joined European Community, has got significant trade turnover with the community countries. Now, great attention is being attached to collaboration with Russia, which is economically booming after 1998 crisis, and also to collaboration with Ukraine and some other CIS countries. Bashkortostan, being a valuable region of Russia from economical point of view, has been of large economical interest for Hungary. "Collaboration between the two countries peaked in 1997", noticed First Deputy Minister of Economical and Industrial Development of Bashkortostan Nur Saifullin. "Then our turnover totalled nearly 50 mln US dollars, while subsequently the figures were much lower: last year - just 3.1 mln US dollars. That is why business circles of the both parties have got vast opportunities for mutual cooperation. Chambers of Commerce and Industry are to assist them in it. President of Russian-Hungarian section in Hungary Chamber of Commerce Rosa Nad pointed out that the section she heads was established a year ago, but it has shown highly efficient work since that time. At present, over three hundred of large, medium and small enterprises have been on the Sectioní list. Mrs. Nad emphasized on developing investment sector between Bashkortostan and Hungary and also paying particular attention to tourism. NA "Bashinform".

9.06.04. - Bashkortostan enterprises displayed at All-Russian Exhibition Center in Moscow

On Tuesday, June 8, All-Russian exhibition and fairy "Russia regions-2004" opened in All-Russian Exhibition Center for the ninth time. It is dedicated to 14th anniversary of Russia Federation sovereignty declaration - Day of Russia. Now, the exhibition has become the largest forum of achievements of Russia regions. Leading enterprises from 30 regions have been participating in it. According to the agency author, press attache of Bashkortostan Plenipotentiary Representative Office in Moscow Azat Gafurov, the republic has been represented by Bashkortostan Plenipotentiary Representative Office Exhibition Hall. Here are displayed products of the largest Bashkir enterprises of various industry fields - oil extracting works and refineries, chemical and food industries, machine-building and also products manufactured by medium and small-scale enterprises. Exhibition visitors have revealed vivid interest toward Bashkir booth. On the fist day of the exhibition not only representatives of Russian regions, but also visitors from Ukraine, Latvia and even Taiwan showed their interest to establishing business contacts with Bashkir companies and enterprises. The exhibition will last until June 11. NA "Bashinform".

8.06.04. - Czech exhibition opened in Ufa

"Czech Republic is your national partner" exhibition has opened today in Ufa. It has been organised by the friendly country in accordance with "Concept of State Support of Export till 2006" that implies official participation of Czech manufacturers in exhibitions and fairs held abroad. Importance of the exhibition in Ufa has been proved by presence of high persons from both parties at its opening ceremony, amongst them there have been Deputy Minister of Finance of Czech Republic Vladislav Zelinka, Ambassador of Czech Republic in Russia Federation Yaroslav Bashta, First Secretary of Czech Embassy in Russia Karel Haranza, Head of European Countries Department in Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade, Head of the exhibition Jan Gronick, Chairman of "Vostok" Chamber of Commerce Joseph Czerny and general manager of "Progress Partners" company Frantisek Koczi. Bashkortostan has been represented by Chairman of Bashkortostan State Council - Kurultai - Konstantin Tolkachev, Deputy Ministers Fidus Yamaltdinov and Boris Kolbin, Bashkortostan Minister of Economical and Industrial Development Valentin Vlasov, Spokesman of Russia Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ufa Zinnur Mordanov and Chairman of Bashkortostan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Boris Bondarenko. Those presented highly appreciated development of relations between the two countries. It has also been pointed out that direct contacts between Bashkortostan and Czech Republic are constantly broadening; both governments have been creating favorable conditions for economical contacts. Bashkortostan has been announced to be one of priority regional partners for Czech Republic, whose representatives believe that exhibition in Ufa will contribute to further development of economical collaboration between the republics. Over thirty Czech enterprises have been exponents at the exhibition. Elderly Bashkirs recognize Jablonex bijouterie, Precios cut glass chandeliers, Porcula porcelain that were prestigious in Soviet era. Exposition prestige has been enhanced by the latest models of "Karosa" bus and "Skoda" car displayed in the open hall in front of "Neftinik" culture palace, while inside it there have been stands displaying information about cryogenic equipment for technical gases produced by "Ferox, a.s." company, information about horizontal drill machines produced by "TOS Warnsdorf" and other machine-building products. First Czech-Russian Bank serving intergovernmental programs of Russia and Czech Republic is amongst participants as well. The exhibition will last till June 11. NA "Bashinform".

8.06.04. - In Kazayaksk quarry, crushing and sorting complex put into operation

On June 8, President Murtaza Rakhimov together with Premier Rafael Baidavletov has visited Iglinskiy region of Bashkortostan, where ceremony of putting into operation of a new crushing and sorting complex in Kazayaksk quarry has been held. Rated capacity of the complex totals 250,000 cubic meters of detritus a year, which is to meet demands of Ufa road constructing companies in asphalt production and laying roads. Over 95 mln rubles were invested into the complex construction and repay period is expected up to 5 years. Future plans are to make drilling and exploding zone, erect new working shop and equip it for mineral powder and limestone flour production and later lay railway there. Rakhimov pointed out Ufa city authoritiesí role in putting the quarry into operation, highly appreciated efforts of builders and fitters. Besides, President stressed that the road is to be built for large tonnage trucks for carrying detritus in order not to bother citizens of the nearest villages Ulu-Teliak and Krasniy Voskhod. "There is a large road construction in the republic. It is important that production of construction materials is located near consumers for regular and uninterrupted supplies of asphalt and limestone. Quality roads are surely a sign of state care of people wealth and increasing their living standards", President emphasized. After returning to Ufa the same day, President Rakhimov visited and got familiarized with work of newly opened shop "Polushka" in Shakshe. Head of Ufa city administration Pavel Kachkaev told that 80 per cent of all the products sold in the shop are of Bashkir origin, mark-up - 5-10 per cent, and thus citizens of the district are frequent goers to the shopping center. Next shops of the chain are planned to be opened in Deme, Sipaylovo and Zorge street. In the event Chairman of Bashkortostan State Committee on Construction, Architecture and Transport Khamit Mavliyarov, Head of Iglinsk region authorities Rishat Iskhakov and others have participated. NA "Bashinform".

5.06.04. - "NefAZ" - the best bus of the year

Passenger bus produced at "NefAZ" JSC has been announced the best bus of 2004. According to the information disclosed at the enterprise, such a decision as been made by jury of the traditional yearly contest organized by "MEDIA GLOBE" International company for the fifth time. Jury has been made up by Russia best journalists and professional drivers who are authors of automobile and related articles. Ceremony of award of the winners was held at the end of May at the V International specialised and demonstrative exhibition "Commercial automobile transport-2004" on Hodynskoye Pole in Moscow. Winner Diploma and Cup were conferred to "NefAZ" Marketing and Sales Director Viktor Petrovskiy. Bus produced by the winner has left behind "LiAZ" enterprise - recent monopolist at the passenger buses market. Moreover, currently trial model of a small bus is being designed which is to be demonstrated at Moscow Auto Salon in August. NA "Bashinform".

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