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 Archive of news - July 2004

24.07.04. - "Bashneftekhim" ranking third in Russia in crude oil refining

According to Russia Federal Statistics Service data, crude oil refining in Russia totaled 94,388 mln tons in January-June 2004, or 100.56 per cent as per the same period last year. Within the six months of 2004, "Lukoil" was the first in oil refinery with output totaling 17,449 mln tons. Crude oil output by "Yukos" totaled 15.465 mln tons. "Bashneftekhim" refined 8.901 mln tons of crude oil. "TNK" output approached 7.73 mln tons, "Surgutneftegas" refined 7.728 mln tons, "Sibneft" - 7.197 mln tons of oil. Moscow crude oil refinery, which is amongst Russia largest top ten refineries, refined totally 4.261 mln tons in January-June 2004. In the whole, Russia has been preserves stable crude oil refinery output, despite growth in its extracting. It is mainly due to that the majority of oil is exported, and the second reason of flat rate is that crude oil is distributed uneven: largest oil refineries function at the highest of their capacity, when supplying their own refineries, while all the other refineries are slackening. As per oil products breakdown, conclusions are obvious. Economical growth caused increase of purchasing cars by customers. And despite of significant growth of price for gasoline (just in June customer prices in Russia rose 6.6 per cent), it has still been in demand, which basically causes increase of output of high-octane gasoline. NA "Bashinform".

23.07.04. - "Orletz" plant mastered processing black marble and Bashkortostan President looked it up

The second point at Bashkortostan President Murtaza Rakhimovís route around Abzelilovsk region has become local plant of marble processing - "Orletz". Specialists of the enterprise mastered processing of supplied raw materials using modern import equipments. They managed to produce articles of high quality and demandable in native market. But, the plant holds out its hopes on Kadysh quarry mining, located near Sermenevo village in Beloretsk district, where black marble is mined, which is in great demand just now. The marbles can be used in manufacturing facing tiles for houses, floors, stairs, monuments etc. Murtaza Rakhimov attentively looked up the works, talked to the plant employees, asked how they have been getting on. Development of own raw materials base and increase of natural materials processing will undoubtedly enable the enterprise to become a profitable one. NA "Bashinform".

17.07.04. - Bashkortostan President took part in celebrating jubilee of Uchaly ore-mining enterprise

Today, Bashkortostan President Murtaza Rakhimov is to take part in celebration of Uchaly ore-mining enterprise jubilee. President arrived to Uchaly yesterday. His day was rich with events: Mr. Rakhimov visited "Bairamgulovskiy" agriculture cooperative society, Talgansk oil deposit that is being put into function, "Lesmash" plant, Uchaly affiliate of Bashkir State University, and, of course, initiator of celebration - ore-mining enterprise. All the principal celebrating events are being held today at the enterprise. In the morning, President met enterprise employees and put flowers to monument of ore-miners, went down at World War II. After appreciating witnesses of the war happened in far forties, Murtaza Rakhimov took part in a pleasant event for Uchaly ore-miners - ceremonial opening of a new campus of health rehabilitation establishment facilitated with aqua clinic. Main events dedicated to celebration of jubilee of Uchaly ore-mining enterprise are being held at the moment at the city stadium. The celebration has double meaning, as tomorrow is Metallurgist Day, while in Uchaly it is being actively celebrated right now. Now there are a lot of warm words addressed to metallurgists and the ore-miners. The jubilee celebration held for three hours has turned out to be vivid. It proves that the participants have been preparing for it much. NA "Bashinform".

14.07.04. - President Rakhimov: "Sterlitamak changing for better year after"

On July 13, Bashkortostan President Rakhimov made his business visit to Sterlitamak. Starlitamak city Head S. Akhmedov showed President carriage repair plant. That day, a new workshop for wheels repairs with assembly parts replacement was opened at the plant. Rakhimov looked up new production lines and showed his interest towards the plant future development. He congratulated plant employees on the occasion and wished them further success. According to the plant Director A. Voloshenkov, initially, back in 2001, number of employees totaled 200 persons, while now they are 740, and the new workshop will insure 120 more working places, thus increasing the enterprise profit and proceeds to budget. This year, a new kind of repair has been mastered - major renovation with extension of function period of cisterns for liquid sulphur transportation. Sales volume is expected to be 700 mln roubles. Bashkortostan President pointed out decent salary of the plant employees (nearly 7,000 roubles) and also appreciated dynamic development of the enterprise: additional premises have been taken for production needs, ALSO there has recently been flush of orders for carriage repairs and renovation. Besides, Rakhimov emphasized that the enterprises working in Bashkortostan have to be registered at local tax authorities. President also visited "Antares" small enterprise that produces furniture. According to "Antares" Director Fedor Borgan, in its previous years, the company produces kitchen sets, while now it also produces frame and soft pieces of furniture. In 2002, the company purchased production premises in furniture renovating factory, nearly 20 mln roubles was invested into the premises renovation, technical re-equipment and total reconstruction. At present, number of employees at the company totals 170 persons. Besides, the company serves individual orders on natural wood decor of houses and sells construction materials. Furniture made by "Antares" is popular not only with local customers, but it also finds its funs in Moscow and St.-Petersburg. When familiarizing with "Antares" company, Rakhimov pointed out high quality of the companyís products and their reasonable prices and also appreciated that domestic-made materials are used in furniture production. But nevertheless, President noted with regret that there is no furniture accessories production in the republic. After that Murtaza Rakhimov got familiarized with work of Sterlitamak trolleybus authorities. S. Akhmetov reported of the past XI All-Russian contest held amongst trolleybus drivers, where Sterlitamak driver A. Grigoriev won honorary second place. Bashkortostan Presidentís particular attention was caught by new trolleybus timetable control method. According to Sterlitamak Head S. Akhmetov, now citizens can be sure that "wanted trolleybus will certainly come to a bus stop in time". The new method differs from the old one by special radio beacon mounted at every bus stop, which automatically controls trolleybus traffic timetable. Head of Trolleybus Board Alexander Matveyev stressed on high quality trolleybuses produced by Bashkortostan Trolleybus plant. Murtaza Rakhimov inspected working conditions at trolleybus depot, salaries rates, visited depot canteen, met the plant workers and appreciated well-done organization at the depot. Then, President visited to see reconstruction of concrete production works at "Soda" plant. The works plans to build new modern technological line for concrete dry production. After reconstruction, just one line is expected to produce up to 1.2 mln tons per year. The project is to be performed by 2006, and until that time nearly 2.5 bln roubles are planned to be invested, with 17.5 mln Euros invested into purchasing new import equipments and facilities. Alongside with automated equipments by German "Gumbolt Wedag", Russian equipments are also to be used, particularly equipments made by Cheliabinsk machine-building plant. Bashkortostan President scrutinized basic technical and economical data, ecological safety, while singling out that the new production is economically saving. Summing up his business trip to Sterlitamak, Rakhimov noted: "Iím glad that the second major city in the republic is changing for better year after year. New productions are being established, and numerous social problems are being resolved, as the most important for ordinary citizens is that they have stable work with decent salary. Iím particularly pleased at development of small business sector. Thus, pieces of furniture made at private companies of the city are much better and cheaper then import ones, which we used to purchase before. Iím satisfied with the city administration work and also with Sterlitamak enterprises", President stressed. NA "Bashinform".

13.07.04. - Bashkortostan President inspected new production lines in Sterlitamak

Today, Bashkortostan President Murtaza Rakhimov has been having business visit to Bashkortostan second largest city - Sterlitamak. First, President visited the youngest works in the city - Carriage Renovating Plant that was put into function in May 2001. President looked over dynamically developing works. In the initial stage, there have been invested 150 mln roubles into the plant. At the moment, number of the employees totals 740 peoples. In 2002, lines for wheels renovation were put into operation and thus production output grew. In 2003, output totalled 387 mln roubles. The enterprise is profitable. Within six months of 2004, the enterpriseí proceeds totaled 340.8 mln roubles or 326.6 per cent as per the same period last year. Then President inspected reconstruction of "Soda" concrete plant. Since the beginning of its reconstruction, 161 mln roubles have been ploughed into the works, including 102 mln roubles in 2004. For 2004, 589 mln roubles for investments into the plants have been allotted. The enterprise will be equipped with KHD HOMBOLDT WEDAG AG (Germany) equipments and facilities. President meticulously questioned specialists about ecological safety of the new enterprise. Head of Republic also visited "Antares" company, which produces furniture. First, the company established back in 1992, produced kitchen sets. Within 12 years work, it has turned to be stable operating furniture producing factory. Today, number of the employees there totals 170 people. "Antares" produces both frame and soft pieces of furniture. Moreover, the company sells construction materials. It also serves individual orders on natural wood decor of houses. In 2002, the company purchased production premises in furniture renovating factory. Within 18 months, nearly 20 mln roubles have been invested into the premises renovation, technical re-equipment and total reconstruction. Bashkortostan President also visited city trolley bus depot. Spartak Akhmedov, Head of Sterlitamak city administration, reported of the XI All-Russian competition held amongst trolley bus drivers organized in the city. The contest gathered 56 drivers-participants from 51 towns throughout Russia and CIS countries. Andrey Grigoriev was the second in the contest having yielded to a guest from Saratov. The contest was watched not only by Sterlitamakís specialists, but also representatives of Russia Ministry for Transport and Communication, Bashkortostan Trolley Bus making plant, trade union and International Association of city electric transport. Show organization was highly appreciated both by the participants and the jury. NA "BAshinform".

8.07.04. - In 2004-2005 Turkish companies to invest over 85 mln dollars into Bashkortostan

On Wednesday, July 7, Bashkortostan Premier Rafael Baidavletov had meeting with heads of Turkish companies-investors "Anadolu Group" and "Efes Beverage Group". That was the third meeting with the companiesí representatives. Presidents of the Turkish companies announced amount of the future investments. In accordance with one of the projects, within 2004-2005 over 50 mln Euro are intended to invest in Bashkortostan economy. This is the sum "Anadolu Group" plans to invest into glass packaging plant. The second project implemented by "Efes Beverages Group" implies reconstruction of "Amstar" plant purchased by the company. 25 mln US dollars investments into brewery production lines are planned. These two projects implementation means increase of production capacities and will result in creating new working places and growing tax proceeds. While working meeting, Turkish investors applied to Premier with questions demanding soonest solution, particularly, problem of providing tax privileges for the investment period. Bashkir side confirmed its willingness for collaboration in this sphere and assured the businessmen that it will insure all possible measures within valid legislation for providing green light for the projects implementation. In particular, there will be securitized possibility of providing tax privileges under republican taxation for the period of projects implementation. NA "Bashinform".

6.07.04. - Bashkortostan enterprise have a lot to display at International exhibition in Nizhniy Tagil

The third International Exhibition "Russian Exhibition of armament. Nizhniy Tagil-2004" on armament, military technical devices and ammunition has become great event in Russia defense industry. Today, in Nizhniy Tagil Institute on testing metals, ceremonial opening has been held. Basing on news agencies reports, over 250 enterprises from 29 regions of Russia and 6 foreign companies have been participating in the exhibition. Bashkir companies serving defence industry orders have also been properly displayed. This time, they are ten. Bashkortostan joint exposition has been represented by 83 exhibitors, which have been basically displayed on stands and map-cases. Part of them has been demonstrated in natural size. Amongst the exhibitors are the enterprises as follows: Federal State enterprises "Ufa devices manufacturing enterprise", "Ufa units constructing enterprise", "Gidravlika"; "Salavat optics and mechanical works "Berkut", "Salavatgidromash", "UZEMIK", "BETO", "NefAz", "Ishimbay plant of transport machine-building "Vitiaz", "Soliton". Republican delegation is headed by Bashkortostan Deputy Minister of Economical Development and Industry Azamat Ilimbetov and Head of the Ministry Machine-Building department Igor Afanasiev. Bashkir enterprises have represented various products. As a rule, they can be used both in defence industry and by civil consumers. Thus, Salavat-based enterprise "Berkut" produces binoculars of several modifications, which are popular with both civil citizens and militarists. Apart from well-known binoculars BPC 20ű50, BPC 25ű70 and others, Salavat plant has represented novelty in Nizhniy Tagil - monocular that extends distance of view and its volume. Ufa units constructing enterprise has offered its potential customers electric gears for combat machines; tank gears temperature regulators, current transformers, igniters and so on. Products made by "Gidravlika" plant also have always been in demand on both national and international markets. These are compensators, metal sleeves, filters, which is demandable both by flying and ground military devices. Special communication facilities have been for many years supplied by "BETO" JSC, manufacturing safety field switches that proved their advantages. Visitorsí attention is also to be caught by a novelty - communication control panel. UZEMIK is to represent all its range of life saving devices - inflated boats, rafts, ladders, individual facilities for water rescuing. "Soliton" enterprise is going to make a kind of presentation to broaden circle of its partners and attract costumers for special technical devices. Two previous exhibitions of Russian armament insured national defense industry with some orders, but Ural enterprises took the most economical advantage of them. Thus, within the last four years, Ural enterprises have manufactured products in the total amount approximating one bln US dollars, while their export has risen two and half times. Demonstrative shouting and military devices running as well as tank show are expected to be organized at "Staratel" ground. Civil citizens will also have something interesting to see, particularly, armory, which Russia had in its ammunition a century ago, and also the latest artillery units unique in the globe. Famous designer Mikhail Kalashnikov has been invited to be honorary guest of the armory industry forum. NA "Bashinform".

6.07.04. - Bashkortostan entrepreneurs preparing for the second exposition at Moscow fairy

Opening of renewed exposition of Bashkortostan at the permanent fairy and exhibition "Russia small and medium enterprisesí products-2004" held in pavilion 71 in All-Russian Exhibition Center in Moscow is planned for mid July. According to Small Entrepreneurship Support Fund Executive Director Rinat Galimzianov, regular stuff of the exponents has been already defined. Amongst 14 exponents of the first exposition, five enterprises have been decided to prolong their participation for the second exposition. They are "Bashstriynur Ltd.", "Prema Ltd.", "Uralexpeditsiya Ltd.", "Alkair" and "Adigel" companies. "Bashkirskiy Med" ("Bashkir Honey") company, whose honey is very popular with Moscovites, is to be replaced by "Propolis Ltd.". Six more enterprises will represent Bashkortostan Handicraft Chamber, they are: "Yunona", "Kuznitsa" ("Smithy") and "Bashkirskiy Uzor" ("Bashkir pattern"). Travel agency "Rosa Vetrov" is also penetrating into Moscow market. Participation in the exhibition has been in accordance with Republican Program on small entrepreneurship state support in Bashkortostan passed this year. According to the exhibition centre terms, exposition is to be renewed once in two months. Enterprises-participants receive free space no larger then four square meters, while totally Bashkortostan has got 30 free square meters. Itís a good chance for the participants to promote themselves on all-Russian level and find new markets. Moreover, exponentsí details will be regularly shown in the exhibition catalogue and placed on "Small business in Bashkortostan" official website. NA "Bashinform".

1.07.04. - Ministry of External Economical Relations and Trade received Slovakia delegation

In Bashkortostan Ministry of External Economical Relations and Trade, Deputy Minister Boris Kolbin has held a meeting with Slovak republic delegation. Slovak party has been represented by Slovak Republic Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary Ambassador in Russia Federation Mr. Augustin Czisar, Slovakia State Secretary of Ministry of Economics, Head of Slovak part of Slovakia-Bashkortostan composite committee on trade, economical, scientific and technical collaboration Laslo Pomoty, State Chancellor of Slovakia Ministry of Economics Miroslav Meczar and Second Secretary of Slovakia Embassy in Russia Federation Sonia Knisova. When opening the meeting, Boris Kolbin told that relations between Slovakia and Russia have been developing stable. Since the last meeting between the parties held back in 2002, sufficient time has passed so that we could feel real movement forward. Current visit is to further propel development of the relations between the countries. Laslo Pomoty stressed that just meeting in 2002 positioned him as a State Secretary in Slovakia Ministry of Economics. Within this period, a lot of events have occurred, Slovakia joined EC. Now, the task is to strengthen relations with Russian regions, including Bashkortostan. This is main purpose of our visit. I believe that we have good perspectives for collaboration in various fields of economics", State Secretary told. Presence of Slovak Republic Ambassador in Russian Federation Mr. Augustin Czisar has undoubtedly raised significance of our delegation. Boris Kolbin has briefly characterized today social and economical development of Bashkortostan, having emphasized that the republic is being dynamically developed and for many economical indexes it is included into Russia top ten developing regions. Pleasingly, Bashkortostan investment appeal has increased lately as well. But, it still has more reserves, including trade turnover increase, as present figures are not to our complete satisfaction. In his turn, Laslo Pomoty highly appreciated mutual external economical relations and outlined collaboration. At the end, he thanked Bashkortostan Government for organization of the meeting and assistance in activity of Slovak-Bashkortostan composite committee. NA "Bashinform".

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