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 Archive of news - August 2004

31.08.04. - Rafael Baidavletov evaluated Bashkortostan economy growth

When making his speech at today mutual conference of Interdepartmental commission on budgeting for 2005 and enlarged collegium of Bashkortostan Finance Ministry, Bashkortostan Premier Rafael Baidavletov evaluated Bashkortostan economy growth. He pointed put that amongst Russia regions Bashkortostan is featured by multi-fields economy, powerful industrial potential, rather developed agriculture segment and it is also rich with natural resources. It insures republic leading positions amongst Russia regions: it is in the top three regions of the country in volume of gross production of agricultural products, it is ranking the second in balance financial results in Volga and the Urals federal districts, and the sixth region in Russia in collectible taxes, duties and fees. Due to its richness with raw materials and resources, development of industrial sector, infrastructure, intelligence and innovative potential, Bashkortostan is amongst top ten regions of Russia as per the least risk for investors, according Baidavletov. "Within the last few years, republic economy has been having stable growth", Premier stressed. "Bashkortostan gross domestic product growth rate in 1999-2003 totaled 2.7 through 8.1 per cent. Within the last five years, growth of industrial output totaled 31.5 per cent, agricultural products - 32.9 per cent". Main trends of social and economical development are being kept in the current year as well, according to Baidavletov. Increase of industrial output totals 103.3 per cent within the first sixth months of 2004 as per the same period last year; money income totals 125 per cent per capita, average salary rate - 124 per cent. Today, in Bashkortostan there are no wage arrears in budget sphere and "children" allowances. It became real due to stable proceeds to republican budget within the last years, and the republic is a region-donor. NA "Bashinform".

30.08.04. - International fairy "AgroRus-2004" started today in St.-Petersburg

A solid delegation headed by Bashkortostan Deputy Premier Shamil Vakhitov is now visiting St.-Petersburg, where international fairy-exhibition "AgroRus-2004" is to open today. Traditionally, organizers of the event are Russia Ministry of Agriculture, St.-Petersburg city authorities, Leningrad region authorities and Association of farmers and agricultural cooperatives of Russia. In the exhibition representatives of all Russian regions will take part. This time, Bashkortostan is to be represented by Bashkir Scientific and Research Center for Apytherapy, Bashspirt (Bashkir Alcohol plant), "Alekseyevskiy" collective farm, "Bashkirskiye Melnitsy" (Bashkir Mills), Ufa Stud Farm No. 19, "Teastan" company, Ufa Tinned Meat Plant, "Rukom" company and also three more farms from Sharansk, Tuymazy and Miyakinsk regions. The international exhibition will last since August 30 till September 5 at the exhibition complex "LenExpo". In the framework of the exhibition, alongside with the other events, agricultural forum "Food safety in Northern-Western region of Russia" will take place. For the period of forum, St.-Petersburg authorities will organize meetings and negotiations with representatives of Russia regions as per food products supplies to St.-Petersburg in 2004-2005. At the same time, participants of the forum will have opportunity to see products assortment, produced by St.-Petersburg food making and processing plants. NA "Bashinform".

28.08.04. - Bashkortostan President looked over novelties of Neftekamsk automobile production plant

Today, Neftekamsk automobile production plant (NefAZ) has come in a focus of President Rakhimovís attention, who has been visiting Northern part of Bashkortostan now. Head of the republic looked over two novelties: a bus operating on gas fuel, and a small class bus. The first one is in serial production. It is manufactured on the base of the city-going bus. The enterprise has now got twenty orders for the model of the bus. They all will be delivered to various regions of the country. Small class bus seems to be alternative for "PAZ" buses. But it is manufactured in conformity with European quality standards; it is made of plain galvanized sheets and equipped with Kamaz chassis and engine by "Kammenz" company (England). It has 23 seats. Now "Tourist" double-decker is also passing its "exam" for serial production. By the end of the year it is planned to come into serial production. Totally, this year the joint venture intends to manufacture 900 busses. President and his official suite looked over bus production plant. After that, Bashkortostan authorities had meeting with top managers of KamAZ and NefAZ plants. NA "Bashinform".

23.08.04. - Salavatnefteorgsintez investment projects

Production of butyl acetate, dyethylenhexane acid and orthoxylone is planned to be launched in the nearest future at Salavatnefteorgsintez. Fulfillment of such innovative projects will allow the enterprise to strengthen its positions in the oil refining and petrochemistry market. In the program of innovative development there are also listed construction of catalytic cracking installation (capacity is up to one mln tons a year), polyethylene production line (capacity is up to 120 ths tons a year), reconstruction of polystyrene production lines. Modernization of pyrolysis ovens at EP-300 installation at "Monomer" has already started. NA "Bashinform".

18.08.04. - Bashkortostan preparing to Russia joining WTO

When preparing Russia joining World Trade Organization, Bashkortostan has a lot of various tasks to be accomplished. All the Ministries, and Departments as well as companies and enterprises are to contribute to joining. That has been discussed at today meeting of specially established Interdepartmental Council on problems of economical development of Bashkortostan in the process of Russia joining WTO, which has been held in the House of Republic. Members of the Council have been as follows: representatives of Bashkortostan Standardization, Metrology and Certification Center, Bashkortostan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bashkortostan National Bank, field Ministries and administrative authorities of Bashir cities and regions. The meeting has been headed by Bashkortostan Premier Rafael Baidavletov. "The problem has been getting more and more urgent lately", Government Head pointed out when opening the meeting. "And in Bashkortostan President Message to citizens and Bashkortostan State Council for 2004, a task has been set to organize Interdepartmental Council. Basing on that task, in July, under Bashkortostan Government Decree and taking into account changes in the stuff, a new stuff of the Council has been approved. The renewed Council is to organize complex work for preparations of the republic fields and enterprises for the integration into the world economy. There have been two problems on agenda. The participants have discussed working plan for the second six months of the year and reviewed work results of Institute of social and economical research of Ufa scientific centre of Russian Academy of Science. In September, Bashkortostan Ministry of Economical Development and Industry is to elaborate standard plan of preparation of enterprises working under new conditions. Then, evaluation of enterprises competitiveness is planned to be done as well. The above Institute will give general appraisal of consequences and impact upon Bashkortostan economy when Russia has joined WTO. In September through December, local preparation work is to be done. Field Departments are to make out their reports about preparations to operation of large Bashkir enterprises under new conditions, while cities and regions authorities - operation of the small and medium scale enterprises. In October, Bashkortostan National Bank is to report about republic credit organizations to start working under international standards of financial reports. Until December this year, full information about progress in this question is to be submitted by Bashkortostan Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Center of Standardization, Metrology and Certification. NA "Bashinform".

16.08.04. - Trade and Industrial Company to represent Bashkortostan interests in Krasnodar region

Aiming at deepening trade, economical, technical, scientific and culture collaboration between Bashkortostan and Krasnodar region, on August 14, 2004, Bashkortostan President Murtaza Rakhimov signed Order about representing Bashkortostan interests in Krasnodar region. Such mission has been pinned upon Trade and Industrial Company Limited. According to Order of Bashkortostan Ministry of External Economical Relations and Trade, appropriate agreement with Trade and Industrial Company Limited is to be concluded and license for such activity is to be issued. NA "Bashinform".

10.08.04. - Six months results in various industrial fields summed up

Today, at Bashkortostan Ministry of Economical Development and Industry republican conference on work results at ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, glass making and porcelain and faience and also medical industry in the first six months of 2004 has been held. In the conference, representatives of Ministries and Departments authorities of cities and regions and also heads of enterprises have participated. Minister of Economical Development and Industry Valentin Vlasov has applied to the participants with introductory speech. He pointed out that in the whole work of these fields has got positive dynamics. Minister drew attention to the exact rates for each field to accomplish main task, set by Russia President to real sector of economy - doubling GDP by 2010. Deputy Minister of Economical Development and Industry Nur Saifulin analyzed in details results of work of departmental enterprises within the first six months of 2004. He specified results in each field. Actual volume index in non-ferrous metallurgy totaled 105.9 per cent within the last six months. Enterprises of the field output products in the amount of 2.5 bln troubles. Out of four enterprises, the two finished the period with profit and the other two carried losses. Average monthly salaries increased 2.9 per cent within the period to reach 6 ths 448 roubles per month, but it is, nevertheless, still 500 roubles lower then average salary rate amongst other republic industrial enterprises. This year, an Uchalinsk ore-mining enterprise has showed dynamic development. Bashkir copper and sulphur enterprise and Buribaevsk ore-mining enterprise have got primarily task to develop raw material base. Stable improvement of financial situation has been recorded at leader of ferrous metallurgy - Beloretsk metallurgy enterprise. Output volume increased 1.6 times, actual volume index totaled 118 per cent with the six months. Gross income (with taxes) increased over then 2.5 times to reach 260 mln roubles (in comparison with 92 mln the same period last year). Average salary rate at the enterprise grew 34 per cent to total 5 ths 776 roubles. Within the six months 142 mln roubles have been invested into Bashkir economy, which is 3.8 times more then last year. Stable work of the field has been insured by increased demand for ferrous products, increase of output of highly competitive metal products and application of up-to-date high technologies. Nur Saifullin stressed that amongst main tasks of the field are increase of products competitiveness, labor efficiency and increase of the enterprise share on the metal market. Then, there have been touched upon medical industry. Within the first six months, products output of the field enterprises totaled 1.1 bln roubles. Index of actual volume totaled 102 per cent. While, as a whole in Russia, production has declined 4.5 per cent. The field is characterized with stable financial and economical condition, there havenít been recorded unprofitable enterprises. In that, 83 per cent of the field output are made by three enterprises: "Immunopreparat", "UfaVITA" and "Bashmedsteklo". Situation in glass making and porcelain and faience industries is not so plain. Within January-June, products output totaled 1.3 bln roubles. Index of actual volume totaled 105.3 per cent. Having general positive balance in the total amount of 410 mln roubles as per the end of six month period, Tuymazy Porcelain Plant carried losses, two enterprises - Krasnousolsk glass making enterprise and Oktiabrsk earthware articles enterprise - ended up with zero profitability, and the single Salavat Glass making enterprises made profit. At the conference, there have also had their speeches General manager of Uchaly ore-mining enterprise Ilias Abdrakhmanov, Head of Beloretsk metallurgical enterprise Alexey Smirnov, Head of Salavatsteklo Valentin Tokarev, Head of Krasnousolsk glass making enterprise Damir Diveev, General manager of Bashmedsteklo Anatoliy Pronin and Bashkortostan Deputy Minister of Natural Resources Jemal Tsabadze. In the end of the conference, decisions as for every field have been made. It has been particularly emphasized that this year heads of the enterprises have to insure index of actual volume no less then 110 per cent in ferrous metallurgy, 102 - in non-ferrous metallurgy, 105 - in glass making and porcelain and faience fields, and 115 - in medical industry, and the enterprisesí goal for next years must be 107-108 per cent. NA "Bashinform".

7.08.04. - At POLIEF first line for terephthalic acid production

In three-four months at "Polief" terephthalic acid production will start. The other days, first line of the terephthalic acid production complex was put into operation in stand-by mood in inert environment (water). In connection with this event, General Manager of "Polief" enterprise Yagafar sent telegram to Bashkortostan President Murtaza Rakhimov and Bashkortostan Government, in which he thanked them for the permanent care and attention to problems of polyether complex construction. "Within the next three-four months adjustments will be made and then production will start operation at the height of its capacity", Yagafar Abdrashitov told to "Bashinform" correspondent. To refresh, construction of polyether complex in Bashkortostan started back in 1986 on the base of foreign equipemtns and facilities. Equipments, licenses and technical sheetes were purchased under contracts with "Kobe Steel", "Mitsui", "Nissho Iwai" (Japan). The equipments will establish production of pure terephthalic acid (TPA) - capacity 230 ths tons a year; production of polyethilenphthalate (PETP) - capacity 120 ths tons a year; these are required for polyether fibers (lavsan) production, various films (cinema, photo, Roentgen, packaging etc.), polymer bottles and packaging for food, medical and perfume industries (including 60.6 ths tons a year for domestic usage); as well as for production of polyether fibers (PEF) - capacity 60.6 ths tons a year, required for textile and light industries as materials that substitute up to 50 per cent of cotton and wool; making non-woven materials "Spanbond" - capacity 22 ths tons a year; textile by-products production - capacity of 8 ths tons a year, polymer concentrate of dyes - capacity 1.5 ths tons a year, used in polymer and polyether fibers production. NA "Bashinform".

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