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 Archive of news - October 2004

29.10.04. - Motocompressors made by "UZAM" Corporation induce interest of potential customers at "Machine building-2004" specialized exhibition

Today in Ufa "Machine Building-2004" specialized exhibition, held in exhibition complex hall "Bashkortostan" is finishing. It has been held alongside with the VII specialized exhibition "Welding. Control. Renovation". Despite of rather modest space occupied, machine building exposition induced attentive interest of many specialists of the field, helped them to establish business contacts with manufacturers and suppliers of the equipment. Several enterprises demonstrated their novelties.
Thus, "Ufa Automobile Engines Making Plant" displayed two modifications of motocompressor -2 "Veter" ("Wind"). The movable compressor oil-geared station is available in two variants - on the rollers and in trailers. Compact and comfortable, these units have wide range of application: in construction, renovation of roads, railways, in common housing works, as gears for special technological instruments, etc. Ufa-made compressors showed their advantages in cases of emergency, therefore divisions of Ministry of Emergency Situations make orders for the compressors as well.
For obtaining compressed air, four-stroke automobile engine is used, two cylinders of which operate as engine, and the other two ones - as compressor. And thus, engine and compressor are integrated into a monoblock. Important are functioning features of the new units as well. Their noise, heating and vibration effects upon operator are in compliance with all norms and demands.
According to Deputy Chief Technologist of the plant Vladimir Kartoshkin, the enterprise produces its units to orders. Times when the products were accumulated at the storehouse waiting for the customers for years, have past long ago. Several customers revealed their interest in the "UZAM" products at the "Machine Building-2004" exhibitions. And thus, the enterprise won"t stay without orders so far.

26.10.04. - Production of some goods and services increased 70 per cent in Ufa, as compared to last year

In Ufa-city administration, at the brief regular conference Chief of Industrial Development Department Alexander Zarubin disclosed Ufa industrial enterprises" results for January-September 2004. He pointed out that at present, majority of industrial output is made by 182 large and medium enterprises of various types of ownership. Within the last 9 months of 2004, production of goods and services in the valid prices grew 70 per cent as per the same period of 2003, and totaled 87 bln roubles, index of actual volume totaled 103.4 per cent. At goods production Ufa is ranking fourth among 14 cities and towns of Volga Federal Region, yielding Perm, Samara and Nizhniy Novgorod. All fields of the city industry showed growth in their output in valid prices. Fuel industry shares 60 per cent of the total industrial production. Here goods results are reached by "UZEMIK", "UfaOrgSintez", "Steklonit" enterprises. Slight decline in industrial output growth was shown in machine building, but main enterprises of the field still achieved stable results. The highest index of factual volume - 26 per cent - was registered in medical industry. The growth was insured by the largest enterprise of the field - "Immunopreparat" factory.
Due to increase in housing and capital construction, half as much again growth was registered in production of construction materials. Situation in forest and wood processing industries is being progressing as well. Products output grew at Belsk wood processing plant, plywood and plywood-slab making plants, "Bashstroydetal" wood-processing plant and "Ufimskiye spichki" matchmaking plant. One of the priorities of today economical development is increasing quality of the products, implementation of international standards and certification of quality control systems. At the large enterprises such work is being paid close attention.
Positive results of industrial enterprises were achieved due to increased productivity, starting production of new competitive products and application of advanced technologies, putting into operation new installations and modernization of production processes, Alexander Zarubin emphasized.
At the same time, industrial enterprises have certain problems in their work. Volume of released products declined, several enterprises finished report period with decrease in products output in valid prices.
Nevertheless, Zarubin reported that analysis of economical data, submitted by enterprises, proves that total industrial output will have surplus in its annual growth indexes as compared to the indexes forecasted at the beginning of 2004.

19.10.04. - Industrial production volume has exceeded 241,4 billions rubles from the beginning of 2004 in Bashkortostan

From the beginning of this year Bashkir industry has produced production for the sum of more than 241,4 billions rubles. Physical volume index has made up 103,1% in January-September, 2004. This data is given in summary of State Statistical Committee of RB.
Volume of industrial production made up 34 billions rubles in Bashkortostan in September, 2004, and that was by 2,6% more than in September, 2003. Stable development of Republican production is provided by enterprises of all branches, except fuel industry, where a minor slump upon the totals of nine months is observed.

18.10.04. - In two years JSC "Soda" will announce a major breakthrough in ecology of soda production

JSC "Soda" will solve the problem of waste utilization in the nearest future. For the city of Sterlitamac accumulation of by- products of soda production is the real headache. At present time wastes- all but 55 millions tons- cover 620 hectares! These wastes don't represent any ecological danger but they occupy hundreds hectares of soil, which wouldn't be useless in agriculture.
The enterprise is busy with searching for solution of this problem for a long time and special program of waste utilization, both liquid wastes, processing it into calcium chloride, and solid ones-using it as a base for production of construction materials and for production of low quality cements, dry mixtures and gas concrete was elaborated still in Soviet times. But the lack of finances prevented beginning of this good intention.
During last years "Soda" has started the expensive but promising project and erection of the cement stove N5 is a part of it. Its capacity will permit to replace four already existing stoves, which can be re-oriented towards waste processing. According to the opinion of general director of the enterprise, Vuacheslav Titov, after the new cement stove is put into exploitation, the new era in ecology of soda productions will come and not just in Sterlitamac and not even just in Russia but in the whole world too. According to preliminary calculations 500 hectares from 620, occupied by wastes, can be returned to agriculture during waste processing.
The plant has managed to break the tendency to waste accumulation already now. At present time the plant successfully copes with current wastes and partially processes the old ones. Launching of the fifth stove, planned for 2006, will change the situation radically.

8.10.04. - Investment activity of Bashkortostan was discussed in Ministry of external economic relations and trade

State and perspectives of investment cooperation of Bashkortostan and realization of prior investments projects with participation of foreign partners were discussed at the regular meeting of Ministry of external economic relations and trade of Bashkortostan. In particular it was marked the total volume of investments made up 145,9 millions dollars for the first half of 2004 and that was by 48,4% more in comparison with the beginning of the year.
At present time the total sum of means, attracted in economics, is approximately evaluated in 500 millions dollars. For the period from January to June 75,1 millions dollars have entered Republican economics, mainly direct investments in trade and public catering, in transport and industry development.
60,7% of all means were spent for payments for raw material and spare parts, 26,9%-for repayment of bank credits and loans, 9,3%-for equipment acquiring.
Geography of investment intakes is also wide-23 world country. The share of Virginia Islands is great-64,3%, 14,4% fall on Canada and 9,9%-on the USA. Belgium was the leader on the volume of accumulated investments to the beginning of June.
College of the Ministry has decided that in order to increase investment attractiveness of Republic they have to elaborate clauses concerning the order of investment project acknowledgement prior, about the order of recompense of a part of percent rate on credits, obtained in banks and other credit organizations at the expense of Republican budget and about terms of payback of investment projects. Besides, expansion and deepening of cooperation with UNO, UNIDO, EBRD, TASIS and other international organizations should be regarded as prior.

7.10.04. - JSC "Caustic" renews its equipment

Putting the second turn of granulated cable polyvinylchloride elastron production into exploitation has become a good present for JSC "Caustic" to the Day of Republic and President of Bashkortostan, Murtaza Rahimov cut the red ribbon, symbolizing its launching.
JSC "Polyhimservice" from Nizny Novgorod was chosen as the general contractor. Per se this is renovation of old production, working from 1968. It didn't meet modern requirements on capacity, labor mechanization, technological process control and dosage of components any more. Now this is the matter of two stages of this production reconstruction. Two lines were installed at the first stage, which was finished yesterday. These lines replaced four old ones. The capacity of new lines is two tons of production per hour for each one. The plant intends to receive 120 millions rubles of profit per year.
Necessary equipment was bought in leasing from German company "ERMAFA" -still there are no such producers in Russia, which would produce technological lines of such level. The whole unit is characterized by small water consumption. Ecological aspect is also well thought-out. In order to reduce dust blow-ups when loading free-flowing components into bunkers respiratory equipment is anticipated too and it was delivered together with the main one.
The enterprise mustn't have any problems with raw-material. The main raw material here is polyvinylchloride pitch and it is produced at the enterprise and different additions and softeners are supplied by enterprises of Ufa, Salavat, Saint-Petersburg, Ukraine etc.
During the second stage it is planned to replace one more line but it won't start until 2006.

5.10.04. - "Salavatnefteorgsintez" and "Ufaorgsintez" have joined the rating of the most profitable chemical companies of the world

JSC "Salavatnefteorgsintez" and JSC "Ufaorgsintez" have entered the rating of the most profitable companies of the world. According to the index of operation profitability and according to the data of "Bloomberg", JSC "Salavatnefteorgsintez" has taken the 9nth place in the rating-list (16% profitability) and JSC "Ufaorgsintez"-10th place (15% profitability). "Twelve from thirteen the most profitable chemical companies work on the territory of Russia"-the magazine "Profile" reports.

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