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 Archive of news - November 2004

29.11.04. - "Ufa Steel production company» chose th ebest business partners

In "Ufa Steel production company" central office, representatives of Bashkortostan leading companies met on the occasion of ceremonial nomination of the company’s clients with "The best business partner-2004" award.
While meeting, problems of practical interaction between republican enterprises were discussed. The ceremony was organized as a celebration, which turned it into vivid and informal event.
Guests of the enterprise were offered excursion around storehouse of "Ufa Steel production plant", where they had opportunity to get known potentialities of the modern servicing metal center.
After that, ceremony of award took place. Amongst the nominators were such giants of Bashkir economy as "Ufa motor construction enterprise", "NovoUfimsk oil refinery", "Ufaorgsintez", "Sterlitamak-M.T.E"and many others.
At the end, guests participated in bowling tournament contesting for Steel production company prizes. With their game of chance, all the participants proved that despite of intense working days, they were in perfect sport shape.
Such meetings were decided to make regular.

25.11.04. - Shares of six Republican companies are recognized the most attractive

Shares of six Bashkir companies (JSC "Utchalinsky mining- concentrating plant", JSC "Bashneft", JSC "UMPO", JSC "UralSib", JSC "Ufaorgsintez", JSC "Bashkirnefteproduct") are recognized the most attractive. RIA "Rosbusinessconsulting", which composed this rating on the basis of forecasts and recommendations of 28 investment companies and banks, subdivides shares of 100 companies into two groups. It includes those shares of companies, which are profitable for buying during 12 months in the first group ("Mining- concentrating plant", "UralSib" and "Bashkirnefteproduct") and the second group includes those shares, which are profitable to accumulate during the same period ("Bashneft", "UMPO" and "Ufaorgsintez").
According to analysts' forecasts JSC "Energomachcorporation" has the highest growth potential in Top 100 (232,2%) and JSC "SUAL- holding" has the lowest one (24,11%). The cost of shares of Bashkir companies will approximately go up in the nearest 12 months: "Utchalinsky mining-concentrating plant"- by 120,26% (maximal value) and in JSC "Bashkirnefteproduct"-by 36,36% (minimal value).

25.11.04. - Rating of Bashkortostan is raised

International rating agency "Moody's" has raised ratings of Bashkortostan as issuer. Rating for Bashkortostan is raised in local and foreign currency up to "Ba", forecast is "stable" with "Ba3" and also local credit rating- from "Ba1" (stable forecast) to "Ba3". Along with our Republic, ratings are raised for other seven regions of Russia.
International rating agency "Moody's Investors Service" has raised ratings of Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Samara and Perm regions, Tatarstan and Komi, as issuers. Ratings are raised due to improvement of macroeconomic situation and lowering of risks of system upheavals in the country.

25.11.04. - Development of chemistry and oil chemistry has been discussed in Amsterdam

Development of chemical and oil chemical industry in Russia and CIS countries has become the subject of international conference, held some days ago in Amsterdam (Netherlands). The conference was organized by the company "Marcus Evans". Representatives of the USA, Russia, Korea, Netherlands, Great Britain and CIS countries took part in the forum, devoted to actual problems of this branch development. Bashkortostan was presented by the head of the department of investigations and corporate finances of Bashkir Commission on security market Ravil Achtyamov, who made the report on subject "From consolidation to capitalization", devoted to perspectives of this branch development. It is his opinion that consolidation of business and increase of role of financial investors and security market in financing the branch is the world tendency in development of this branch of industry.

23.11.04. - Ufa administration has summoned the totals of external economic activity

Totals of none month external economic activity were discussed in Ufa administration today. The head of external economic relations' department in Ufa administration Ruslan Mirsayapov says, on the volume of external trade our capital remains the leader in Republic and 56,4% of external turnover of goods fall on Ufa enterprises.
Import of production has made up 1,3 millions dollars and thus figure has grown up by 11,6% in comparison with the same period of 2003.
58 countries are considered partners of Ufa enterprises, including 48 foreign countries and ten republics of CIS.
Production of fuel-energy industry, machine-building and oil chemistry takes the main share in export structure and it covers 96,6% of the whole export.
Ruslan Mirsayapov says external relations of Ufa aren't limited by industry and economics. The number of foreigners, arriving with business visits to our capital, steadily grows, information-analytical department of Ufa administration reports.

17.11.04. - Bashkir industrial enterprises have manufactured production for the sum of 35,3 billions rubles in October

Certain increase of industrial production volumes has been marked in Bashkortostan in October. Thus, according to the data of State Statistical committee of Bashkortostan, industrial production, manufactured in October, is evaluated in 35,3 billions rubles and the growth in relation to the corresponding period of 2003 is 1,9%. Summary totals of the month prove Republican fuel industry has practically reached volumes of October 2003 and oil- processing industry has even slightly exceeded them (by 0,2%). But non-ferrous metallurgy, wooden, light, food, flour-and-cereals and mixed fodder industries have committed some recession in comparison with October 2003.
For the period of ten months Bashkir enterprises have manufactured production for the sum of more than 276,7 billions rubles-by 3% more than for the same period of 2003. From the beginning of 2004 production growth was provided by the majority of branches (except fuel and light industries).

16.11.04. - 43 Bashkir enterprises have entered the Top 300 of Ural companies

Upon the totals of 2003 43 Bashkir enterprises have entered the Top 300 of the largest Ural companies. The one third of them works in fuel-industry complex and their share in general production volume reaches 57,3%. Upon the number of companies among eight Ural regions Bashkortostan has taken the third place, yielding just to Sverdlovsk (66 enterprises) and Tumen (69) regions. The share of Bashkir enterprises in summary volume of Ural realization is 18,7%.
Three Bashkir enterprises are found among ten largest Ural companies- "Bashneft" (the 4th place), JSC "Salavatnefteorgsintez" (the 9th place), JSC "Bashkirenergo" (the 10th), as Analytical Center "Expert-Ural" reports.
Rate of sale growth has exceeded 50% at ten Bashkir enterprises and 150% at three from them (JSC "KPD"-1711,7%, "Department of Umaguzin reservoir construction"-201,4% and JSC "Bashkir Medical Glass"-158%).
The Top 20 of the most profitable companies includes "Bashneft" (2nd place, net profit is 5 billions 970 millions rubles), "UMPO" (6th place, two billions 753 millions 600 thousands rubles), "Ufa Oil-Processing Plant" (11th place, one billion 700 millions 900 thousands rubles), "Salavatnefteorgsintez" (12th place, one billion 575 millions 200 thousands rubles), "Ufaneftehim" (13th place, one billion 339 millions 500 thousands rubles), "New-Ufa Oil-Processing Plant (18th place, one billion nine millions 900 thousands rubles).
The largest index of profitableness belongs to state unitary enterprise "Bashkiravtodor"-23,7% and following enterprises have this index higher than 15%: "UMPO" (22%), "Ufa NPZ" (17,9%), JSC "Bashneftegeophysics" (17%) and ANC "Bashneft" (15,08%).

16.11.04. - "NefteMontazhDiagnostika" Corporation seeking new partners

Participation of Ufa-based "NeftemontazhDiagnostika" corporation in "Oil&Gas. Chemical Industry. Laboratory-2004" exhibition, started today in Ufa, reveals good opportunity for finding new business partners. The company pins its particular hopes on oil and gas extracting companies, interesting in aluminum dome roofs and reservoir pontoons made by the corporation. The aluminum roofs and reservoir pontoons are featured by minimum maintenance service after their mounting. Applying corrosion resistant aluminum alloys as construction materials allows to totally avoid servicing: they doesn"t require painting, processing, and exploitation period extends up to 50 years, whereas unlike traditional steel roofs, aluminum dome roofs significantly reduce loss of heat and increase reservoir working capacity. Such kind of roofs is cheap in mounting, as all the elements of the roofs are hitched with bolts.
Aluminum pontoon "Alpon" is simple and effective in exploitation too, it reduces reservoir evaporations. It is also featured by buoyancy. While totally minimizing losses caused by evaporations - up to 98 per cent, - the pontoon quite rapidly covers its purchasing outlay. According to statistics, at petrol reservoirs, the outlays are rewarded within 6-8 months, at crude oil ones - within 4-5 months, while it will further make economy of the stored product during no less then 20 years.
It"s worth mentioning that dome roofs and pontoons are in demand throughout Russia, gradually ousting foreign analogies off the market. "NefteMontazhDiagnostika" Corporation supplies roofs and pontoons to Nefteyugansk, Novorossiysk and Nizhniy Noovgorod. The Bashkortostan largest crude oil extracting company "Bashneft" also uses these equipments.

12.11.04. - Ministry of external economic relations and trade of Bashkortostan works over standard acts concerning investment projects

Ministry of external economic relations and trade goes on with elaboration of standard acts concerning order of recognition an investment project prior, reimbursement of a part of rate on credits, received in banks and other credit organizations, at the expense of Bashkir budget means and determination of terms of investment projects' repaying. This work should be completed till February 2005.
Adoption of these documents is called to improve the investment climate in our Republic. According to opinion of experts, despite high credit ratings, conferred to Republic by international agencies, it remains in one row with "not adequately invested" regions.

9.11.04. - JSC Oil Company "Bashneft" has mined more than 10 millions tons of oil for ten months

The largest oil company of Bashkortostan-JSC Oil Company "Bashneft"- has mined more than 10 millions tons of oil for tenth months of 2004, thereby fulfilling the plan by 100,2%. Besides, 274 millions 488 thousands cubic meters of accompanying gas have been mined from the beginning of 2004 and this makes up 103,2% of the plan.

5.11.04. - Shares of "Bashneft" have beaten the record in price rise

Upon the totals of the auction in RTS market in October 2004 privileged shares of the Bashkir issuer -"Bashneft"-have entered the list of leaders. For a month these shares have gone up by 33,33%, reaching 2,5 dollars per one piece. 71 bargains were struck with them and the volume of the auction made up 1,8 millions dollars.
Ordinary shares of "Steel Group Metchel" also went up in price. The cost of these shares grew up by 110,53%-up to eight dollars per one share.
At the same time ordinary shares of JSC "Ural-Siberian Bank" have entered the list of leaders in fall. The price for these shares has fallen down by 5,26%.
In general, the full volume of addressed and addressless deals has grown up by 79% and makes up 477 millions dollars. In October activity of its participants has grown up by 70% and is fixed on the level 4,6 thousands bargains against 2,7 thousands in September.

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