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 Archive of news - December 2004

31.12.04. - Activity Results of "NefAZ" in 2004

The stuff of the joint stock company "Neftekam Autoplant" finished the year with good achievements in 2004. As the general manager Raif Malikov said, this year "NefAZ" produced and sold production on more than 4,5 milliard rubbles. Thus, it was foreseen in the business-plan of the plant to produce the products on one milliard rubbles less. In comparison with 2003 year this year manufacture increase makes up 39,9 per cent.
In 2004 the stuff of Neftekam produced 10,5 thousand auto dump-trucks with different carrying capacity ("plus" by 2003 - 19,1 per cent), 690 watch buses (20,2 per cent), 871 passenger buses (42,7 per cent), 5877 trailers and semi-trailers of all purposes (40,2 per cent).
The plant has achieved this year: performance of autobus producing on the scope of its planned production capacity, producing of the small class buses, producing of the buses which work with the compressed gas. The last one - NefAZ-5299-21 - received the "Approval as the Means of Transportation", its engine from "KamAZ" is certified successfully.
Besides, this year "NefAZ" was awarded with the Cup "Best Domastic Bus 2004" which was established by International company "MEDIA GLOBE".
The social sphere at the plant wasn“t forgotten either. The building of 120-flat house is finished and the foundation of the new one was laid.
13 percent increase of the productive capacity in 2005 is being planned.

30.12.04. - Ishimbay hosiery factory will increase its product“s manufacture which is in popular demand

The hosiery factory of Ishimbay is planning its technical reequipment. In order to increase the product range the joint stock company is about to buy 15 knitting machines "TEHNO" made by Italian firm "Matek" and three machines "Sandzhakobo". And to improve the quality of seams the company CJSC "ICHF" is planning to purchase Italian sewing-machines.
New equipment will allow to increase the manufacture capacity of the products which are at great demand, such as men“s and children“s terry socks and men“s socks "smooth platirovka" either.
The products“ quality is at great attention at the factory. This year has been much significant for the factory: the enterprise was certificated in accordance with the proper requests of the international standard ISO 9001:2000. The quality of its production was verified on many competitions icluding the competitions "Best Products of Bashkortostan" and "100 Best Goods of Russia".
Technical-economical indexes of Ishimbay factory are good too. Last five years yield of hosiery products is stably increasing - average four per cent yearly. The factory is actively developing production of new products, annually the product range is renewed in about one third.

29.12.04. - Bashkortostan: 2004 is the year of external relations developing

The passing year has become favourable for Bashkortostan in external relations developing. As the Deputy Prime-Minister of RB Government, Minister of economical affairs Boris Kolbin, said the external commercial circulation of the republic exceeded three milliard dollars and increased almost in a thirs in comparison with the last year index. This year the republic has opened its branch in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. Nowadays the work upon opening some more RB branches in Istanbul (Turkey) and Tashkent (Uzbekistan) is being provided.
There were organized 60 welcomes of foreign delegations in Bashkortostan, among them there were 30diplomatic delegations. At the same time the representatives of the republic left abroad 55 times with official visits.
Developing of republic“s interregional relations has been proceeded. Bashkortostan has signed four agreements about commercial-economical and scientific-technical collaboration with Habarovsk Territory, Orenburg and Kostroma provinces, Chuvash Republic. Four new republics“ branches have been opened in Saratov, Orenburg, Sochi, Magnitogorsk.
Thus, high investment activity is noticed. According to the investment volumes of fixed capital Bashkortostan takes the seventh place among the regions of Russia. During three quarters of the current year more than 85 million dollars of foreign investment were received by RB economics, it“s twice as much than the whole last year“s investment. Direct investment made up 97,5 per cent of all the capital investments.

27.12.04. - "Bashlegprom" collaborates with Bashkortostan Union of Consumers

Next year the production of our enterprises must be found by inhabitants of many republic districts. That“s why association "Bashlegprom" signed the agreement upon the collaborating with Bashkortostan Union of Consumers. Now the scheme of the relations is being probated with 15 most successfully.
It is laid down to make 15 outgoings in 2005: enterprises, included into mentioned above branch association, will spend collective exhibitions-sales in 15 districts of Bashkortostan. All the production will be sold in accordance with the producers“ price range without any extra charges. Specialists of Bashkortostan Union of Consumers are sure such scheme will be efficient and next year it“ll justify itself.
Alfiya Zinnatullina, the chairman of the association, considers the collective forms of work should be practiced more actively. It is necessary to make outgoings with the united expositions to authority exhibitions outside the republic.

27.12.04. - JSC "Ufaneftehim" has raised its profits

JSC "Ufaneftehim" has raised its profits in eight times, having processed 1,9 millions tons of commercial oil, as rcc.ru is reporting, referring to official report of the enterprise.
Net profit of the plant has made up 596, 92 millions rubles for the reporting period and that exceeds the same index of the third quarter-2003 more than in eight times (69, 6 millions rubles). Analysts explain so speedy rise of profits by shortening of expenses in the third quarter of 2004. Sale proceeds of the enterprise for the third quarter of 2004 made up 2 686 075 thousands rubles (2 064 926 thousands rubles for the same period of 2003).
JSC "Ufaneftehim" specializes in oil-processing and oil and oil-chemical production. The enterprise is found in staff of JSC "Bashneftehim". Authorized capital stock of the enterprise is 339,546 millions rubles and JSC "Bashneftehim" is its largest shareholder with 60, 63% of shares.

25.12.04. - Five Kinds of Production of CJSC "Kaustic" are awarded with Platinum Sign of quality

In Moscow XII International Exhibition "National Glory" has ended, it became the last stage of the competition "All-Russian Mark (III millennium). Sign of Quality of XXI Century".
Bashkortostan Republic was represented by joint stock company "Sterlitamak Oil-Chemical Plant", "Soda" and "Kaustic", which are the laureates of "All-Russian Mark". Five kinds of productions of CJSC "¶ūļł™Ýķ", who is the holder of the Golden Sign of Quality XXI were awarded with the Platinum Sign. General manager of CJSC "Kaustic" Farhad Samedov was awarded with the order "National Glory" due to his special achievements in the field of economical development of the country, modern technologies providing, high quality goods and services guarantee.
Leaders of the best Russian enterprises are awarded with this prestigious award twice a year. Their production complies with all the requirements of international system of quality.

22.12.04. - "Krasniy Proletariy" Corporation to master production of a new products soon

"Krasniy Proletariy" Sterlitamaksk-based corporation is properly equipped for manufacturing up-to-date oil refining equipments, including imported ones. The enterprise is specialized in manufacturing machines and equipments for extracting minerals, constructions, mounting, repairing and technical maintenance of gears, engines and turbines, technical maintenance of pumps and compressors.
The enterprise has great plans for the next year. Under the program of organizational and technical events, quality increase in 2004 and reforming program for 2003-2005, launch of new products has been planned, amongst them are units for boreholes repairs L8-80EG, cable winder ¶1+¶ (low hitched); movable pump PNU-2¶ (fouraxial chassis), movable calibrator PKU-1; equipment transportation unit UECN ATE-6L-01, ATE-6L-02. Preparation work has been started this year.
Due to increase in output production, production lines will have to operate more intensively appropriately. Therefore, workshops for production of the above-mentioned units are to be prepared. Besides, next year the enterprise intends to replace physically and morally outdated equipments with the new ones, if its other plans are completed.
History of "Krasniy Proletariy" plant is a history of technical and technological creation and modernization, production lines reconstruction and widening of its assortment. Within the last years, the plant has turned into a prosperous corporation, well-known far abroad of Bashkortostan. The enterprise and its employee“s activity have been repeatedly honored with Government rewards.
The most significant consumers of the plant products are enterprises as follows: "Lukoil-Burenie" (Lukoil-Boring), "OrenburgtechServis Ltd.", Kuibyshev railway, "Burgaz", "Ukrtransnafta". Thus, in the third quarter of this year, to the last - Ukrainian - enterprise two movable pumps PNU-2 were delivered in the total amount of 12,899 ths roubles (441.4 ths US dollars) that makes 19 per cent of the total sales volume.

21.12.04. - Ufa motor construction enterprises increase their supplies to gas extracting and processing companies

On the eve of New Year Ufa motor construction enterprises accelerates performing their contract obligations with gas extracting and processing companies.
Thus, "cool probation" of gas transportation engine AL-31ST at compression station "Moskovo" possessed by "Bashtransneft Ltd" was success. At their height are preparations for installation of gas transportation unit at compression station "Dolgoye", where engine produced by Ufa Motor Construction Enterprise is to be installed. The other days, compression station "Severgazprom" will be supplied with power supply gear made by the Ufa-based enterprise. In the first quarter of 2005, powerful gas transportation unit will be launched at "Karpinskaya" station.
But this list is far from completion. Recently, "Lentransgaz Ltd." supplied six Megawatt unit D-336-2T made by UMPO to compression station "Volkhov" for the final examination. "Bashtransgaz Ltd."also installed another unit at compression station "Kanchura".
So, geography of equipments installation have been recently expanding and growth of supplies of gas and energy units and also gas transportation equipments enlarging to make significant share in UMPO products output structure. These beneficial orders are brought about by the necessity to replace outdated equipments with the ones of new generation with higher efficiency and lower pollution.

21.12.04. - 2005 aim - 1 bln

By the beginning of December JV "AK "OZNA" in Oktyabrskoye reached last year level of products output - 719,494 ths roubles. The most successful month for the company was November, as actual volume index totaled 186.7 per cent. As a result of the whole year, it is expected to reach 115.3 per cent.
The whole range of oil extracting and refining equipments produced by the company has been in demand on the market. These equipments have been purchased not only by leaders of oil business, but also by private oil companies, either in Russia or in CIS-countries. At that, 85 per cent of the orders have been made according to individual requirements. Notably, such a growth has been reached with slight staff reduction.
At present, new owner of the company - "Bashkir investments" - set a task to overcome 1 bln products output level the next year.

21.12.04. - UPPO is called the enterprise of the year

According to the data of monitoring, held by presidium of International Academy of real economics (IARE), honorable rank of "The man of the Year" was adjudged to general director of federal state unitary enterprise "Ufa instrument-making plant" (UPPO) Uri Baklanov.
At the same time the enterprise, headed by him, was announced "The enterprise of the year". In that way those steps, undertaken by the enterprise towards aviation production expansion and its participation in many projects upon renovation and modernization of Russian aircraft fleet were appreciated. Aviation still remains the top priority for the plant, although it successfully masters production for oil, gas, oil-processing and oil-chemical industry.

20.12.04. - OZNA offers new measuring units

"OZNA" JV (Oktiabrskiy town) offers new measuring units that correspond to requirements of "Preliminary standard 153-39.0-133-2002 -¶L+". "OZNA-Massomer-E" and "OZNA-Massomer-R" are modern measuring units that passed probation tests and have been enlisted in Russian register as a measuring unit. The work has been done on the order of "Surgutneftegas", as new measuring units installed in this enterprise must pass exploitation tests.
"OZNA-Massomer" can be facilitated with mass consumption measuring unit made by either "YOKOGAWA" or "EMERSON", on customer option. OZNA specialists modernize existing measuring units "Sputnik" so that updated ones are facilitated with mass consumption measurer ensuring more precise and correct measuring of the oil extracted from boreholes. Employees of the enterprise hope that the novelties will find demand on the market, because precision is not only kings“ merit, but also strong point of modern oil industry workers.

15.12.04. - New technologies and wide assortment help JSC "Teastan" to stay afloat

Mastering new technologies and widening of production assortment help JSC "Teastan" to stay afloat with assurance despite serious problems, existing in tea industry of the country for today. Thus, the plant started to produce fruit teas with taste of bergamot, cherry, strawberry, raspberry and blackberry.
Production volume has reached 1020 tons for ten months of this year and this is by 1% more than the same index in 2003.
In value terms JSC "Teastan" has produced its commodity output for almost 83 millions rubles and this is by 5,3% more than the index of 2003.

14.12.04. - Capitalization of 18 Bashkir enterprises has grown up by 45%

Upon the totals of the auction with floater at RTS stock exchange for three quarters of this year capitalization of 18 leading Republican enterprises has grown up more than by 45%. According to the data of the Commission upon stock exchange RB quotations of such companies as "Bashneft", "Bashinformsvyaz", Bashkir copper-sulfur plant, "Bashkirnefteproduct", "Bashkirenergo", "Beloretsky metallurgical plant", "NEFAZ", "NOVOIL", "Salavatnefteorgsintez", "Soda", "UZEMIC", "UMPO", "Ufaneftehim", "Ufaorgsintez", "Ufimsky oil-processing plant" and "Utchalinsky mining-concentrating plant" grew up.
The largest growth is observed with shares of "Salavatnefteorgsintez" - up to 16,6 dollars, and "Bashneft"-4,27 dollars per one share.

9.12.04. - Large and middle Bashkir enterprises have produced commodity output for almost 34,9 billions rubles in November

Stable industry development was going on in Bashkortostan in November. According to preliminary data of State Statistical Committee RB, industrial production, produced by large and middle local enterprises, is evaluated almost in 34, 9 billions rubles and the growth in relation to corresponding period of 2003 is 3,4%.
For eleven months Bashkir enterprises have produced commodity output for more than 298,1 billions rubles-by 2,9% more than for the same period of 2003. As specialists confirm, from the beginning of 2004 production growth was provided for the majority of industrial branches.

8.12.04. - For ten months of this year fat-and-oil industry has worked best of all

Fat-and-oil industry is one of the best branches in food and processing industry of Bashkortostan for ten months of 2004. For this period the commodity output index has reached 84, 4 millions rubles and physical volume index makes up 170% to the level of last year. As Ministry of agriculture RB reports, from January to October 13,1 thousands tons of vegetable oil was produced and that was by 71,5% more than in 2003. The lion's share of fat-and-oil production falls on JSC "Chischminskoe", which position made up 96,4% in total volume of production for ten months of this year. For this period of time more than 34 thousands tons of sunflower seeds were processed by this JSC and the total sum of commodity output was 73,5 millions rubles.

7.12.04. - More than 135 thousands tons of granulated sugar have been produced in Bashkortostan for ten months.

For ten months of 2004 sugar industry enterprises have produced commodity output for the sum of 921,6 millions rubles, Republican Ministry of agriculture reports.
During this period of time two sugar plants have processed 76563 tons of raw material. For ten months 432559 tons of sugar beet were processed in Republic. This is by 22,5% more than in 2003. More than 135 thousands tons of granulated sugar is produced, including almost 60 thousands tons from local sugar beet and more than 75 thousands tons from imported raw material.

7.12.04. - Products made by "BaSKo" Ltd. rewarded by winning diploma at republic show-contest "Novelty-2004"

Products made by Ufa-based company "BaSKo" has been widely displayed at republic wholesale fairy, organized to boost concluding products supply contracts for 2005 that opened today in "Bashkortostan" Exhibition Hall. The assortment of the company is represented by various blankets, rugs and quilt bed-clothes made of sheep wool. Apart from fashionable design, these articles are packed into comfortable sheer plastic bags. According to specialists, bed-clothes made of natural sheep wool are very hygienic and beneficial for human body.
Fairy visitors pay their particular attention to set of pillow and quilts made of sheep wool - traditional raw material for "BaSKo" company. The set has been rewarded with winning diploma of the republic show-contest "Novelty-2004", which results was disclosed last week.
At "BaSKo" stand-booth you will also see a nice doll - Sheep that is a symbol of the company. The Sheep robes have been made by "Uspekh" Ltd., which is a division of Children University well-known in Ufa. This is a sample of successful business relations between two small enterprises.

6.12.04. - JSC "Bashneft" has put more than 200 new wells into exploitation this year.

Every year JSC "Bashneft" puts new oil wells into exploitation, thus providing stable oil mining on the territory of Bashkortostan and Western Siberia. From the beginning of this year three drilling companies, working for "Bashneft", "Ufa department of drilling works", "Neftekamsk department of drilling works" and "Burkan" put into exploitation more than 200 wells, thus providing 104,7% to the plan of eleven months. During this time drillers have driven through about 390,5 kilometers of rocks. Besides, drilling teams work in Western Siberia, in the North, Tatarstan, Orenburg and other oil regions of Russia.

6.12.04. - JSC "Bashneft" has mined more than 11 millions tons of oil.

JSC "Bashneft" has mined more than 11 millions tons of oil for 11 past months and it corresponds to the company's plan according to which the company has to mine 12 millions tons till the end of this year.
Three oil and gas mining companies still lead in oil mining: "Krasnoholmsneft" with 1,984 millions tons of hydrocarbon raw material on its score, "Arlanneft" (1,688 millions tons) and "Chekmagushneft" (1,647 millions tons). "Bashsibneft" works on the territory of Western Siberia, where it masters licensed zones and has mined 856 thousands tons of "black gold" from the beginning of this year.
In addition to oil, "Bashneft" has mined 302812 thousands cubic meters of accompanying gas and that exceeds plan indices by 3,5%.

5.12.04. - Ufa varnish and paints production plant started preparation for 2005

Ufa varnish and paints production plant has started its preparation for 2005. The enterprise operates in season mood - its products are demandable mainly in spring and summer. Therefore, now it is the right time for technical and technological update at the enterprise.
In this connection, at the general meeting of the enterprise shareholders there was decided to invest enterprise profit gained in 2004 into production modernization, particularly in purchasing equipments. The plant plans to purchase beads grinder, dissolvers, dispersers and tanks required for production of high-quality varnish and paints that are made using modern technologies, as well as update of production lines and increase of products output. The plants products are in demand either in Bashkortostan or abroad - not only in Russia, but in also Kazakhstan.
Amount of funds planned to be invested into the modernization approximates two millions roubles. The first batch of the equipments has been already delivered to the plant, and intended to be mounted in January next year.

3.12.04. - For ten months Bashkortostan has produced beer for the sum 1 billion 967,7 millions rubles.

Ministry of agriculture reports, the volume of commodity output in brewing industry of Bashkortostan has made up 1 billion 967,7 millions rubles and physical volume index has reached 118%.
The lion's share of production is made by JSC "Sheehan". Thus, they produced beer for one billion 284,1 millions rubles (this is more than last year indices by 30,1%) and physical volume index is 116,3%. From January to October this company has produced 10 millions 111 thousands decaliters of bee and that is by 18,7% more than in last year.

3.12.04. - European Union has allowed milk production export from Russia.

From today Russian producers may export their milk production in European market. Russian online mass media report European Commission has made the decision to accept three Russian enterprises - from Moscow, Barnaul and Lipetsk- in European markets. European Union Commission has permitted Russian companies to export their production after Russian authorities had guaranteed these enterprises to follow safety rules for food, accepted in European Union. Russian veterinary services will regularly check these companies to guarantee conforming to European Union standards.
In their turn European Union inspectors are also entitled to make inspections. At present time several other Russian enterprises are preparing to pass attestation procedure for exporting their production in European Union markets.
Ministry of agriculture of RB reports, at present time the work upon certification according to international standards is being performed in our Republic too. Thus, JSC "Belebeevsky milk plant" and "Meleuzovsky milk-conserved plant" have real possibilities to be included in the list of Russian enterprises, entitled to export their milk products abroad.

2.12.04. - Session of Ministry of economic development and industry of RB will be held in Ufa.

Session of Ministry of economic development and industry of RB is being held in the House of Republic today. The agenda includes three questions. In particular, totals of performing measures of "the Republican program of small-scale business state support in Bashkortostan in 2004" will be considered. Totals of work for the first half of 2004 to be summoned and the project of this program for 2005 will be also discussed.
Preparation of Bashkir economics to entering WTO will become the second question. Realization of the federal program "Social- economic development of Bashkortostan till 2006" will also be discussed during this session.

1.12.04. - Battery farm "Bashkirskaya" has the highest indices among Bashkir poultry farms.

Bashkortostan holds the eighth place among Russian regions upon production of eggs. At present time more than 150 names of foods from poultry products are offered to Republican citizens and the demand of Bashkir market is fully covered by locally produced eggs and chicken meat. Production of local poultry-breeders is highly demanded in neighboring regions too.
All categories of Bashkir farms produce one billion 212 millions eggs per year. Battery farm "Bashkirskaya" has the highest annual indices. From the beginning of 2004 here about 400 millions eggs were produced. This is by 4% more than in 2003. They receive in average 280 eggs from one layer and the farm intends to bring this index to 305-310 eggs to the end of this year. The farm has produced 1800 tons of poultry meat and intends to receive all 2300 tons to the end of 2004. They have received three millions 730 thousands chickens and this is by 6,4% more than last year indices.
The farm is actively busy with meat processing. Thus, 60% of poultry meat is directed for processing here. "Bashkirskaya" works with profit and enters the dozen of the largest and productively working poultry enterprises of Russian Federation.

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