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 Archive of news - January 2005

31.01.05. - Bashkir Dept of Russian SBERBANK intends to develop investment activities.

Bashkir Dept of Russian SBERBANK intends to develop its investment activities in 2005. This decision has been made after chairman of body of directors of Russian SBERBANK Andrei Kazmin met with Bashkir leadership in May 2004. That time large team of specialists from Russian SBERBANK arrived to Ufa with two-day visit. Their program was rather intense and included discussion over perspectives with Bashkir enterprises. Leaders of SBERBANK demonstrated their interest to investment projects, worked out at fuel-energy enterprises of Republic. And development of SBERBANK investment policy became the outcome .At present time 14% of credit portfolio of Bashkir Dept of SBERBANK are directed into investments. In particular, Bashkir Dept of SBERBANK of Russia invests reconstruction of cement production at JSC "Soda" (2,5 billions rubles), field works at Tolgansky deposit and enlargement of concentrating mill at JSC "Utchalinsky mining-concentrating plant" (545 millions rubles) and construction of Ufa business- center (219 millions rubles).

29.01.05. - Cooperation with Germany will accelerate implementation of the project "Bashkortostan Golden Ring"

Head of project "Community for assistance Saxony economics in Russia" Stephen Bart has participated in round table discussion of problems of ecological tourism held in Ufa State Service Institute. In the discussion the Institute principal Alexander Degtiarev has also taken part. German party has been also represented by Mr. Schmidt, Head of a company specialized in creating infrastructures and elaborating development concepts for resting and entertaining objects in Saxony, and also by Mr. Rosental, Head of Lufthansa representative office in Ufa.
Let us remind that Institute of Service has been creating project "Bashkortostan Golden Ring" that implies development of network of ecological tourism sites in the republic. The project is unique, as its implementation will help preserve unique nature of the territory featured by vast biological diversity, and its historical and cultural heritage, and at the same time, fulfillment of the project will create basis for civilized tourism industry.
Steps streamlined at ecological tourism have called vivid interest of German guests. Bashkortostan Ministry of External Economical Relations and Trade reported to "Bashinform" that appropriate cooperation offers will be done by mid of February. Plan of measures aimed at acceleration of implementation of project "Bashkortostan Golden Ring" will also be created.

24.01.05. - Bashkir industrial enterprises have produced output for the total sum almost 354 billions rubles in 2004.

According to refined data of the Territorial Branch of Federal state statistics service RB the volume of industrial production in Bashkortostan made up almost 354 billions rubles and that exceeded the same index of 2003 by 3, 3%. Republican enterprises have produced their output for more than 41 billions rubles only in December 2004. Production growth was observed at enterprises of the majority of branches, but the largest growth was reached by ferrous metallurgy, oil-chemical industry, machine-building and metal- working. The refined data upon agriculture proves the volume of agricultural production made up 57,16 billions rubles in 2004, thereby the level of 2003 was preserved.

24.01.05. - Economic indices of "Hydraulics" have grown up.

Growth of the main economic indices characterizes work of federal state unitary enterprise "Hydraulics" in 2004.
Thus, the volume of production and services sold (including VAT) made up one billion 110 millions rubles and that was by 8, 8% more than in 2003. Growth of commodity output made up 4,4% and physical volume index-101, 2%.
Changes in salaries are also noticeable. In comparison with the previous year it grew up by 4,1% and made up six thousands rubles in average. Arrears of wages are absent. 201, 5 millions rubles were transferred into Republican budget and off-budget funds for this period of time.
Modernization of production was continued in 2004. In order to organize production of gas-turbine engines of new generation within the frames of federal target program the plant purchased four units of high-precision equipment for the total sum 20 millions rubles. Balancing and commissioning have already been performed and training of local personnel is being accomplished at present time.

21.01.05. - Shares of JSC "Bashkirnefteproduct" are among leaders of sales at RTS Board in 2004

Upon the totals-2004 ordinary shares of Bashkir issuer - JSC "Bashkirnefteproduct" - have entered the list of leaders of sales. For the year the volume of sales upon these shares made up 3529138 dollars or 2% of the total volume of sales.
In all, the volume of sales at RTS Board has grown up by 140% up to 173 millions dollars. Activity of auction participants has grown up more than in two times - from 6 014 to 2583 bargains.
Such companies as "Antanta-Capital", "Troika-Dialogue", "Branwick U.B.S.", "Center Invest Securities" and "Alpha-Bank" became the most active operators in the system of RTS Board in 2004.
JSC "Novolipetsky metallurgical plant" has taken the leading stand in the system of RTS Board in circulation (14% of the total volume of bargains). The leader of two previous years JSC "Tumen Oil Company" was moved to the second place.
Shares of "Uralelectromed" (8% of the total volume of sales), JSC "Drugstore Network 36/6" (5%) and JSC "Saturn NPO" (2,8%) appeared in the list of the most liquid. During 2004 14 shares of nine issuers were included in the list of RTS Board. Therefore, this system allows setting quotes upon 699 securities of 561 issuers.
The system RTS Board is meant for indicating quoting of securities, not admitted to circulation at RTS Stock Exchange. RTS Board functions from February 15, 2001. At present time more than 400 investment companies and credit organizations are connected to the system. Any organization, possessing license of professional stock exchange participator, can get access to the system. Connection to RTS Board is chargeable.

21.01.05. - The rate of oil export duty is going down

From February 1 the rate of export duty for oil will go down to 83 dollars per one ton, as RBC agency is reporting. Corresponding enactment is already signed by Chairman of Russian Government Michael Fradkov.
Average price for oil of "Urals" brand has made up 36, 36 dollars per one barrel in November-December 2004 and the rate of export duty is set from this price. As a result, at the end of December Commission upon protective measures in external trade made the decision to allow Ministry of economic development and trade to correct the rate of custom duty.
At present time the functioning rate of export duty, introduced from December 1, 2004, is equal to 101 dollars per one ton. Specialists believe, the fall of this rate will allow reducing prices for benzene.

19.01.05. - Shares of JSC "POLYEF" will be put on sale again

Russian Federal Property Fund has announced auction upon sale of 100% of JSC "POLYEF" shares (Blagoveschensk, Bashkortostan). Sales will be held through public offer. The starting date of claims reception is January 31 and the final date is May 11, 2005.
The total face-value is 2746, 72 millions rubles. The price of initial offer is 4718 millions rubles. Initial offer will go down every three days, starting from January 31, with 140 millions rubles step. The minimal offer price (cutoff), shares can be sold for, is 1638 millions rubles, as rcc.ru is reporting.
JSC "POLYEF" is polyether complex under construction for terephthalic acid and polyethylene terephthalate production. Its production capacities for production of terephthalic acid and polyethylene terephthalate are 230 and 120 thousands tons per year correspondingly.
Erection of polyether complex started in 1987. It is being held since 1998 due to credits, given by Republic. Three auctions, announced by RFPF earlier, failed because of the absence of claims for participation.

18.01.05. - A New Director of ANK "Bashneft" has Been Appointed

According to the decree of council of directors a new general director of ANK "Bashneft" has been appointed. Gimran Gabitov has occupied a new position. Earlier he was an executive director of the company.
Last Friday under the chairmanship of Minister of Bashkortostan Economical Development and Industry Valentin Vlasov the council of the directors has adopted the decree of this appointment. Ildar Ishakov who had been running the ANK "Bashneft" company since 2000 was relieved of that position. The reason of that is his new job. But the sort of his new work isn“t still informed.
Gimran Gabitov took up the duties of his new.
During 2000 - 2004 Gimran Gabitov ran OJSC "Igeneering company, and has been executive director of "Bashneft".

18.01.05. - In 2004 ANK "Bashneft" extracted more than 12 million tones of oil

Last year ANK "Bashneft" extracted more than 12 million tones of "black gold". The range of extracting, planned on the beginning of the year, is completely implemented. And some of the oil gas mining companies, which are among the greatest oil gas mining corporation of Bashkortostan, have even exceeded year program.
NGDU quot;Krasnoholmskneft", a leader among the carbon hydrogen stuff mining companies, extracted 2.167 mln tones of oil, NGDU "Arlanneft" - 1.843 mln tonnes, NGDU "Chekmagushneft" - 1.796 mln tones, NGDU "Uzharlanneft" - 1.424 mln tones. The other oil gas mining companies extracted less than one million tones of "black gold".
Almost all the NGDU implemented their year programs. The exception can be only oil gas mining company "Bashsibneft" which extract carbon hydrogen stuff on the territory of Western Siberia, where the ANK is developing licensed plots. NGDU extracted 936 thousand 475,5 tonnes of oil, it“s 98,5 per cent of its year program.
Besides, in 2004 NGDU companies extracted 331 million 615 thousand cubic metres of passing gas. This proves exceeded the program indexes. "Oktyabrskneft", "Ufaneft" and "Ishimbayneft" also etracted 29 million 763 thousand cubic metres of gas.

18.01.05. - The machine-building plant of Baymak consolidates the relations with the mining metallurgical company of Ural

In 2004 OJSC "The machine-building plant of Baymak" implemented the orders up to 12,5 million rubbles? It“s on e of the rock-mining companies of Ural. There is also a definite amount of the orders from UGMK companies to 2005.
One of the special feature is that fact when during the soviet union times the machine-building plant of Baymak producing spare parts of the mining equipment too actively collaborated with many other mining industries of SSSR, providing them with the production up to 80-100 million of rubbles yearly (in comparison with nowadays prices). The Soviet Union“s break-up, agricultural relatins breakdown damaged the Baymak machine-builders. But it“s good that rock enriching manufactures of South Ural are more and more oriented on the facilities of "The machine-building plant of Baymak" which is the mane base for UGMK. By the end of December 2004 the plant“s stuff had the orders of production supplying of eighteen enterprises, it“s 40 per cent of the year plan. Besides, last year was characterized with the fact that at first during the last ten years the machine-building plant was completely supplied with the orders upon enterprise program of 2004 running before august.

17.01.05. - Bashkortostan has taken the eighth place upon industrial production volume among Russian regions in 2004

According to preliminary data of State Statistical Committee RB industrial production volume of Bashkortostan is evaluated in 352 billions rubles in 2004 and that exceeds the same index-2003 by 3, 3%. The majority of industrial branches have increased production volumes and the largest growth was reached in ferrous metallurgy, oil-chemical industry, machine-building and metal- working.
It is necessary to mention economic growth is still going on already for the sixth year in Republican industry and industrial production growth has grown up by 40% for this period of time.
Due to powerful potential, presence of more than thousand of large and medium enterprises, functioning of unique productions and technologies our Republic has taken the eighth place among all Russian regions upon industrial production volume in 2004.

17.01.05. - Workers of oil-gas branch will discuss problems of information technologies

The third All-Russian conference "Oil-Gas-Internet-2005" (www.neftegas-internet.ru) will be traditionally held in Chelyabinsk region, at mountain-ski resort "Zavyaliha", February 15- 17. Internet laboratory "ORA" (Ufa) and independent oil product trade site NGE.RU (Moscow-Tula) are its organizers.
Representatives of oil-gas branch, specialists of information technologies from Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Ufa, Kazan, Izevsk, Angarsk and other cities will gather at this well-known mountain- ski resort.
It is expected such questions as internet-marketing, telecommunication solutions for oil-gas industry, automation of operative calculation for traders and operators and experience of large oil companies in Internet work will be the subject for discussions there. Participants of the first two conferences mark, along with discussions these Ural meetings can be considered as a good chance to establish new contacts and partnership relations, as news-service of the conference is reporting..

15.01.05 - At CJSC "Kauchuk" the competition devoted to the enterprise“s 45-year anniversary was announced

This year Sterlitamak enterprise "Kauchuk" has it“s 45-year anniversary. The preparations of this great celeblation have already begun and at CJSC the competition "The Best Young Applier of Modern Methods of Efficiency" was announced. Its is aimed to attract working youth to solve the problems of efficient use of raw materials and fuel-energetic resourses.
Creating of data bank of efficient ideas with the goal of prime cost reduce, quality and security increase is being considered in the context of the competition. There will be also held an examination of promoting posters on the theme of energy saving and a conference for youth of science-technical art.

14.01.05. - 13 enterprises of Bashkortostan enter the number of the largest Russian companies

Upon the totals of 2004 13 enterprises of Bashkortostan have entered the Top 300 of the largest Russian companies, annually published by magazine "Commersant".
Besides, "Bashneft", "Bashkirenergo", JSC "Salavatnefteorgsintez", JSC "UMPO", "Ufa oil-processing plant", "Ufaneftehim", JSC "Bashinformsvyaz" and JSC "Utchalinsky mining- concentrating plant" are found in the first hundred of this elite list. The list of industrial giants includes also "Ufaorgsintez", "Bashkirnefteproduct", Bashkir copper-sulfur plant, Beloretsk metallurgical plant and Neftekamsk motor-car plant.

13.01.05. JSC "Alternative" has mastered new method of pipe insulation

JSC "Alternative" has mastered perspective method of pipe insulation - with foam polystyrene shell. Specialists say this shell has high warmth-saving capacity and more aesthetic look. Communications, covered with this shell are less subjected corrosion, thus, the term of their life-service is longer. This insulation can be used in industrial and civil construction, both for air and underground pipelines under surface temperature up to +850 C. It can be easily used in combination with tar paper or glass fiber cloth. In case of emergency the shell can be easily dismantled and can be used repeatedly. Buyers are attracted both by its technical parameters and price. For example, coating of one running meter pipe 34mm diameter with this shell will cost about 50 rubles.

12.01.05. - 23 Republican enterprises have certified quality control systems in 2004

Other 23 certified quality control systems have appeared at Republican enterprises in 2004. Therefore, to the end of 2004 more than 60 enterprises of different profiles, having similar systems, are counted in Republic, as Quality and Certification Center "BaCK" reports. At present time availability of such system is considered important criteria of enterprise's competitiveness and the sign that this or that production is oriented towards really qualitative output.
It is worth mentioning that "UMPO" has become the pathfinder here. Certification works were carried out at this enterprise back in 1997. Ufa cable plant and UPPO certified their systems one year later. More and more Republican enterprises develop their quality control systems and confirm their correspondence to international ISO standards. Besides, the majority of these enterprises work upon the new version of these standards- ISO-2000, including UZEMIC, "Hydraulics", Ufa meat-packing plant and some others.
Works in this direction are going on.

12.01.05. - Ufa inventor is working over improvement of metallurgical production

Ufa inventor Hamit Rachmatullin has found the method of creating highly productive metallurgical production. This method allows combining different cycles of ferrous metallurgy. According to his words, practical realization of his ideas will allow receiving steel of better quality, at the same time converting to cheaper fuel, reducing personnel and lessening harmful influence upon ecology.
Advantages of Rachmatullin's invention are reached due to constructive solutions. He has created the tight scheme, which allows automating the whole metallurgical process and converting localized heat energy into electrical one.
"This modernization essentially increases efficiency of metal production and really reduces the cost of metal production"- Hamit Rachmatullin says-"I consulted with metallurgists from Temirtau and they proved vitality of my construction. But in order to realize these ideas I need associates and I believe we will be able to say a new word in metallurgy through our joint efforts".

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