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 Archive of news - February 2005

28.02.05. - Caoutchouc from Sterliatamac is demanded not only within Russia.

The largest world company "Continental AG & Rollspeed", producing tires for passenger cars and trucks and general mechanical rubber goods, intends to start cooperation with JSC "Caustic". The company unites enterprises, located in Germany, France, Portugal, USA and other countries. Representatives of the company visited Sterlitamac and inspected production of isoprene Caoutchouc to make sure local production met international standards.

28.02.05. - JSC "Caustic" successfully fulfills its technical renovation program.

JSC "Caustic" successfully fulfills its program of technical renovation. Thus, mounting of the unit for rectification of sulphate brine is going on. Its launching expected to give real economic effect, since exhaust brine is returned back into production cycle. Before it was pumped out at JSC "Soda" and large sums were paid for return.

25.02.05. - Beloretsk metallurgists approved collective agreement for 2005

At Beloretsk metallurgical plant, a part of Steel Group "Mechel", a conference dedicated to approving collective agreement for 2005 has taken part.
According to the plant press service, within the last six weeks workers of workshops and divisions of the plant have been discussing a draft of the new collective agreement. All claims and remarks, submitted to conciliation commission, have been studied and taken into account. At the conference, final results have been summed up, and work of administration office and trade union committee as per execution of the collective agreement for 2004 has been appraised satisfactory.
New collective agreement with amendments and appendixes has got unanimous approval. At the 2005 agreement, social policy of the enterprises has been preserved the same as it was in 2004 agreement. Moreover, this year even larger sums as compared to last year are to be allotted to social development. In its article "Salaries" 20 per cent growth of employees“ salary rates has been set. Besides, in the new agreement there are articles that provide for economical development of the enterprise, labor safety, healthcare and medial services for its employees, ecological safety and personnel trainings and work guarantee.

24.02.05. - Gas turbine energy generating installation is being made in Shaksh

In Shaksh, in Ufa machine building plant territory, gas turbine energy generating installation GTE-18 designed to operate on natural gas, is being now constructed. The installation is being created for generating heat and electricity, and testing gas energy generating equipments.
The whole future complex will occupy space equal to football field. But measurements of the installation itself are rather compact. On the trial platform, number of complex technical constructions including centrifugal installation produced by "Kazankompressormash" enterprise, will be settled. Adjusting and launching works are to be complete this year.
According to specialists, suchlike installations are quite economical: when working just on electric generator, efficiency makes 35 per cent, whereas generating steam while supplying heated water, efficiency rises to reach 60-70 per cent. Moreover, many processes will be automated that will ensure running installation without stuff supervision. Another advantage is high ecological safety measures to provide total environmental protection. Period of covering capital outlays provided that electrical and heating energy are sold - over three years.
As previously alleged, stationary energy generating installations are manufactured at Ufa motor constructing enterprise (UMPO). Interest toward this high-tech and scientific products are shown not solely in Russia, but also abroad. UMPO considers this activity as one of the most important and promising ones.

24.02.05. - Stakes of Bashkortostan enterprises are offered for sale

Bashkortostan Ministry of Property Relations keeps on selling stakes of state-owned enterprises. 801690 ordinary shares of Almukhametovskiy elevator or 100 per cent stake of its authorized capital, has been offered for public auctions.
Initial price of the stake: 27 mln 635 ths roubles.
12 per cent of Sterlitamak Argotechservice enterprise will also be auctioned. The enterprise makes repairs and technical maintenance of agriculture technical equipments and facilities as well as produces installations, equipments and spare parts.
Initial price of the stake: one mln 374 ths roubles.
100 per cent stake of Davlekanovsk casting mechanical workshop that manufactures spare parts and non-standard equipments for grain processing and bread storing factories, will be auctioned as well.
Initial price of the auction is 2 mln 918 ths roubles.
25 per cent stake of authorized capital of "Bashremstroy" will be offered for auctions at price 708.5 ths roubles.
Initial price of 100 per cent stake of ordinary shares of "Sterlitamakskaya" company has been set 11 mln roubles.
Bashkortostan Ministry of Property Relations alleges that after set period is over, initial price of stake is to be 10 per cent decreased. Minimum price at which lot can be sold, makes 50 per cent of its initial price.
Applications for participation in the auctions are to be submitted since March 14th. Deadline is April 22d, 2005.

24.02.05. - Workers of oil and gas industry highly appreciated Internet possibilities for business development

The third All-Russian conference "Oil and Gas. Internet-2005" (www.neftegaz-internet.ru) has been held these days in Chelyabinsk oblast, mountain resort "Zavialikha". The conference has been organized by Internet laboratories "ORA" (Ufa) and independent trading site ńNGE.RU". Nearly 30 representatives of oil and gas field and IT specialists of from Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Toliatti, Kazan, Izhevsk, Ufa and other cities have taken part in the conference.
Ufa specialists were previously alleged to bring forward the idea of organizing such conference. For the third time the Ufa Internet-laboratory has gathered oil and gas workers not only from Bashkortostan but from the whole Russia in order to exchange with experience in IT and establishing partnerships. This year, representatives of another Bashkir enterprise have taken part in the conference for the first time - it“s "Salavatnefteorgsintez".
At the recent conference problems of automation of efficient inventory for oil products traders and operators, characteristic features of promotion of oil and gas Internet sites, Intranet-Internet technologists and other problems have been discussed.
Great interest and vivid debates amongst participants were shown toward "On-line sales of oils products under bank and insurance companies guarantees" topic. According to specialists, such technology is very promising on the Russian oil market.
According to Andrey Kuznetsov, representative of "Teckard" marketing group (Tula-Moscow), the conference "Oil and Gas. Internet-2005" really assists oil and gas workers not only in concluding new contracts and replenish their knowledge in IT sphere, but also making their business more profitable.
Intense entertaining program also contributed to the conference efficiency.

24.02.05. - "Ufaorgsintez" and "Salavatnefteorgsintez" have good perspectives.

Bashkir producers - JSC "UFAORGSINTEZ" and JSC "SALAVATNEFTEORSINTEZ"-have rather good perspectives for development. According to forecasts of the analytical company "Creon", positive dynamics of demand is expected in the Russian market of polyethylene to be preserved during a long-term period of time. The volume of polyethylene consumption has to reach 1490 tons to 2010.
Nonetheless, polyethylene capacities, available in Russia at present moment, are not able to meet growing demands of the market, thus, only two ways out are left: construction of new plants and import increase. Several Russian enterprises, including "SALAVATNEFTEORGSINTEZ", "NOVATEC" and "ORENBURGNEFTEGAS" have already expressed their intention either to enlarge their capacities or to start erection of new ones.
Several factors are hampering development of polyethylene market in Russia now. First, the market is steadily filled by import plastic wares (about 800 thousands tons are imported annually) and, second, the level of domestic production is too low.
This was the main subject of the second international conference "Polyethylene-2005", held by "Creon" in February, 2005. State and perspectives of Russian market development look rather problematic, as it was stated at the forum. Although the volume of polyethylene production in Russian increased in 1,4 times in comparison with the middle of 80-s, we still don't produce several sorts of polyethylene and copolymers. World companies produce low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene, linear polyethylene, metallocenes polyethylene and Savilen. Russia produces just polyethylene of high and low density and Savilen. The reason is at present time deceleration of growth rates is observed, since technical possibilities of domestic enterprises are practically exhausted. Thus, the level of capacity load made up 94,9% over Russia as a whole in 2004. According to analysts' forecasts output of polyethylene will reach 100% usage of local capacities to be stabilized on that level in 2005-2006. Analysts believe production of linear polyethylene the most perspective, since it is necessary for production of shrinkable films and stretches.

21.02.05. - Light industry: cheap import presses local production out.

Devaluation of ruble and import substitution has once played its positive role for light industry but now this factor is exhausted, experts from Ministry of economic development and trade of Russian believe. Process of pressing domestic light industry out and its replacement by cheaper import is going on.
Information portal of light industry marks, referring to materials of Russian Ministry of economic development and trade, abundance of cheap wares of "grey import" and "shady" local production in the Russian market is one of the reasons of production collapse in light industry. Specialists mark domestic production covers just 23% of Russian market of light industry goods, 13% fall on official import and the rest falls on "grey import" and "shady production".
In 2004 production volumes have fallen by 7,5% compared with 2003. Republican rates of decrease look slightly lower -by 2,1%.
High percent of wear for key assets at Russian light industry enterprises is the eternal problem for light industry, since it is impossible to produce high quality modern goods at critically obsolete and worn-out equipment and this machinery doesn't allow applying modern technologies. The level of wear for machines and equipment is 58,8% now. Production capacities don't work at full load-less than 50%. More than a half of enterprises are unprofitable and investment climate remains unfavorable for this brunch.
In the total export volume the share of light industry goods is 0,8-1,1%. At the same time official import makes up 5-6%. Production, imported in 2004, is evaluated in two billions 518 millions dollars (by 15% more than in 2003). Volumes of official export are 997 millions dollars (7% growth).
Unsatisfactory technical condition of the overwhelming majority of local enterprises doesn't permit to stand real competition. Goods, produced by local enterprises, don't meet world standards and this is the main factor, which hampers growth of export volumes.

18.02.05. - Japanese businessmen are visiting Republican enterprises of oil chemistry and machi-building today.

Today is the second day of Japanese business delegation's visit to Bashkortostan. Representatives of the largest Japanese companies: "Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd", "SMC Pneumatic", "Fanuk Mitsui Automation CIS", "Shimadzu" and "Mitsui" have arrived to Ufa yesterday and same day they negotiated with specialists of local productions, including UMPO, UPPO, "Hydraulics" and some others. This business meeting was organized by Ministry of external economic relations and trade RB, where guests presented their companies.
Today they left for Sterlitamac and Salavat. Trade-Industry Chamber RB reports they are interested mainly in our oil-chemical complex and machine-building. JSC "Salavatnefteorgsintez" has become the first halt on their route. Further they visited "Caustic". In the second half of the day Japanese guests expected to visit JSC "Sterlitamac M.T.E.". Japanese delegation will leave Republic tonight.

17.02.05. - Wide assortment of polygraphic production and services is presented at "UFAPROMEXPO-2005".

Ufa polygraphic workers are demonstrating all variety of their production at "UFAPROMEXPO-2005" and four polygraph enterprises are found among exhibitors of the exhibition: state unitary enterprises "Publishing House Bashkortostan" and "Ufa Polygraphic Plant" and private companies "Informreklama" and "Design Polygraph Service".
One can't imagine today's reality without colorful advertising posters, banners, calendars, books and magazines, full-colored newspapers, labels and packages-possibilities of modern polygraphic workers look limitless today.
Thus, exhibition stand of "Publishing House Bashkortostan" is abounding with newspapers and magazines. For today it prints about 100 full-colored and black-and-white newspapers, more than 30 names of magazines and manuals. Besides, they issue different forms, books in hard and soft cover, may-colored labels, picturesque cardboard package and posters. "Publishing House Bashkortostan" introduces the newest technologies and works on modern equipment, such as "AGFA Galileo" and "AGFA Polaris 100E", made in Belgium and meant for production of forms upon filmless technology. And newspaper web offset four-color printing machine "UNISET-60" of German company "Mann Roland" has no analogues in our region.
The main production of another exhibitor- one of the oldest polygraphic enterprises of Bashkortostan - "Ufa Polygraphic Plant"- is production of books: from pre-printing preparation and full- colored printing to bindery. At present time the plant is completing its vast modernization and it has become possible due to full support of Republican leadership. Thus, in 2004 the plant purchased high-technological and having no analogues in Republic book production line "Zigloch-Colbus" for production of hard cover books of any format and four-color Japanese printing machine "Diamond-1000". Besides, the plant issues magazines, brochures, albums, booklets, posters, playbills, envelops, postcards and many other things.
Publishing House "Informreklama" is one more traditional participant of all Republican and town polygraphic exhibitions and it successfully works at the market of publishing, polygraphic and advertising services for the tenth year. The enterprise is equipped by powerful computer hardware and printed equipment of German company "Heidelberg". The main production of the enterprise is books, magazines, brochures, manuals, postcards, pasteboards, diplomas, invitations, catalogues etc.
And "Design Polygraph Service" is the youngest participant here. This company prints books, visit cards, booklets, presentation posters and every day calendars, notepads. The company offers designer services, making-up, digital printing, fast polygraphy, production of plastic cards, seals and stamps and photo shooting within the frames of polygraphic orders.

17.02.05. - Industrial growth will make 5-7% in 2005-2007, specialists say

Industrial growth in Bashkortostan capital Ufa will make 5-7 per cent, according to specialists“ forecasts. The figures are disclosed in forecasts plan for Ufa social and economical development for 2005-2007, drafted by the city administration and approved at the session of the City State Council. The plan was read by Albina Yusupova, Deputy Head of Ufa city administration at the briefing of heads of city industrial and construction enterprises.
Like in previous years, basis of Ufa development will make material production sphere, and mainly industrial complex, —cause it“s not a secret that performing task for doubling Gross Domestic Products index is no possible without production of new competitive products, usage of modern technologies and scientific innovations. No less important has been problem of increasing quality of the products produced. Therefore, the city enterprises“ equipments and facilities will undergo further modernization, and main industrial funds will be renewed at the enterprises“ own costs and credits granted. Besides, there will be kept on further implementation of international standards and production quality management systems certification.
Specialists say that increased rate of investing into main capital (that will total 105-110 per cent in 2005-2007, according to the specialists) will help reaching this aim, and investments into production sphere will make over the half of the total investments value.
Expected is growth of investments into reconstruction, enlarging and technical re-equipment and construction of electric power generating enterprises, crude oil refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, machine-building enterprises, construction materials works, plants of food, light medical and printing industries.
Main source of funding are to be both the enterprises“ own costs and credits granted by national banks and also international institutions; there will also be attracted other investments, - these are all together to make nearly 90 per cent of the total investments in 2005.
As Albina Yusupova said, the forecast has been based on analysis of industrial output in 2004 with trends of developments of large and medium-scale enterprises that makes the majority in the industrial field, and their plans for developments taken into account. Therefore, the main task for Ufa-based enterprises for the next period is preserving and increasing rates of products output achieved, further improving competitiveness of the products and services and also ensuring profitability of the enterprises.

17.02.05. - Sterlitamakskiy petrochemical plant won gold medal for its products quality

At the fourth International contest "The best rubbers and rubber-made articles", Sterlitamakskiy petrochemical plant has been awarded with gold medal for coagulant-antioxidant used in rubber production and silver medal for "Agidol-21" and "Octofor-N" (a resin used in production of tyres and in other fields of chemical industry). The contest has been held in the framework of the VIII International Specialized Exhibition "Tyres, rubbers and rubber-made articles-2005". The exhibition has been held in Moscow this month.
Nearly 150 enterprises from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, India, Arabic Emirates, Serbia and Montenegro, USA, Finland and Switzerland have been exhibited there.
At the exhibition, Sterlitamakskiy petrochemical plant has been rewarded with two diplomas "For active participation in the exhibition" and "For the comprehensive disposition of the assortment".

16.02.05. - At the exhibition ńUfapromexpo" light industry of the capital featured variety of the products displayed

At the City“s exhibition "Ufapromexpo-2005 Ufa light industry represented the great variety of its products. New collection of women dressings has demonstrated Ufa knit-wear clothes factory that specializes on overall jersey and knit-wear clothes. Its assortment has been represented by jackets, jumpers, waistcoats, skirts, trousers, tunics, costumes and outfits for youngsters. All the clothes are manufactured of yarn with natural fabrics of the highest quality made by either foreign or native manufacturers, added. The factory closely cooperates with related companies in other regions of Russia, through which the Ufa factory penetrates and develops new markets - thus its clothes are good-selling articles in Moscow and St.-Petersburg.
Large assortment of linens has been represented by Ufa enterprise for cotton-made articles. According to Irina Noskova, general director of the enterprise, the great demand on the market has been for canvas-sewed sheet wading, calicos and coarse calicos, she reported to "Bashinform" correspondent. Today, the factory offers great assortment of linens. Sewing workshop is ready to make any order for sewing linen articles of any sizes and outfits, both for home use and for hospitals, sanatoriums, kindergartens, etc. The articles of the factory used to win All-Russian contest "100 Russia“s best products". They have also got "Sign of consumers“ appreciation" in the contest "Quality of products is appraised by consumers". The factory products have been also awarded with Golden plaque for quality.
Atelier "Salavat" that has been working on the market for over 20 years displayed its exclusive collection of fur and leather coats. Now, the atelier not just sews coats from mink, polar fox, musquash, but it also started to offer new service - make fur and leather cover-cases for cars salons.

16.02.05. - Three industrial exhibitions working in Ufa

These days three important industrial exhibitions have been held in Ufa.
Today, Bashkortostan president Murtaza Rakhimov visited one of the exhibitions - "Ufapromexpo-2005". Exponents of the exhibition have taken up the first floor of "Bashkortostan" exhibition hall. Organizers of the exhibition, like in the past years, have been Ufa city administration, Bashkortostan Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Exhibition complex "BashEXPO". Exponents are over 140 Ufa-based enterprises of different fields and ownership forms: machine-building "giants" and companies of food and light industries, wood processing enterprises and private servicing companies - in a word, the exhibition has hosted the whole range of Ufa business.
The two other exhibitions - "Construction. Stone processing. Housing-2005" and "Energy. Electrical technical equipments. Energy saving-2005" - have been held in "Neftianik" Culture Palace. Organizer of these two exhibitions is "Ligas" commercial innovative centre supported by Bashkortostan Ministry of Housing, Bashkortostan State Committee for Construction, Architecture And Transport and Bashkortostan Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Over 80 exponents from different regions of Russia and Belarus have been participating in the exhibitions. The exhibitions represent topical business of today - construction, stone processing, housing and energy saving. The exhibitions have been demonstrating the best achievements in the above-mentioned fields. Besides, specialists have got opportunity to get familiar with problems of Russia construction business at the international technical and scientific conference, organized by Ufa State Oil Technical University.
According to the participants, information acquired at the exhibitions assists in establishing mutually beneficial contacts between producers and consumers, while potential investors have got opportunity to better understand Bashkortostan market, as leading enterprises of the city and the whole republic have displayed the fullest range of their possibilities.

15.02.05. - The unit for getting hydrogen is launched at JSC "Polyef".

The unit for getting hydrogen through water electrolysis of the Canadian company "Electrolyser" is successfully launched at JSC "Polyef" (Blagoveschensk). Hydrogen will be used at the unit of hydrogenation for purifying terephthalic acid.
JSC "Polyef" is the abuilding enterprise, which is meant for production of 230 thousands tons of terephthalic acid per year. It is used for production of polyethylene terephthalate and the enterprise intends to produce it up to 120 thousands tons per year. Polyethylene terephthalate is used as a plastic for packing foods, in production of plastic bottles, threads and fibers. Starting of the hydrogen unit is one more successful step, which has brought launching of the whole complex even closer.

14.02.05. - Representatives of business circles from Japan will visit Bashkortostan this week.

Delegation of business circles from Japan will arrive to Bashkortostan on Thursday, February 17 to negotiate with representatives of our business. The sphere of their interests covers machine-building and oil-chemical industry. The first official action with participation of our guests is laid down on 11 o clock, Trade-Industry Chamber RB reports. Business-meeting will be held in Ministry of external economic relations and trade and representatives of the Ministry and Trade-Industry Chamber RB will take part in it. After official greetings, presentation of such Japanese companies as "Mitsubishi Heavy Industries", "Fanuk Mitsui Automation CIS", "Mitsui", "SMC Pneumatic" and "Shimadzu" will start. Individual negotiations will be held after presentation. It is expected same day Japanese delegation will visit local joint- venture "Oyo-Geo-Impulse Ltd".
According to preliminary program our guests expected to visit several industrial enterprises of Salavat and Sterlitamac.

14.02.05. - "Bashneft": one million tons of oil was mined in January.

Oil Company "Bashneft" has mined the first million tons of oil in this year and it means 100% of mining planned for this month. The company intends to pump out from its deposits 12 millions tons of oil in 2005 and this figure looks quite real, since this is the exact volume of oil, mined by oil-gas subsidiaries of the company for the last years.
"Krasnoholmskneft" has the largest volume of oil on its account-183 thousands tons and "Arlanneft" goes the second with 157 thousands tons, mined in January, "Chekmagushneft" has pumped out slightly less-155,9 thousands tons.
Bashkir oil workers have mined 76880 tons of oil at Western Siberian deposits. Besides, oil-gas subsidiaries of "Bashneft" have mined 29261 thousands cubic meters of accompanying gas and 3460 thousands cubic meters of natural gas in January.

13.02.05. - Bashkortostan ranking first in crude oil refining in Russia

At present, Bashkortostan is a leader amongst Russia regions in crude oil refining, having each 8th ton of the Russian oil refined and each 6th ton of automobile petrol and diesel fuel produced in Russia. This information is indicated in Territory organ of Bashkortostan Federal Statistics Service. Thus, just in Bashkortostan, 24.6 mln tons of crude oil was refined last year. There was also growth in diesel fuel output (101.1 per cent as compared to 2003), high-octane automobile patrols output (115.9 per cent) and greasing oils output (103.5 per cent). Specialists say that Bashkir oil products can easily compete with Western analogies in their quality and environmental safety, and meet European standards.

10.02.05. - 90 mln dollars of foreign investments from 23 countries attracted to Bashkortostan economics last year

According to Bashkortostan Federal Statistics Service, accumulated foreign capital (including roubles investments converted into US dollars) in Bashkortostan economics valued 152 mln US dollars at the end of 2004, which is 55 per cent more then year before, with nearly equal parts of direct and indirect investments (credits of international financial organizations, trade loans so on).
Specialists note that within the last two years in the republic there have been stable growth in not only foreign investments, but also in the tempo the investments are made. Just in 2004, in Bashkortostan economics there was attracted nearly 90 mln US dollars of foreign investments from 23 countries.

10.02.05. - Enterprises of food industry were developed with stability in Bashkortostan in 2004.

Enterprises of food industry have produced foodstuff for the total sum 19,4 millions rubles in 2004 and that exceeded results of 2003 by 4,1%, Federal State Statistics Service RB reports. Food industry of Republic consists of enterprises of 18 sub-branches and the largest are cheese-making and milk, bread and bakery, alcoholic beverage and brewing. Production of meat was increased by 7,2% in comparison with 2003, sausages-by 19,5%, animal oil-by 9,7%, milk and milk production-by 14,6%, canned goods-by 10,7%, beer-by 16,6% and mineral waters-by 3%.

8.02.05. - Enterprises of chemical and oil-chemical industry have increased their production rates in 2004.

According to data of Federal State statistics service RB, enterprises of chemical and oil-chemical industry have increased their production output by 9% in 2004. Positive results were manly anticipated by output of such kinds of production as styrene (2,9 times increase towards 2003), mineral fertilizers and synthetic ammonia (1,5-1,6 times growth), benzene (by 12,5%), soda ash (by 11,3%), paintwork materials (by 14,6%), butyl and isobutyl alcohols (by 0,2%)- as for this production, our Republic produces a half of All-Russian volume of it at present time, synthetic resins and plastics (physical volume index made up 100,9%)- Republic is found on the second place among Russian regions upon its production.

8.02.05. - External trade circulation of Bashkortostan made up about four billions dollars in 2004.

External trade circulation made up 3 billions 828 millions dollars in 2004, representative of Russian Ministry of foreign affairs in Ufa Zinnur Mardanov reported at the press-conference, held in "Bashinform" today. This is the maximal volume for the whole history of external trade of Republic, he emphasized. Five years ago external circulation made up just one billion 870 millions dollars, therefore the growth in more than two times has occurred during these years. 40% of internal gross product is formed due to external trade today. Besides, Zinnur Mardanov indicates, only one tenth from the whole external trade circulation falls on import and export forms the rest. For example, an equipment from Europe (Germany) and China was imported for the sum only about 300 millions dollars and Bashkortostan is considered export-oriented region for today.
Zinnur Mardanov says our producers have to work over assortment of their production exported. Production of fuel-energy complex and oil-chemistry makes up the lion's share of the export and production of machine-building is a rare guest here. In 2003 the share of fuel-energy and oil chemistry was 75% and in 2004-70% of all export.

8.02.05. - Bashkortostan is a leader in Russia in output of steel wire

In 2004 ferrous metallurgical plants significantly raised their industrial outputs. According to Bashkortostan federal Statistics Service, index of products output in the field totaled 114.5 per cent. The growth was due to general increase in metal consumption in the country. Last year, Bashkortostan raised ferrous rolled iron and steel wires production as compared to 2003. Today, Bashkortostan is ranking first in production of steel wires in Russia, having produced over the half of the Russian total output.

6.02.05. - Products made by Salavatneftemash be in demand

Decision to start production of cistern-carriages, made several years ago by Salavatneftemash authorities, ensures the enterprise real profit now. Cistern-carriages for transporting light oil products have found demand on the market. Sales of the cisterns just in the fourth quarter of 2004 let the enterprises earn 74 mln roubles.
Ufa oil refineries - Novo-Ufimskiy oil refinery, Ufimskiy oil refinery, Ufaneftekhim - actively purchase products made by Salavatneftemash.
Salavatneftekhim started to produce cistern-carriages in 2003. In December 2003, the enterprise offered its first cisterns to customers. The idea of production of the cistern-carriage came up spurred by the enterprise main customer - Bashneftekhim. Strongly supported by the republic administration, appropriate technical documents were drawn out, production was trialed and after then committed into function.
Cistern capacity - 66 tons, construction speed - 120 km per hour.

4.02.05. - 11.1 mln tons of crude oil and 344.9 mln of cbm of natural gas extracted last year

According to Bashkortostan Federal Statistics Service, 11.1 mln tons of crude oil (or 99 per cent as compared to 2003) and 344.9 cubic meters of natural gas (or 98 per cent) were extracted in Bashkortostan last year.
Owing to active investment policy, crude oil extraction in Bashkortostan achieved and stabilized at 11-12 mln tons a year within the last years. If oil extracted by Bashkir specialists outside Bashkortostan taken into account, crude oil extraction approached 12.2 mln tons. Index of industrial growth totaled 100.2 per cent.

2.02.05. - New equipment of JSC "ISKOJ" converts textile into picturesque canvasses.

JSC "ISKOJ" (Neftekamsk) has acquired a modern set of equipment, meant for production of furniture and motor-car cloths. It was put up into exploitation not long ago.
New equipment permits to produce jacquards, dobby plush cloths of any drawings and color combinations. It is possible to create real art works with its help.
At present time the JSC is performing marketing investigations in the market of furniture materials to study demand.
JSC "ISKOJ" is one of the largest producers of artificial leathers in Russia and CIS. This is multi-profiled production unit, which includes the plant of artificial leathers, a knitting mill, the factory of upholstery knitting materials, the workshop for production of foam-rubber, sewing and spinneret productions, weaving mill and production of polyethylene films and package materials.

1.02.05. - T "Kauchuk" got 4 mln tons of isoprene rubber

Event that has been waited long and strived since 1970 by "Kauchuk" corporation, which step by step improved its production output, at last has came into reality. In the I-5B workshop the fourth million ton of SKI rubber was released from conveyor. Heat briquette of isoprene rubber marked with No. 133333334 was received with excitement by shift A stuff of the workshop headed by A. Pogorelov. Ceremonial meeting dedicated to such an event then took place, where general manager Anas Abdullin congratulated employees of the enterprise with "labor victory" and conferred diploma of honor, thankfulness letters and money reward to the large group of workers.

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