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 Archive of news - March 2005

31.03.05. - "Bashkir scientific-investigational institute of bee-keeping and apiotherapy" and JSC "New Chemical Technologies" have started joint project.

Specialists of state enterprise "The Bashkir scientific-investigational center of bee-keeping and apiotherapy" jointly with leading Tatar perfume-cosmetic company "New Chemical technologies" has started the unique project and first examples of hygienic means with addition of bee-glue extract and the essence of natural Bashkir honey have become practical results of its realization. The list of novelties includes shower gel, liquid soap, foam bath and means for washing cooking battery. All this manufacture possesses bactericidal and medicinal properties.
News-service of the Institute reports still just first examples of hygienic means were produced and a pilot lot for study consumer demand among residents of Bashkortostan and Tatarstan is expected to be produced soon. As for our Republic, these novelties can be met only in shops of the Bashkir scientific-investigational center of bee-keeping and apiotherapy.

29.03.05. ÷ Renovation of "March 8" factory depends on investors

Renovation of "March 8" factory, in which one of the Ufa largest malls is going to be opened, depends on investors. BashEconomBank seeks them.
Bashinform new agency previously informed that after renovation is complete, existing public tranding center would significantly expand.
There will be built up the fifth floor, and thus trading capacity will increased twice ÷ from 12 to over 25 thousands square meters. This space will be used for creating youth entertaining center, castways for cloth demostrations, inexpensive boutiques and cafes, photo salons, customers servicing banks branches etc. There will also be parking lot for 120 cars. All enginering communications in the building will be renewed.
BashEconomBank“s representatives believe that participation of investors in the building renovation is very fundraising, —cause there are a lot of high schools and student hostels in this district of Ufa, therefore, crowds of customers and visitors to the new entertaining center is guarranteed.

28.03.05. - The steamship "Volga-Tanker" will transport production of "Bashneft".

JSC "Bashneft" has defined the carrier of bulk-oil cargo. The steamship "Volga-Tanker" will be busy with it. Negotiations are practically finished. It is expected the steamship will transport 1,1 millions tons of bulk-oil cargo from Ufa during summer navigation-2005.

24.03.05. - JSC "Tuimazyhimmach" helps metallurgical companies in reconstruction

JSC "Tuimazyhimmach" is the enterprise, specializing in production of non-standard equipment: column units from carbonaceous and stainless steels, air collectors, heat-exchange equipment, oil-gas and gas units, flares etc. This year the company intends to increase its annual circulation up to 800 millions rubles. This index was equal to 597 millions in 2004. ` The enterprise plans to make such advance due to contracts for equipment supply for the following largest metallurgical companies - JSC "Severstal", Niznetagilsky metallurgical plant" and "Chelyabinsky metallurgical plant" and Ukrainian enterprise "Krivorozstal". These enterprises are conducting large reconstruction works this year and equipment from Tuimazy is highly required there. Thus, the sum of the contract with Niznetagilsky metallurgical plant is 250-280 millions rubles.
Same year JSC "Tuimazyhimmach" intends to deliver its equipment to Kazakhstan, Belarus and Iraq.

24.03.05. ÷ Crane renovated at Oktiabrsk plant

Until recently, trestle and bridge cranes that have put out of function, were ticked out as non-operational due to lack of special repairing infrastructure in the region. Today, there is an opportunity to renovate them before they totally worked out. Such a renovation has been made at Oktiabrsk plant for manufacturing equipments for oil industry (OPMEOI). First, technology of renovation of cranes that have been elaborated on OPMEOI“s demand at Head Institute for crane-building, were applied by Oktiabrsk plant employees at "Urshakskaya baza" company in Ufa. OPMEOI specialists of expert technical examination arrived to the site of setting trestle crane up on the customer request, examined industrial safety of the crane using modern equipments, and after revealing defects, enlisted them all in their expert report. Repairs were done by separate workshop of division for manufacturing equipments for oil industry. Damaged parts of metal constructions and particularly worked out parts were replaced with the new ones, mechanical parts of the crane (reductor) were examined and repaired in workshops of the plant, and some of them were renovated using moderm technologies. Simultaneously, safety facilities and electric equipments were also repaired and adjusted. After specialists had completed their work, they tested the crane in dymamics and statics. The customer was satisfied with the results: the crane was totally renovated for work.
The plant specialists have got no doubts that the new service will be demandale om the market.

21.03.05. - "Krovlia" Uchaly-based enterprises won worthy rewards

"Krovlia" enterprise is one of the leading enterprises in Uchaly town, Bashkortostan. Its staff has recently achieved prominent success in production; the enterprise products have got great demand either in Russia or abroad. It is mainly due to the enterprise authorities“ permanent and persistent work focused on enlarging assortment, increasing quality of the products owing to implementing modern Western technologies. In a word, ”Krovlia‘ strives planning its work not just for the nearest month or two, but for years ahead; the enterprise works efficiently and demonstrates very good results, and at the same time, it regularly and rather easily adds rewards to its rewards-box.
Recently at the a broadened summit of Bashkortostan Government where results of economical activities in 2004 and plans for development in 2005 have been discussed, Premier Rafael Baidavletov conferred special reward ”For the products highest quality‘ and passed First Degree Diploma to Irek Allayarov, director of ”Krovlia‘ enterprise. It“s also worth stressing that Bashkortostan State Committee on construction, architecture and transport has decorated the enterprise staff with Honored Pennant ”For the successful development of Bashkortostan economics‘; basing on its 2004 results the enterprise has also won the first place amongst other construction enterprises. By the way, on February 7, before then ever, ”Krovlia‘ started its regular production season, while period of the emergency downtime (due to specifics of operation) was not idle for the enterprise: it has used five million roubles invested by ”TechnoNikol‘ company to automate polymer and bitumen mass production. Catching up with the progress, the enterprise has been permanently increasing labor efficiency and raise products output. Last year, output of roofing materials rose 30 per cent as compared to production plan, and labor efficiency grew 9 per cent, salary rate increased 14 per cent to achieve 9952 roubles on average.

21.03.05. - "Hydraulics" is mastering output of auxiliary gas-turbine engine.

Ufa aggregate plant "Hydraulics" is going on to prepare serial production of auxiliary gas-turbine engine TA-14. All works are conducted within the frames of the Federal target program RB till 2010 to the subject "Mastering of auxiliary gas-turbine new generation engine".
News-service of the enterprise reports at present time Russian aviation industry desperately needs a competitive gas-turbine engine with 400 KWT capacities. This necessity is dictated by desire of potential customers of new helicopters and main airplanes modernized to have a modern, highly-productive auxiliary gas- turbine engine, meeting all demands by quality and technical parameters. At the same time the absence of such engine hampers fast promotion of new aircrafts into the market and creates premises for introduction of more expensive foreign analogues.
"Hydraulics" has created a site, which meets all requirements by clearness, temperature mode, light etc. For 20 millions rubes, received from Russian federation budget and more than six millions of its own means the plant has acquired the newest equipment at the end of 2004: vertical drilling and milling machining center of high accuracy 400V of Japanese production, two Japanese electric-erosive lathes - wire-cutting and coordinate-piercing ones, and coordinate- measuring machine of Italian production.
Specialists say the equipment acquired allows reducing terms of new production mastering several times at rigging production stage- press, forming and casting rigging. Accuracy and roughness class of forming details after processing at electric-erosive lathes is so high that it doesn't require additional labor- intensive mechanic, polishing and finishing operations. And three- coordinate measuring machine helps to execute several functions: it measures any details, makes drawings and compares them with those pre-planned.

21.03.05. - Investments Dept is established at JSC "BASHKIRENERGO".

Restructuring of Bashkir energy system is going on. Thus, in order to increase effectiveness of capital investments and optimize the structure of executive personnel the department of reconstruction and technical rearmament was renamed in investments department with transference of all functions to it. News-service of the company reports the main directions of the department are defined too, such as reconstruction and technical rearmament of JSC objects, attraction of means of exterior investors, planning and financing of capital investments.

18.03.05. - Ural ore mining company thanked Uchaly ore mining enterprise

Uchaly ore-mining enterprise has still been leading division in the Ural ore-mining holding.
As results of the fourth quarter of 2004, Uchaly ore miners received thankfulness letter and Production Leader Cup from authorities of the Ural ore mining company, signed by Andrey Kozitsyn, the company General Director, who appraised their successful work. Besides, a salutatory telegram addressed to Ilians Abdrakhmanov, General Director of Uchaly ore miners, came from the Urals ore mining company. Apart of wishes to continue successful advancing, it expresses strong assurance of the staff capabilities.

18.03.05. - "SALAVATNEFTEORGSINTEZ" keeps up high level of capacity load.

Due to increase of oil raw material processing volumes' increase JSC "SALAVATNEFTEORGSINTEZ" continues to keep up high level of its capacities' load. Thus, fourteen capacities worked with 80-100% load in 2004. The potential of nineteen capacities is used by 50-80% and some productions work with load, even higher than the rated one, such as ammonia production AM-76 (115%), polyethylene production (102%) and catalytic cracking unit N1 (104%).
Nonetheless, some productions and units, for example production of sulfur, polystyrene sheets, sodium nitrite etc. were used by just 30% because of problems with sales.

17.03.05. - "SALAVATNEFTEORGSINTEZ" is modernizing its production.

The leadership of JSC "SALAVATNEFTEORGSINTEZ" pays much attention to further technical modernization of its production. Thus, realization of plans by enterprise modernization has been started in 2004. New units of catalytic cracking, viscosity breaking and bitumen production are considered the main objects for investments. Besides, substantial means were directed to technical rearmament of ortoxylol production at workshops NN 33 and 34, reconstruction of stoves and other objects.
As a whole, the amount of capital investments made up 3019 millions rubles in 2004 and that exceeded the same index of 2003 by 27%. The volume of capital investments for production construction and reconstruction of the enterprise made up 1383 millions rubles (46%), more than 1 477 millions rubles were spent for technical rearmament and production modernization (49%), 84 millions rubles were assimilated at environmental objects and four millions were spent for construction of housing and social objects.
Substantial means were directed for expansion of the loading rack, the rack for loading light oil products, production of foaming polystyrene, reconstruction of pyrolysis stove and modernization of functioning workshops.

16.03.05. - Republican enterprises are invited to agriculture exhibition in Samara

Bashkortostan Chamber of Commerce and Industry informs heads of republican enterprises about the VIII Volga Region agriculture exhibition held in Samara this September.
It will be organized in the exhibition hall of Volga Zone Machine Trial Station and Samara Agricultural University complex. The exhibition is supported by Russia Federation Ministry of Agriculture and Union of Manufacturers of agriculture machinery (SoyuzAgromash). Exponents will be divided into several thematic divisions: "Modern technologies in agriculture", "Agriculture machinery", ”Cattle breeding and veterinary‘, ”Plant cultivation and gardening", "Agriculture chemicals", "Special transport and clothes" so on.
At the exhibition, scientific conferences, seminars, round table discussions will take place. As a result of theoretical discussions, summary leaflet is to come out. Bashkortostan Chamber of Commerce and Industry alleges the exposition is an annual event. Statistically, enterprises and organizations of 33 Russia regions and CIS countries took part in the last year event.

15.03.05. - Reality and perspectives of oil-gas complex are to be discussed at the VI Congress of oil-gas producers of Russia.

Reality and perspectives of oil-gas complex of the country will become the main subject of the VI Congress of oil-gas producers of Russia and plenary session of the congress expected to be devoted to this theme. The Forum is to be held in Ufa on March 24-26, 2005.
The work of the congress will be distributed among five sections and such themes as "Geo-information technologies in oil- mining service", "Problems of development of hard-accessible deposits of hydrocarbons", "Problems and methods of reliability and safety of oil and gas transport systems", "Oil-gas processing and oil chemistry-2005", "Automation and metrology in oil-gas complex" are to be discussed there.
The XIII International exhibition "Gas, Oil, Technologies- 2005" will work in Ufa in parallel with the congress.

15.03.05. - JSC "SALAVATSTEKLO" intends to invest 54 millions euro in reconstruction of the workshop for sheet glass production.

JSC "SALAVATSTEKLO" intends to invest 54 millions euro in reconstruction of the workshop for sheet glass production, "AK&M" reports.
Leadership of the enterprise believes reconstruction of the workshop allows increasing glass production from 420 to 600 tons per day. Besides, they intend to produce float glass with thickness from 2 to 12 mm after reconstruction.
In order to finance this project the company intends to use its own means, means from bonded debt floatation for the sum of 750 millions rubles and means to be attracted according to the three- year credit of International Moscow Bank (IMB). JSC "Neftekamsk production enterprise of artificial leathers" comes out as a warrantor, since JSC "SALAVATSTEKLO" is the owner of 19,51% of ordinary shares of this enterprise.

15.03.05. - Sterlitamac machine-tool plant is preparing to International exhibition.

JSC "Sterlitamac machine tool plant-Sterlitamac-M.T.E." is preparing to the International exhibition "Metal-Working" to be held in Minsk from March 29 to April 1. It is organized with assistance of Byelorussian Ministry of industry and Association of producers and machine-tool production of Russia "STANKOINSTRUMENT". Last time this exhibition was held in 2000 and that time more than 200 foreign companies from Austria, Germany, Italy, Russia, Czechia, Switzerland, Japan and other countries presented.
News-service of the enterprise reports, machine-tool builders from Sterlitamac intend to demonstrate the newest metal-cutting equipment there: lathes with numerical program control, vertical five-axial milling centers etc. Several business talks and negotiations with representatives of the leading enterprises from Belarus are scheduled during the exhibition.

15.03.05. - "SALAVATNEFTEORGSINTEZ" has summoned the totals-2004.

JSC "SALAVATNEFTEORGSINTEZ" has summoned the totals of its activity in 2004. The enterprise has processed 6,258 millions tons of oil raw material, including 3,611 millions tons of oil and 2,647 millions tons of gas condensate.
Rcc.ru reports the share of goods made on commission has made up 36% in the total volume of oil processing. The share of its own processing has grown up from 24% in 2003 to 64% in 2004.
Output of light oil production has made up 66,9% and the depth of processing-73,3% in 2004.
Last year the enterprise has loaded 4,825 millions tons of its production. At the same time realization of oil production has grown up by 55% and oil chemistry production-by 17%. In all, production, works and other services have made up 36,6 billions rubles and that is by 18% higher than in 2003. Profit-2004 has made up 1681 millions rubles and that exceeds pre-arranged indices by 58%.
The export share in the total volume of production sold has made up more than 61%. In comparison with 2003 the export volume has grown up three times and reached 697,7 millions dollars.
The volume of export deliveries has grown up 2,3 times and the list of traditionally exported production was widened by such products as vacuum gas-oil and ammonium nitrate. In comparison with 2003 volumes of polystyrene export were increased 28 times and ammonium-seven times.
Diesel fuel (43%) and carbamide (21%) have covered the largest share in export volume of the company.
Last year the enterprise has also increased output of fertilizers by 42%, benzene-by 12% and ethylene-by 5%. Output of styrene has reached 149 thousands tons.

14.03.05. - Sterlitamac machine-tool plant is called the leader of machine- tool construction in Russia.

Collective of "Sterlitamac machine-tool plant Sterlitamac- M.T.E." is called "The leader of machine-tool construction of Russia".
Winning diploma by the totals of the All-Russian contest "Leader-2004" was handled to General Director of the enterprise, Vladimir Zarinov, in Moscow, at the final stage of this prestigious contest. It was held with assistance of Internal Politics Dept of Russian President Administration, Ministry of economic development and trade RF and Federal Agency of technical regulation and metrology. This award is adjudged to enterprises, which achieve outstanding results in their sphere and granting qualitative goods and services to their customers.

13.03.05. - Bashkir honey gains not only Russia but other world countries too.

State enterprise "Bashkir scientific-investigational Center of bee-keeping and apiotherapy" delivers Bashkir honey and bee-keeping foods to already 25 Russian regions. The enterprise delivers its production to Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Samara, Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsk and Saratov regions, Tatarstan and other Russian regions every 12 days.
The enterprise actively works with foreign companies. For example, it intends to send first 1000 tons of Bashkir honey to Germany. The United States are also interested in this production and the contract between the Center and American companies for delivery of 20 tons of honey has already been signed.
It is of no surprise that Bashkir honey is so popular. It has no world analogues by its medicinal and gustatory properties and by the staff of microelements in it. Specialists say this value and specifics are anticipated by uniqueness of Bashkir nature.

11.03.05. - From the beginning of this year "Bashneft" has mined about two millions tons of oil.

On January-February 2005 "Bashneft" has mined about two millions tons of oil. Its subsidiaries "Krasnoholmskneft" (more than 350 thousands tons on its score), "Arlanneft" (more than 300 thousands tons) and "Chekmaguschneft" (298,3 thousands tons) provide the largest volume of mining.
Oil-gas mining enterprise "Bashsibneft", which provides field development in Western Siberia, has mined more than 142,5 thousands tons of oil from the beginning of 2005.
Besides, oil-gas mining subsidiaries of "Bashneft" have mined 56252 thousands cubic meters of accompanying gas and 7157 thousands cubic meters of natural gas. As for natural gas, the plan for two months is exceeded by 23, 6%.

11.03.05. - "NEFAZ" has summoned the totals of the year.

JSC "NEFAZ" is considered one of the most successful enterprises of Bashkortostan. The company sold 690 camp-type and 870 passenger buses in 2004. In comparison with 2003 production volume has grown up by almost 40% and the plant sold its production for the sum more than 4, 54 billions rubles.

10.03.05. - Presentation of "YOKOGAWA" production was held at "Geophysics".

Presentation of "YOKOGAWA" production and its representative offices in Germany, Moscow, Chelyabinsk and Ufa was held at JSC "Geophysics".
Presentation was held by the head of Moscow office Vasily Kravchenko, marketing director of flow meter survey Marc Zeeger (Germany), marketing director of the central office of the company Ioshiro Masunaka (Japan) and other representatives of the company.
The company holds leading positions in the market of industrial automation means and measuring- control instruments and has more than 70 daughter companies in 28 world countries. Production base of the company includes 18 plants beyond Japan.
Representatives of 36 designing, scientific and production organizations of Russian fuel-energy complex presented at the presentation both as listeners and persons concerned.
Mass flow meters and rotameters, Corioles flow meters, electro- magnet counters-flow meters, new pressure gauges and local systems of data collection were presented to listeners' attention.
Negotiations with "YOKOGAWA" and JSC "ETALON" representatives about possible participation of these companies in selection of measuring and control instruments for joint elaboration of the unit for measuring oil wells' discharge and oil gas factor were held too.

9.03.05. - "Bashkir ice-cream making enterprise" won awards at All-Russian ice-cream exhibition "Ice-cream and coldness world-2005"

The III Russia and Europe largest International specialized exhibition "Ice-cream and coldness-2005", organized by Russia Union of ice-cream producers and ”Rosmiasomoltorg‘ corporation, has recently taken place in Moscow.
The event has gathered several hundreds of specialists on ice-cream and frozen products production, manufacturers of technological and freezing equipments, packaging and packing materials from Russia and also CIS and non-CIS countries.
Bashkortostan has been represented by trading and industrial company ”Bashkir ice-cream making enterprise‘ which has displayed over 90 kinds of ice-creams of various forms, tastes and aromas that is produced with the new modern automated technological line ”Techloline-750‘ making extruding ice-cream.
Two kinds of its products the enterprises has offered for the competition held at the exhibition. Pleasingly, the two products have been highly praised by the jury. Thus, plombieres glazed with chocolate stuffed with boiled condensed milk and exploded caramel ”Realnoye‘ has won silver medal, and hand-made cake ”Marry family‘ has been nominated with Diploma of the Third International specialized exhibition ”World of ice-cream and coldness-2005".

9.03.05. - "GASPROM" intends to obtain "shares of JSC "POLYEF" and to continue cooperation with JSC "SALAVATNEFTEORGSINTEZ".

After the new production of foaming polystyrene had been launched at JSC "SALAVATNEFTEORGSINTEZ", President of Bashkortostan Murtaza Rahimov and deputy President of JSC "GASPROM" Alexander Ryazanov answered questions of leading Russian and Republican mass media concerning future cooperation between our Republic and "GASPROM".
In particular, both sides said they were fully satisfied by partnership relations. Murtaza Rahimov says transference of "SALAVATNEFTEORSINTEZ" under asset management of "GASPROM" favorably influences activity of the enterprise and Alexander Ryazanov adds this company is considered one of the most productive enterprises of Russia.
Cooperation between "SALAVATNEFTEORSINTEZ" and "GASPROM" is to be continued in future. For example, the largest gas company of Russia intends to buy shares of JSC "POLYEF". By the way, Russian Fund of federal property has appointed auction date for April 18. Initial price of "POILYEF" shares is 4718 millions rubles.

5.03.05. - Bashkir borers mined 91 km of bore-holes

In February, borers of ”Bashneft‘ mined over 91 kilometres of rocks, which 13 km exceeds limits set by plan. Three boring offices - Neftekamsk, Ufa and Burkan - made 22 bore-holes within the last two months.
For other customers boring offices mined over 13 kilometres of rocks.

5.03.05. - "Bashneft" extracted 30.5 millions cubic meters of natural gas in February

National stock company "Bashneft" extracted over 30.5 millions of cubic meters of natural gas in February, and thus it added toward total natural gas extraction in Russia, which, by the way, grew 2.2 per cent in February as compared to the same period last year.
Totally, Russia extracted 54.987 billions cubic meters of natural gas last month. The majority of extraction counts for Gazprom - 45.988 billions cubic meters. Crude oil extracting companies output 3.944 billions cubic meters that is nine per cent more then in 2004.

4.03.05. - "BashkirEnergo" defined "golden" boilers

At ”Bashkirenergo‘, there have been summed up results of competition amongst boilers and turbo-units. After renovation campaign-2004 had completed, ”Bashkirenergo‘ jury investigated and tested boilers and turbo-units that has got ”perfect‘ marks at the campaign.
As a result, boiler No. 8 and turbo-unit No. 5 made by Ufa Heating Electrical Station-2 have won first prize. The second prize has been passed to boiler No. 5 and turbo-unit No. 3 made by Novo-Sterlitamakskiy Heating Electrical Station, while the third prize has been passed to boiler No. 7 by Novo-Salavatsk station.
Honoured diplomas and money bonuses have been conferred to the winners of the competition.

4.03.05. - Republic is preparing to jubilee fair "URALLEGPROM-2005".

The V International specialized exhibition of light and textile industry goods and equipment "URALLEGPROM-2005" will be held in Ufa this year. It will be held from May 31 to June 3.
JSC "ROSLEGPROM", the company "RLP-Fair", Russian Union of clothes producers, Association of light industry enterprises RB "BASHLEGPROM", Ufa State Institute of service and Exhibition Center "BASHEXPO" are organizers of this exhibition.
Exposition is organized with assistance of Ministry of industry and power engineering RF, Ministry of external economic relations and trade RB, Ministry of economic development and industry RB and Ufa administration.
Exhibition is to be held within the frames of the program "Russian Fashion' directed towards development of domestic light industry on federal ad regional levels.
Exposition will work by following thematic sections: knitted fabric, haberdashery, home textile, curtain lace and curtain materials, clothes, shoes and cloths.

3.03.05. - Business and power to meet at the "round table"

Small-scale business endows much in state treasury in developed countries. But in Russia business undertaking potential is still used very poor. At present time our business needs real support of the state. What does hamper its normal functioning? What does prevent our business to develop well and what has to be done to overcome these obstacles? Business and power will search for answers to these questions mutually and at the "round table".
Representatives of Trade-Industry Chamber RB, Association of business organizations RB, state power bodies, law-enforcement bodies and tax and customs structures will take part in this discussion. Preliminary this "round table" is appointed to the late March.
News-service of Trade-Industry Chamber RB reports, rather wide circle of questions is prepared to be offered for discussion. Participants will inspect federal and Republican normative acts, directed to liberalization of business activity. They will talk about difficulties, which prevent local business to develop well, about procedures of registration and liquidation of enterprises, taxation and custom registration, about relations with state, municipal and supervisory boards. Problems of safety will be discussed too. At present time organizers are busy with collecting proposals to be included in the program of the "round table" in order to make discussion more productive. All proposals are welcomed till March 11 at the Dept of public relations and business undertaking development of Trade-Industry Chamber RB.

2.03.05. - "Teplotekhnika" scientific and production enterprise mastering production of new up-to-date equipment

"Teplotekhnika" scientific and production enterprise based in Oktyabrskiy town has been helping to create warmness and comfort atmosphere for its citizens and enterprises for 12 years. Initially, when the enterprise started its activity back in 1993, it produced just electric boilers for home usage, while now it produces wide variety of heating technical and low voltage facilities. Thus, the enterprise offers 25 types of electric boiler-houses for heating either blocks of flats or production premises. As an answer to market demand, the enterprise mastered manufacturing such devices as water switchboards, electricity consumption and control switchboards for private houses, separate flats and blocks of flats, and also other devices.
Every year "Teplotekhnika" starts manufacturing new up-to-date equipments. A recent invention made by engineers of the enterprise headed by G. Niyaskulov, are electric steam generator, which is absolutely necessary for working conditions that require condensed water steam at temperature up to 145 degree. Distinctive features of the generator are smooth adjustment and maintenance of its power and steam generating efficiency, mood of auto running without permanent personnel supervision, comprehensive protection system (including electronic, hydraulic and mechanic protection), generator functioning using unprepared water - all these features are not designed at suchlike equipments made by competitors.
Not just assortment variety allows "Teplotekhnika" to be afloat on the market. Main factor contributing to its success is constant updating of the items produced that insures decrease of cost price and allows producing market-demandable and custom-tailored articles. As a proof of it, amongst reliable partners of the enterprise are those as follows: "Bashneft", "Tatneft", "YUKOS", Russian railways, "BlockZhilComplect" corporation, "Kamsnab" and others.
Flexibly variable assortment, high quality and competitive prices insures "Teplotekhnika" stable output and sales of its products, increase of its output capacities year by year (output totaled 10 mln 400 ths roubles last year), paying decent salaries to its stuff and striving for more future perspectives

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