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 Archive of news - April 2005

26.04.05. ÷ Railway workers strenghthen their relations with machine-builders

Unversal railway platforms will be produced at the former defense enterprise ÷ Sterlitamakskiy machine-building plant. The plant equipments and facilities allow assembling the whole range of cargo carriages: cisterns, dumpcars, hoppers so on. Serial production will occupy space over 16 thosands square meters. The plant workers are sure that carrying out of the project will ensure bright prospects. They offer implementation of innovative technologies, including absolutely new system of mounting cistern on the frame ÷ such system, according to experts, is featured by more reliability and safety.
Notably, in Bashkortostan part of Kuybyshev railways (that is a division of Russian Railways) have been established constructive relations with republican machine-building enterprises. Recently, at "Mayak" company based in Blagoveshchensk, renovation of all the four rolling stocks of "Bashkortostan" first-class trains has been completed. Two carriages of the trains have been displayed at All-Russian competition of high-class trains held in Samara.

26.04.05. ÷ Over 1.1 bln roubles invested into Ufa in January-February 2005

Since the beginning of the year there have been recorded growth in enterprises, companies and population investing activity in Ufa. It ensured 25.3 per cent growth of capital investments within the two months of 2005 as compared to the same period last year. Totally, 1.113 bln roubles were ploughed into economics by large and medium-scale enterprises of all forms of ownership.
Since Janury 2005, owing to all the sources of financial support, totally 115.2 thousands square meters of residential buildings have been constructed and commissioned in Ufa. It is nearly twice as much in comparison the the same period last year.
Besides, this year, reconstruction of Belorechye furniture-trading center, construction of laboratories workwops at Ufa Institute for organic chemistry of Russian Science Academy and six trading centers have been completed. 6.7 kilometers of gas lines have been laid. Still, construction of a school in Inors-7 Ufa sub-district, school buildings with the capacity of 825 pupils at Ramy Gharipov Bashkir Republican Gymnesium, city public school No. 26, Ufa-Arena universal ice arena, "Biatlon" ski station, fitness center in Shaksha and many others have been kept on. Totally, in the first quarter of 2005 municipal enterprises expended 726.2 mln roubles of investments ÷ 20.9 per cent more then in January-March 2004. In that, majority of the sum ÷ 8.8 per cent have been used for residential construction, contractor ÷ Ufa Investment and Construction Committee.
This information has been disclosed today at press conference of Depity Head of Ufa city administration Albina Yusypova.

21.04.05. - Questions of domestic aviation propulsion engineering are discussed at UMPO

JSC "UMPO" has become the site for holding inter-coordination and cooperation council between Russia and Ukraine in sphere of aviation propulsion engineering these days. Representatives of business and scientific circles and Armed Forces from both countries are taking part in it.
Thus, to solve actual problems, related to perspectives of aviation propulsion engineering, demanded in external and internal markets, President of Association "Aviation Propulsion Engineering Union", Viktor Chuiko, General Director of JSC "Motor-SITCH", Viacheslav Boguchaev, heads of federal state unitary enterprise "Moscow machine-building production plant "Salute" and other UMPO partners have arrived.
First guests visited UMPO production sites to see how assembling of engines was going on and what technologies were used when producing these engines. General Director of "UMPO", Uri Pustovgarov has answered all questions.
The meeting of inter-coordination council is going on today.

20.04.05. ÷ Implementation of efficient suggestions resulted in great economical effect at UMPO

Due to implementation of efficient suggestions, submitted by UMPO (Ufa Motor-construction enterprise)“ employees this year, economical effect exceeded five and half million roubles, which is ten per cent more then expected.
Within the first quarter of 2005, 280 suggestions were submitted, and 208 of them have been alredy applied in production process. Totally, active in their suggestions were 323 persons. Inventive activity has also been spurred up. Thus, Statements that authorize issuing Russia Federation patents for "Way of production of fine pipes made of heat resistant dispersion hardenable refractory alloys", for a model of self-propelled trolley etc have been obtained. Special attention is now paid to Intellectual rights reserve, as Russia is going to join WTO.
At preparations to UMPO 80-th Anniversary, contest for the best inventions and suggestions aimed at technical modernization of production lines, is being held. The most resultative and active employees participating in the contest, will be nominated as The Best Inventor and The Best Improver.

19.04.05. - Industrial production index RB has made up 106,5% in the first quarter 2005

According to the data of the Territorial Dept Federal State Statistical Service of Russia in Bashkortostan industrial production index has made up 106,5% in the first quarter 2005. Therefore, summary cost of all types of production, produced by Republican enterprises during January-March 2005 made up almost 155,5 billions rubles. In particular, circulation of regional organizations has exceeded 54,6 billions rubles only on March and that is by 3,3% more than the March index 2004.

19.04.05. - High prime cost of production is the main reason of unprofitableness in production of construction materials

From 73 enterprises, relating to industry of construction materials, 26 enterprises have unsatisfactory financial results by the totals 2004. Nine from them are dependent on Ministry of building, architecture and transport RB. Thus, JSC "Ynaulsky plant of construction materials" has finished 2004 with losses in the sum of 6,7 millions rubles, "Brick plant "AZEMAK"-3,4 millions, JSC "Ufa reinforced concrete plant N1"-3,2 millions and JSC "The Builder"-5,2 millions rubles.
Specialists say the reason of unprofitableness lies in high prime cost, influenced in its turn by increase of prices for energy carriers, growing tariffs of railway and motor-car transport, lowering of production volumes and wear of the key production assets.

18.04.05. - 91 millions dollars were invested in Bashkir economics last year

Bashkortostan is one of the most attractive regions for investments in Russia. By investment volumes our Republic holds the eighth place among Russian regions. For example, the volume of foreign investments into economics of Bashkortostan makes up more than 430 millions dollars. Last year 91 millions dollars were invested into Bashkir economics and it was two times more than in 2003.
Minister of external economic relations and trade RB, Boris Kolbin, says at present time more than three hundreds joint-stock companies, more than 30 subsidiaries and 75 representations are registered in RB for today. And more than 40 foreign countries are found partners of our enterprises.
Besides, Bashkortostan actively maintains trade-economic relations with all regions of Russia. For example, in general volume of trade turnover in Privolzsky federal region the third part of it falls on Bashkortostan.
The largest share of Bashkir goods is delivered to Moscow and Moscow region, Udmurtia, Tatarstan, Krasnodar, Orenburg, Samara, Sverdlovsk region, Tambov and Chelyabinsk regions. At present time Bashkortostan has contractual relations with 48 regions of Russian Federation.

17.04.05. ÷ At machine building site in Sterlitamack, new enterprise appeared

A new managerial board has been established in Sterlitamak ÷ Sterlitamak machine building company. A defense enterprise that was powerful in Soviet era has stopped its existance after declaring bankrupt. At its machine building site appered new enterprise ÷ Sterlitamak machine building plant that in fact is not inheritor of the former plant of the same name. Owner of the new plant is "BashEcoOil".
Implementation of new programs is co-ordinated with the recent changes. These are launching production of devices for cleaning and testing oil and gas pipelines, and also universal railways, of which usage will allow mountling any cargo carriages: hoppers, cisterns, dumpcars. Their serial production is to be placed on the site of over 16 thosands square meters. In that, unique technologies, such as mountling cisterns on a frame that insures more safety usage, are to be applied. Products supplies contracts with foreign companies for the equipments needed for the production of the articles demandable in oil and gas field have been concluded.
Here will be kept on production of the products that were launched before ÷ agricultural machines and fuel equipments for oil and gas industry, moreover demand for such items increased: a lot of orders for sowing-machines are coming from all over the country. Metal casting is also in plans of the plant. All these will insure new vacancies and timely wages. Now, employees that were previously discharged have been returning to the plant, and these employees are of high qualification. Stuff is trained in Ufa State Aviation Technical University, Samara Railway Academy and Sterlitamak device contruction college.
Neighbors will also take advantage of the new plant: disposables and spare parts will be ordered at plants in Oktiabrsk, Salavat, Ishimbay, Ufa, Tuymazy.

16.04.05. ÷ Finland delegation visiting Bashkortostan now

Delegation from Finland headed by Chairman of Association of Horse-breeders in Finland Laury Sinkkonen is visiting Bashkortostan these days. The best horse-riders of the leading horse-breeding farms and racecourses of Scandinavia are participants of the delegation. They have come to take part in "Bashkortostan-Finland" International Horse-racers Championship held today in Akbuzat rececourse in Ufa.
Importance of the International event not only for Bashkortostan, but also for the whole Russia is backed by the fact that such a meeting hasn“t been organized for over then 20 years in our country. Scandinavian horse-racer are visiting Bashkortostan for the first time.
Finns praised high quality of Ufa hippodrome and revealed great interest to developping collaboration in equestrianizm. According to them, prospects of horse breeding are really huge in Bashkortostan.
"We would like to have Bashkortostan as a reliable partner in this promising kind of sports. We are also pleased to see that like in our country, in your republic attention is attached to national horse breeds", Laury Sinkkonen stressed.
Participants of Finland delegation showed large interest to Bashkir horses bred by scientists of Bashkortostan Agriculture Scientific and Research Institute. For this purpose, tomorrow, on April 17, the guests are to visit several horse breeding farms where they will get familiar with Bashkir horse charachteristics.

11.04.05. - "OZNA" completes oil companies "SLAVNEFT" and "RUSNEFT"

New production of JSC "OZNA" from the town of Oktyabrsky (Bashkortostan) successfully assimilates the market of measuring units. The possibility to measure three phases of wells' production is a distinctive feature of the unit and Coriolis flow-meters allow making metering precise. The units have five variants of performance by nominal carrying capacity and seven variants by the number of wells connected.
The units of "OZNA-MASSOMER" can be both mobile and stationary and JSC "OZNA" has already prepared measuring units of new generation for oil companies "SLAVNEFT" (mobile and on trailer) and large lot for "RUSNEFT". All units produced correspond to international standard ISO-9000:2000.

8.04.05. - JSC "UFAORGSINTEZ" faces good perspectives for production increase

JSC "UFAORGSINTEZ" is one of the leading Russian producers of polypropylene and it faces rather favorable perspectives for production increase. The matter is according to information of the company "Kreon" demand for polypropylene will grow up two times by 2010, as it was stated at the Moscow International conference "Polypropylene-2005", organized by "Kreon" with assistance of the group "Koros". The conference was held for the second time, rcc.ru reports.
Tamara Hazova, director of analytical dept of the company "Kreon" says at present time Russian capacities for polypropylene production make up 300 thousands tons and production volume has reached 293,78 thousands tons in 2004. Three enterprises produce polypropylene in Russia: "NPP NEFTECHIMIA" (Moscow), JSC "UFAORGSINTEZ" (Ufa) and JSC "Tomsk oil-chemical plant" (Tomsk).
In accordance with the most probable forecast of call for polypropylene by 2010 consumption volume for this polymer will grow up two times to make up 610 thousands tons, compared with the level of 2004. Under such terms that all today's projects are realized and all three enterprises work with 90%-load, output of polypropylene will reach 700 thousands tons.
The call of internal market will exceed offer in 2010. Considering growth of Russian export of polypropylene and putting into exploitation enterprises by production of films, pipes and package the shortage of capacities expected to appear in Russia in the nearest years.

8.04.05. - JSC "BASHNEFT" has mined more than a million tons of oil on March

Oil-gas Company "BASHNEFT" has mined 1,018 million tons of oil on March and this is the tenth index among Russian oil-gas mining companies. Thus, oil mining of "LUKOIL" has made up 7,391 millions tons on March, TNK-VR-6,128 millions tons, "ROSNEFT"-6,123 millions, "SURGUTNEFTEGAS"- 5,333 millions, "SIBNEFT"-2,858 millions, "TATNEFT-2,172, "SLAVNEFT"-2,022, "GASPROM"- 1,144, "RUSNEFT"-812,8 thousands and JSC "NOVATEC"-182,5 thousands tons.
In all, oil mining has grown up by 4,2% in Russia in comparison with the same period last year-39,479 millions tons.

8.04.05. ÷ Partners from abroad showed their interest to "StroyMash" plant in Sterlitamak

Signing contract with "UNAKO" European office promises good prospects to Sterlitamak-based "StroyMash" plant. Now, in plans are suppling two copra installations applied in oil and gas industry.
According to "Stroymash", UNAKO representatives first saw the products at "Oil and Gas-KIOGE" exhibition held last October in Kazakhstan. StroyMash took part in such an exhibition for the first time, but its products called up great interest amongst oil ang gas companies. Potential customers were particularly interested in pipe layers and copra installations applied when working out oil and gas deposits.
As far as "UNAKO" is concerned, six months later the company confirmed its willingness to purchase StroyMash equipments. Naturally, StroyMash would like to deeply develolop collaboration, as until now, Sterlitamak products were in demand just in Russian market and CIS countries.

7.04.05. - Ufa paintwork plant has launched new equipment

The leading producer of paintwork production RB - JSC "Ufa paintwork plant" - has launched new equipment-two mills and two dispersers, which assembly had been started on January. New production capacities will allow the enterprise increasing production volume more than by 50%. Losses go down too, thereby leadership of the enterprise announces drop of prices more than by 15%.
Launching new equipment allows the enterprise reaching new quality level and presenting its production to the contest "100 best goods of Russia".

6.04.05. - Raevsky sugar-plant has received the first lot of imported raw

The first lot of imported raw was delivered to Raevsky sugar- plant some days ago. Still they received seven thousands tons. The plant will start its processing on April 8. In all, according to the contract the plant has to receive about 60 thousands tons of raw.
Ministry of agriculture RB reports Meleuzovsky sugar-plant will work with imported raw too. It is planned about 50 thousands tons of raw will be delivered there and time of delivery is still unknown.

6.04.05. - "Soda" will have modern informational network

In the year of its 60th anniversary JSC "Soda" actively introduces modern technologies. Thus, three its departments are working over the project of local corporate informational network. It is called to unite all subdivisions of the enterprise and provide voice transference (phones), video (monitoring), alarm signals from fire and alarm systems, signals from gas flow sensors, heat flow sensors, energy flow sensors, process control system data, data from personal computers, access to services of external networks (Internet) for all users of "Soda" network. The exchange, which works at the plant now, is absolutely obsolete and is to be changed by modern digital one. It will allow refusing from great number of manual switchboards and talk-back equipment, improving quality of voice communication and increasing carrying capacity of local networks. The forthcoming economic effect expected to influence on productivity and general profitability of the enterprise.

4.04.05. - JSC "POLYEF" will introduce its proposals concerning completion of polyether production construction

During two weeks management of JSC "POLYEF" will introduce its proposals concerning completion of polyether production construction to leadership of the group of companies "Selena".
JSC "Selena" in staff of the group "Selena" has become the owner of 100% of JSC "POLYEF" shares, putting up for sale through public offer and "Selena" is the holding of enterprises in the market of oil-chemical production, www.rcc.ru reports. In 2004 the group has sold 85 thousands tons of polymers and about 300 thousands tons of other oil-chemical production. "POLYEF" has been acquired by "Selena" in order to gain new production level.

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