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 Archive of news - May 2005

31.05.05. - Today the participants of the interregional meeting in Ufa were discussing the problems of Russial light industry

Today there was held an interregional meeting dedicated to the problems of the light industry. It was organized in the context of the exhibition "Light Industry of Ural", which, as is it was mentioned before, was opened today in the Exhibitional Complex "Bashkortostan".
The representatives on ministries and authorities, running the industrial deals, the leaders of the light industry’s enterprises, of the organizations of certificating and leaders of social industrial organizations were present at the meeting. To participate the interregional forum an executive manager of Industrial Department of Ministry of Russian Industry and Energetics Petr Perederiy and the president on Russian Association of Clothes Makers Victor Panteleev came.
This kind of industry is in hard condition now. Decrease of production is being noticed. Technical-economical results of the industrial manufactures’ work in 2004 are too much low. And in 2005 negative tendencies are only becoming stronger. So, what are the measures to be taken on the federal level in order to lead the industry out the depression? What are the first top tasks of the enterprises’ leaders? And the most important question “what should be done?” was discussing at the meeting by the conferees.
At the meeting, held in the style of the round-table discussion, the problems of competitiveness, technical re-equipment, financing, certificating, etc. were taken up. The points concerned state orders were also raised. Being in the pre-entering condition to WTO the light industry is in the hard condition and the are a lot of urgent questions to be solved. The specialists accent the problem of direct and strict industrial politics’ absence, which doesn’t let state light industry develop effectively. After the great default the industry had come to life. But nowadays the hard situation is becoming more complicated because of the policy difficulties. Great import if cheap and low-quality goods displace domestically produced goods from the market. And control of this sphere is hardly effective.
The light industry’s difficulties are not only the economical but also social problem. As a fact more than half million of people work in this field, the great amount of the workers are women. The social result of the light industry’s depression, in comparison with the other fields of industry, is the low level of wages. The average salary in this industry in Bashkortostan is 3.9 thousand rubbles. But the average Russian salary is 3.5 thousand rubbles. As Petr Perederiy said it’s only 27 (!) per cent of average Russian industrial salary.
All the details you can find in further information of the agency "Bashinform".

30.05.05. - Accordinig to the results of 2004 "NefAZ" was named as one of the best exporters of Bashkortostan

Joint Stock Company "Autoplant of Neftekamsk" was awarded with the diploma "The Best Exporter of Bashkortostan Republic " in accordance with the year’s results of 2004.
What helped the enterprise to rich so great results during the short period of time, from 2001 when the producing of the busses had been started. We asked to comment these facts the specialists of the plant.
As the general manager’s PR assistant Vera Harisova informed the buses’ shipping was being accomplished in the following way: 2001 – 115 units, 2002 – 342 units, 2003 – 621 units, 2004 – 875 units. This year business plan provides producing and shipping of 900 bus units. The production growth is probably being planned not too much big, however the main efforts are devoted to the construction development and bus quality improvement.
On the specialists’ opinion only the modern design, high-tech equipment, progressive marketing let OJSC "NafAZ" become the leader and consolidate at the bus market. Nowadays each fourth big class bus is made at the Autoplant of Neftekam. Thus, this enterprise takes the second place in Russia in the sale of big class buses.
The busses of higher capacity "NefAZ"- 5299 I, II, III and the passenger buses of small capacity "NefAZ-3299" I class are assimilated. The city buses, the suburb buses and the long distance ones are made. And also the buses for severe weather conditions of the East are produced with native and foreign engines. Besides, you can order the bus with the natural gas engine. So, there are 19 kinds of buses and 13 kinds of their
There is also a modification of the III class bus "NefAZ-5299", it’s a high comfortable tourist bus "NefAZ- 52991" with two kinds of its integration. This bus was named a laureate of the competition "The Best Products of Bashkortostan - 2005".

30.05.05. - Bashkirian copper – sulfur factory is in need of raw materials

The first quarter activity results of Bashkirian copper – sulfur factory aren’t much high. On 1 April 2005 the gross revenue index is negative. The manufacture loss makes 2.3 million rubbles, and uncovered loss is 32 million rubbles.
Main reason of the enterprise’s loss is absence of raw materials, natural exhaustion of the entrails and poorness of mining ores.
From the middle of 2003 the situation became stable on the world market of copper. But the low size of the main production of the enterprise do not let cover high enough costs.
Now Bashkirian copper – sulfur factory has some difficulties with the stuff providing of the main manufacture. There is one more problem: mine workings of Jubilee field are being fulfilled by Mine Enriching Factory of Ulichansk, and the operating licence of Kamagansk mine workings is obtained by Mine Enriching Factory of Ulichansk too.
The prices of the main enterprise’s production are connected to the world ones’. Thus, the price changes on the world market of copper influence the financial indexes of the enterprise.
That’s why this year main direction of Bashkirian copper – sulfur factory is development of the raw materials basis. Today it’s Sibay underground mine. OJSC "Bashkirian copper – sulfur factory" is providing the building of the underground mine by means of the general contractor: Sibay branch of "Mine Enriching Factory of Ulichansk".
In 2005 the enterprise is planning to mine and process 240 thousand tons of ore. That will let it take 5429 tons of copper in cupric concentrate.

26.05.05. - The products of "UZZMIK" are recognized by European Union

Certificate tests in compliance with international and European demands of the sea life rafts PSN-MK and hydro costumes GTK-A were held in JSC "Ufimskiy Plant of Elastomer Materials, Products and Constructions".
The works were carried out upon the control of the experts of the organization "German Lloyd", who estimated highly the presented production. As the marketing department of the enterprise informs, due to this fact the enterprise got the certificates on its production, and now it can export the products of Ufa to the EU countries with the sign of compliance "Steering-Wheel".
It should be noticed that OJSC "UZZMIK" is the only enterprise of Russia and UIC countries, which got the right to supply the EU countries with the rescue equipment.

26.05.05. - As the results of 2004 the best exporters of Bashkortostan are appointed

By RB Government’s Decree in accordance with the results of export operations of 2004 four republic enterprises were awarded with the diploma "The Best Exporter of Republic Bashkortostan". Among them there are JSCs "Beloretsky Metallurgical Factory", "Neftekam Autoplant", "Salavatnefteorgsintez" and "Soda"
It is also said in this document: To mark the positive work in the direction of export development in 2004 of CJSCs "Beloretsky Plant of " and " Ęaustik", and OJSCs "Tuymazytechuglerod", "Tuymazinsky Plant of Auto Concrete Carts" and scientific – manufactural firm "Geophysics", LTDs "Ufimsky Veneer Factory" and "Ufimskiy Veneer – Plate Factory".

19.05.05 – OJSC "Salavatnefteorgsintez" attracts the investment of fundamental building

The liabilities of OJSC "Salavatnefteorgsintez" are about 12.4 milliard of rubbles due to the results of the first quarter 2005. The company’s investment attracting is necessary for the raw materials buying, because of the oil price increase on the world market, manufacture expand and intensive fundamental building.
The manufacture of foam polystyrol on the plant "Monomer" was invested. It was started in march 2005. The following branches of manufacture were also invested: the mounting of catalyst cracking, reconstruction of furnaces at mount EP-300, made at the plant "Monometr". This mount lets increase the manufacture of ethylene and the products of it’s processing.
Nowadays at "Salavatnefteorgsintez" the amount of investment and innovative projects are being considered. It’s planned to create the manufacture of buhylacetate, two-ethylhexan acid and ortoxylol, and to assimilate new kinds of products ind manufacture of catalysts.
The programme of short-term investment development includes the building of catalyst cracking with output one million tons per year and reconstruction of polystyrol manufacture. And the midterm programme includes the building of the mounting of polyethylene manufacture with output 120 tons per year.
According to the results of the first quarter 2005 the earnings of OJSC "Salavatnefteorgsintez" was 13 milliard and 922 million rubbles, gross revenue – 4 milliard and 242 million rubbles, and the clear profit was 1 milliard and 61 million rubbles. In the first quarter 2005 the enterprise’s income was 9.847 milliard rubbles.

19.05.05. – The products of OJSC "Ufimsky Hleb" are among the best products of Bashkortostan in this year.

One more product of Bashkortostan will participate at All-Russian Competition "100 Best Products Of Russia 2005". It’s the bread "Tempe" made by OJSC "Ufimsky Hleb". This bread product has become one of the laureates of Republic Competition "The Best Products of Bashkortostan - 2005" in nomination "Foodstuffs".
No surprise this product was awarded. It’s made in absolutely new shape – the shape is made of vine. Thus, this bread product has unusual relief surface and special taste. "Tempe" has given a good account of itself on the market of the republic. Now it’s one of the most popular products among the bread customers.
One more bake product of the noted enterprise was awarded with the diploma of the republican competition "The best goods of Bashkortostan". It is bread "The Malty". The malt used in its recipe gives the bread a special savoury taste.
Nowadays OJSC "Ufimsky Hleb" is great bakery enterprise, which consists of the bake-houses #6, #7 and #10. Modern equipment let the enterprise increase the quality of its production, renew and widen the range. This enterprise supplies more than 300 shops of the republic daily. It is the area from Blagoveschensk to Demsky Region of Ufa.

18.05.05. – OJSC "Ufaorgsintez" will disburse the dividends for 2004 at the rate 0.25 of rubble per one share

OJSC "Ufaorgsintez" will disburse the dividends for 2004 at the rate 0.25 of rubble both per an ordinary share and a preference share with nominal value one rubble. This decision was approved by the shareholders at the year meeting.
The report on the results of finance-economic indexes of the enterprise’s activity for 2040, the account balance and other indexes of finance and technical status of the enterprise for the summery period were approved too. New stuff of the Directors’ Council, of the inspection committee and a new auditor per the current year were also elected, as rcc.ru reports.
According to the results of 2004 the company took clear profit at the rate of 588.893 million of ruubles, it’s in 5.3 times more then in 2003. The enterprise’s earnings were 5.345 milliard rubbles in production realization and 1.245 milliard rublles I selling.
"Firm DDM-Audit" Ltd. was approved as an auditor.
OJSC "Ufaorgsintez" specializes in polyethylene manufacture and covers about 10 per cent of the Russian market. It also produces the products of main organic synthesis (40 per cent of the Russian market of phenol.

18.05.05. – CJSC "Kaustik" will participate the VI Congress of oil and gas manufacturers

CJSC "Kaustik" will participate the VI Congress of oil and gas manufacturers among 23 enterprises, which are the sponsors of the action. The Congress will be held in Ufa on May 24 – 27. there will be more than a thousand representatives of 150 great oil and gas companies of Russia, near and far abroad. It’s very good for seeking new partners and widening business circles.
For some years running CJSC "Kaustik" is a permanent participant of different specialized actions, concerning the the quality of the production confirmation and cooperation with the partners. In 2005 in the context of the national programme "All-Russian mark (III millenium). The quality sign of XXI century" the company passed all the stages of passportization and entered all-Russian register "The high Quality Enterprise", and the hydrochloric acid reactive, made by this enterprise, is awarded with the Golden Sign of Quality. "Ęaustik" is also awarded with International award "European Quality ". In March 2005 there was an accreditation of the laboratory of technological shops servicing at the enterprise. Among the similar centres the lab of CJSC "Ęaustik" is the first in Bashkortostan.
The financial indexes of the enterprise are significant either. Thus, the earnings of sterlitamak "Ęaustik" of the fist term is 1.74 milliard rubbles, it’s 9.5 per cent higher than it was in the same period last year. Gross revenue of the company increased on 23.4 per cent for 355/142 million rubbles.

18.05.05. – The products of CJSC "Ęaustik" is out of

The competition "Best Goods Of Bashkortostan " is like elimination contest for All-Russian Competition "100 Best Goods Of Russia". There CJSC quot;Ęaustik" successfully exhibited its products. Technical ephychlorhydryn and technical perchlorethylene, made by the sterlitamak enterprise, were beyond competition. Technical dichlorethan and hydrochloric acid reactive took the diplomas of finalists of the republican competition. Probably it is a result of certificated system of quality management as a doubtless condition of competitiveness.

13.05.05. –Nearly 40 thousand tons of sugar are made of foreign raw sugar in Bashkortostan

Today in the republic two sugar plants work with foreign raw sugar, they are Meleuzovskiy and Raevskiy plants. As the sugar industry department of Ministry of RB Agriculture informed, more than 52579 tons of raw material were supplied to these enterprises and 40205 tons have been processed yet. It means 38389 tons of sugar are produced.
The greatest amount of the raw materials were supplied to Raevskiy plant and processed either. This plant started working with foreign raw sugar earlier than Meleuzovskiy plant.
Specialists of Ministry of RB Agriculture said, foreign raw materials would be imported to the republic till July. Thus, the inhabitants if Bashkortostan will have no problems with sugar during the "berry" season.

13.05.05. – The bus of Neftekam "Tourist" became a laureate of the competition "The Best Products of Bashkortostan"

An inter-city bus "Tourist", model "NefAZ-52991" became the laureate of the competition "The Best Products of Bashkortostan".
This new manufactured article of Neftekam auto plant meets all the international requirements in comfort and quality. There are 44 sitting paces in the car. There is also an equipped mini-kitchen with immersion heater, a fridge, a bio toilet. The passengers won’t be bored during the way, they will be able to watch movies because there are two monitiors.
The chairs are comfortable, soft, it’s important for long distance trips. There is also a sleeping place for a driver and a conditioner "Climat-control". Everything is done to make the trip pleasant. And the technical features of the car let the driver make the way non-problem and safe.
Let’s remind, during the years city buses, local and inter-city buses of OJSC "NefAZ" became the laureates of the competition. And further they confirmed the high level, when became diploma holders or laureates of the Competition "100 Best Products Of Russia".

13.05.05. – Life rafts made at UZEMIK are in the list of the best products of Bashkortostan

In the list of laureates of the competition "The Products of Bashkortostan" in the nomination "Consumer Goods" there are products of JSC "Ufimskiy Plant of Elastomer Materials, Wares and Constructions ". They are the air life rafts for siding boats (yachts).
it’s comfortable floating small houses per four, six and eight persons equipped for temporary stay on the water. The rafts fill with the air automatically. They are made of rubberized textile, steady for low or high temperature. And these products are small-size, solid and luggable.
UZZMIK has been producing the life rafts for last three years. Earlier, the consumers could get this kind of product only from abroad and there were no prototype in Russia. Ufimskiy plant is the only that decided to produce the safe and comfortable rafts.
They think that the manufacture capacity will expand as the number of yacht owner is increasing. They are shipyards, yacht-clubs and private persons.
Last year OJSC "UZEMIK" supplied air rafts to almost 30 important consumers. Life technique goes not only to the regiong of Russia but also to the near and distant countries. The main factors are the perfect quality and the product’s cost appropriate for middle class consumers.
Specialists hope that the products of UZEMIK would be the winner of the Competition "100 Best Products Of Russia", as it was for some times earlier.

11.05.05. – Bashkortostan boring enterprises bored 165 kilometers

Bashkortostan boring enterprises – Ufa boring board Ltd., Neftekamsk boring board Ltd., Burkan Ltd drilled 165.5 km of rocks within 4 months of 2005. The figure made is intended for Bashneft enterprise.
At the same time boring enterprises processed 49 boreholes while plan has been 41 boreholes. In that, Ufa enterprise made 27 boreholes (or 127.7 per cent of the plan), Neftekamsk – 14 boreholes (or 107.7 per cent), Burkan – 8 boreholes (or 133.3 per cent).

5.05.05. – Bashneft extracted 3,9 mln tons of crude oil

Oil and gas extracting companies pertained to Bashneft enterprise, extracted over 3.9 million tons of crude oil within the four months of 2005. All the companies excluding Bashsibneft, completed their plans set by Bashneft. The leader of the extracting companies is Krasnokholmskneft that extracted 714.89 ths tons of oil. Such companies as Arlanneft (611.4 ths tons) and Chekmagushneft (599 ths tons) have been a little befind the leader.
Moreover, the enterprise extracted 115,561.00 ths tons of passing gas (101.7 per cent over the plan) and 12,783.00 ths tons of natural gas (11 per cent).

5.05.05. – Uchaly ore-mining enterprise increased copper concentrate production

Uchaly ore-mining enterprise increased production of copper concentrate 0.5 per cent to reach 78.5 thousand tons in the first quarter of 2005 as compared to the same period last year. Ore mining totaled 1.154 mln tons in the first three months of 2005. Production of copper concentrate totaled 11.775 ths tons, zinc concentrate – 62.556 ths tons with zinc in it – 28.15 ths tons.
Ore mining plan was overfulfilled 5.2 per cent, copper concentrate productiomn – four per cent, zinc concentrate – 10.5 per cent.

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