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 Archive of news - Juny 2005

30.06.05. - JSC "Tuimazyhimmach" is taking part in construction of plants in Tatarstan

JSC "Tuimazyhimmach" has won one of the tenders for supply of equipment for plants, erected in Tatarstan. The sum of orders is 10 millions rubles. Column units, vessel and heat-exchange equipment and other production of the pant from Tuimazy have already been delivered to Tatarstan.
The demand in specialized equipment for construction of the abovementioned plants is amounted to 500 millions rubles. And the plant from Tuimazy intends to win all these tenders and it is quite within its powers. At present time the plant delivers its production to such well-known producers as "Severstal", "Niznetagilsky metallurgical plant", "Chelyabinsk metallurgical plant" and "Krivorozstal" (Ukraine). These companies are making reconstruction of its productions this year thereby production of the plant from Tuimazy is highly demanded there. Thus, the sum of a contract with Niznetagilsky metallurgical plant amounts to 250-280 millions rubles.
This year JSC "Tuimazyhimmach" will go on delivering its output to Kazakhstan, Belarus and Iraq.

29.06.05. - They helped the village

More than three million rubles were given to modern equipping with amenities of the settlement Slancy of Beloretskiy district by the leaders of Joint-stock COMPANY "Stroymineral". Due to the given money the lines of electricity transmissions were recovered, local roads were repaired. The address help of industrialists is conditioned to those, that they now began a building of large factory in a neighborhood of the settlement, a booty and processing of shale - the local mineral raw material, used in strewing of isolating wares made by the enterprise "Krovlya" in Uchaly. Now production workers conduct the editing of a new washery, starting of which will allow not only to begin the booty of minerals but also to provide the inhabitants of Slancy with work positions.

27.06.05. - In the forestry "Sakmar" of Bajmaksk area they confidently look ahead

The significant part of the territory of the Bashkir Zauralye is covered by woods. But the woods in this part of Republic Bashkortostan are mainly unvaluable birch. In the forestry "Sakmar" of Bajmaksk area it occupies about 80 percent of the raw base. Partly this factor has brought in due time under bankruptcy Temyasovsk forestry, on the basis of which then the forestry "Sakmarquot; has been created
Sceptics spoke, that it will not exist too long; supposedly the debts will pull it to the bottom which it has got from the predecessor. And they have appeared solid - on some millions rubles. Boris Makarov headed the collective, in the recent past the lieutenant colonel of one of the military units who had got under reduction, decided to run a business in a military way. He has put all the things in order with a labour discipline, has understood with the finance. But the most important thing is he has found new consumers of birch wood. In particular, he has left on a management of one of glass factories, where there is constant need in cheap container.
- We have finished the last year with growth by 2003 in eight percent on volume of manufacture, - Boris Vasilevich tells - the received profit has made 220 thousand rubles. We worked without any debts on wages. But, perhaps, the most important achievement of our rather small collective, we have completely paid off with debts of the old enterprise-bankrupt, have redeemed the basic process equipment, technical equipment, have repaired all the equipment and the basic property have transmitted to municipal bodies of village Temjasovo. In present to year we work in more difficult conditions. The competition has sharply become aggravated. Only in Temjasovo wood zone nine power-saw benches of private businessmen operate.
So the consumers of wood have an opportunity to choose the supplier. On one hand, in fact it's market conditions, and the competition forces to search for additional reserves. On the other hand, the wood in fact is one for everyone, so it is impossible to live in the way of a current day on a principle who has cut more, that and more money has received for the sold wood. We have faced a footstep due to the jumped up prices for combustive-lubricating materials, spare parts either. And the prices for selling production remain former. What kind of solution can be found for our forestry? It is only one: to increase the quality of production, to reduce its cost price. Unfortunately, it is not necessary to speak about deep processing of wood - it's too expensive and will not be paid back soon. This means, it is necessary to search for consumers of birch on the scope of usual assortment of its processing. Since April, 1st the our basic consumer is OJSC "Salavatsteklo", which approximately for 70 percent had covered our money needs. Now it conducts the reconstruction of manufacture, thus temporary having lowered the volumes of applications for our production.
We came to Chelyabinsk, Orenburg areas, having found there consumers of birch. Unfortunately, the financial position of the enterprises, organizations, economies there are less stable, than in Bashkortostan. In exchange for wood we are offered the payment in kind: agrarian raw material, sugar, clothes... It is necessary to accept, then be engaged in realization of all of this to receive "natural" money. Somewhere since August "Salavaysteklo" again will start to take a birch in plenties. But we just in case make secure and now we start in manufacture new kinds of production. We start to make pallets under the bricks. We have also concluded the contract with Magnitogorsk calibration factory where it's asked a cheap tare board in a plenty; the birch suits just right. Under this order we have decided to get the corresponding machine tool. And also began to produce more consumer goods. It is wooden boards, windows, doors, benches... We also carry out various orders of the population. In a word, we undertake everything on what it is possible to earn.
As we see, the understanding of initiative market has come to the collective. And only that who proved that can work on "five" can meet the assistance. The government of republic, considering, possibly, this factor, has satisfied the forestry "Sakmar" with good limits not only to birch, but also to more valuable coniferous kinds. In Bajmaksk regional municipal administration proper support is provided to the forestry too. Difficulties in the forestry "Sakmar" are temporary, but its heads and experts use the best efforts in order the economy of the enterprise won't suffer. And this master's attitude to business allows the collective to look ahead with the confidence.
In pictures: the general director of the forestry "Sakmar" Boris Makarov (on the left) and the director on manufacture Nikolay Dmitriev are analyzing the results of the working day; in the workshop of cutting of wood; a birch wood in vicinities of the village Temjasovo.

27.06.05. - Production of the Ufa paint and varnish factory will be supplied abroad

OJSC "Ufa's paint and varnish factory" starts to win the global market. Now the administration negotiates for delivery of let out paint and varnish materials with Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia. In Russia the geography of deliveries is rather wide. These all are nearby regions, the Arkhangelsk, Tyumen areas and others.
Because of the expansion of business geography the enterprise has increased the output. Today UPVF works in three changes, shipping on 200 tons of paint and varnish materials a month, it's 15-20 percent more, than last year. For manufacture chemically persistent enamels HV-785 the paint and varnish factory in the nearest future is going to purchase one more beaded mill. In total from the beginning of the year it has been purchased three beaded mills and one spherical mill.
Also the consumers can shortly order flame-proof paintings which now are being prepared for certification.

27.06.05. - At a factory "Monometr" OJSC "Salavatnefteorgsyntez" the power unit will be constructed

Administration of OJSC "Salavatnefteorgsyntez" has made a decision on the construction of the power unit at a factory "Monometr", that is the part of the structure of combine. Contracts are already signed, and the working project is being now carried out.
The power unit, according to the press-service of the enterprise, will be started to build this year. On a new plant it will be produced the vapour of high pressure. Its capacities can provide completely the needs of the joint-stock company and it will be able to refuse the services of city thermal power stations. It is one of the tasks which construction of the power unit will solve. The other decision is, producing the vapour, the electric power will be received here. Its part will be used at the enterprise, and the other part will be on sale.
Also the contracts on construction of shock-resistant polystyrene are signed, now there is a development of the base project. The contracts on construction of a new plant of foaming polystyrene are prepared also.

26.06.05. - The experience of Ulichansk miners is necessary not only for Russia, but also for Poland

On the basis of OJSC "Ulichansky Ore Dressing Combine" of the Ural mountain-metallurgical company there III International conference concerning the combined geotechnology, scales and prospects of its application took place .
Scientists and experts of mountain manufacture of the regions of Russia, Moscow and Poland participated the scientifically-practical conference. The detailed information about activity of Ulichansky ODC was given not only by its heads and experts, but also by the representatives of the Government of Republic Bashkortostan and the Ural mountain-metallurgical company. It is because ODC has very good prospects and its present successful activity is a sphere of interest not only for Bashkortostan.
The interest of Polish representatives to Ulichansky ODC is rather old. The Polish experts of a mining industry are frequent visitors there. And the most important feature here is that last years Ulichansky ODC became something like Mecca for miners of Russia, near and far Abroad. Not so far, on July, 14-16th, 2004, in Uchaly there was lead VIII Ural mining congress.
There the problems of geotechnologies were mentioned too, in particular, in the performance of the director of Institute of Economy of the Ural branch of Russian Academy of Sciences of Alexander Tatarkin. And the present International conference, entirely devoted to aspects of geotechnology, is rather indicative because the provincial mining city was chosen as a place of its carrying out on an alternative basis. As a rule, forums of such a high rank are held in large cities. The market economy has forced to break the developed stereotype and give the preference to studying the working (live) experience, instead of the one learnt through the reports. Certainly, there were corresponding reports, discussions in Uchaly, but the main part of the conference took place directly on the manufacture.
The scientists and experts visited concentrating factory of the combine, in the quarry of Ulichansky deposit, in a shattering-separate complex where everyone could be convinced in the high production efficiency achieved by the collective of Uchalinsky ODC. And the reason is following: at the combine the complicated questions of transition from the open-pit ore mining to the underground one, which share constantly grows, were competently and in due time solved.
It was made in very complicated conditions of the past raw crisis. The courageous engineering decisions were taken which led to success. The miners of Ulichansk extract the ore difficult for processing. It differs from other similar copper-pyrites ores by thin mutual "germinating" minerals, and that creates considerable complexities in enrichment. It is necessary to tell especially about quarry of Ulichansk. The combined geotechnology is applied there, which allow fulfill a deposit with smaller expenses and more effectively. For last 20 years the amount of the mountain manufactures working on such method, in the world has increased twice, but in Uralsk region this method is involved only by collectives of OJSC "Ulichansky ODC" and OJSC "Gaysky ODC".

23.06.05. - JSC "SALAVATNEFTEORSINTEZ" intends to produce pilot batch of new production

JSC "SALAVATNEFTEORSINTEZ" intends to produce a pilot batch of its new production - orthoxylol - to the end of June. This batch is dated to confirm efficiency of the technological scheme selected.
Orthoxylol is the raw material for production of phtalic anhydride. But JSC never produced it before. In this connection the leadership of the company made a resolve to master orthoxylol production by workshops NN 33 and 34 from its own raw material.
At present time the main construction works at two stages of the technological process have already been done. The plant capacities are quite enough to produce a pilot batch of orthoxylol and the final launching of this production and its takeout onto normal mode will happen later.
Mastering of orthoxylol obtaining technology will allow the company refusing from its purchase, increasing the depth of oil raw material processing and lowering the cost of output produced. The project capacity of orthoxylol production is 15 thousands tons annually.

21.06.05. - Geonets "STEKLON&T" were examined on their durability on an experimental site of a motorway

The examination of the efficiency of progressive technologies of asphalt-concrete road surface repairing with the application of geonets made at the Ufa joint-stock company "STEKLON&Tquot was carried out.
A year ago on 45th kilometer of a highway Ufa - Inzer - Beloretsk a certain a experimental site of road was appointed which Arkhangelsk DRSU considers oneof the most problem. Here also a new technology has been tested. Geonets "STEKLON&T" should hveve been examined on durability, and the technology - on its efficiency. Results of annual operation were analized by the out commission with two main experts of a road-building complex of republic, including the representatives of the Ministry on construction, architecture and transport of RB, of State Unitary Enterprise "Bashkiravtodor", of a Project Institute "Bashkirdortransproektquot and of some other branch structures.
The examination showed, that the appointed site of the road is flatter then the nearby ones, not reinforced. However, the members of the commission noted, that a year of operation it is not enough to lead the full analysis of efficiency of the technology, - the monitoring of an experimental site is should be conducted during three-five years. But nevertheless, the first results of the experts encourage.
The joint-stock company "STEKLON&T" manufactures geonets with the technical features meeting all the requirements of modern international standards. The production is widely applied in road construction on the territory of Russia and CIS countries.
The world practice of geonets application made of fiber glass confirms the perspectivity of use of this technology in transport construction. In a road covering the geonets carry out the role of armature and prevent occurrence of a track, roughnesses, cracks, hollows.

21.06.05. - On results of January-May the growth of manufacture is noticed in 18 cities and 30 regions of Bashkortostan

At last selector meeting in the House of Republic the Prime minister of RB Government Rafael Bajdavletov announced preliminary results of work of the republican industrial enterprises in January-May of the current year. The index of industrial manufacture on the large and average enterprises for this period made up 104,9 percent.
As he said, the highest growth happened in a manufacturing industry, it is 107,9 percent to a level of the last year. Also the volume of manufacture of mineral oil has increased for 8,4 percent, rubber and plastic products - on 13,4, machines and the equipment - on 3,1, in metallurgy - on 18,5, in wood processing sector - on 17,3 percent, in publishing and polygraphic activity - in 1,7 times. In manufacture of the electric power, gas and water the index made up 103,2 percent.
At the same time the volumes of extraction of minerals decreased on 1,6 percent, and in a fuel and energy complex - on 1,1 percent. Release of chemical production was also reduced to 2,1 percent. The volumes decreased in textile and sewing manufacture (on 16 percent), in manufacture of leather (on 26,7) and in foodstuff (on 0,5).
According to Rafael Baydavletov's words, the increase in volumes of manufacture was marked in 18 cities and 30 regions of the republic.
The greatest growth was observed in such regions: Meleuza (in two times), Agideli and Tuimazy (in 1,4 times), in Abzelilovsky region (in 1,7 times), Karmaskalinsky (in 1,6 times), Nurimanovsky (in 1,4 times) and Khaybullinsky (almost in 1,3 times).
On the background of all-republican positive dynamics the volumes of output were reduced in a number of cities and regions. On the results of five months because of the shortage of raw material and turnover means the volumes of manufacture in Davlekanovo decreased on 46,3 percent, in the region Buzdjaksky - on 29,2 percent, in Sharansky -on 25,5 percent, etc.

17.06.05. - The meeting devoted to questions of management of the company was held at "Kaustik"

Questions of the management in the structure of OJSC "Bashkirkskaya Khimiyaà" were discussed at meeting which took place on June, 16th at JSC "Kaustik". The general director of OJSC "Bashkirskaya Khimiya" Sergey Tchernikov met the first heads of Sterlitamak chemical complex.
According to the press-service of the enterprise, the very important list of questions was discussed. In particular, Sergey Tchernikov special attention gave to the roles and the responsibility of group of the companies joining the OJSC "Bashkirskaya Khimiya" in strengthening of economic potential of Bashkortostan. He emphasized, that he treats with the great respect to how the management of the republic and of Sterlitamak solves questions not only of strengthenings of industrial potential of the region, but also creation of conditions for development and realization of the social programs.
The administration of OJSC "Bashkirskaya Khimiya", understanding the role and huge value of the responsibility of business to a society and its citizens, developed a number of concepts on creation of qualitatively new approach to preparation of the experts, motivation of more productive work and system of its payment, sponsor activity, support of sports and culture.

16.06.05. - For five months the well-boring enterprises of the republic have handed over 67 wells

67 wells instead of planned 56 ones were handed over by the well-boring enterprises working for OJSC "ANK"Bashneft" for five months of the running year. The maximum number of the handed over wells is 37 instead of 29 made by LTD "Ufa's Administration of Boring Works". Neftekamsk's ABW has drilled 20 chinks, LTD "Burkan" - ten.
All enterprises have holed more than 193000 meters.

16.06.05. - ANK "Bashneft" extracted about five millions tons of oil from the beginning of year

The largest oil and gas Extraction Company of Bashkortostan "Bashneft" extracted about five millions tons of oil during five months from the beginning of year.
The greatest volume of "black gold" is reached out of the deposits which are maintained by the oil and gas extraction administration "Krasnoholmskneft". For five months this administration extracted more than 900 thousand tons of hydrocarbonic raw materials. About 770 thousand tons are on the account of OGA "Arlanneft", almost 750 thousand tons of oil was extorted by the OGA "Chekmagushneft".
Practically all oil and gas extraction administrations cope with a planned target. Exception makes only OGA "Basgsibneft¦" - 98,7 percent of the appointed volumes of extraction.
Besides oil, OGA "Bashneft" extracted 145246 thousand cubic metre of passing gas (101,5 percent of the plan) and 14395 thousand cubic metre of natural gas, it's on 8,2 percent over the plan of the five months.

15.06.05. - The birth of the enterprise

Truly historical event of local scale has in an ancient working settlement Tirljan of Beloretsky region - here a new manufacture has opened for the first time for last two ten years.
LTD "Scientific-manufacturalàfirm " Promtehmontazh" inhaled a new life in old cases of former locomotive car repair workshops of Beloretsk metallurgical combine, having developed in the case a manufacture of rather specific and scarce production. Now Tirljan became one of three places in Russia where demanded supersize automobile and railway scales are made.
Today these units filled with the most precise electronics, each of which weights three and more tons, are in great demand in all the branches of economy. Not casually, that the portfolio of orders for its production has been filled on half a year forward before opening of the shop . As the head of "Promtehmontazh" Sergey Potapov, who is a native Tirlljan, said, the main purpose which was pursued by the organizers of the manufacture, is a creation of new workplaces in the settlement. Today in this settlement, with the lack of efficient hands, the index of their uselessness is one of the highest in the republic: almost each third able-bodied inhabitant of the settlement has no constant sources of means of subsistence. And that's why almost fifty persons who became the employees of a new firm, will noticeably correct this sad statistics for the best.
The ideological inspirer and the main organizer of creation of the enterprise in Tirljan - the Moscow firm "Tenzo-M" has already recognized it as a lawful "child", having put at the disposal of ural inhabitants a part of the equipment, the documentation and provides with an electronic stuffing the local scales. Moreover, recently the capital administration has made a decision to give the most part of the orders on large automobile and practically on all railway weights to Tirljan. Thus, the first units made here were distributed, and consumers remained happy with their quality.
- I closely studied the modern principles of the organization of the manufacture, - Sergey Potapov tells. - And also I understood that it is possible today to win a place under the market sun, only offering the clients a full complex that is manufacture, installation, constant service. And consequently we at once have organized special brigades which leave on places and make there installation of our scales, and also take their work under the control. And it noticeably involves customers.
And one more feature. Tirljan citizens can make electronic scales in sizes which are necessary to customers. Thus, the technological parameters stipulated by acting standards, for scales measuring technical equipment are strictly observed.
The employees of SMU OJSC "Promtehservice" have great plans. They are to satisfy the demand of the production of consumers in territory from Moscow up to Vladivostok, moreover such market really exists today. By first steps, Tirljan citizens will reach their aims.

11.06.05. - Sterlitamak JSC "Factory "Clothes" is about to open up new fashion

Nowadays Sterlitamak JSC "Factory "Clothes" is on the the way of discovering of new technologies and equipment modernization.
As a fact, last year the specialists of the factory developed and opened up the manufacture of new 19 fashion models. The good quality of the production and interesting exhibits were awarded with the diplomas at different competitions and exhibitions.
The enterprise produses working clothes for OJSC "Bashkirenergo", CJSC "Kaustic", GUP "Bashavtotrans", trolleybus city administration. The consumers are satisfied with the results of the collaboration with the professionals.

6.06.05. - On "Salavatnefteorgsintez" the building of a new mount has started

On the territory of the workshop #10 of OJSC "Salavatneftorgsintez" the preparatory works for the building of a new mount have started. The oil staff becomes more expensive and itÒs unprofitable to process the oil as it was processed before. In order to justify the cost of oil stuff, it is necessary to increase the receiving of purpose fractions such as gasoline, diesel oil and oil products.
In the year 2000 with the aim of getting extra profit from the processing of heavy fractions the question of intensifying oil processing was pointed. And by 2002 a special programme approved by "Gazprom" had been provided in the enterprise. The main theses of the programme foreseed the building of the mounting catalyst cracking and mounting of withbraking.
In 2004 in OJSC "Salavatnefteorgsintez" the tender was held and the firms-suppliers of high technologies were picked out. The agreements of mounting of withbraking and cutcracking were signed with the firm "Shall" and of mounting of petrol hydro refinement after the catcracking - with the firm "Accence". The basic project in withbraking mounting with the firm is made, and in few days the basic project in cutcraking will be ready.
In January 2005 there was signed an agreement, of complete engineering and building of the withbraking mount, with SMU "Kedr-89" which took the duties of the mountÒs putting into operation at the end of 2006. "Kedr-89" has already elaborated the associating between the mount and the platform and started to work with the foundation. At the same time the dismantling of the foundation is being held by the Department of Major Building of OJSC "SNOS".
SMU "Kedr-89" has taken all the duties in building of the mounts of catalyst cracking and hydro refinement; their putting into operation is layed out on November 2007.
Approximately this new complex will create 300 extra working places. And existing mounts of catalyst cracking will be kept with the new ones because of the abundance of the oil stuff.
It should be noticed that the new mounts are different from the old ones with the perfect processes. Now from the vacuum gasoil the enterprise gets 38 per cent of AI-76 gasoline and 35 per cent of diesel oil. In future on the new mounts "SNOS" will get 50 per cent of high-octane gasoline AI-92. But the most important thing is in increasing oil processing and decreasing black oil amount, but not the increase of octane number of gasoline.

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