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 Archive of news - July 2005

27.07.05. - Beloretsk enterprise "BLUS" increases the manufacture of lamps

Almost to 80 percent in comparison with the similar period of the last year the output increased at OJSC " Socially-rehabilitation enterprise "BLUS" of the All-Russia association of deaf persons in Beloretsk. As its director Boris Kopev said, as during all 2004 there were made 60 thousand luminescent lamps, thus during January-June of the current year this parameter has reached 52 thousand pieces. This was promoted by increase of demand of the production among Beloretsk inhabitants, and also due to the means received within the limits of the federal program of support of the enterprises of invalids; it was possible to get new equipment for manufacturing plastic disseminating lamps. Together with the lamps Beloretsk citizens make bayonet shovels, garden rakes and fastenings for furniture-makers. Unfortunately, to tell about the increased financial well-being of the enterprise, in Boris Kopev's opinion, it is not necessary yet. Debts of former years, and also the necessity of return of the bank credit taken for updating of turnaround means, do not allow to raise wages and to expand the manufacture. But now the manufacture of a lamp, of so-called economy-series with the power of luminescent lamps in 20 watt was started. At once it became popular among the customers.

25.07.05. - Tuimazinsky porcelain plant has issued souvenirs to the 1000th anniversary of Kazan

Workers of JSC "Tuimazinsky porcelain plant" have issued special souvenirs, devoted to the 1000th anniversary of Kazan, including four sorts of decorative plates and large dish with places of interest of the capital of Tatarstan on. All souvenirs shine with bright colors and gilt. Besides, the plant issued tea sets of three styles: "Classical", "Jubilee" and "Alina" also with sights of Kazan: magnificent mosques, churches, famous Kremlin etc. The sets consist of 15 items wrapped in picturesque packing. Plant workers hope these wares will become a good gift for citizens and guests of the city.

22.07.05. - Beloretsk plant of springs increases production output

One of large enterprises of Beloretsk - JSC "The plant of springs" - goes through the period of active growth. Some years ago serious organizational and economic reforms had occurred here. The plant has changed the form of property. New owner of the plant - one of Moscow financial groups - has reconstructed plant buildings, replaced the larger part of equipment and refreshed local personnel. All abovementioned gave good results: economic and financial indices went uphill and mutually beneficial partnership relations were established with such industrial giants as "KAMAZ" and "Uralwagonzavod" and with other machine-building enterprises of Russia and CIS.
It allowed directing a larger part of profit for improving production quality, certification of springs according to international standards and retraining of both managers and workers. Thus, for six months 2005 the plant produced springs for the sum of 168 millions rubles - by 41% more than one year ago. Marketing specialists say the second half of the year is expected no less productive. Average wage of workers has reached nine thousands rubles and General Director of the plant, doctor of technical sciences, Ivan Radchenko, has entered the number of best managers of Bashkortostan.

19.07.05. - The rafts made in Ufa have saved nine lives

Nine people, who crashed in the Sea of Ohotsk, saved themselves by means of using the rafts of OJSC "The Plant of Elastomer Materials, Goods And Constructions of Ufa". The enterprise was informed immediately after the accident.
It should be noticed on 8th July of the current year the water-craft SP-13 was wrecked in the Sea of Ohotsk while following from Magadan to Ohotsk. There was a crew of six and four passengers aboard the ship. The ship was equipped with two life-rafts PSN-10MK made by UZEMIK. In spite of the storm force the rafts became reliable means of saving people. The first raft was discovered on 12th July and the other one ÷ two days later. This raft was drifting the sea almost a week.
Thus, owing to the rafts of Ufa“s enterprise that is one of the leading manufacturers of saving equipment in Russia and UIC, a great amount of people was rescued.
As the manager of marketing department of UZEMIK Tatiana Olenicheva explained, the rafts keep high exploitation qualities in any heavy sea. The reliability of this kind of products is provided with isolated bays of boating cells and air-bottom. And moreover, there is also a double tent, a device for hermetic closing of doorways and bays of rain-water, a window, an emergency set. An effective radar reflectiver, an alarm set, bright orange tent and elements of light reflective band guarantee fast detection of the rafts in the sea.

19.07.05. - Industry develops itself stably in Utchaly

Totals of local industry work for the first half of the year were summoned some days ago. Information-analytical department of regional administration reports general analysis of local industrial enterprises allows talking about stable development of both the region and the town of Utchaly. On January-June 2005 local enterprises have produced output for the sum of two billions 991 millions rubles in real prices. Industrial growth made up 33,4% and physical volume index - 105,2%.
Stable economics is mainly provided with JSC "Utchalinsky mining-concentrating plant", belonging to Ural Mining-Metallurgical Company. Due to profitable activity and tax deductions the plant covers more than 80% of local budget and it is one of the largest in the South Ural.
Such fact truly speaks of stability in local economics. Compared with 2003, deposits of local residents in banks have been increased from 225 millions rubles up to 315 millions and average salary has grown up by 32%, reaching 5350 rubles. And the most distinctive feature of today's well-being is that local companies and enterprises have no debts to the budget.

18.07.05. - Professional holiday a Beloretsk metallurgical plant is marked by launching modern equipment

On the eve of the professional holiday of metallurgists Beloretsk metallurgical plant has launched new modern equipment at workshop N11 - two lines of copper plating for electrode wire with 0,8 - 1,6 mm. in diameter of Italian production and with carrying capacity four thousands tons of production per year. Same day the plant has finished the first turn of reconstruction of thermo- pickler at steel-wire workshop N4.
As news-service of JSC "Beloretsk metallurgical plant" reports, launching two lines has been realized within the frames of the strategic investment program of JSC "Metchel", directed to modernization and renovation of equipment and, correspondingly, to increase of output quality. This new equipment is included in the complex of equipment for producing electrode copper-plated wire - the line of copper-plating wire of thick diameters produces high- quality blanks for thin diameters. Specialists say this equipment allows providing high quality of copper plating. Thus, wire winding will be made both on reels and hanks with rosette cast. Consumers, including motor-car enterprises, will receive wire in euro- cassettes and three rewind lines are to be installed at the workshop for that.
Representatives of Republican Government, headed by Deputy Prime-Minister of Bashkir Government, Minister of economic development and industry RB Nikolai Puchnin took part in the ceremony of launching new lines.

15.07.05. - New technologies assimilation will help to develop domestic aviation industry.

Because of 80-year anniversary of OJSC "UMPO" the President of Bashkortostan Murtaza Rakhimov visited two new manufacture lines assimilated at the enterprise. He was accompanied by the Prime-Minister of RB Government, the minister of economic development and industry of RB Nikolay Puchnin and other officials.
As the agency "Bahinform", informed before, the head of the republic familiarized with the work of OJSC "Dispromed" and Engineering Centre of Prototypes Creating.
On the first object included in the complement of association as independent subdivision, as generally known, single syringes and systems for blood transfusion are produced. It was started with a little needle which was produced in a wide assortment. Original test on meeting the requirements of medical industry - quality and sterility, the workers of workshop managed to pass this test, and soon there was an idea to extend the production.
Today the capacity of "Dispromed" lets to produce 14-15 million syringes monthly. But this is not the limit. How the specialists assert, in the process of modernization of production and additional teaching of personnel the amount of syringes can be increased to 18-20 million pieces. "Dispromed" has its own reserve areas where it is possible to produce up to 240 million syringes monthly.
And the most important thing: today "Dispromed" LTD. is the only Russian firm, supplying its products abroad. Brazilian company "Plastcomp" came forward as a solid customer, its representatives got acquainted with Ufa“s products at an exhibition in D?sseldorf. In January of the running year there was signed a contract of supply of ten million five-, ten- and twenty deep blue syringes monthly starting from July of the present year.
Other object is the Engineering center of prototyping. It is an unique complex, analogues which while is not in Russia. Due to the equipment set here it is possible quickly to get the volumes models which details are poured off on the basis of. The modern systems of computer design allow shorten the expenses of time and facilities for development and constructing of new wares considerably. Thus, it is possible to do without the traditional rigging.
In the whole world large industrial companies give their preference to such kind of systems. A designer gets a working model almost as easily and quickly, as a draft from a printer or plotter, that allows considerably to promote both the efficiency of his work and the quality of future goods.
In OJSC "UMPO" the equipment of firm "3D Systems" is used, where the technology is based on the use of laser stereolithography. Besides, the models can "be rown up" from metallic or polymeric powder and also from special sand. It is possibility to get even transparent details for aerodynamic and other testing. In a word, this center far facilitates work of designers and founders, allowing to make the techniques of new generation.
In front of the entrance of this centre there was set a small exposition, where it was possible to see some of the aviation engines serially produced at the plant, and also the various half-finished products made according to the new technologies. General director of OJSC "UMPO" Yuriy Pustovgarov briefly told about the features of work of aviation engines and prospects of development of the enterprise generally. The President of the republic took interest in the development of the so-called aviation subject. General director of SPC "Saturn" Yuriy Lastochkin, who arrived on an anniversary, expressed his opinion on the topical questions of development of domestic aircraft building. Russia in no circumstances can lose the positions conquered in this industry, he considers. Mastering of progressive technologies can serve as foundation for optimism.

15.07.05. - Technical equipment of the plant "Vityaz" of Ishimbaysk is awarded for its quality and design.

There was held the VI International Exhibition of Military Techniques, Technologies and Armament of Land Forces. The plant of Ishimbaysk OJSC "Vityaz" participated the exhibition. The drivers-testers showed the possibilities of two kinds of two-unit transporters with tonnage 10 and 30 tons. The tank institute of Irkutsk, which recently has purchased techniques of Ishimbaysk, granted the vehicles to perform them at the exhibition. Regarding to the exhibition results OJSC "Vityaz" is awarded with a golden medal in the nomination "Means of Dealing with Terrorism, Armament, Military Techniques, Double-Purpose Technologies".
In the context of the exhibition All-Russian Competition "Military Design" was summed up. In the nomination "Design of Military Techniques" a two-unit caterpillar tank DT-30PM was awarded with the second place.

15.07.05. - Top managers of "Heineken" visited Sterlitamac

Top managers of the company "Heineken" (Amsterdam, Holland), including President of the company Tony Rice, Vice-President Jean- Francois Boksmeier and regional President of Central and Eastern Europe Niko Nusmeier, visited Sterlitamac, followed by heads of the group of companies "Heineken Russia" Rolan Pirme, Viktor Pyatko and Alexei Chernyaev. The head of the city administration Spartak Achmetov met the delegation. The sides discussed perspectives of one of the breweries of the company "Sheehan". After negotiations representatives of the company visited the brewery. M-r Tony Rice has highly evaluated the culture of production, the state of technological equipment and production process in a whole.

14.07.05. - UMPO will increase the manufacture of motor-blocks and snow-ploughs

The manufacture of motor-blocks "Lgro"will be increased to a thousand items monthly in compliance with business-plan made by OJSC "UMPO". The model“s modernization will last. This time the transmission will be designed.
The decision is taken to widen up the manufacture of snow-ploughs "Rys", which are in great demand. The plant reached 100 per cent realization of consumer goods, it“s the evidence of sale“s effective system and high quality of goods.

13.07.05. - There are 225 thousand meters of traversed rocks on boring enterprises“ account of the republic.

There are 225 thousand meters of traversed rocks on boring enterprises“ account of Bashkortostan. It“s the result of last six-months-work of OJSCs " Ufa“s Administration of boring works", "Neftekamsk UBR", "Burkan"
Together the boring enterprises handed over ANK "Bashneft" to the main customer 87 new boreholes instead of 74 ones as it was planned.

13.07.05. - The number of users of products of Ishimbaysk“s enterprise "Inman" grows

The circle of users of products of joint-stock company "Inman" broadens. Except oil producers and borers, the road and Ň.., railroaders, builders joined them now. For each of these spheres the staff of "Inman" created the patterns of techniques capable to execute the most labour intensive loadable-unloadable operations effectively. In summer 2003 years the specialists of JSC "Energoneftegazstroy" during the tests in Mrakovo observed with surprise, how a borer created at "Iman" and set on the universal machine instills easily into a rocky breed. The original idea of designers of Ishimbaysk“s enterprise has made interested the power engineering specialists.
The new mobile aggregate, intended for replacement of supports of lines of the electricity transmissions, was created in a present year. The first standard of a new good was acquired by an enterprise "Ishimbayskie Elektroseti" and positively estimated his dignities. A new manipulator to IM-95 by a carrying capacity in three tons is two times cheaper and easier than the preceding model and also it“s comfortable in exploitation. According to the specialists, everything takes place very simply and quickly. A machine drives up to a support LEP, a manipulator catches a cradle, takes off the wires, puts a jack, takes out an old post, sets a new one. One man manages all the process .

12.07.05. - "Bashneft" has mined almost six millions tons of oil for the first half 2005

Oil company ":Bashneft" is the leader of the oil-gas-mining branch RB - for the first six months 2005 it has mined about six millions tons of oil.
Oil mining of "Krasnoholmskneft" makes up more than one million tons, "Arlanneft" has more than 920 thousands tons and "Chekmagushneft" - about 900 thousands.
In addition to oil the company has mined about 170 millions cubic meters of accompanying gas and almost 16 millions cubic meters of natural gas.

11.07.05. - In OJSC "Soda" they intend to introduce the most advanced technologies

A delegation of OJSC "Soda" visited Chinese People“s Republic. The purpose of visit was a participation in the special international conference on soda industry which is conducted one time in two years, usually in Europe. In People“s Republic of China it passed at first. And it wasn“t by chance: our eastern neighbours became the leaders on the issue of this strategic raw material and even passed a business concern "Solway". China, according to the specialists“ estimation, annually introduces new powers and grows the issue of the calcinated soda per one million tons.
The gardeners of Sterlitamak visited an old and a new soda factories, discussed the prospects of the development of soda industry and ways of collaboration in this sphere. In particular, the delegation managed by the main engineer of the enterprise Anatoliy Voronin had the negotiations with the representatives of Great Britain and People“s Republic of China about an exchange of technical information on the conditions of mutual benefits. The main result was a conclusion of the necessity of the quickest modernization of the manufacture on OJSC "Soda", of the introductions of the most progressive technologies. By July, 15 on the enterprise they intend to make up the plan of technical rearmament of OJSC "Soda" to 2010 year where the proper measures will be foreseen.

11.07.05. - Ministry of Defence of Russia thanked motor-builders of Ufa.

OJSC "Motor-Building Manufactural Unity of Ufa" received a letter with acknowledgement. In the letter Ministry of Defence of Russian Federation thanked the staff of OJSC for handing over two aviation engines P95SH in the needs of Ministry of Defence in honour of 60th anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War.
The commander of armament of Armed Forces of Russia - Deputy of Minister of Defence of RF Aleksey Moskovskiy writes, " Battleplanes Su-25, having participated anti-terrorist operations in the South of Russia are in great need of unique aviation engines of your manufacture. You have implemented this action right on time, its very patriotic deed.".

08.07.05. - A new head of Uchalinskiy Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise in Simbaysk branch has come

In the mining of Simbay last and running years some considerable changes happened. It“s too early to judge the results. Especially as all these changes are still proceeding.
In particular, staff reorganization concerning directly the heading staff of mining goes. The last news here: at the end of July Zakariy Gindullin was appointed as the director of Simbay branch of Uchalinskiy Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise of the mining-metallurgical company of Ural. At the same time he was entrusted the duties of the deputy general director of OJSC " Uchalinskiy Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise". To tell the truth, it“s not easy to say which position is more major. Actually the positions are parallel, but practically the responsibility in Simbay, apparently, is more heavy.
However, Zakariy Rovgativich is a specialist, known enough in Bashkir Trans-Ural. As he noticed himself in a talk, his main task on this stage is maximum assistance to the process of renewal of the work flow in Simbaysk underground mine and on mastering of Kamagansk field of copper, where the question of intensification of over-burden stripping stands sharply. It is set, that a quarry in a quick prospect must go out on a production within the limits of 300 thousand tons of ore per year. In principle this volume does not allow to load in the necessary volume of power of Simbaysk ore mining factory, but allows in some measure to support there the manufacture in the economically acceptable condition to the certain moment. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of problems in ore mining manufacture of Simbay. But the situation becomes little by little stable, although some of the rates leave much to be desired on separate parameters. And however the miners of Simbay look forward with optimism.

07.07.05. - JSC "Caoutchouc" masters new production

JSC "Caoutchouc" received the first lots of new output -butadiene-alpha-methyl-styrene caoutchouc CKMC-30 APKM-27. This is the fourth model of copolymer caoutchouc, mastered at the enterprise. It has been produced on existing equipment through changing technological mode. Specialists think it is economically profitable to produce this model today, since it is an analogue of worldly spread synthetic caoutchouc SBR 1712, widely used in production of tires and more demanded abroad. The rubber on its base possesses increased physical-mechanical characteristics and that widens consumer capacities of tires.

06.07.05. - "Selena Neftehim" will supply OJSC "Polyef" with paraxylol

Company "Selena Neftehim" (Moscow region) signed a treaty with OJSC "Polyef" of Blagoveshchensk on paraxylol supply.
According to news of the company, due to the conditions of the agreement paraxylon in the volume of up to 12 thousand tons in a month will be supplied for manufacture of tereftal acid (TFA) monthly. The agreement is concluded on five years.
Let“s remind, nowadays on "Polyef" the building of TFA production is being completed. Starting is set on October of this year. The supply of paraxylol "Selena Neftehim" plans to begin a few before, in order to accumulate the necessary volumes of raw material to the beginning of TFA production, reports rcc.ru
OJSC "Polyef" is a unique enterprise in Russia, prepossessing by powers on the issue TFA. In March 2005 100 per cent of shares of poly-ether complex were sold to "Plant "Selena""LTD., that belongs to the same name holding. The holding includes "SelenaNeftehim"LTD., engaged in the oil processing on the oil-processing enterprises "Novoil", "Ufaneftehim" and "Ufimsky SMP". Paraxylol will be supplied to "Polyef", produced on "Ufaneftehim". The power of the setting of paraxylol production at the oil-chemical enterprise of Ufa is 12 tons in a month. Nowadays its production supplies abroad either.After the starting of TFA production on "Polyef" paraxylol will be supplied to a bashkir enterprise.

06.07.05. - Municipal milk factory of Neftekamsk is about to develop the manufacture and extend the of assortment of its production

In the nearest future the manufacture of new types of milk products will be begun in Neftekamsk. Now the habitants of Neftekamsk can estimate the quality of the products of Sterlitamak“s milk factory and Ufa“s one "Ufamolzavod", and also their own milk factory of Neftekamsk, the range of goods of which broadened considerably, and the tastes quality of the products had become much higher.
The point is that, at the beginning of March of the running year municipal milk factory of Neftekamsk joined the group of companies "Allat", which unites five milk factories of Bashkortostan. "Allat" is about to multiply the volumes of the products made at the enterprise considerably. This will take place both due to the manufacture increase of existent types of products and due to the update of its assortment.
The increase of production volumes is impossible without its modernization. Just mastering of new types of products, the use of types of packing, that more comfortable for buyers, are put at the first place by the group of companies "Allat". Milk products of series "Fitness", "Darenka", "Milk Manor" and the glazed cheeses "Fructoshka" - products of Sterlitamak and Ufa - are to Neftekamsk inhabitants“ taste. But in the near future similar products will produced and in Neftekamsk either. Presently the manufacture of the seies of enriched milk products "Fitness" has been started. Soon there the manufacture of products of other trades marks of the group of companies "Allat" will be put? They are "Darenka" and "Milk Manor".

05.07.05. - Situation in the market of metal: both rise and falling...

The situation with the export prices for the Russian metal in May-June has developed ambiguous. In spite of the fact that in January the analytics predicted an annual rise in prices on the average for 10-15 percent, since the end of April of the price for metal confidently decreased, and sharp falling was marked in May (for 5-15 percent depending on a kind of production) and has proceeded in June, though and the slowed down rates. Many participants of the market have thought of that, in what this tendency will pour out in the near future.
What are the reasons of such situation? The business is in the globalization of economy, which consequence all is felt on themselves by the domestic industrial enterprises more distinctly. Practically no spheres remained which would not depend on a conjuncture of the world market. Here and the prices for metal rolling in Russia in many respects are determined by global consumption of steel production. This data was given by a department of marketing of "Steel Industrial company - Ufa.
Standard reaction to falling of the prices is a reduction of volumes of manufacture. The sense is in deduction of the prices at a level comprehensible to the enterprise. Large Russian commodity producers, such as Novolipetsk and Magnitogorsk metallurgical combines, in June have announced the reduction of volumes of output. The same can be expected and from other participants of the market. At the same time, it is necessary to mean the fact that the fast falling of the prices in the world markets reduces first of all export activity of combines.
What does occur in the market of metals in Bashkortostan due to this background? The metal traders mark some increase in consumer activity. Despite of increase of demand, metal becomes cheaper. For example, the cost of reinforcement steel which from the beginning of year rose in price, in May has fallen to 3,8 percent, angular steel has fallen in price for 4,8 percent (on the average on 900 rubles for ton), the price for a channel has lowered for 2,5 percent (200 rubles). Thus demand became less solvent by virtue of all of a becoming aggravated problem with turnaround means at end users of given production.
Forecasts in such kind of a situation are a difficult business. The opacity of the Russian economy which is not allowing precisely to determine the volumes metal consumption in the domestic market, and also imbalance and a randomness purchase of metal by consumers - all this finally does not give the bases unequivocally to tell, that all the same happens with the prices. It is logical to assume, that in conditions of decrease in volumes of export of metal of the price in the home market will decrease, but considering, that summer - a season of intensive construction, this tendency will be smoothed by the growth of demand, and soon there will come parity between demand for metal and the offer.

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