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 Archive of news - September 2005

30.09.05. - Joint-stock company "OZNA" dispatched productions more than for billion rubles

Joint stock company OZNA at Oktyabr city overcome great boundary in September 2005. For the first time enterprise took a step over "billion" - to consumers of all regions and also Kazakhstan, Byelorussia and Ukraine it sent production more than for one billion rubles this year. This 66,8 percent more than during the same period of last year.
This result is achieved by joint stock company OZNA due to the well-coordinated and stable work, and also the considered technical policy, directed towards manufacturing of competitive equipment for the petroleum deposits.
Today joint stock company OZNA produces more than 50 percent of all Russian installations for oil wells debit measuring. Lately OZNA pressed its rivals considerably in this region in production of block type bunched pumping plants.
The company passed recently recertification on the international standard ISO9001:2000 on the orders of potential users in the stage of development near ten new articles are located.

30.09.05. - The prospect of joint enterprise building for knitted wear production is discussed in Ufa

The possibility of building in Bashkortostan - together with Turkish side - the production of knitted wear with a power of 10-15 of thousand items per month is being examined. In the ministry of economic development and industry at the meeting with the chairman of association of Ural- Turkish businessmen Ertekin Akhmet Gekkhan, the chairman of association of textile-workers in Turkey and by the leader of "Imran of tekstil" firm Yshik Hikmet.
Turkish side was the initiator of project. Proposal found understanding and support of ministry - a questions about the location of the assumed enterprise were discussed. Different variants were examined. As they reported agency of "Bashinform" at the association of "Bashlegprom", it was proposed to place knitted production over the areas of Oktyabr or Tuymazy sewing factories. Turkish guests visited Oktyabr and Tuymazy where discussed the points with municipal representatives of these cities. But still they did not come to final decision and the question remains. Turkish side thinks that it is more expedient to place production in Ufa.

28.09.05 - JSC "Salavatnefteorgsintez" will soon begin producing bitumen for roads and roofing.

In the nearest future JSC "Salavatnefteorgsintez" will start producing bitumen for roads and roofing. The necessity to produce bitumen at the oil-processing plant, where from the very beginning of its activity all necessary raw materials were available, has become brewing long ago. But construction of such production within the frames of realization of a perspective plant development program, approved by JSC leadership, started only in the last year, news-service of the enterprise reported.
Launching bitumen unit at the workshop N14 will help to increase the depth of oil processing and to obtain bitumen from it - a new sort of ready-made production.
For today vessels, pumps and loading racks for motor-car and railway transport are already assembled, as well as administrative building on new production site.

28.09.05. - Sterlitamak "Caustic" received an award for taking part in region development and effective personnel policy

Sterlitamak Privately Held Company "Caustic" in the person of director-general Yuri Dmitriev received Diploma of Russian Union of manufacturers and owners for taking part in region development and effective personnel policy. Reward was entrusted to the first deputy of general director on control of personnel and general questions Nikolai Makushev at the All-Russian conference ”Quality of working potential and economic growth in Russia‘, which took place in Moscow on September 23, - reports the press-service of enterprise.
Recently industrialists and representatives of business-structures are worried about aging of the personnel. Serious problem with the training of the worthy personnel can appear in 10-15 years in Russia. The immediate dialogue of business and authority is required for previnting this, starting point of which became the Moscow conference.
On the "Caustic" to the personnel policy is given much attention. Different seminars and trainings are conducted for the young colleagues, competitions "best young specialist" and "best according to profession".
In the following year the group of companies "BashKhim", which control "caustic" from March this year, by the efforts of three biggest enterprises of Sterlitamak - "Caustic ", "Soda" and "Kauchuk" plan to create department on the base of the Sterlitamak branch of Ufa state petroleum technical university, where will be achieved training personnel for the town-forming enterprises of Sterlitamak. After successful completion of university the graduates will take guaranteed working place, expenses, and also the possibility of the acquisition of lodging on the mortgage lending.
This way "BashKhim" is intended to stimulate youth policy in enterprises and to solve the problem of aging personnel.

28.09.05. ÷ Beloretsk mechanical tools plant masters new forms of production

To the new turn of development came joint stock company " Beloretsk mechanical tools plant". It was founded five years ago on the economic and financial fragments of " Beloretsk mechanical building tools plant" naving obtained support from one of the industrial-financial groups enterprise could overcome difficulties and begin new life. According to the general director Yuri Yurochkin they could turn from unpromising projects and orient to market demands. In particular the production of power tool remained in the past because it was necessary to concentrate on pneumatic perforators release its demand constantly grows. They fixed mobile concrete-mixers of several modifications production it made possible not only to liquidate debts of previous years but also find means for further enterprise development. Then small paint spray guns were placed to the flow and also were of great demand. The high quality of Beloretsk machine builders production determined further fate of plant. One of well-known Australian companies specialized in the production of hot air diesel and gas generators selected Beloretsk plant as a partner. Now they prepare signing of the agreement to produce such generators in Beloretsk under the stamp of Australian producers.

25.09.05. - Sterlitamak machine-tool plant presented production on the exhibition in Hannover

The Sterlitamak machine building plant participated in the exhibition of EMO-200SHCH, which passed recently in Hannover (Germany). As they reported in enterprise, on the exhibition preliminary agreements were achieved on the export of machine tools into Belgium, Germany, England, Brazil, India.
The Sterlitamak machine tool building plant presented on the prestige exhibition five processing centers. Among them - novelty - the multifunctional processing center, carrying out turning, milling, drilling and boring operations for the details of different complexity from one installation in five axes. Only four of five machine-tool firms from Germany and Japan exhibited the analogous machine tools.
According to general director Vladimir Zharinov, with the creation of the modular principle of design and production of the machining centers for the machine-tool plant there is no problems on the terms and manufacturing quality of the machining centers, the machine tools of any profile - vertical, horizontal turning, pentalateral, six-coordinate.
Sterlitamak Machine Tool Building Plant - one of the oldest enterprises of the machine-building complex of republic. It conducts its history since 1865. Plant was evacuated in the beginning of war from Odessa.

25.09.05. - Machine builders celebrate professional holiday today

The day of the machine builder is celebrated yearly on last Sunday of September in Russia. Date was affirmed by the Decree of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of 1 October, 1980, "About the holiday and memorable days". This is the professional holiday of all, who is occupied in one of the most important branches of the national economy.
The machine-building complex of Bashkortostan counts more than 250 large and medium enterprises. They produce the articles of the nomenclature of wide spectrum. Thus, the enterprises of chemical and petroleum machine building produce oil-producing machinery, oilfield, boring and geological exploration equipment. Machine-tool industry produces the metal cutting and woodworking machinery. The enterprises of machine building specialize also in production of trucks, buses, trolley buses, agricultural and medical machinery, etc.
Leading enterprises of complex - joint stock company "Ufa motor-building production association", federal state unitary enterprise "Kumertauskoye aviation production enterprise", Ufa aggregate enterprise "Hydraulics", Ufa instrument-making production association, Ufa aggregate production association of the name of the 50-anniversary of the USSR, joint-stock companies - Neftekamskiy motor vehicle plant, Ufa electric-bulb plant "Light" and "Electroapparat".

23.09.05. - Sterlitamak "Caustic" in the number of best enterprises and organizations of Russia

Sterlitamak "caustic" entered into first hundred of victors of the sixth All-Russian competition "1000 best enterprises and organizations of Russia - 2005". The official rewarding of winners takes place on October 18 in the state Kremlin palace in the course of conducting the All-Russian commercial and industrial forum "Buy Russian goods".
Competition is conducted on the initiative of international forum "World experience and the economy of Russia". Its purpose is in the determination of the best Russian enterprises and organizations for the wide information, the advance of leading experience and increase in the competitive ability of domestic production.
Privately held company "Caustic" pays special attention to the quality of its production, investing solid funds in the modernization of production. As the press-service of enterprise reports, soon shareholders are intended to enlarge the production of polyvinylchloride and to conduct the reconstruction of the production of the caustic soda with an increase in the power to 365 thousand tons per year.

22.09.05. - Machine builders celebrated their holiday

On near Sunday the workers of machine-building branch will celebrate their professional holiday. The day before in the house of the culture of railroad workers grand meeting took place, dedicated to the forthcoming day of machine builder.
Meeting opened deputy prime-minister of government republics of Buryatiya, the minister of economic development and industry Nikolai Puchnin. After congratulating all with the holiday, Nikolai Borisovich, in particular, said: "The today machine-building complex of republic is the most intensively developing sector of economy. It suffices to say, that in the last six years the volume of industrial production in the branch grew three times more. According to this index the machine builders Bashkortostan this year exceed the all-Russian index.
Each third working in the industry - machine builder. About 17 percent of profit, obtained in the processing branches industry in the present year, is fallen to the machine-building complex.
In eight months of the present year it is produced production on 25 billions rubles or it is more than five percent of the all-Republican volume of production. The volumes of deliveries to machine-building production for the export are increased. Highly technological science intensive production makes up the bulk of export. Mean wage on the branch exceeded 8,5 thousand rubles.
Active operation on expansion and renovation of the nomenclature of output is carried out by the enterprises of machine building, and also to the mastery of the new types of articles. Only in the first half-year of 2005 enterprises in the field mastered 307 designations of articles, toward the end of the year it is planned to master 534 designations, which will exceed the level of 2004 by four percent".
Also at meeting spoke the chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Boris Bondarenko.
The best representatives of machine building republic were rewarded with medal ”The professional of Russia‘.
Furthermore, The association of trade unions organizations of the machine-building branches of industry to the professional holiday traditionally totaled of social-economic and trade-union competition. The rewards were entrusted in different nominations. In the nomination "Director of the year of association" among the enterprises with the number of more than one thousand working the diploma of the first degree is entrusted to the director-general of joint stock company of "Uraltekhnostroy-Tuymazykhimmash" Aydar Tosharipov; in the same nomination among the enterprises with the number of less than one thousand winner of competition is acknowledged the director-general of privately held company "Beloretsk plant of leaf springs and coil springs" Ivan Radchenko; in the same nomination among the scientific and industrial enterprises of republic conqueror acknowledged the director of "The center of standardization, metrology and certification" Amran Muratshin.
Sums were totaled and rewards were entrusted also in other nominations.

21.09.05. - In Bashkortostan are already manufactured 5637 tons of sugar

Almost 20 thousand tons of sugar beet entered in the recent twenty-four hours the sugar refineries Of Bashkortostan. Much more raw material - 5623 tons „ were delivered yesterday to Rayevskiy sugar refinery. By the way, in the same enterprise during this day was the best indices on the processing (3055 tons of sugar beet) and the output of product (425 tons of granulated sugar).
Yesterday on four plants there was processed more than seven and a half thousands of tons of "sweet" root-crops and almost 976 tons of granulated sugar was manufactured.
According to the data of the ministry of agriculture, until today in the republic are prepared 133361 tons specifications culture, from which 53813 tons of root-crops is processed and 5637 tons of the granulated sugar manufactured.

21.09.05. - Sterlitamak "Caustic" is prepared for the tender

Sterlitamak "Caustic" began preparation for the tender among the potential developers of technology on the reconstruction of the complex of dichloroethane - vinyl chloride - polyvinyl chloride. Now company produces 150 thousand tons of production per year.
During the first stage firms must present the detailed concept of reconstruction for obtaining 200 thousand tons of production per year and general - to 300-450 thousand tons. It will be examined by commission, consisting of the representatives of "Bashkhima" (group of companies from March 2005 controlling "Caustic") and "Caustic". In the second stage to conqueror will be given the right for development of concept for the technical and economic investment substantiation, after assertion of which will be accepted the final solution about partner selection.
Because of this arrived specialists of German company "Uhde" acquainted with the production. The engineering firm "Uhde" is well known on the market for caustic soda, chlorine, vinyl chloride and polyvinyl chloride, and has the experience of collaboration with the Russian producers. Specialists of "Caustic " in the invitation of "Uhde" already been to Germany and visited shops for the production of the caustic soda, vinyl chloride, polyvinyl chloride. According to the chief engineer of "Caustic" Fedor Afanasiev, enterprise specialists brought from Germany many new ideas. Together with "Uhde" in the tender are intended to participate "Polikhimservis" (Nizhniy Novgorod), firm "S.A.S."(Khemnits), "Bayer", "Aker", international firms "Teknip" and "Solvay".

16.09.05. - Sibayskiy elevator transmitted action into confidence control for five years

One of the largest elevators of the South Urals „ Sibayskiy elevator. Recent years it became not only trans-shipment point but also large processor of grain, which supplies as its firm stores, so beyond the limits of republic. The problems of enterprise are connected with the frequent droughts in the Bashkir Trans-Ural.
Now on the order of Bashkir government science and production association "PromTransMash", forming part of Bashkir commodity commercial and industrial union, were obtained in confidence control all actions of joint stock company "Sibayskiy elevator" for five years.
Most important tasks of confidence control of the actions of "Sibayskiy elevator" - an increase in the course liquidity of actions; the liquidation of debts on the wage payment and into the budgets of all levels; the fulfillment of other obligations before the creditors. "PromTransMash" developed and coordinated with the ministry of property relations the investment program of development joint stock company "Sibayskiy elevator". Its basic measures - making purchases of grain more active, an increase in circulating capital of enterprise, the modernization of production.

16.09.05. - Sibaysk miners have the holiday mood

On September 14 in the association of the Sibaysk underground mine was present holiday, presented by the management of Sibaysk branch of "Uchalinskiy ore-dressing combine" owed by Ural mining and metallurgical company.
New technology for the mining operations began to enter mine this day. Good prospects for the development of mountain branch appeared with the arrival of Ural mining and metallurgical company around. In particular, in the republic program of the development of nonferrous metallurgy it is provided, what the holding UODC will separate out 60 million dollars within the next few years for building and restoration of power on the output of ore in Thesibayskeye branch. On September 14 to miners was entrusted the first cargo carrying machine of Finnish production "THOR-301" cost more than nine million rubles. Before the end of the year in the development Of the Sibaysk underground mine UODC will put about 20 million dollars.
The chief of mine Aleksandr Vasiliyev said, that now before the mine new prospects are opened. The existing old technology worked with the breakdowns, by forced idle times. New machine makes possible to design for the supply 15 thousand tons of ore monthly, association had been striven to it long ago. Soon three additional machines "THOR -301" and two drilling rigs "Monomatik" will enter the mine. The latter makes possible to bore three-meter bore-holes in a minute, which will sharply accelerate rates on the mining operations.

15.09.05. - Bashkortostan starts sugar-beet processing.

Some days ago sugar-beet processing started in Bashkortostan. Raevsky sugar-plant was the first, which started receiving sugar- beet-2005. During five days the plant accepted 14683 tons of sugar- beet and for today 10380 tons have already been processed and 809 tons of sugar has been received from it. Karlamansky sugar plant started accepting sugar-beet the day before yesterday. Sugar-beet growers have delivered 12718 tons here.
Ministry of agriculture RB reports at present time toilers of 19 regions are busy with supplying sugar plants with sugar-beet.

15.09.05. - Two special "NEFAZ" buses are sent to Omsk.

JSC "NEFAZ" introduced its new bus, specially equipped for passengers with limited physical capabilities, i.e. for people using wheelchairs. Instead of traditional seats there is a free space in the center of the salon with special floor stops for fixing wheelchairs. Central doors of the bus are equipped with special elevator, allowing people in wheel chairs entering and leaving bus salon with no trouble. The bus was exhibited at Moscow International motor-car exhibition "Inter-Auto" early September and Moscow region governor Boris Gromov inspected it very attentively. In term of federal budget-2006 social orientation, when great means are planned to be directed to humanitarian programs' development, the new "NEFAZ" product is of much interest of many regions. And the order of Omsk region government is the true evidence to it. Some days ago two specially equipped buses were sent to Omsk.

15.09.05. - "URALHIMMACH" makes equipment for "POLYEF".

New equipment, meant for treating facilities to be used at the terephthalic acid production line, is being assembled at JSC POLYEF".
The equipment consists of three sets of bioreactors with active coal, two sets of bio-filters for afterpurification of aerosols, a clarifier of column type, five shelters for bioreactors and aero-tanks and four anaerobe reactors of column type, made by "URALHIMMACH" (Yekaterinburg). A part of the order is already delivered to the enterprise and the total weight of all supplies makes up more than 260 tons.
"URALHIMMACH" had won this order in 2003 by the results of a tender at JSC "POLYEF". The equipment was designed by specialists from JSC "Bashgyproneftehim".

12.09.05. - "Ufimkabel" supplements order book

Four new customers of cable production appeared in this year in joint company "Ufimkabel": two Moscow enterprises „ joint stock company "Moscow radio-technical plant" and "Gold league" - and even two Ekaterinburg - joint stock companies "PKF Alton" and "Radio-SB".
Furthermore, agreements with the ten republic enterprises are concluded, in number of which ANK "Bashneft‘, the joint-stock companies of "NefAZ", "Salavatnefteorgsintez", "Bashinformsvyaz" and others. This in addition numerous clients, with which "Ufimkabel" established durable business connections.
Ufa cable works manufactures the broad spectrum of the production: radio-frequency, power, telephone cables, control rooms, hose, radio-wire, the cords of connection etc. This entire production is exported to many regions of Russia and foreign countries. So that order book in "Ufimkabel" is solid, what is the basis of the economic prosperity of enterprise.
In the large volumes fixed the delivery of auto-plaits to the conveyor of "Auto-VAZ". The production of high-voltage plaits for the automobiles with the injector ignition system is mastered. Work on the advance of this production for the second market is conducted. Thus for example is signed agreement to the delivery of auto-plaits with the privately held company "Trek"(Miass) for the sum of 5,9 million rubles. In the first half-year of the present year of "Ufimkabel" it concluded agreements for the sum of 105,3 million rubles which is eight percent more than in the same time past year.
As they reported in enterprise for an increase in the volume of sales the expansion of trading network is provided. New commercial points were opened in two more settlements of republic - villages Verkhneyarkeyevo and Bakaly.
At present "Ufimkabel" participates in the tender to the delivery of the autos-wire of "KamAZ" for the sum of approximately 2,8 million rubles.
Important direction is also finalizing technology and expansion of geophysical cables nomenclature. By general partner here appears "Oio-Geo Impulse International". This Ufa enterprise only in the first half-year of the present year dispatched production for the sum of 2,5 million rubles.

12.09.05. - The sugar refineries of Bashkortostan advance the beet-growing economies of the republic

More than 173 million rubles in advance allocated the investors of the sugar refineries this year in the form of commodity credit to the beet-growing economies of republic. The seeds, fertilizer, herbicides, fuels and lubricants were acquired to these means. Furthermore for conducting of "sweet" harvest-time the processors plan to allocate beet growers about 65 million rubles.
In Bashkortostan there are four sugar refineries total capacity of enterprises for processing of sugar beet is almost 11 thousand tons in a 24 hours. Today zone of sugar refineries covers 29 regions of republic where with the cultivation of "sweet" root-crops deal 400 agricultural enterprises. Laying-in of sugar beet is conducted on ten beet receiving points.
In this year for this economically advantageous culture was allocated almost 62 thousand hectares. According to the specialists nowadays in the republic they plan to obtain good harvest of sugar beet. According to the forecasts productivity is expected more than in the past year. According to some estimations the gross yield of root-crops will comprise one million 200 thousand tons. Agricultural enterprises of republic plan to approach "sweet" harvest-time already within the next few days.

09.09.05. - Representative of "Rolls Royce" company visited Ufa Motor-building Production Association

Top manager of "Rolls Royce" Jim Roberts visited joint-stock company "Ufa motor-building production association". The joint production of orientators for creating the new successful business became the purpose of visit. The purpose of visit was joint business guiding line development.
As they reported in enterprise Mr. Roberts deals with the development of land-based machinery. He controls entire chain, beginning from the design production sales and concluding by servicing installations on gas transportation and energetic.
- Association is interested in the use of potential and experience of company "Rolls Royce" for the development of a similar direction, - says communication director Vladimir Ivanov. - UMPA will find useful cooperation with this well-known company for creation and advance of joint articles. Central objective is organization of contemporary business which will allow our enterprise to feel itself confidently not only on Russian market and countries of the CIS but also it will help to enter world economic space.
Let us note that in West the main thing is not sales volume but conclusion of a contract to its service maintenance because it“s three times more profitable than just realization. But if we add intellectual property right commodity producer obtains the possibility to extract profit at all stages of production life cycle.
The production of gas-turbine technology in "UMPA" is the part of long-term strategy therefore to specialists were interested to learn about organization of this process in "Rolls Royce". Similar structures have all important companies of the world including "General Electric" so that association can take an example. Not the secret: in order to compete successfully it is necessary to keep up to date.

07.09.05. - Joint stock company "Salavatnefteorgsintez" is known as Russia best exporter

Joint stock company "Salavatnefteorgsintez" received Diploma of best Russian exporter in 2004 year. Diploma signed by the minister of economic development and trade of Russia German Gref is entrusted to enterprise "For the prominent contribution to the expansion of the external economic connections of the Russian Federation, the development of domestic manufacture and high professional culture" - press- service of enterprise reports.

07.09.05. - JSC "Bashneft" has mined about eight millions tons of oil.

JSC "Bashneft" marked its professional holiday - the Day of oil and gas workers - by good indices. From the beginning of the year oil-gas mining departments of this holding have mined almost eight millions tons of oil.
The share of its subsidiary "Bashneft - Ufa" makes up more than 3,261 millions tons and other three subsidiaries in staff of "Bashneft" have pumped out more than 3,638 millions tons of oil. And Aksakovskoe and Ischimbaiskoe oil-gas mining subsidiaries have brought more than one million tons to common output.

06.09.05. - Oktyabrsk company "OZNA" confirmed international certificate

In the joint-stock company of Oktyabrsk city "OZNA" passed audit conducted by the command of expert-auditors of "Intersertifika TYUF" together with "TYUF Tyurengen". Competent authorities from this well-known firm checked company“s system of the management functioning in all spheres: from the entering of custom to the realization of production. Satisfied customers - one more important question on which "OZNA" sale administration specialists held examination.
"Audit passed successfully, - reported director of engineering support and control center A.Zemtsov. - Supervisors noted that in a year passed from the last audit the system of the management functioning on "OZNA" continued improvement. The changes occurred for the better". The action of international certificate in joint-stock company is prolonged for one more year.

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