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 Archive of news - October 2005

31.10.05. - Bashkortostan food and processing industry enterprises improved operating in nine months this year

In nine months of this year food and processing industry enterprises of Bashkortostan operated with quite good activities. According to Federal Service of Bashkortostan statistics, in comparison with the last year foodstuff industrial production index grew by 3,6 percent, moreover only in September it came to 107,5 percent.
As Ministry of Agriculture reported, in comparison with the corresponding period of last year for three quarters of this year sausage production increased by 10,8 percent, sunflower oil - by 18,9 percent. But in some sub-branches there was a reduction in activities. In particular production of meat and by-products of first category reduced by 23,3 percent, animal oil - by 2,4 percent, grain crops and bakery goods - by seven percent, flour - by 42,8 percent, groat - by 8,9 percent.
Only in nine months large and average enterprises of the republic processing industry dispatched productions for 15,3 billion rubles, which is 11,6 percent more than in 2004.

27.10.05. - In Octyabrskoe they totaled work of enterprises and organizations for nine months

October 26 in Octyabrskoe they totaled work of enterprises and organizations in nine months of the present year. First deputy head of city administration Salavat Ibragimov noted at the conference that by September 1 they obtained the consolidated profit of 306,3 million rubles, which is 5,5 times more than last year. They dispatched commodity output for 2 billions 900,6 million rubles, rate increased by 146,5 percent, quantum volume - 129,5 percent. Mean wage in industry within this period reached 7396 rubles, in building industry - 6420 rubles. They also reduced overdue salary arrearage: on January 1 2005, it came to 8994 thousand rubles, on October 1 this year - 5493 thousand rubles. Unemployment level decreased: on January 1 it fixed on 1,41 percent, after nine months - 0,94 percent (republic rate - 1,34 percent). Salavat Ibragimov marked regular work joint-stock company "AK OZNA", joint-stock company "OZNPO", "Blokzhilkomplekt", "MPF "Packer ", which reached best production activities.

27.10.05. - Chairman of "Rosproftekstillegprom" Tatiana Sosnina: domestic light industry is not ready to rival with foreign companies

"Rosproftekstillegprom" carries out seminar for Bashkortostan light industry leaders and specialists in Ufa four days already. In the seminar participate Russian textile and light industry trade union chairman Tatiana Sosnina and also guests from Sweden - representatives of Sweden "Fakket" trade union.
Seminar is conducted for trade-union workers and they speak mainly on an effectiveness increase in trade unions work. Bashkortostan is interested in Sweden experience - basic tasks of their trade unions, collective agreements content, the way of raising workers“ living standards...
However participants were not confined to "trade-union" questions only. Serious conversation took place there on matters of forthcoming Russia entrance to World Trading Organization and in this case Swedish experience could not have come at a better time.
Chairman of Russian textile and light industry trade union Tatiana Sosnina shared her thoughts on this situation:
- Sweden, like entire European community, is positive about Russia entrance to WTO. There is another problem: will we survive this trial? I think that domestic light industry is not ready to compete with other countries light industry yet. Our enterprises are not competitive yet. We have lots of problems, we still cannot solve: income decrease, production drop, wear of manufacturing reservesŇ Moreover we do not know conditions yet: they differ from country to country in WTO.
Another big problem is only ten percent of goods coming in our country imported officially. And more than 70 percent - is illegal, smuggling. We can hardly think of what will happen after Russia enter WTO.
- To raise economics somehow we should toughen customs politics, - she says, - and create necessary conditions for competition with other countries. Here we should count on investment support of our country, concentrate our efforts on output quality. How "do survive" Swedes? Their prices are higher than of other manufacturers, but we cannot argue with its quality. Therefore they possess leading positions at outer market.

26.10.05. - For recent twenty-four hours enterprises of republic received 2844 tons of sugar beet

For recent twenty-four hours enterprises of republic received 2844 tons of "sweet" roots. They processed 10619 tons of sugar beet. Raw material delivery is almost finished. Enterprises process mostly previously delivered roots. In twenty-four hours plants manufactured 1059 tons of granulated sugar. This year most of raw material came to four sugar plants of Aurgazinsk, Karmaskalinsk, Alsheyevsk, Tuymazyn, Chishminsk and Davlekanovsk regions. As a whole, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, since the beginning of harvesting to our republic sugar refineries came 927432 tons of "sweet" roots. They processed 442082 tons and manufactured 59289 tons of sugar. The largest volume manufactured Raevsk sugar plant. From the beginning of season they prepared 264565 tons of sugar beet, processed 133409 tons and produced 18409 tons of granulated sugar.

26.10.05. - New plant launched in Beloretsk

New name appeared on Beloretsk industrial map - electrical machinery plant "Maximum". It became the successor lo All-Russian deaf society training-production enterprise and for several years produce luminescent lamps. Beloretsk workers distinctly lost their position in this sphere. Domestic and foreign manufacturers press on them. Work on prime cost reduction along with quality and economy at the enterprise helped Beloretsk workers return to market. Extruder acquired for federal credit means made possible to reduce articles prices noticeably. This affected production and sales volume: in January-September they sold almost two times lamps more than last year. However to complete implementation of production modernization program at the enterprise it is not enough. Therefore after former training-production enterprise considered Ural industrial company from Magnitogorsk proposal about association entry, Beloretsk workers gave their agreement. Thus appeared plant "Maximum" and its stuff hope to reach new production heights.

25.10.05. - NefAZ is ready to celebrate New Year

In joint-stock company "Neftekamsk auto works" from this morning reigns pre-new-year mood, though there is no snow and New Year still far. However they can even decorate Christmas tree! The thing is that they fulfilled annual plan for production of 900 buses. Today they sent 900-th excellent bus. This new suburban machine will come to Kemerovo in addition to its five hundred fellows, working at Kuzbass.
As they reported at enterprise, to the turn of this year they will prepare near two hundred buses of different designation. Release of 1000 units per year was put into operation at Neftekamsk plant in October 2002. While many manufacturers raise production capacity for decades, NefAZ reached it for two years.

24.10.05. - Nonferrous metallurgy enterprises of the republic show positive dynamics

Nonferrous metallurgy enterprises of Bashkortostan in nine month of this year produced goods for 4,4 billion rubles - this is 24 percent more than in 2004 year. Industrial production index was 102,4 percent.
- Positive dynamics in branch activity is achieved due to joint-stock company "Uchalinsk ore-dressing combine", privately held company "Buribayevsk ore-dressing combine" and joint-stock company "Khaybullinsk mountain company", - said first deputy minister of economic development and industry Nur Sayfullin, speaking at the republic industrial enterprises and organizations leaders conference on the sums of nine months.
Joint-stock company "Bashkir copper-sulfuric combine" operated with losses and experiences difficulties with raw material at concentrating plant. However, the branch-wide totaled sum turned to be positive - 700 million rubles. This can be explained by favorable market situation.
Average monthly wage in branch during August of this year was 9 763 rubles, increased by 35 percent.
Accrued payroll on wages is absent at all enterprises. Now more than 90 percent of nonferrous metallurgy production in republic comes from its leader - joint-stock company "Uchalinsk mining and concentration complex". At the combine they produced commodity production for 3,5 billion rubles, which 620 million rubles exceeded same past year period. Expenditures for one ruble in commodity production were 71,9 kopecks, and obtained balance profit - 917,4 million rubles. This made possible to support the necessary level of fixed capital investment.

24.10.05. - Bashkortostan chemists increased output of basic production forms

Bashkortostan chemical industry enterprises in comparison with past year increased the volume of production by 1,1 percent in January-September of this year. This was discussed at republic conference of industrial enterprises and organizations leaders on the sums of nine months.
They increased output of styrene, phenol, mineral fertilizers, butyl alcohols, polyethylene, benzene, soda ash, plasticizers and caustic soda.
Main volumes of chemical production are produced by joint-stock companies "Ufaorgsintez", "Caustic", "Soda", "Natural rubber", "Sterlitamak petrochemical plant", "Polypropylene" and "Meleuzovsk mineral fertilizers". All basic enterprises in this field paid payroll without any debts. On sums of eight months of this year they obtained more than 227 million rubles, which is 70,4 percent higher than in similar period of last year.

22.10.05. - On the sums of nine month in metallurgy and metal fabric production they noted significant increase

On the sums of nine month 2005 in the work of Bashkortostan industrial enterprises and organizations was noted steady tendency toward an increase in industrial production. The discussion at republic enterprises and organizations leaders of real economy sector discussed it and the results of economic subject activity on October 1 of this year were sounded.
Industrial production index (IPI) within the period was 104,6 percent. However this picture is not identical on branches. The most significant increase rates are observed in metallurgy and production of metal fabric - 120 percent, production of rubber and plastic fabric - 115, in woodworking and the production of wooden fabric - 116,7, electrical equipment production and electronic and optical equipment - 114,1, coke and petroleum production - 109,3, machine-building production - 108,3 percent.
Volume growth in chemical branch reached 101 percent, in minerals extraction - 102,4, in production and electrical power, gas and water distribution - 103,3 percent and so on.
At the conference they noted an increase in income level of industrial enterprise workers. Mean wages on the sums of nine months exceeded 6,4 thousand rubles, which is 22,7 percent more than in similar period of last year. At the same time existing salary arrearage was reduced by 115 million rubles.
Also they noticed some kind of manufacturing growth quarter slowdown. Though in the first quarter IPI was 106 percent, for six month - 104,7 percent, and than a little less during September.
According to Bashkortostan first deputy minister of economic development and industry Nur Sayfullin, who reported at the conference, negative influence on total dynamics in the work of enterprises provided leather and footwear enterprises - with 82,1 percent IPI, textile and sewing production - 84,7 percent and fuel-energy raw material - 99,3 percent. A number of objective and subjective reasons affected totaling of their activity. As for leather and foot-wear production, at unprofitable enterprises they will conduct reorganization, which is necessary for future output of competitive production.

21.10.05. - Work at industrial enterprises in nine months of 2005 is totaled

The sums of work at Bashkortostan industrial enterprises and organizations for 9 months of 2005 are totaled today at the conference, passed in federal state unitary enterprise "Ufa instrument-making production association". As they noted at the conference, the results of social and economic development in the republic this year testify positive dynamics in the majority of national measures. This tendency is observed for several years. Industrial production index as a whole was 104,6 percent. Deputy prime-minister of Bashkortostan government and minister of economic development and industry Nikolai Puchnin conducted the session. With the main report came first deputy minister Nur Sayfullin. Then they gave the word to enterprise owner - Alexander Gerasin, general manager of "Ufa instrument-making production association". As usual at such measures took word lagging enterprise leaders - where there is a salary arrearage. According to tradition the winners of competition among defensive and machine building enterprises were rewarded. They obtained honorable certificates and appreciation from ministry. Some of enterprise leaders were honored with public reward - medal "Professional of Russia". The chairman Commerce and industry chamber Boris Bondarenko entrusted it.

21.10.05. - Octyabrsk enterprise OZNA pretends to the reward of Russian government

Among the aspirants to government reward in quality - joint-stock company OZNA, one of the leading enterprises not only of Octyabrsk, but also of the republic. Founded by Russian Federation government in 1996, the reward is most significant one in this production sphere. Its laureates and students became such well-known domestic producers, as joint-stock company "Severstal'", "Taganrog metallurgical plant", joint-stock company "Auto-VAZ", joint-stock company "Firm "Konfi ", state unitary enterprise "Ural electrochemical combine" and others. OZNA together with almost 130 enterprises reached third stage of this prestige Russian competition. For a week representative expert commission conducted complex inspection of company for corresponding to European quality reward: they estimated personnel, policy and organization strategy, study of personnel and consumer contentment, organization influence on the society and the results of domestic-economic activity, etc. Experts noted that at OZNA they saw working system of quality management, which is constantly being improved, and recommended to participate in "Partnership" Reward program, which provides experience exchange with other enterprises. "Company can teach others, - noted commission chairman, chief expert Irina Smirnova. - Our commission saw actual state of affairs at the enterprise and decided to increase number of marks, given to enterprise earlier. Summing up the results of quality competition for government reward in takes place during November this year.

19.10.05. - Plants of state unitary enterprise "Bashspirt" brought five medals from "Gold autumn"

Bashkortostan alcohol and strong drink enterprises brought from The VII Russian agroindustrial exhibition "Gold autumn" several rewards at once. In particular, vodka "Wild honey" of Sterlitamak distillery "Stalk" was acknowledged best in Russia - it received gold medal. Silver medals received vodka "Belebeich" (Belebey distillery), "Kreshchenskiye morozy" (Birsk distillery "White Fortress"), "Fedor Shalyapin" (Ufa distillery "Golden Age") and "Bashkir standard" (Belebeyevsk distillery).
All these strong drinks were presented in "Strong drinks" section of "Best foodstuff" contest.

19.10.05. - At "Allat" enterprise group four novelties released

"Allat" enterprise group, formed by joint-stock company "Ufamolzavod", joint-stock company "Sterlitamak dairy combine" and joint-stock company "Neftekamsk gormolzavod", released four novelties the other day.
Specially developed for women FITNESS series has two novelties: sour-milk product with crisps "Vilma" and FITNESS yogurt "Red grapes". Melted cheese series "Milk estate" received new sweet taste - cocoa. From now on range of butter is extended with light one "For breakfast" 62,5 fattiness percent.
As they reported at enterprise, these novelties are already on sale all over republic.

17.10.05. - UZEMIC acquires new partners at "NEVA-2005".

JSC "Ufa plant of elastomer materials, wares and constructions" (UZEMIC) has signed contracts for the sum of about two millions rubles at the VIII International exhibition of ship- building, shipping, ports' activity and ocean and shelf development "Neva-2005", held recently in Saint-Petersburg. This prestigious exhibition is held once in two years and this year about 500 companies and enterprises from 40 countries took part in it. The plant from Ufa is a permanent exhibitor of the exhibition since it is considered the largest world producer of life-saving equipment. For more than 45 years it designs and produces floatable life-saving means: rubber boats and rafts, rescue vests and other similar production. The plant possesses its own service network, consisting of 130 specialized stations, covering the whole territory of Russia, CIS and more than 60 world countries.
This year JSC "UZEMIC" has for first time carried out certification tests of sea life-saving rafts and hydro-thermo-suites for conformity to International and European requirements. All works were done under control of experts from German "Lloyd", which highly appreciated the production presented. As a result, the enterprise received corresponding certificates for the right to export this production to Euro Union countries. Therefore, "UZEMIC" has become the only Russian company, receiving the right to export its life-saving equipment to EU.
Besides, "UZEMIC" has received the highest award of the all-Russian program "100 best goods of Russia" - the prize "Quality Leader". This award was handled only to three companies in Russia.

14.10.05. - Chinese specialists will help employees of JSC "POLYEF" to launch equipment.

Specialists of Chinese company have arrived to JSC "POLYEF" to help local specialists in equipment launching. This visit of Chinese specialists has become possible due to agreement between JSC "POLYEF" and "China Petrochemical International Company" concerning conducting "technical assistance in launching the unit of terephthalic acid", news-service of the company reports.
The total length of all works will make up 13 weeks. Within the frames of pre-launching period, Chinese specialists will become acquainted with the plant site, carry out technical audit and offer their remarks and proposals.
At the same time building-assembling works are going on at the plant. Equipment of treating facilities is being assembled these days: six bioreactors, two bio-filters, one precipitation tank and four downstream precipitation tanks.
The workshop of nitrogen-air-cold supply has already produced 200 tons of liquid nitrogen for launching terephthalic acid production.
Balancing and commissioning on inert atmosphere of buildings for terephthalic acid production is also going on.
Assembling of circuits for automated control system over technological processes of water- supply system with reservoirs, pump station and the storehouse of acids and alkali is found on the final stage.

13.10.05. ÷ 25-thousandth motoblock "Agro" was produced in Ufa

In one of the structural subdivisions of joins stock company "Ufa motor-building production" - at the Ufa Machine Building Plant in the Shakshe 25-thousandth motoblock "Agro" was produced. The product of conversion program conquered trust of thousands Russian consumers and neighboring countries.
Steady demand for the farm machinery of small class, fully corresponding to the needs of gardeners, villagers and small farmers inspired production of this universal item. From the very beginning of production it was intended to equip motoblock with diverse attached aggregates, expanding its functions.
In undertime, just in two and a half of month, the design of motoblock and it“s engine was created by creative association of research-and-production enterprise "Motor". First models were assembled during February 1996. To conquer the market it was necessary for the producers to overcome rivals with higher quality. Motoblock was completed by the newest UMZ-340 engine, produced involving aviation technologies.
the first test batch of "Agro" motoblocks was prepared the fall of 1998(they were named "Agros" then). Today they produce 960 motoblocks per month. Designers and workers do not stand still. In the consumer goods chief designer division modifications of "Agro" and attached equipment are being worked over. At "UMZ" itself the volumes of popular farm machinery production increase reducing its prime cost simultaneously.

12.10.05. ÷ At joint-stock company "STEKLONiT" the new impregnator is put into operation

At joint-stock company "STEKLONiT" the new high-productivity foreign impregnator is put into operation. In this event participated the representatives of urban and district administrations and also the leaders of plant.
It is possible to name "Brueckner" impregnator the sample of technological progress. All production parameters are assigned in the program mode, which almost completely excludes the influence of human factor. New equipment will make possible high quality production, claimed on the domestic and foreign market for fiberglass, reduce prime cost and increase the volumes of production. At "STEKLONiT" they estimate to obtain long-term competitive advantages and possibility of sales markets increase.

12.10.05. - Tomorrow at joint stock company "Ufaneftekhim" the new production will be opened

Planned for today grand opening of new elementary sulfur production at joint stock company "Ufaneftekhim" is postponed for tomorrow October 13. The introduction of this object will allow enterprise to manufacture 75 thousand tons of sulfur per year, which will be used afterwards in all branches of industry. It is necessary to note that all the equipment of new line is domestic. Recently installation started in 2004 was finished.
Putting into operation new production one of the leading oil-refining enterprises of Bashkortostan will make its positions on Russian market even more durable.
Even now joint stock company "Ufaneftekhim" occupies 63-d place in the rating of Russian enterprises. Thus in 2004 the gain from realization of enterprise production was 10 billion 711 million rubles, the currency of balance to the beginning of this year - 14 billion 69,9 million rubles. Profitability is 33,98 percent.
Analysts of "Interfin Trade" investment company say that "Ufaneftekhim" demonstrates good dynamics at gain under conditions of increase in realization prices and favorable situation. Investment company forecasts an increase in gain this year by 48 percent - to 552 million dollars. Enterprise can show even more impressive dynamics on the profits -increase is more than twice - to 173,4 million dollars. Analysts of "Interfin Trade" associate this with a change in practice of corporate pricing and denial of transfer prices.

11.10.05. - Joint stock company "Polyef" - future industry giant of the republic

In the first decade of November opens joint stock company "Polief" - Russia's first polyester complex on the production of terephthalic acid, polyethylene terephthalate, polyester fibers, auxiliary textile substances, the polymeric concentrates of dyes and non-woven polypropylene material "Spanbond".
Polyethylene terephthalate was imported mostly from southeastern Asia, EU and Belorussia before. From now it will be produced in Russia at "Polyef" in Blagoveshchenk near Ufa. Equipment for building of "Polyef" was delivered in 1991 and actual building began only in 2001. The government of Bashkortostan was the basic investor of object until September 2003 and put in building more than 4 billions rubles. The history of enterprise goes to 1985, when in Bashkortostan they began to assemble production association "Khimvolokno"("Polyef" from 1995).
"Polyef" complex planned to be ū base for the development of Russian light and chemical industry - complex had to half satisfy their need for the raw material. Recently its starting became even more urgent for the food branch which needs raw material for the polymeric packing.
Bashkortostan plant for so necessary today production of terephthalic acid and polyethylene terephthalate they began to construct in 1987.
On the contract with Japanese firms Kobe Steel, Mitsui, Nissho Iwai to the polymeric materials plant necessary equipment for 561 millions dollars was set in 1991.
In 2004 Russian federal property fund put 100 percent of plant stock of plant for sale. They attempted to sale "Polyef" three times but they didn“t locate any aspiramts. On March 25 this year factory was sold to Moscow enterprise "Plant "Selena" for 3 038 000 000 rubles.
With the building of "Polief" future production ecological safety increase became very important. The correction of cleaning construction project was carried out and now the degree of waste water purification corresponds to standards. Production is equipped with contemporary control and accident-prevention system for based on "T+NTU¶ TS-3000" protection. This system corresponds to world quality, reliability and process safety demands. Company conducts research in hardware antirust protection of works and interplant communication. Their work was highly marked by directors and controlling units.
"Polyef" complex is of significant value for the republic and country as a whole, because many Russian textile and light industry factories hope to increase load of their facilities.

11.10.05. ÷ Closed joint-stock company " Kaustik" obtained accreditation certificates

Two laboratories of closely held company "Kaustik" obtained accreditation certificates of federal agency on the technical regulation and metrologies on the eve of the Republic Day. This gives the possibility to work not only at plant but also to carry out the orders of other organizations.
According to the enterprise press-service, today air service laboratory at scientific and technical center of "Kaustik" is the only among the industrial laboratories carrying out wide spectrum of works and certificated according to 84 figures. This year they obtained for the first time the right to carry out certification of work sites. The laboratory of PVC resins production is accredited for conducting of quantitative chemical analysis and other measurements in the region for ecological control of atmosphere industrial wastes emission. They appear to be the first to confirm their confidence among the similar research mini-centers in Bashkortostan.
According to analytic laboratories accreditation expert Valentina Glushkova, who entrusted certificates, associations headed by Svetlana Ryuminū and Raisa Olifirenko conducted great preparatory work in order to derive laboratories on the appropriate level and to obtain certificates confirming their competence.

07.10.05. - From the sugar beet of new harvest in Bashkortostan they already produced near 30 thousand tons of output

For recent twenty-four hours at four sugar refineries of Bashkortostan they supplied 32187,5 tons of sugar beet, processed 9502 tons of root-crops and manufactured 1402 tons of production. At Chishmins sugar refinery best indices on billet and processing were obtained yesterday - 9916 tons and 3160 tons accordingly. Meleuzovsk sugar refinery is best on granulated sugar production today where they obtained 474 tons of production.
From the beginning of harvesting to the sugar refineries of our republic 625461 tons supplied, 219599,8 tons processed and 29238 tons produced.
Farms of Aurgazinsk, Alsheyevsk, Bizhbulyaksk, Meleuzovsk, Tuymazyn and Chekmagushevsk regions supplied more raw product than others since the beginning of "sweet" harvest-time.

07.10.05. -The prime minister of Bashkortostan Raphael Baydavletov visited Beloretsk metallurgical complex

Delegation headed by the prime minister of Bashkortostan Raphael Baydavletov visited Beloretsk metallurgical complex which is the part of " Mechel" company.
New objects were included in the program of Beloretsk metallurgical combine visit, put into use this year within the framework of " Mechel" strategic investment program directed toward the improvement of production quality, expenses reduce and equipment modernization. During the visit they described to the guests sums of work and enterprise development prospects.
As complex press-service reports, shop N 12 became the first object, where the delegations showed new drawing camp on spring wire production. The meeting took place after visiting new copper plating lines of the thick and thin diameters welding wire at shop N 11, where the prime minister congratulated metallurgists with the Republic Day.
Visits of republic leaders to the metallurgical complex on the eve of the Republic Day become a good tradition. The president of Bashkortostan Murtaza Rachimov congratulated metallurgists with their main holiday last year.

07.10.05. ÷ Oil company "Bashneft" obtained about nine million tons of oil

Departments of oil and gas production at oil company "Bashneft" in nine months of this year obtained about nine millions tons of "black gold". Oil-industry workers were not deflected from their target.
Krasnocholmsk department of oil and gas obtained more than 1,63 million tons. Chekmagushevskoye and Arlanskoye departments crossed the millionth mark in oil and gas production.
Besides company departments obtained in nine months this year 246599 thousand cubic meters of casing-head gas and 21143 thousand cubic meters of natural gas.

07.10.05. - Mineral fertilizer plant "Salavatnefteorgsintez" released productions to 1,7 billion rubles

Mineral fertilizer plant entering the holding " Salavatnefteorgsintez" totaled of eight months. For this period plant let out commodity production to 1,7 billion rubles. This is 240 million rubles more than similar period last year.
Quantum index in eight months of 2005 was 86,2 percent. Index was reduced because of production innovation repair and modernization. In particular, in May-June this year at AM-76 production new Swiss burner was installed, which will make possible to decrease the expenditure of natural gas. Automatic control system of compressors was also activated, more than 570 tons of new catalysts are loaded.
In shop N 50 distillation gases recuperator is put into service, making it possible to decrease the expenditure of vapor at carbamide production.
According to "Salavatnefteorgsintez" information, a volume of profit obtained by mineral fertilizers plant within the period came to 225,8 million rubles. Profitability is 19,4 percent.
Basic portion obtained from export production, since more than 87 percent of carbamide realization are fallen to the dispatch into neighboring and distant foreign countries. Production recipients Geography of the recipients of production, by produced ZMU, more than ten countries count, and Brazil remains basic traditional user in recent years. More than ten countries receive our production and Brazil remains conventional buyer for the last years.

06.10.05 Representatives of "Pratt & Whitney" visited "UMPO".

Some days ago heads of Russian representative office "Pratt &Whitney" visited "UMPO". As "UMPO" officials report American and Russian sides tried to find common grounds within the frames of long-term cooperation in production and promotion of 25- megawatt gas-turbine unit of "Pratt & Whitney" production. "Pratt &Whitney" is interested in possibility of production and assembling of key components for this unit by "UMPO". This choice was done not occasionally: "UMPO" possesses high production culture and produces aviation engines, widely recognized in the whole world. Besides, cooperation with local enterprises is considered one of the terms for Western companies, entering Russian market.
"Representatives of "Pratt &Whitney" are usually very closely study their potential partners but if the final decision is positive, one may figure on long-term cooperation"-director of the gas-turbine power engineering program Vladimir Ivanov says - "Representatives of the American company looked quite satisfied by what they saw at the plant. It is quite possible engineers of "Pratt &Whitney" will visit the plant in the nearest future. Together with our specialists they have to estimate to what extent Western technology fits in that equipment and production organization "UMPO" possesses for today".
As for "UMPO", it is profitable for it to become acquainted with Western production culture, their business-processes, quality systems etc. Gas-turbine units of "Pratt &Whitney" (about two thousands) work in 43 world countries and total running hours is 16 millions, total operating time of 260 25- megawatt gas-turbine units FT-8 is 1,8 millions hours. "UMPO" officials are quite sure the plant is able to master packaging and service of this land-based equipment and that increases general profitability of the projects.

06.10.05. - New line of cottage cheese and curd mass flow-packing is set at joint stock company "Ufamolzavod"

For the majority of food and processing enterprises of Bashkortostan equipment modernization and new technologies embedding is priority course recently. For example at "Ufamolzavod" new line of cottage cheese and curd mass flow-packing of domestic manufacture (Saint Petersburg) is set. Production capacity of packing line is 175 kilograms of cottage cheese per minute. New packing special feature is that with the deep frost period of product storage is prolonged to 30 days, and it means now Ufa curd produce supply now distant regions of Russia.
New equipment was possible to acquire due to the investments companies group "Allat". Let us recall that today this company unites three leading enterprises of our republic dairy industry - "Ufamolzavod", "Sterlitamak milk complex" and "Neftekamskiy gormolzavod".
Recently all these enterprises let out a series of novelties, such as cottage cheese and the curd mass "Special" in flow-pack, pasteurized cream "Milk estate" ten-percent fattiness and melted cheese with mushrooms "Milk estate".
According to the specialists of "Allat" group, company now undertook course on production modernization, new products release, regions expansion.

06.10.05. - Beloretsk machine builders received diploma and a gold medal "For nobility of ideas and deeds"

"Beloretsk spring plant" stuff received diploma and a gold medal "For nobility of ideas and deeds". So the guardian council of international charitable foundation "Maecenases of century" marked Beloretsk people "in the matter of Russian patronage glorious traditions revival". Local machine builders constantly help Uchansky house of childhood pupils and Sermenevsky orphan asylum, to children social shelter and elderly people aids center. They are indispensable participants in all charitable actions conducted in region.

05.10.05. ÷ Tuymazin people let out about 70 forms of production, part of which goes for export

By its development Tuymazyn is obliged to oil. Since the first bore hole clogged half a century ago 441 million tons of oil was extracted. But our edge is famous not only by petroleum industry, - the head of administration Rashid Khayrullin said at the press conference "Bashinform".
Powerful production complex was formed here in the last fifty years, consisting of different branches of the industry: fuel, chemical and petrochemical, machine-building, medical, forest, food, porcelain-earthenware, pulp and paper, processing, construction, light, etc.
Today Tuymazyn industry represents 40 enterprises of various property forms, which let out about 70 types of production. The volume of employment in the industrial sector composes 17 thousand people - approximately third from the total number of occupied in the economy.
According to Rashid Khayrullin words, in nine months of present year the important and average industrial enterprises of city and region dispatched goods of our own production for the sum more than 4,5 billion rubles. To the similar period increase was 146,2 percent. Industrial production index was formed at the level of 130,9 percent. An increase in production volume is achieved at 19 enterprises. Outlined several years ago tendency toward an increase in production efficiency remains. Volume of general profit obtained by enterprises in comparison with last year period grew by 35 percent.
Among enterprises with steady financial position Rashid Khayrullin mentioned joint-stock companies "Tuymazyn plant of concrete haulers", "Uraltekhnostroy-Tuymazykhimmash", "Tuymazytekhuglerod", "BurKan", "Politar" and others. For example, at concrete haulers plant numerous novelties are produced and new orders are placed. Recently the production of combine "Polesie" is mastered together with Byelorussia. It is necessary to say the production of this plant is of great demand not only on domestic market. Gradually things are put right also at joint stock company "Tuymazyn porcelain", although it is necessary to search for the new sale markets to restore business connections lost in idle period.
Rashid Khayrullin also cited data on wages level. Thus average monthly wage, received by industrial enterprises workers in eight months of this year totaled 8 140 rubles which is 40,2 percent more than during similar period of 2004.
-Those, who want to work will not remain out of job. Tuymazin people are industrious and enterprising, - emphasized Rashid Khayrullin. ÷ For example look at this number: only 120 unemployed registered. And almost all of them are just looking for better job. For the population of 130 thousand people the level of unemployment is extremely low, and we are pleased with it.

04.10.05. ÷ Prices for metal: different opinions

Prices of the metal and the raw material for metallurgical industry, on which directly depends the cost of end product, repeatedly became the object of Russian and western analysts hot argument. Moreover opinions sometimes are quite the opposite. Many western specialists think that at metal market a considerable increase in prices is expected, whereas Russian specialists make more careful predictions.
According to bond house "Merrill Lynch & Co." (USA) predictions, since 2010 the price of iron ore at world markets will be higher as the minimum by 20 percent. Is is not excluded that prices for products of metallurgy will grow. Analysts say that the increase in ore prices is connected with the rapid development of China steel industry.
In the opinion of above named bank specialists China need for the iron ore can grow by 80 percent and become 659 million tons to 2009. This is 42 percent of world demand volume. The Chinese producers of steel not only increase product output, but also improve its quality.
Branch experts call the present scarcity of iron ore another reason for prices growth. Mining business tries to get out of crisis. Three most important companies generating raw material are - "Vale", "Rio Tinto Grour" and "BHP" - they plan to double the volumes of output by 2008. In the development of new mines it is already invested near 8,9 billion dollars. In the West they think that later because of an increase in the prices on the raw material, companies can compensate enormous expenditures. Another way is that "projects will not develop, and it will lead to an increase in the scarcity and the prices jump", - is said in the report of Investbank.
Russian analysts do not share "Merrill Lynch" associates point of view. They assume that the cost of steel will increase not considerably most likely by four-five percent. However, Russian and foreign specialists concur in one point - market will not return to the previous prices for ore and metals. Even doubled production of iron ore will not lead to reduction of prices. Many factors lead to constant increase in the cost of resources. This is constantly growing population of the Earth and as a consequence growing level of consumption. These are the stiffened ecological standards raising the prise of an output and fear that the resources will end", - such a convincing point is spoken.
As reports service of "Stalepromyshlennaya company - Ufa", metal market picture on Volga federal region appears very interesting at this point. As usually there is an autumn activity at market. But in spite of the high activity of buyers prices for metal production are still falling. The reason for it is profitability decrease, since the cost of raw material remains low.
The reorganization of production is one more reason for prices instability which takes place at the number of combines. As a result for metals-trader it is necessary to take measures directed toward attraction and retention of clients. But even now they are disposed optimistically: need for metal at this time of year increases.

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