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 Archive of news - November 2005

25.11.05. - Beloretsk plant "Maximum" plans to attract customers with its site

Beloretsk Electrical Machinery Plant "Maximum" acquired its own site. Not so long ago at the former deaf society training-production enterprise they could not even think about it because of economic and financial difficulties. After change of owner to one of neighboring Magnitogorsk companies the association was able to fix the matter. Their results impress: in comparison with the last year's period production sales grew almost two times this year and also they managed to renew production line. Part of means is directed towards new lamp model development. At the plant they think about an increase in wages. Web page of the plant will attract new customers and conquer new economic boundaries.

25.11.05. -"Salavatnefteorgsintez" totaled nine months

Joint-stock company "Salavatnefteorgsintez" continues to carry set problem: effective use of production potential, economic activity improvement and technological renew. This makes the enterprise one of best in its field.
In nine month of 2005 SNOS processed more than 5.3 million tons of raw materials. Procession depth was 79.1 percent. The volume of its own production in nine months of 2005 came to more than 38,335 billion rubles, which is 2.1 times more than in 2004. Quantum index reached the number of 115.9 percent.
For three quarters enterprise manufactured 947.9 thousand tons of gasoline, 26 percent of it is high-octane. Also they produced more than 1,838 million tons of diesel fuel, 1,059 million tons of black oil, 222,4 thousand tons of raw material for bitumen, 190 thousand tons of ethylene, 96,7 thousand tons of ethylene and other production.
"Salavatnefteorgsintez" conducts scale investment program, directed toward building and acting production capacities modernization based on contemporary, ecologically clean technologies. Investments in nine months of this year exceeded 3,85 billion rubles, which exceeds index of 2004 more than two times. In comparison with last year investment volume in technical reequipment grew 2.7 times (1,883 billion rubles), 2,6 times - in environmental protection objects (119 million rubles), 2,3 times - in production building (1,746 billion rubles), 6,6 times - into housing and social units building.
In comparison with the previous period cash income from production realization and services increased 2,1 times. The volume of production dispatched in nine months comprised more than 47,3 billion rubles and this is 2,3 times more than in the same period of last year.
Export is one of enterprise priorities and the important source of financial stability of enterprise formation. For three quarters the volume of export came to more than four million tons. This is 23 designations production. The volumes of export on all usual export products, including diesel fuel - 2,9 times, gasoline - 4,2 times, black oil - 3,8 times, styrene - 1,3 times. Furthermore in 2005 they dispatched new export product - vacuum gas oil.
As a whole the part of export in marketed production is more than 80 percent.

25.11.05. - Baymak machinery plant changed its name

Not long ago town-forming enterprise of Baymak - Machine Building Plant in the name of Shagit Khudayberdin changed its "signboard". Now this is foundry-mechanical plant. But the essence of production processes did not take any changes. Why did they change name then? This is not only change of presses, but also corrections in juridical addresses and lots of other troubles.
The thing is plant being called machine-building did not correspond to its profile - they did not produce machine-building "assortment" there. They are its basis. And therefore enterprise management brought its status into correspondence with the production potentialities.
The plant exists more than 90 years. It was built in the beginning of the past century as copper foundry. Then on its base Machine Building Plant was created in 1957. But they let out only plows in a small quantity, although they were known in Russia as specially designed for lifting heavy and condensed soils. But plow is not a machine - this is trailer agricultural inventory. Now they make cultivators at the plant. But they are also inventory. From 1957 to 1990 the release of goods at the Machine Building Plant increased 25 times and a quantity of workers grew four times which completely solved job placement problem in Baymak. The plant built 120 objects of economic and social purpose including 46 thousand square meters of dwelling.
In spite of all transition period difficulties, economic bonds breaking, bankruptcy procedure in 2003-2005, plant still remains the main industrial enterprise in Baymak and region. 639 people work here and they produce almost half of the entire commodity goods, produced by city and region enterprises. The management of plant tries to work on prospect: acquired new equipment, adjusted partner relations with related enterprises and Magnitogorsk state technical university. Main task for the next decade is effective entry into the market due to contemporary technologies and recommendations of scientists. Though their real goal is to reach stability and profitability at plant.

21.11.05. - Shoe production is opened in Beloretsk

Thirty work sites appeared in Beloretske right away. New workshop of joint-stock company "FOMA" opened here, known as Magnitogorsk Shoe Factory (now Footwear factory of Magnitogorsk). As market specialists explained, noting next year its 65-th anniversary it is capable of selling about two and a half millions children's foot-wear pairs now ("FOMA" specializes in it). "FOMA" cannot ensure release this volume of foot-wear itself. Therefore they decided to develop new subdivisions. They chose Beloretsk region because plenty of female workers, with the presence of prepared space and transport proximity to the main factory. Newly open section must be turned into the factory with 300 personnel in a year. As general director of joint-stock company Vladimir Voloshok noted, they will assemble one of 150 models of children's foot-wear now though without pasting of sole. But soon this operation will be transferred to Beloretsk. Assortment and technological operations expansion is also in prospect. The main "FOMA" advantage is natural materials in production. Also large part of models is developed by French designers in the Parisian factory representation and those who for the first time become professional footwear industry workers in Beloretsk have very good prospects.

18.11.05. - "Zifa" became laureate of prestige competition

The results of yearly award "hundred best goods of Russia" were summed. Synthetic detergent "Zifa-econom" of Sterlitamak joint-stock company "Soda" became laureate of this prestige competition.
Laureates of regional competition "Best goods of Bashkortostan" took part in this program. In 2005 the center of metrology and certification standardization selected 64 claims from 53 enterprises of 202 claims from 87 enterprises to the main region reward competition in Russia.
Joint-stock company "soda" presented two forms of its production: synthetic detergent "Zifa- econom" and tile glue of "Rapid" series. In May "Zifa" was rewarded with republic competition laureate diploma, nominated to all-Russian program "Hundred best goods of Russia" and dry construction mixtures "Rapid" were noted with highest diploma.
Good news came recently: synthetic detergent "Zifa-economic" of joint-stock company "Soda" became laureate of prestige competition. This is very significant achievement, since the forms of production and services declared in competition are evaluated corresponding to 14 basic requirements and criteria, among which are: contribution to the growth of GDP; high level of consumer properties - quality, ecology and safety in comparison with domestic and foreign analogs; dynamics of sales volumes; production sales geography and rendering of service.
General Manager of "Soda" Farkhad Samedov signed the declaration of quality, according to which enterprise management and stuff take obligations to ensure quality stability and support achieved high level of consumer characteristics of synthetic detergent "Zifa-economic" for two years. No doubts in it. They pay special attention to quality at "Soda". In 2004 "Zifa" and "Zifa-automaton" they received platinum quality mark in program "All-Russian brand (III millennium). Quality mark of XXI century".
According to the communication division of enterprise, joint-stock company "Soda" today mastered 32 formulas of washing powders production of "Zifa" series. From November they began production of synthetic detergents with odorant "Freshness of meadows". "Zifa-economic" for activator type machines and manual washing, "Zifa-automaton" for the automatic washing and "Zifa with enzymes" now has this aroma. First lots of new production already come in retail sale.
The testing of packing automaton by "Bestrom" is being tested now at the enterprise, for the next few days it is planned to begin packing powders of "Zifa" series into soft polyethylene packets, enjoyed by consumers. On December 2005 they plan to begin release SD "Zifa" series with lemon aroma.

16.11.05. - Bashkortostan will obtain the terephthalic acid

Bashkortostan will obtain terephthalic acid, polyester complex in Blagoveshchenk joint stock company "Polief" put into use the first line of terephthalic acid production with productive capacity of 115 thousand tons per year, as company press-service reported. The decision to build polyester complex building was made in 1986, but centralized financing of project ended in 1992. The building was turned over in 2001 due to budget fund of Bashkortostan. In March 2005 enterprise went private. Its owner now joint-stock company "Selena Plant". In the beginning of 2006 they plan to put into operation second line producing TPA with the power of 115 thousand tons per year.

14.11.05. - Petroleum Industry Association "Bashneft" obtained about ten million tons of oil

From the beginning of this year joint-stock company "Bashneft" extracted about 9,956 million tons of oil. This is somewhat lower than last year, in ten months of 2004 the company“s gas and oil department obtained more than 10 million tons of oil and 274488 thousand cubic meters of casing-head gas. A decrease is explained by planned reduction of "black gold" output.
Among "Bashneft" affiliated branches "Yanaul" obtained maximum of hydrocarbon raw material, its gas and oil departments extorted more than 4,551 million tons of oil. Branch "Bashneft - Ufa" obtained more than 4,057 million tons of oil and "Bashneft - Ishimby" - 1,263 million tons of oil.
Among and oil departments the biggest volume of "black gold" obtained oil and gas departments of Krasnokholmsk (more than 1,815 million tons of oil), Arlansk (more than 1,546 million tons) and Chekmagushevsk (1,505 million tons of oil).
Besides oil the company obtained 275246 thousand cubic meters of casing-head gas and 23587 thousand cubic meters of natural gas in ten months of this year.

09.11.05. - In nine months privately held company "Kondi" produced goods for the sum of 80,4 million rubles

One of the leading confectionery enterprises privately held company "Kondi" reduced volumes of production this year. According to Bashkortostan Ministry of Agriculture, in nine months of this year were they produced 2953 tons of confectioneries - it is 38,4 percent less than last year.
For three quarters privately held company "Kondi" produced goods for the sum of 80,4 million rubles. It dispatched production for 75,2 million rubles.
As a whole in the republic during nine months industrial production index of bread and meal short storage production came to 104,4 percent.

09.11.05. - The volume of production in distillery industry enterprises grew by 13,7 percent

113,7 percent - this is industrial production index of distillery industry enterprises in Bashkortostan for nine months of this year. In particular the volume of distilled alcoholic beverages production remained at last year's level, ethyl alcohol from fermented materials decreased by 23,7 percent, and that of grape wine grew by 4,9 percent, in comparison with similar rates of January- September 2004.
For three quarters they released production for one billion 641,9 million rubles.
According to Ministry of Agriculture they manufactured one million 630,34 thousand deciliters of ethyl alcohol. Manufacturing of this production was reduced on "Bashspirt" enterprises in comparison with last year by 23,8 percent.
They produced two million 989,7 thousand deciliters of strong drinks, same level as in 2004. At "Bashspirt" enterprises production of vodka increased by one percent and that of alcohol production on the contrary decreased for 0,9 percent. An increase in alcoholic production output is provided by "Stalk" in Sterlitamak and "Golden Age" in Ufa.

08.11.05. - "Tumentransgaz" is interested in UMPA production

Long-term orders for hundreds of million rubles to the delivery of gas-pumping drives AL-31ST family and its spare parts will become the result of collaboration between joint-stock companies "Ufa motor-building production association" and "Tumentransgaz".
Recently the delegation from this enterprise returned visit to join-stock company "UMPA". Guests were astonished by high technology output and its scales. Gas-workers could see by their own eyes UMPO has all possibilities for competitive stationary gas turbine engines manufacturing. They were interested in: obtaining single-crystal blades by means of advanced technologies, rigging and foundry billets, contemporary equipment, outstanding test base, unified approach to defensive and civil production preparation.
As they reported at enterprise, the representatives of "Tumentransgaz" are not planning to postpone the matter: next month they are intended to offer particular business plans, which will contribute to reciprocal contacts development.

08.11.05. - Join-stock company "Ufamolagroprom" was rewarded diploma and medal for high quality of production

Join-stock company "Ufamolagroprom" brought victory from Perm, where in "Permian fair" exhibition center with administration support of Perm province and city, APK and provisions of region, and also consumer market committee, enterprise and tourism development of Perm province recently passed anniversary X Interregional exhibition "Products and packing 2005". Our enterprise was rewarded diploma and medal "For high quality production in Perm".
This reward join-stock company "Ufamolagroprom" received for sour cream "Country house", melted cheese "Orlov creameries" kefir beverage "Jolly milkman" with the taste of red orange.
In the contest-show of food products and beverages, technologies and equipment took place near hundred companies from 35 cities of Russia.
The production from Ufa pleased not only the commettee, but also common visitors of exhibition. In four days "Ufamolagroprom" layout visited more than 550 people, who tasted the production of company. They could also purchase production for lowered prices there.

07.11.05. - Atomic branch revives

Though it sounds rather pompous, atomic power engineering in the country awaits its revival. The management of branch is interested in new image projecting and therefore undertakes facilitating measures. One of such measures was conducted in Moscow on November 1-2 conference "Molding of positive public opinion about atomic power engineering and industry itself in Russia". In conference organization took place federal agency on atomic energy, "Rosenergoatom" concern, joint-stock company "TVEL", Tekhsnabeksport, Federal State Unitary Enterprise Central Research Institute Atominform, Federal State Unitary Enterprise the Center of Informational and Exhibition Activity, Atomic Society of Russia, public relations service chiefs and managing editors of enterprises in atomic field and Russian industry, information service chiefs of regional and municipal authorities of Russian Federation subjects, where atomic field enterprises are functioning. Editorial staff of "Fires Of Agideli" newspaper (Agideli city, Republic of Bashkortostan).
Main point of the conference was the determination of basic directions of information policy improvement in branch. They carried out plenary meeting and sections sessions, discussed and listened to more than 40 reports and announcements. S. Antipov, deputy administrator of Atomic energy federal agency, greeted participants of the conference. At the conference also took the floor such persons as scientific chief secretary, deputy chairman of external information committee "Rosatom" V. Putilov, "Rosatom" administration chief M. Agapov and other leading experts of the branch. Having examined and discussed main development problems of public relations, conference noted, that under the terms of market economy, tough rivalry on international and domestic markets the success of branch activity in whole and of individual enterprises is impossible without social bonds development with all stratums of Russian society and without dialogue with people and media. Having acknowledged the importance of social opinion in atomic branch, at the conference they decided to suggest federal agency of atomic energy to develop public relations as one of main courses of the establishment. Coordination center of effective united information policy proposed base of Federal State Unitary Enterprise Central Research Institute Atominform. They also noted need for creation of regional public information centers in accordance with Russian Federation regions.

07.11.05. - Joint-stock company "Soda" has real growth prospect

To 2010 synthetic detergents production in Russia will increase by 55 percent. This conclusion was made at The I International conference "Household chemistry", organized by Creon company and rcc.ru agency at the end of October this year.
In the conference took part the representatives of more than 30 Russian and foreign companies and organizations, the representatives of Bashkortostan joint-stock company "Soda" were among them.
According to senior consultant-analyst of Creon company Helen Golysheva synthetic detergents production (SD) grew by 35,7 percent during last five years. Since 2000 the development of this chemical industry branch goes steady and stable.
In 2004 the output of SD came to 643,9 thousand tons. According to preliminary estimations, in 2005 the production of SD in Russia will reach 710 thousand tons. In the structure of production and consumption powder-like synthetic detergents occupy leading positions. 96 percent of all produced in Russia synthetic detergents are manufactured there. Production course according to analysts grows stably and its progress trend will last: in 2005 an increase in SD production is evaluated by 110,3 percent, its demand by 106,8 percent in comparison with previous year level. To 2010 they forecast further development of manufacturing and expansion of SD market to 55 and 46 percent thereafter with respect to rates of 2004.
All this gives grounds to say Bashkir joint-stock company "Soda" has great potential. According to one of seminar participants - marketing division manager Zulfia Borisova, Sterlitamak "Soda" occupies 55 percent of Russian soda ash market - one of the key synthetic detergent components.
Enterprise plans to concentrate efforts on soda production reconstruction to reduce the prime cost of production in order to preserve leadership on the internal and external markets. The priority task is to make production wasteless or the low-waste.
Now mass concentration of soda ash in synthetic detergents comes to ten percent. However, as the representative of "Soda" noted, there is tendency toward an increase in its content in synthetic detergents recently. Its reason is the prevalence of automatic washing machines, the search for new ingredients, technologies, constant formula improvement. Besides, due to application of such cheap raw material as soda the prime cost of synthetic detergents is reduced.
Thus, joint-stock company "Soda" has real growth prospects.

02.11.05. - Joint-stock company "Chishminskoye" produced 98,5 percent of oil in the republic

According to the Ministry of Agriculture of Bashkortostan joint-stock company "Chishminskoye" for three quarters of this year produced 98,5 percent of entire volume of oil released in Bashkortostan. As a whole in the republic they produced 13221 tons of sunflower oil (18,9 percent more than last year) and 13020 tons - in Chishminsk enterprise (increased by 22 percent).
Chishminsk workers processed 34,5 thousand tons of sunflower seeds. Since the beginning of the year at joint-stock company "Chishminskoye" they released and dispatched goods for 124,3 million rubles, which is two times more than of the similar index in 2004. Volume index was 122,1 percent.

01.11.05. - Baymak machine builders are provided with work to the turn of the year

Commodity output joint-stock company "Baymak foundry-mechanical plant" (now they call Baymak machine building plant) increased by 23,9 percent in comparison with similar period of last year. The carrying out of foundry production grew by 20,7 percent. The results of ten months at the enterprise testify this.
They reached product output growth due to production of spare parts for ore-dressing equipment from progressive wearproof alloys. Foundry shop has best indices due to new technologies.
Though enterprise is provided with orders to the turn of this year, they are still coming and that certainly gladdens plant workers. Indeed the more orders enterprise receives, more stable is situation at the enterprise and more prospects for financial prosperity are there. More than hundred of Russian and CIS receive production from Baimak plant. Besides plants of the republic these are enterprises of outermost north, Urals, Siberia.

01.11.05. - Joint-stock company "Ufa motor-building production association" put into service new test bench

At joint-stock company "Ufa motor-building production association" recently brought into service stand for conducting of industrial-delivery gas-pumping tests of AL-31ST family engines.
As they reported at the enterprise entire process, including design, installation and equipment finishing, performed by the hands of plant specialists. The work of such scale was not carried out at the plant from Soviet times.
The housing of test station changed even outwardly, but this is not the main thing - now it is arranged in the newest gas-pumping technology testing complex. Specialists say it is works like clockwork. Due to it the production of stationary gas turbine engines will be accelerated considerably and they will make real jump in world standards correspondence reaching.
On this occasion general director of joint-stock company "Ufa motor-building production association" Yuri Pustovgarov congratulated all project executors and awarded with premiums and valuable gifts.

01.11.05. - Milk plants of Bashkortostan for nine months manufactured production for three billion 524,7 million rubles

The productions of dairy industry in the republic manufactured in January-September of the present year is evaluated three billion 524,7 million rubles. This is 10,4 percent more than in the same time of last year. In nine months it dispatched production for three billion 283,2 million rubles. Volume index of production is 100,1 percent.
According to Bashkortostan Ministry of Agriculture, milk enterprises stocked up 368,3 thousand tons of milk for three quarters of this year (1,2 percent more than during last year“s period). "AGRO-2000", Tatyshlinsk milk plant, Kiginsk dairy, "Miyakimolzavod", "Ufamolagroprom", Sterlibashevsk milk plant and "Kugarchinsk" milk plant operated with the improvement this year.
The volumes of nonfat milk production (by 11,4 percent) and fat cheeses grew, and on the contrary manufacturing of whole-milk production lowered (by 3,3 percent).

01.11.05. - All branches of joint-stock company "Bashkirenergo" are ready for winter

In Bashkortostan power system they completed readiness verifications for winter in all the branches. As a result "Bashkirenergo" staff on readiness verification for autumn-winter load peak made a decision about readiness passports distribution, reports power system press-service.
Except New-Sterlitamak heat station, Belebeyevsk, Octyabr and northeastern electrical networks, winter permits also received Karman State regional power plant, Ufa Heat Station - 4 and Yumaguzinsk hydro-electric power plant, eliminated defects on observers“ remarks.
Thus none of "Bashkirenergo" branches remained without readiness passport for 2005-2006 autumn-winter period.

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