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 Archive of news - December 2005

23.12.2005. - Foreign trade turnover in the republic grew by 80,6 percent

Foreign trade turnover in Bashkortostan grew considerably. On the sums 11 months of this year index reached six billion US dollars, in comparison with the same index last year it grew by 80,6 percent. According to external economic links and trade ministry of Bashkortostan, suppressing predominance of export above the import remains: 5,6 billion dollars and 0,4 billion dollars corresponding. In this case exported goods volume grew by 83,2 percent, and the same of imported goods - by 52,8 percent.

23.12.2005. - For nine months more than 120 million dollars of investments were involved into the republic economy

More than 120 million dollars of foreign investments were drawn into the republic economy in January-September this year - this data was received from ministry of external economic links and trade ministry of Bashkortostan (EELTM RB). However statistical showings are modest - only 21,5 million dollars. And it is impossible to imagine real state of affairs on these numbers. The matter is in account errors, thinks the minister of external economic links and trade of Bashkortostan Boris Kolbin. The ministry and Bashstat together deal with this problem. On the sums of this year the results will already be appropriate. Major piece of investments is drawn into processing production sector: petroleum products manufacturing, rubber and plastic articles, chemical industry. Large investment program is developed in joint-stock company "Salavatnefteorgsintez" - in the course of its realization one billion dollars will be received. The execution of this program has already begun. The mastering of bitumen, polyethylene and polystyrenes production is being conducted. Production modernization programs are developed and actualized by several large chemical enterprises ("Soda", "Caustic" so on), petroleum chemistry, machine building, metallurgy ("Uchalinsk mining and concentration complex", " Beloretsk metallurgical complex") and other branches. Meleuzovsk town-forming enterprise "Minudobreniya" deserves special attention. After enterprise restructuring the investor was found. "Minudobreniya" entered united industrial "bunch" with raw material suppliers from Kazakhstan. Now they export production to ten foreign countries. Among the significant investment projects, being conducted in Bashkortostan is large trade-entertaining complex with water park building on Lake Kashkadan in Ufa city block Sipaylovo. German company "Avrora" is intended to put there more than 50 million dollars. In short, investments attraction in the republic is being conducted but specialists consider foreign capital volume drawn into the republic economy is not sufficient and work in this direction should be stimulated. Investment agency of Bashkortostan republic plays significant role in it.

22.12.05. - New gas-static unit is put into service at Ufa motor-building production association

New gas-static unit is put into service at joint-stock company "Ufa motor-building production association". This is the important component of foundry production, which makes possible all possible defects elimination.
Work on additional gas-static unit erection began at the plant in 1988, however they only established bed and 70 tons frame. Well-known events prevented further plans and as a result defense-industrial complex proved to be in deep crisis. Soon technical documentation developing organization disappeared: many enterprises broke up than. Therefore, when they decided to renew work in 2003, they started everything almost from nothing.
And finally the efforts of several shops associations met the success - gas-static unit functions in proper mode. Specialists consider economic effect from its functioning will be impressive. Expenditures for unique equipment restoration will be compensated. For example, it is not necessary to spoil most valuable details now, using services of other organizations. And old gas-static unit which has been functioning for many years awaits its innovation repair.

20.12.05. - UMPO purchases new measuring instruments from "Karl Zeiss".

In 2006 production hardware of JSC "UMPO" is promised to reach qualitatively new level. This conclusion can be arrived at by the results of a recent visit of representatives from worldly known German company "Karl Zeiss" , during which it has been decided to purchase two models of the newest instruments for metrological service of the company. The matter is coordinate-measuring machines with the accuracy 0,3 microns and additional options for them.
"Karl Zeiss" produces high-tech optic products: microscopes for material authority and measuring new generation instruments. What had been regarded as unique ten years ago is apprehended as a standard now, for example, computer methods for data processing, electronic communication with other equipment, including lathes with numerical program control, etc. To opinion of "UMPO" specialists this purchase allows solving the problem of accurate measurements for many years ahead and it is especially important now, when our country is preparing to join WTO.
The visit of representatives of the German company is a returning one: on September a group of "UMPO" specialists had visited Germany to become acquainted with "Karl Zeiss" products.

16.12.05. - Today Belebeyev distillery complex released its 350-millionth bottle

Today Belebeyev distillery complex - affiliated branch of state unitary enterprise "Bashspirt" released its 350-millionth bottle.
Bashkortostan takes fourth place in Russia by volumes of alcohol production manufacturing. Food industry is one of the most developed branches in the republic, in many respects because of state unitary enterprise "Bashspirt" activity. This enterprise has seven affiliated branches which present our distillery industry.
One of them - Belebeyev distillery complex celebrates its 110 anniversary. High demand for "Belebeyev pertsovaya", "Belebeyev lux" and other production of combine not only in Bashkortostan, but also in other regions take Bashkir producer to all-Russian level. In 1995, Moscow, at I All-Russian competition of vodka famous "Belebeyevskaya" was received first gold medal. Ten years passed and today Belebeyev distillery complex releases its 350-millionth bottle. "Bashinform" correspondent saw the boiling of anniversary bottle.
350-millionth was the bottle of " Belebeyevskaya" vodka. And it was not by chance. It is one of the most popular vodka produced by Belebeyev branch of "Bashspits". It is known in many regions of our country, including Khanty-Mansiysk, Yamalo-Nenetsk autonomous area, and also Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk and Orenburg. Only Yekaterinburg buys seven carriages of "Belebeyevskaya" monthly. They began to produce it in 1993 - after two years "Belebeyevevskaya" was acknowledged as one of the best and most popular vodka in the republic. Belebeyevev complex is known in the republic and beyond for large quantity of all possible liqueurs, balsams, vodka, and also soda water, mineral water and kvass. Belebeyev distillery complex has the entire network of stores - 12 shops: in Ufa, Octyabrsk, Tuymaz, Priyutovo, Maloyaz, and of course, in Belebeyeve itself.
Remarkable event - anniversary bottling, drew considerable attention to the complex. Head of Industry and economy administration in Belebeyev and Belebeyev region Aleksandr Cherneg, deputy trade director of state unitary enterprise "Bashspirt" Marat Khamidullin and other guests, and also lots of invited journalists looked around production areas, they were told about enterprise history and long-term plans. Leading technologists showed press representatives with production potential at the enterprise.
Anniversary bottle was passed into the museum of Belebeyev distillery complex, which they plan to open at 110 anniversary.

15.12.05. - Artificial stone production started in Ufa

Soon at construction materials market of Bashkortostan will appear decoration tiles, table tops made of domestically produced artificial stone, so called "agglomerated granite" . New production output is set in Ufa at joint-stock company "Stone milling plant- Artstone".
It is necessary to say that with construction boom in Bashkortostan this production is extremely claimed. But in the meantime foreign materials from Czech and Italia prevail at our market. It is pleasant the republic manufacturers take risk to compete with well-known foreign firms. So, their production quality is enough high.
How good are construction materials made of artificial stone? They usually compare it with natural. Certainly, both have their advantages, but artificial ones in bending strength and wear resistance are inferior to ones made of granite and marble. This can be explained by the fact, that in agglomerate there is always some resin, imparting to material elasticity, and calcium additives, which strengthen connections between its components. Furthermore, in artificial stone material constructions natural stone fracture is absent completely, and in this case it has low hygroscopic property. Little water absorption ensures increased frost resistance of the material. As specialists think, this stone can maintain more than 50 freezing cycles without quality losses.
Certainly, significant influence on agglomerate properties renders source material. By the way, artificial stone production matches the spirit of our time - it is quite safe ecological, since as basic raw material they use wastes of glass industry, any kind of broken glass, utilized glass bottles and other wastes.
As they described to "Bashinform" correspondent, ideas about artificial stone production in Ufa belongs to designer Elvir Mustakimov. One and a half year he studied composition, stone technology, then laid business plan and came for help into credit consumer cooperative "Ufakredit&ýuot;, future project investor. Now Elvir Mustakimov is the head of limited liability company "Stone milling plant- Artstone". Enterprise has already stocked up and installed expensive native equipment. And almost the same day there began aglogranite tile production.

15.12.05. - Ufa motor-building production association mastered siding production

At joint-stock company "Ufa motor-building production association" they put into service production line of siding - contemporary facing material. Manufactured here production will be claimed widely as at plant housings repair, so by other organizations.
Section is equipped with newest equipment, which will make possible to produce not only panels, but also entire assortment of similar articles. Complete cycle of product manufacturing from PVC resin is ready now, all the specialists passed their training.
Only four people work on this line now. With one-shift work they will produce about three thousand square meters of siding panels per month. With the complete load they will be able to produce three times more.
Siding is not distributed in Ufa yet. Meanwhile buildings decorated with it look very sound, like Bashkortostan Pension fund department. Some housings of joint-stock company "Ufa motor-building production association"

14.12.05. - In Bashkortostan they began based on unique technology wheaten flakes output

In Davlekanovsk region of Bashkortostan new production of unique product - micronized wheaten flakes is opened. Similar product in Russia is manufactured in Novosibirsk only.
A vital difference of these flakes from the others is in special technology of grains processing. High-temperature mikronization is intensive and very fast grain heating by infrared (thermal) rays. This way grain is instantly roasted from within. According to Novosibirsk scientists, micronization increases nourishing value of grain, making it easily dispectible. From one portion of such flakes the organism obtains much more than energy and nutrients, than from the portion of traditional porridge. From one portion of such flakes organism obtains much more energy and nutrients, than from traditional porridge. In this case the taste is considerably improved - flakes acquire delicious aroma. Furthermore, similar grain processing part of outer covering remains, increasing the content of necessary for organism food fibers, possessing the sorbent properties, and also vitamins (A, E, C group), valuable microelements (iron, magnesium, fluorine, calcium). Micronized flakes, used as a meal, rapidly fix metabolism, remove toxins and heavy metal salts from organism, which is especially relevant for industrial city inhabitants. One more advantage of micronized wheaten flakes is in instant cooking. So, this food is irreplaceable for those who intends to eat well, likes good taste and saves his time. Clinical tests, carried out at clinical and experimental medicine center of Siberian academy department, showed that micronized flakes in ration caused improvement in bowel work, metabolic processes, and also some decrease in weight without special diet. Micronized flakes are recommended by doctors as therapeutic and dietetic nourishment for patients, suffering gastrointestinal tract diseases, diabetes mellitus and with excess mass of body.
Manufactured by "Ufacredit" together with limited liability company "Asylykul" these flakes are rated as the product of "Ekstra" class.
The idea of flakes production in Bashkortostan belongs to doctor of agricultural sciences, professor Zinur Tobikbulatov. But the practical realization of this idea took place due to credit- consumer cooperative "Ufakredit" - they put means into new manufacturing, purchase and reconstruction of former storage building, purchase of unique equipment.
Today limited liability company "Asylykul" already let out test batch of wheat flakes. In the near future at the enterprise they intend to enlarge production assortment and let out not only wheaten, but also rye, pea and barley flakes.
Soon Bashkortostan people will be able to buy this unique food at republic stores, but for now they sell it at Central market only.

13.12.05. - Belebeyev distillery complex releases its 350-millionth bottle and invites journalists

December 16 Belebeyev distillery complex - affiliated branch of state unitary enterprise "Bashspirt" releases its 350-millionth bottle. Memorable event matches 110 anniversary of the complex.
To this remarkable fact and good "round" figure complex event with press conference will take place. Journalists of leading printed and electronic media will see pouring in the 350- millionth bottle, which will be passed into complex museum, guests will take a look around and taste the output. Press conference will be organized there.
According to the sums of press conference yhey will determine three best reports. Winners will obtain diplomas and prize fees.

13.12.05. - In Blagoveshchenk metallic accessories production was opened

In Bashkortostan on the base of the former Blagoveshchensk metallic accessories plant "Oktyabr" they began the production of shoe, construction and container nails, wire and other metallic accessories. This necessary for republic construction industry production "came to life" due to credit consumer cooperative "Ufacredit" which helped with necessary means.
According to specialists, production capacities of the enterprise will be able to let out 1,1 thousand tons of production per year. All possible accessories from metallic wire of any types, sizes, diameters will be made with new equipment, using the most contemporary processing technologies. This plant is the only one in Russia mastered the production of shoe nails. Producers are assured that because of the high quality of their production it will certainly be of great demand.

12.12.05. - Consumer credit cooperative "Ufacredit" shows successful real economy investments

At the beginning of next year consumer credit cooperative "Ufacredit" which helped many Ufa people will celebrate its fourth anniversary.
This date can be insignificant for man but for the enterprise it is almost one and a half thousand days of constant fight for survival. Some of them cannot stand market competition and disappear, others carefully, with great difficulties lay their road into the future, "brick by brick" building business connection with partners and customers, shaping their image.
Today the cooperative united near one and a half thousand people, not only helps those desiring to preserve their economy from financial stresses, but also gives businessmen possibility to fulfill business projects and open own business. In other words, "Ufacredit" allocates its funds into production.
Today, due to consumer credit cooperative "Ufacredit" investments they opened several new productions in Bashkortostan and many people obtained job. One of their successful investment projects is organization of production unique for the republic production - micronized wheat flakes at limited liability company "Asylykul". On basis the former Blagoveshchensk metallic accessories plant "Oktyabr" woth the assistance of "Ufacredit" they mastered the output of different metallic accessories made of metal wire. In Ufa they started the production of decoration tiles and table tops made of artificial stone ("agglomerated granite"), highly rated at construction materials market. Until now similar production was accessible only for foreign firms whose production prevails at domestic market. In the very near future consumer credit cooperative "Ufacredit" plans to establish printing house, production of polyethylene packetsŇ They use contemporary ecological technologies, new equipment, attract active creative young people.

12.12.05. - ANK "Bashneft" reached 11-millionth mark on oil production

On the sums of 11 months of this year joint-stock company "Bashneft" obtained 10,931 million tons of oil.
This is the result of all petroleum and gas extracting administrations of the company. So, to the two-millionth mark of produced oil approached Krasnokholmsk oil and gas department. Near 1.7 million tons of "black gold" obtained Arlansk oil and gas production department, more than 1.65 million tons produced Chekmagushevsk department.
Not bad volumes of output shows Nizhnevartovsk oil and gas production department, developing northern layers of company. In 11 months this department obtained more than 772 thousand tons of hydrocarbon raw materials.
Besides ANK "Bashneft" obtained 303,558 million cubic meters of casing-head gas and 26,576 million cubic meters of natural gas in 11 months of this year.
As a whole, oil development growth is observed in Russia. In particular, during November it increased in comparison with the same period of last year by 2,4 percent - and reached 39,402 million tons.
The portion of ANK "Bashneft" makes 0,975 million tons of oil obtained during November. Output of "Lukoil" came to 7,351 million tons in November, "Rosneft" - 6,39 million tons, TNK-VR - 6,359 million tons, "Surgutneftegaz" - 5,334 million tons, "Sibneft" - 2,672 million tons, "Tatneft" - 2,037 million tons, "Slavnefti" - 2,024 million tons, "UKOS" - 1,8 million tons, "Gasprom" - 1,153 million tons, "Russneft" - 1,151 million tons, "NOVATEC" - 182,7 million tons hydrocarbon raw materials.

08.12.05. - At joint-stock company "Uchaly-milk" solve problems with raw materials and suggest to change beer for kumiss

Many milk processing enterprises suffer from lack of raw material. The producers of milk attempt to sell high and obtain money immediately. This is the reason why Uchalinsk milk processing enterprise is in complex financial conditions. Lots of analogous enterprises are already bankrupts.
- Joint-stock company "Uchaly-milk" lets out several forms of milk producion, - says enterprise manager Ludmila Degtareva. - our peasant oil is of great demand in market and its really natural. We are responsible for quality - on our firm package we write all the components and our address. In case of troubles we can be easily found. They highly praise our cheese quality. We produce several types of cheese - "Gollandskiy", "Kostromskoy", "Adygeyskiy", "Kolbasny". They came for cheese even from other regions. And also we supply trade with cottage cheese and other milk products.
Joint-stock company "Uchaly-milk" is the only large Bashkir trans-Ural enterprise producing kumiss for bulk buyers. Koumiss production is very profitable and it will easily replaceŇ beer. This idea is valuable. Koumiss makes drunk too, because there is some alcohol in it, but unlike beer it has many positive results. And the abuse of beer threatens by number of diseases.
It is very important that all the production of enterprise is ecologically clean. Everything is made only of rich milk, according to new State Standards. And they have high demands for raw materials quality. Therefore joint-stock company "Uchaly-milk" in recent years confidently wins republic competitions "Best goods of Bashkortostan".
The enterprise shouldn“t have any difficulties with this: They have constant bulk buyers, their production is sold quickly and is one of the most qualitative in the region.
But how did they solve the problem of raw material shortage? Joint-stock company "Uchaly-milk" annexed production-agricultural cooperative "Red partizan" - one of the largest milk processing enterprises in the region, and helped it with funds. But this risk is reasonable and necessary under the market conditions. Milk is perishable product. And if you wait for someone who will buy it (except local diary) one can get sour milk. Now "Red partizan" passes milk to agro-processing enterprise, and it looks after financial matters in production-agricultural cooperative. This is mutually beneficial cooperation.

07.12.05. - JSC "Caustic" resumes production after it was suspended due to ethylene shortage.

JSC "Caustic" has again launched the second series of electrolysis at its second workshop, specializing in hydrate of sodium production by diaphragm method. Production of hydrate of sodium and vinyl-chloride is also resumed, news-service of "Bashkir Chemistry" , which staff "Caustic" is included in, reports.
On December 27 JSC "Caustic" has completely suspended its main productions of dichloretane and hydrate of sodium owing to stoppage of ethylene supplies from JSC "Salavatnefteorgsintez" . Because of the breakdown "Salavatnefteorgsintez" was forced to reduce ethylene supplies to "Caustic" to critical minimum - 4,5 tons per hour instead of 10,5 - 10,6 tons.
At present time ethylene goes to "Caustic" in amount 9,6 tons per hour. Ethylene inflow in such volume promised to be preserved in the course of December.

07.12.05. - Joint-stock company "OZNA" received large order from Sterlitamak machine-building plant

Large order of forging production at Sterlitamak machine-building plant(SMP) received stock company "OZNA" (Oktyabrsk). The enterprise left rivals behind because of improved technology and flexible price policy, reports press-service. Due to this project realization in December forge-press shop will be completely loaded.
Sterlitamak specialists highly praised quality of "OZNA" production and forging production will be used for farming machines bundling. Now seeders, produced by Sterlitamak enterprise where they gradually increase production, will include efforts of Octyabrsk craftsmen from the joint-stock company of "OZNA".
"OZNA" Ý "SMP" entered engagement about cooperation next year. New projects are waiting for these enterprises.

06.12.05. - " Salavatnefteorgsintez" modernizes the production

Joint stock company "Salavatnefteorgsintez" continues program of expansion and modernization. The other day enterprise acquired two R-4 reforming reactors produced by "UMP" ("United machine-building plants").
These reactors form catalytic reforming installation, which produce high-octane gasoline. Reactor supply agreement for 15 million rubles was concluded in spring 2005. In December they plan sign of agreement for two additional reactors delivery, which will be ready in second quarter of 2006, press-service of UMP reports.

05.12.05. - New equipment for draw plate production is being installed at Beloretsk metallurgical complex

In joint-stock company "Beloretsk metallurgical complex", which is the part of "Mechel", they put into use new equipment by German firm Scob for hard-alloy draw plate production. The project is achieved in accordance with strategic investment program of joint-stock company "Mechel", directed towards an improvement of production quality, reduction of expenses and modernization of equipment.
New equipment is installed at Beloretsk metallurgical complex in micro wire shop N10. They opened entire department on hard-alloy draw plate production. New equipment is intended for full cycle of draw plate production, including needles and grinding gauges, calibration, and also for draw plate restoring.
Furthermore at new department laboratory they installed contemporary instrumentation by firms Mitutoyo, Ecoform and other well-known foreign firms, ensuring accuracy highest draw plate geometry control, reports press-service of enterprise.
New equipment complex is designed to process up to 58 thousand of draw plate units per month. Draw plate for hardware production is not new in Beloretsk, for they produced it at the complex earlier for their own shops. Today at BMP they established new high-quality drawing-machines which require draw plates of higher quality. New equipment will make possible to manufacture draw plates for them, including new promising constructions, with impossible earlier productivity and geometry accuracy. This equipment is one of most contemporary ones in draw plate production.

02.12.05. - Ishimby bread-baking complex: bread of "gold", and dainty from France

In the competition of "Best grocery goods of 2005", which recently took place in Ufa, bread "Ishimbayskiy" received golden diploma in the nomination "special demand of the customer". Also vitamin roll "School" made by bakers of Ishimby bread-baking complex received highest award of "Enriched with vitamins and minerals products". Ishimby bread-baking complex, known also as "Grandpa Ishim Complex" leaves to the new qualitative level and continues to please customers with novelties.
Recently they put in production ”French‘ croissants to be first in the republic and mastered output of elite bread series - focaccia. According to the chief technologist of joint-stock company ”IHK‘ this is a special yeast bread. In Italy it is known as the oldest universal form of pizza, which was the usual food of peasants and soldiers of the antiquity. Bakers propose to their customers two forms of focaccia - with cheese and paprika. Afterward ”Grandpa Ishim‘ plans to diversify the taste of this uncommon product, and also to master the production of grain bread. Ishimby people will be able to buy it for New Years' Eve.

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