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 Archive of news - March 2006

27.03.06. - Production of OC "NPF "Geophysics " colleagues from Siberia have become interested

Production of OC "NPF "Geophysics " colleagues from Management of hydrodynamic researches of chinks OS "Sibneft - Noyabrhmneftegazfizika " have become interested. The working meeting of experts of two firms has taken place in March of this year based on the Bashkir enterprise.
Geophysics from Noyabrsk supervises development multilayer deposits with use of the geophysical devices made in OS "NPF "Geophysics ". During a meeting leading experts of the Bashkir firm have acquainted visitors with new scientific and technical development.
In particular, representatives of OS "Sibneft - Noyabrhmneftegazfizika " have interested made on branch NPF "Geophysics " - OPEN COMPANY "NPK "Neftegeophysics " - the modernized installations for measurement of debit chinks on a liquid and gas UGF-, Lifts self-propelled (SPAS) with the descent-elevating unit on a wire (on the basis of the automobile "UAZ "), Where transportation of SPA helicopter variant, and also an opportunity of modernization logging technical equipment for descent of devices to a wire is stipulated.
Contracts on delivery of the given equipment will be in the long term made.

25.03.06. - Sterlitaminks "Caustic " plans to finish by 2010 volume of manufacture of polyvinyl chloride with 400 thousand tons one year

The most significant investment project Sterlitaminsk JSC "Caustic " At present the increase in manufacture of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). By way of the company - already in the beginning of the next year to increase release of this production up to 230 thousand tons one year, and to 2010-th - up to 400 thousand.
"Caustic " keeps step in due course. The volume of consumption of PVC everywhere promptly grows. So, if five years ago in the world it was made 20 million tons of PVC one year, today - already 25 million tons. It is predicted, that in two - three years volumes will grow up to 30 million tons.
For realization of the project it is necessary for enterprise to achieve uninterrupted deliveries of raw material. Today a management "Caustic " already reflects on construction of own manufacture ethylene - a basic product for reception of polyvinyl chloride. Now the annual volume of manufacture of Sterlitaminsk company is 160 thousand tons.
The spectrum of application of polyvinyl chloride is rather wide. For example, of PVC make even the special membranes adapted to warehousing of industrial waste products, which can be stored in the sealed up kind long years, not rendering negative influence on an environment.
In the Russian market of PVC the exposition has shown significant presence of the enterprise "Caustic ", submitted at VII international exhibition "The industry of plastic " in Moscow. The exhibition stand of sterlitaminsk enterprise has involved the big interest of visitors of an exposition. Business negotiations have been carried out.

24.03.06. - Now and in Neftekamsk there is its own "Darenka "

On Neftekamsk Gormolzavod which was included not so long ago in group of the companies "Allat ", release of dairy production under a brand "Darenka " is mastered. If earlier production carried from Ufa, from Ufamolzavod, now people can indulge every day itself fresh natural dairy products "Darenka " local manufactured.
Under this known brand all assortment of traditional dairy products is issued today almost: milk, kefir, cottage cheese, sour cream, katik.
Kefir "Darenka " deserves special attention. Made on special technology from qualitative raw material, this dairy product has magnificent flavoring qualities and treatment-and-prophylactic properties. This kefir is recommended to use for preventive maintenance of cardiovascular diseases, illnesses of kidneys, adiposity. "Darenka " solitarily influences micro flora of intestines, raises immunity, the level of a liquid in an organism balances, solves problems of chronic weariness and infringements of dream.
In opinion of experts, the regular use of kefir "Darenka " helps to get rid of stresses and many illnesses.

24.03.06. - On Sterlitamansk dairy industrial complex make the enriched and low-calorie dairy products of a series "FITNESS "

The enterprises food and a process industry of Bashkortostan master manufacture of new kinds of production for a healthy meal. For example, Sterlitamaksk dairy industrial complex - the enterprise of group of the companies "Allat " - makes the enriched and low-calorie dairy products of a series "FITNESS ", which are capable to satisfy requirements of an organism, filling the spent energy. Production is especially necessary for those who conduct an active way of life.
Today a series "FITNESS " is submitted by kefirs, drinking yoghurts, yoghurt products, juice-whey drinks. All these products have the lowered or zero contents of fat, and the some people are enriched useful bifid bacteria and iodine.
Dairy products with the low contents of fat are remarkable also that they ideally will approach for carrying out of days of limited intake of food. For increase of flavoring qualities some kinds of dairy products "are sweetened ", but sugar thus is not used.
In opinion of experts, the daily use of products of a series "FITNESS " helps work of a gastro enteric path, reduces a level of cholesterol in blood and normalizes weight of a body.

24.03.06. - Hardware production of Beloretsk metallurgical industrial complex will be sold by affiliated company of OS "Mechel "

Metiz production of Beloretsk metallurgical industrial complex will be sold by affiliated company of OS "Mechel " - "Mechel-Metiz ". The company "Mechel " has informed about creation of the given 100-percent affiliated company "Mechel-Metiz " "FK-News ".
Changes are carried out within the framework of the common strategy of "Mechel ", connected to development of a mining segment and increase of efficiency of metallurgical business.
Besides hardware production BMK, "Mechel-Metiz " will sell also similar production of Vyartsilsk metiz factory, the Lithuanian factory "Mechel Nyamunas " In the Russian and global markets. The general director of Open Company "Mechel-Metiz " was appointed the senior vice-president of "UK Mechel " Vladimir Polin.

23.03.06. - Unique unit "Atmosphere-24 " for a quarter of a century morally it is not obsolete

One of these days 25 years from the moment of putting into operation were executed in OS "The Ufa engine-building production association " of the unique unit "Atmosphere-24 ", more known under the informal name - "The manned chamber ".
Its start-up became outstanding event in a history of the domestic aviation industry. Even now such chambers in Russia units, and foreign analogues also do not exist at all. Experts conduct welding almost as in space: in a vacuum, in survival suits, with application of argon.
As have informed in OS "UMPO ", After a quarter of a century after input of unit in operation it not only continues to function normally, but also is absolutely not obsolete morally.

22.03.06. - "Polief " starts the second line of terephthalic acid manufacture

OS "Polief " starts the second line of terephthalic acid manufacture. Start-up will take place up to the end of March of this year.
On March, 16 at the enterprise the shop of manufacture TFK for carrying out of a spadework on start-up of the second line and the organization of repair work has been stopped. The equipment and pipelines have been washed out, cooled and released from a product, full washing of a line of manufacture TFK also is stipulated.
Repair and starting-up and adjustment works are completed, and collective OS "Polief " Has started commissioning the second technological line of manufacture terephthalic acid.
During starting actions the control over quality of all kinds of drains, air-gas emissions and a condensate is organized, uninterrupted supply of the enterprise by all kinds of power resources, raw material and reagents is provided. Systems of automatic fire extinguishers on all objects of the enterprise are in constant readiness, the press-service of the enterprise informs.
Start-up of two technological lines will allow the enterprise to achieve design parameters on release TFK - 230 thousand tons one year.

21.03.06. - The joint-stock company "OZNA " carries out orders for the oil company of Russia and plans cooperation with Iran

Block sectional pump stations of manufacture of the October joint-stock company "OZNA " will work on deposits "Yuganskneftegas " NC "Rosoil ". The oil company has made the order for these five stations in December. Three complete sets "OZNA " has already shipped to customers. The rest two will be put up to the end of March.
It is necessary to note, that the tender on delivery of the given equipment "OZNA " has won due to new development - the part of block sectional pump stations is equipped with stations of the block of filters, and in one station of retaining pumps recently mastered by the company is used.
In the long term the equipment of manufacture "OZNA " will be maintained and in Iran. In March the October enterprise was visited by guests from Republic Iran - the deputy chief of department of power at the president of republic Mr. Marvi and executive director of the firm engaged in development and manufacture of the oil equipment, Mr. Barikatajn.
Opportunities and power of the joint-stock company "OZNA " made good impression on visitors, they have become interested in the made block equipment: compressor and fire-prevention stations. Negotiations will be continued.

20.03.06. - Ufa printing industrial complex continues modernization due to own means

Ufa printing industrial complex will continue reequipment of book manufacture due to own means: having corrected a financial position, the industrial complex has had an opportunity to put in development own means. Therefore, the last year on the money the enterprise has the monochrome printing machine of a full format for book manufacture and the cutting equipment for binding shop.
To stand during heavy times to industrial complex the management of republic has helped. Until 2000 the enterprise was in heavy position. The oldest printing manufacture which basic customer is the state publishing house "Kitap ", which is providing release of textbooks for educational establishments of region and the national literature, could not meet modern requirements and provide high quality of production. To leave from crisis by the forces it was not represented possible, in fact cost only the printed machine and a book line makes the sum equal to annual volume of manufacture of industrial complex. Thus at the enterprise it was totaled near two hundred units of equipment which was maintained over 20 years.
Since then much has changed. Due to means of the republican budget for some years the industrial complex practically was completely re-equipped. The four-color printed machine, a book line both other expensive printed and binding equipment are got. On quality of production Ufa printing industrial complex now does not concede known polygraph enterprise "The Moscow textbook ", equipped at support of mayor Jury Luzhkov.
With strengthening technical base industrial parameters have improved also. The last year the volume of an industrial output in cost expression has grown, in comparison with a similar parameter of 2004, on 23,9 percent. The index of physical volume has made 120 percent. Manufacture on one worker has increased for 22,5 percent. The payment of employees has increased by 21,2 percent. The monthly average salary at industrial complex - 8348,8 rubles.
As soon as quality of released production has considerably improved, there appeared serious orders, which have appeared earlier to expect was not necessary. In due time "The brief Bashkir encyclopedia " has been released in Spain. In addition, already the first book of "The Bashkir encyclopedia " And the encyclopedia "Salavat Yulaev " have been made in Ufa. In addition, on quality production Ufa printing industrial complex does not concede production foreign printing enterprises. Quality of textbooks has considerably improved also.

17.03.06. - Local manufacturers expand horizons

One of known manufacturers of dairy products in republic - group of the companies "Allat ", which structure includes such leading enterprises of the dairy industry, as Open Society "Ufamilzavod ", OS "Sterlitamaksk dairy industrial complex " and OS "Neftekamsk gormolzavod " - expands horizons of the activity.
Today constant partners of the company are such known large networks, as "Magnet ", "Polushka ", "Patterson ", "Matrix ", "Pyaterochka ", and also key regional networks. An explanation to that idle time: assortment of dairy products, which are offered by group of the companies "Allat ", has passed for 150 kinds. In addition, we shall notice, that all this production is in great demand at buyers.
However on achieved GC "Allat " is not going to stop. Every year of its enterprise increase capacities and expand assortment. Today they make practically full assortment of dairy production and ice-cream under trade marks "Dairy manor ", "Darenka ", "FITNESS ", "Fruktoshka ", "Special ", "For a breakfast ", "Timka ". That fact testifies to quality of production of holding, that it repeatedly became the winner of prestigious competitions of the All-Russia and republican value and owners of letters.
Today group of the companies "Allat " has the advanced firm trading network which includes firm shops in Ufa, Sterlitamak and Neftekamsk. Is at holding and the booths, refrigerators-chests for realization of ice cream. Besides distributor network of GC "Allat " covers now more than 15 cities of republic and Russia, including Yekaterinburg, Orenburg, Orsk, Chelyabinsk, Magnitogorsk, Naberezhnye Chelny, October, Izhevsk, Almetyevsk, Perm.

14.03.06. - The main office of representation of the American company "Mitcham Industries Inc. " will settle down in Ufa

Ufa becomes the location of the main office of the Russian representation of the American company "Mitcham Industries Inc. " The given company specializes on granting in rent of the seismic equipment for the oil-and-gas industry.
Ufa as a place of accommodation of representation of the company in Russia and the countries CIS has been chosen by virtue of the geographical position and active development of the oil-and-gas industry.
On March 11 to Ufa there has arrived vice-president of the American company on commercial development mister Guy Rogers. The purpose of his visit which will come to the end tomorrow, - a deepening of relations with the geophysical enterprises of Russia and the CIS. In particular, are now negotiated with OS "Bashneftegeophysics ", after their successful end the Bashkir enterprise can rent the field equipment of the best manufacturers the USA and France for carrying out of geophysical works.
In Ufa official representation "Mitcham Industries Inc. " In the Russian Federation - OC "Mitcham Seysmic Eurasia " was open in July 2005. The representation actively works with such enterprises of Bashkortostan, as OS "Bashoilgazpysics " and OC "OYO-GEO Pulse International ".

13.03.06. - Delivery of ore from area Beloretsk for Magnitogorsk is possible

During a meeting of a management of republic and OS "Magnitogorsk metallurgical industrial complex " in sanatorium "Assi " on the last Saturday have passed consultations between chairman of board of directors Victor Rashnikovym, the general director of OS MMK Gennady Senichevym, the President of Bashkortostan Murtaza Rachimov, the Prime minister of the Government of republic Rafaelem Baydavletov and the head of administration of municipal area Beloretsky area Nicolay Maksimov. The question was concrete filling the Agreement signed in this day about cooperation between the Government of republic and metallurgists of Magnitogorsk. In particular, the preliminary arrangement on deliveries of trial lots of iron ore Komaro-Zigazinsk deposit of area Beloretskogo has been achieved. It is located in area of village Tukan and more than hundred years were the basic source of raw material for domain manufacture Beloretsk metallurgical industrial complex. With closing a steel-smelting complex in Beloretsk extraction of ore in Tukan has practically stopped. Here only processed so-called tails - waste products of mountain manufacture. Now the local mine starts to revive and increase volumes of extraction of raw material for the domain. In addition, as ores of Komaro-Zigazinsk deposit has the small contents of such harmful impurity, as sylph and phosphorus the specialists became extremely interested in their deliveries for melt of qualitative marks. While during consultations has been solved to finish standard items to Magnitogorsk with 30 thousand tons a month, and then their significant growth is not excluded

10.03.06. - On the account of the Bashkir oilmen - already 1,9 million tons of oil extracted from the beginning of year

On the account of the Bashkir oilmen already about 1,913 million tons of oil. Such amount of hydrocarbon raw material have extorted from bowels of management on an oil recovery and gas OS "L= "Bashneft ". It is a little bit less, than for the similar period of the last year, however corresponds to the established planned targets.
The greatest amount of "black gold " - 883,308 thousand tons - extracted UDNG, Included in branch "Bashoil-Yanaul". In particular, Krasnocholmsk UDNG has extorted more than 355,5 thousand tons of oil, Arlansk UDNG - more than 297,372 thousand tons. Practically same parameter, that at Arlan, and at Chekmagushevsk managements on an oil recovery and the gas which is included in structure of branch "Bashoil-Ufa ", - 297,390 thousand tons of oil.
On deposits of Western Siberia, which are developed by the Bashkir oilmen (Nizhnevartovsk UDNG), for January and February it has been extracted 123,495 thousand tons of oil.
Besides it, from the beginning of year of management on an oil recovery and gas "Bashoil " have extracted 55658 thousand cubic meter of passing gas and 7277 thousand cubic meter of natural gas. Last parameter exceeds a planned target on 24 percent.

9.03.06. - Terephthalic acid OS "Polief " will be delivered to Turkey and China

OS "Polief " will monthly deliver to Turkey and China Terephthalic acid in volume up to four thousand tons. Contracts on delivery are already made.
Domestic Terephthalic acid which is released by Open Society "Polief ", is already delivered on the Russian enterprise on release Polytheneterephtalat - "Sybur-PET ". In December, 2005 the first set in volume of 700 tons has been shipped, in January second set of TFK in volume of two thousand tons has been put.
Terephthalic acid "Polietef " Under the contents of impurity corresponds to mark A, the first-rate quality. The maintenance of impurity, in two - three times of allowable norms below established by GOST. On qualitative parameters TFK of the Blagoveshchensk manufacture does not concede TFK manufacture DuPont and it can be realized under A. Right now on the "Polief " is monthly made eight thousand tons Terephthalic acid of the given mark.

9.03.06. - Company OZNA will deliver production to the Incorporated Arab Emirates

The interesting and perspective contract is made between October company OZNA and the company "Michigan M&N Oil Word LLC " from the Incorporated Arab Emirates which delivers the equipment to the oil-extracting companies of the Near East. In enough deadlines OZNA it is necessary to make a large set of spare parts to chisel pumps.
New partners OZNA very carefully selected suppliers of the equipment and make great demands of manufacturers rather. The initiative of cooperation proceeded from them, press-service OZNA informs.
The markets of the Arabian countries are now open, their representatives search for the most favorable suppliers. During negotiations the Arabian side has become interested made on OZNA in pump blocks and units of the account of oil. From the Syrian oil company the technical project on their manufacture is received. For the coordination of technical details and questions of a complete set of the equipment in this country experts of OZNA have left.
In case of successful realization of these projects for joint-stock company OZNA new opportunities for growth and development will open.

7.03.06. - the representatives of the American concern "AKKO" have visited UMPO

One more certificate of expansion of the international contacts of OS "The Ufa engine-building production association " are visit holding recently on the enterprise of representatives of the American concern serves "AKKO".
This giant of the industry supervises almost half of global tractor market. It possesses known trading brands, including "Caterpillar ".
Accompanied by the assistant of the Prime minister of Government RB, minister for economic development and the industry of republic of Nicolay Puchnina, representatives of the ministries and departments the American visitors have familiarized with the unique technologies used in UMPO, have visited the engineering center of prototyping, assembly shop, and also a factory museum.
In conversation with the general director of OS "UMPO " Jury Pustovgarov Americans have informed, that now they study an opportunity of creation in Russia tractor manufacture with volume of release up to ten thousand machines annually. Interest to OS "UMPO " at them not accidental: they know about this enterprise since times of Great Domestic war when in Ufa reliable aviation motors were made for front. According to visitors, that they have seen in association, makes strong impression.

2.03.06. - The enterprises OS "Salavatnefteorgsyntes " raise quality of released production

A number of the organizational - technical actions which have been carried out at factories "Synthesis " and "Commeasures ", Mineral fertilizers and oil refining, included in OS "Salavatnefteorgsyntes ", has allowed to increase quality of released production.
So, in 2005 quality is improved and manufacture of the premiums and marks of the following kinds of production is increased: raw material for bitumen, toluene oil (an oil refining factory), polythene (a petrochemical factory), styrene, polystyrenes UPM-0508, 0703- ( "Commeasures "), Softener GOF ( "Synthesis ").
The factory of catalysts has improved quality Silicogel the carrier for synthesis of spirit and has finished quality of zeolite with requirements of the premium NaX.
Also manufacture and successful realization of marks of the gasoline corresponding to the European standards proceeds. Besides it, release of gasoline is mastered "Regulyar-91 " and "Super-98 " with the contents of sulfur is lower than a level determined working GOST, press-service SNOSa informs.

1.03.06. - Baymaksk Molding-mechanical factory began preparation for the semicentenial anniversary

At the end of 1956 Baymaksk copper molding factory has been transformed in machine building. However, on March 1 1957 is considered official birthday of the enterprise. Therefore in one year the collective of a present molding-mechanical factory will exactly mark semicentenial anniversary.
Today the administration has started preparation for this holiday. The program of anniversary actions is completely authorized. The main place in them occupies the further rise of economy of a factory. After disintegration of the USSR it appeared without the necessary economic connections. The burst then financial crisis has put collective in the hardest position. Having overcome bankruptcy, workers and experts of a factory now have confidently occupied the niche in market economy of Bashkortostan and Russia. A factory still - main industrial enterprise Baymaka and the same area with it. Having replaced the name on closer to industrial essence, the factory now delivers quite competitive production, has on prospect good connections with Magnitogorsk technical university which teachers actively help councils in proceeding updating capacities of the enterprise. Being for Baymak the key manufacture, the factory puts still significant means in social sphere of city.
At a factory a rich history. In fact Baymaksk copper molding factory has been started up in operation in 1913. In addition, if indissolubly to trace in destiny of the present enterprise all from this date would be more correct to speak and about not so far century anniversary.

1.03.06. - OS "Salavatnefteorgsyntes " has increased export of production by 154 percent

Release of qualitative production and successful foreign trade activities of Open Society "Salavatnefteorgsyntes " have allowed increasing shipment of production by export on 154 percent: from 20151,7 million rubles in 2004 up to 51186,8 million rubles in 2005.
This was promoted also by tendencies of development of the domestic and global markets of mineral oil, press-service SNOSa informs.
Traditionally among key export positions there is a diesel fuel, vacuum gasoil, styrene, Butyl spirits and a carbamide. The basic directions of export, as well as to the last years, China and Finland are, and the general geography of deliveries includes more than 40 countries of near and foreign countries.

1.03.06. - Machine engineers actively master manufacture of innovational production

The machine-building complex actively masters manufacture of innovational production. That has been made in this direction the last year, it was spoken at the expanded session of Government RB devoted to results of 2005 and tasks on 2006.
According to the Prime minister of Government RB Rafaelja Bajdavletova, the enterprise who release machines and the equipment, for a year have shipped innovational production for the sum of 1,2 billion rubles is 10,7 percent of production by the given kind of activity.
OS "The Ufa engine-building production association " has mastered release of the engine AL-55 for training planes "Yak-130 " and for the first time has won the international tender on serial delivery of engines to India. On technical and technological reequipment of manufacture it has been directed more than 350 million rubles of own means.
OS "UMPO " remains the largest exporter of republic. On export there are 85,4 percent of production made by association. The pleasant fact: everything that is issued by them is certificated according to the international quality standards.

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