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 Archive of news - April 2006

14.04.06. - In UPPO was created the assembly shop of aerospace equipment

In the Ufa instrument-making, production association by the order of the enterprise general director there was created an assembly shop of aerospace equipment. It is connected to the renewal of production for space, based on the contract made between RKK "Energiya " named by Korolev and FGUP "UPPO ".It was caused also by the necessity of the further reorganization of manufacture spent for association. Except for the assembly of blocks and cells for space vehicles, in new shop there will be release of converters of a current for electro transport, in particular, for trolley buses, and repair of products.
The shop is based on a site of one of factory shops where assembly of space equipment conducted earlier.

13.04.06. - The Urals Oil produce in Nurlino

Various marks of the Russian oil turn to commodity hydrocarbon raw material of Urals mark in Nurlino village of the Ufa area.
As is known, oil differs on structure of hydrocarbons and other components. More expensive - easy - oil contains a minimum quantity of sulphur. High-grained oil, mined in Bashkortostan, heavier and less expensive. The all-Russian oil of Urals mark turns out by mixture various oils in pipelines.
For territories of Russia including our republic where the best is deposited not on the structure oil, mixture of oils is a unique way to make the way not only on external, but also frequently on a home market.
Process of mixture calls compounding.
In system of the main oil pipelines of "JSK "Transoil " realization of compound high-grained oils has been organized in five open joint-stock companies of the main oil pipelines, including in JSK "Uralsibnefteprovod ".;
In 1997 for the first time in system "Transoil " at linear industrial-dispatching station "Nurlino " it has been introduced automatic compounding of oil which has allowed to increase compound volume more than twice (earlier this process was carried out manually).
In addition, in 2004 with introduction of new acceptance item (Open Society "Nurlino " (JSM "AHK "Bashneft ") the company has an opportunity to improve automatics of compounding system. The advanced system is more intellectual. It allows to mix the oils better, besides all processes are telemechanized, deduced on a computer and do not demand the presence of operation personnel.
On the automated compound system JSK "Uralsibnefteprovod " is the owner of six patents for inventions and on useful model.
Use of the automated and progressive compound technology in JSK "Uralsibnefteprovod " has allowed to increase volumes of export deliveries high-grained oils at guaranteed quality, and also to provide stable work L= "Bashoil ", to raise culture of manufacture and to improve working conditions of operation personnel.

12.04.06. - The chisel enterprises of Bashkortostan have handed over 31 chink

From the beginning of year, the chisel enterprises of Bashkortostan have handed over 31 chinks. It on two chinks more than it planned. On 3376 meters exceeds the plan for the first quarter. In total, the workers have passed 73,376 kilometres of mountains.
The greatest amount of works has executed OC "Neftekamsk management of chisel works ", which has handed over 16 chinks at 34 kilometers. On the account of OC "Ufa management of chisel works " - 9 chinks and more than 20 kilometers breeds behind.
On a share of OC "Burk an " there ate six chinks and the little more than 19,376 kilometers mountains passed. To a word, completing the plan on chinks has provided last enterprise.
The chisel enterprises have executed the given amount of works for JSK "AHK "Bashneft ".

12.04.06. - The Dutch company "Jemko " has become interested in opportunities of foundry manufacture UMPO.

To the JSK "The Ufa engine-building production association " has come the group of experts of the Dutch consulting company "Jemko " with working visit, which is rendering service on monitoring, and also consultation in the field of foundry manufacture.
What is the essence of mutual interest? In opinion both ours, and the Dutch experts, the foundry complex of association requires serious modernization. In addition, the company "Jemko " is ready to help with it. In particular, representatives of firm were involved with scales of the foundry shop intended for molding under pressure. They admired the technologies of magnesium, titanic molding, manufacturing monocrystal shovels. The huge impression was made with opportunities of engineering shop of prototyping - in the world there are not a lot of such unique centers. At the same time, Dutch representatives have expressed necessity of reduction of expenses of foundry manufacture for conformity with the western standards that Ufa monobuilders could carry out without problems orders of foreign firms, for example, on manufacturing units and aluminum and titan details. Hence, first there should be investments into development of the given manufacture. This question was discussed at the governmental level.

11.04.06. - The new engine has successfully sustained the first stage of tests.

The aviation engine AL-55I for the training planes, created in cooperation by joint-stock company "The Ufa engine-building production association " and NPO "Saturn " has successfully passed the first stage of tests.
Tests of the engine passed on stand "Saturn ", as a result it got on the operating mode, which has confirmed that the new engine has taken place. Nevertheless, as have told at the enterprise, tests proceed.
Let's remind, that technical complete sets AL-55I on conditions of the contract with India, which was signed on International aerospace interior taking place in Moscow "MAKS-2005 ", will be used for training planes of the Indian Air Forces. Besides under the contract the "know-how" of the given engine that will provide loading capacities of JSK "UMPO " for the nearest 10-15 years.

10.04.06. - JSK "Ufamolagroprom " is strengthens a raw-material base in areas beyond Ural.

The serious and reliable partner for areas of the Bashkiria Zauralye became JSK "Ufamolagroprom ". For long time the local milk producers suffered from shortage of raw material. Constructed in Sibay in 1984 large canned milk industrial complex has got in a difficult financial position, it could not pay off for milk with the farms. Partly for this reason local milk left for processing in the next Chelyabinsk and Orenburg areas that did not answer interests of strengthening of economy, filling of the budget of Republic Bashkortostan.
In the last year summer to a zone there has come industrial complex "Ufamolagroprom ". Creation in areas milk-reception points, competent statement of transportation of raw material to Ufa, the modern approach to the organization and release of new kinds of production have allowed industrial complex to work with profit. Its representatives often visit the areas of Zauralye, well know conditions in farms and effectively influence on the future.
Now for located in Bajmaksk area four milk-reception points of Bilalovsk, Zilairsk, Irandik and Akmurunsk raw zones industrial complex "Ufamolagroprom " gets import coolers which cost over than 400 thousand rubles. This equipment further will be transferred to the property of local businesspersons with a condition of payment by installments. Rough term of payment - three years, term quite comprehensible for market conditions. As a whole, the industrial complex for rather short period became the most reliable partner of areas of Zauralye regarding processing raw material. Calculations are made immediately, in full. Crediting is also applied. Including on favorable terms.

8.04.06. - The Baymak molding factory develops the program of a quality management

In the first days of April, the Baymak molding factory (former machine building) started to carry out actions on system engineering a quality management and its preparation for certification on conformity to requirements of the international standard.
Performance of the program is designed for all stayed period of 2006. To the beginning of 2007, the application for certification of production will be sent in view of requirements of this program. What are the priorities of the program? The information on this question has given the correspondent of agency "Bashinform " the general director of a factory - Marta Bryalin:
- The basis of the further development of our manufacture is new modern technologies. For example, since January of the last year experts of a factory together with scientists of faculty "Foundry manufacture " Magnitogorsk technical university work on introduction in manufacture of new structure of wear proof pig-iron with the increased operational properties is conducted. The first good results encouraging on prospect are already received. The made gridirons for machines pass now industrial tests for Magnitogorsk metallurgical industrial complex and at industrial complex "Uizuralnikel ". We have made and the first contracts with the enterprises on delivery of the given kind of production.
On a site of fine molding experts of our factory carry out works on introduction vacuum-film forms and molding on gas-filled models on alloys from a wear proof iron. It will allow increasing quality of production, to lower allowances on molding and labor input of its machining. In an end result there is a guaranteed opportunity to increase manufacture of high-quality molding with machining. In addition, it will answer too to the program of system engineering of a quality management and its preparation for certification conformity to requirements of the international standard. Here in fact simultaneously the question is also economy of means on a line of parameters that is rather important in market conditions.
At the factory, 30 organizational-technical actions on modernization are now carried out. Term of their action is designed for the period until 2008. Differently, it is the completely long-term complex of actions aimed at prospect. Well, and the immediate task for us - to surpass by 2008 on release of a commodity output a 200-million boundary.

7.04.06. - UZEMIK has found new partners at IX Moscow international specialized exhibition "Trunks, RTI and rubbers - 2006 "

The conclusion of new favorable contracts on delivery of production became a result of participation of JSK "The Ufa factory elastic materials, products and designs " in IX Moscow international specialized exhibition "Trunks, RTI and rubbers - 2006 ".
This annual exhibition considered among manufacturers products from technical rubber main, "imaged ", passed in "Expocenter " on Red Presnya in March. JSK has "UZEMIK " presented on it all assortment of production on the given subjects, including offset rubber-fabric cloths used in the polytrophic industry, wedge driver belts, including recently mastered - with formed tooth.
These products have drawn attention not only the colleagues, capable to estimate of achievement of the related enterprises, but also numerous partners, potential customers. It is for the present difficult to estimate economic benefit of participation in the specialized exhibition, but already now there are bases to believe, that volumes of manufacture on a line of directions will increase, so, the financial position of association will improve.

7.04.06. - JSK "Salavatnefteorgsintez " modernizes manufactures

The increased need for raw material for manufacture ethilbenzol and styrene of shop N 46 became a push of a new stage of modernization at a factory "Monomer ", which is included in holding JSK "Salavatnefteorgsintez ".
Within the realization of the program of reconstruction in shop N 58 factories "Monomer " on the block thermal dealkyation installation of new modern furnace P-302 is made, the press-service of the enterprise informs.
Now starting-up and adjustment works are conducted. The designed capacity is already achieved, and now benzene is developed in sufficient volumes.
Besides the reactor the catalyst additional cleanings of benzene of the greater productivity is established and the circuit of preliminary preparation high sulfur raw material is introduced.
In the near future it is planned to reconstruct unit of regeneration of catalysts that will allow to increase between-repairs run of the equipment, and, hence, and outputs.

6.04.06. - Mountain manufactures of the Bashkir Zauralye become leaders of the Ural mountain - metallurgical company

By results of fourth quarter 2005 Siberia branch of JSK "Uchalinsk ore dressing industrial complex " it is awarded with the Cup of the leader of manufacture of the Ural mountain - metallurgical company. In the letter of thanks of the general director of UGMK-HOLDING Andrey Kozitsyna, addressed to the management Sybay branch of JSK "UGOK ", stability of work of collective of branch, good prospects for the further increase in quantity of extracted ore and its processing are emphasized.
As director Sibajsk branch of JSK "UGOK " Zakaria Gybadullin has informed, in the fourth quarter of the last year ore with Kamaganks, Anniversary and Rubtsovsk deposits (the last is in Altai territory) was coming. In total on Sibay concentrating factory it has been advanced over 140 thousand tons of ore. Successfully and good rates construction Sybay underground mine proceeded. In branch growth of labor productivity in 2005 has made 18 percent. It has allowed increasing average wages by 17 percent, and now it exceeds nine thousand rubles. Due to considerable aid from UGMK, sites of mountain manufacture in Sibay have received new expensive highly effective import technical equipment for passing and extractions of ore on underground mine. This circumstance in many respects has determined confidence of tomorrow's day. With the beginning of 2006 in branch of work are conducted with making more, than the planned industrial monthly reference points.
By the way, and as a completely all staff of JSK "Uchalinks ore dressing industrial complex " works rather stably. JSK "UGOK " also became the leader of manufacture of UGMK-HOLDING. One large mountain manufacture of the Bashkir Zauralye - Joint-Stock Company "Buribaevsk GOK ". This industrial complex also is in structure of raw complex UGML and too became the last year's leader of manufacture of the Ural mountain - metallurgical company.

6.04.06. - Production Sterlitamak petrochemists has received awards in Moscow

Two gold and one silver medal at an exhibition "Trunks, RTI and Rubbers-2006 ", last past in Moscow, production of Joint-Stock Company "Sterlitamak petrochemical factory " has received, gold and silver medals jury has appropriated to the synthetic rubber which is released in JSK "Synthesis-rubber ".
This powerful achievement at a forum where production has presented more than 700 companies from 32 countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, France, the USA, Korea, China and others.
By the way, in Russia awarded 2,4-ditretbutilfenol and salt less coagulant (OMP), are made only in JSK "SNX ". Analogues to those in the domestic market are not present.

5.04.06. - Group of the companies "Allat " Has achieved high industrial parameters and has come in priority national project

One of leaders in manufacture of dairy products in Bashkortostan - group of the companies "Allat ". The proof to that - parameters of the enterprises, which are included in this group. Therefore, the last year the total amount of manufacture of dairy production has exceeded 770 million rubles, and the volume of the advanced milk has reached 70 thousand tons.
Now 24 percent of the republican market of dairy products fall at a share NC "Allat ". From them of 14 percent - on share Sterlitamak milk industrial complex, seven percent - "Ufamolzavod ", three percent - Neftekamsk Gormolzavod. Let us notice, that for two years this parameter of NC "Allat " has increased by three with superfluous interest.
Dynamical development and good prospects of "Allat " have allowed this group of the companies enter this year the list of participants of the priority national project "Development APK ", authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia. Within the framework of realization of the given project in 2006-2008 NC "Allat " will build a large dairy complex on 2500 fodder cows in area Karmaskalinskom, on base APX "Allat ".

4.04.06. - System of quality management Sterlitamansk "Caustic " meets the international requirements

The certificate of conformity to requirements ISO 9000 in April of this year will receive JSC "Caustic ". The enterprise has successfully passed auditor check of independent certified body of "Bureau Veritas ". Let us remind, it is a bureau is the leader in the field of the accredited certification, its clients are more than 65000 companies from 31 country of the world. In Russia "Bureau Veritas " works since 1992 and has a staff of highly skilled Russian auditors. Among the Russian clients "Bureau Veritas " there are such known companies as NC "Lukoil ", "Severstal ", "Norilsk nickel ", "Uralmash ", "Izorsk factories ", "Niznekamskneftechim ", "Sybur-Chimprom ", "Nizfarm " and many others.
Within four days on "Caustic " the team of independent auditors from Moscow, Novorossiysk and Ufa worked. Auditors studied the documentation of system of quality management (SQM), independently developed by a department of management of standardization. Check was passed with three basic manufactures "Caustic ", staff departments, training of the personnel, main mechanics, power, the metrologist, the architect and all commercial service. According to the press-service of the enterprise, independent auditors have noted professionalism of the personnel and precise system of document circulation. As Olga Sereda has told the conducting auditor from Moscow, the strongest is the system of quality "Caustic ": "Frequently in the company the system is created by the adviser. Here is created by employees. It means, that the system of a quality management in the company is deprived a formalism and actually effectively works ".
Earlier, in 2004, "Caustic " has received the Russian certificate of conformity to requirements of GOST ISO 9001:2001 which became one of preparatory stages to reception of the certificate of conformity to requirements ISO 9000. After reception of the certificate of conformity to requirements ISO 9000 "Caustic " can compete more successfully in the world market, having clear advantages before not certificated companies.
- You receive additional guarantees of that your organization stably works, releases qualitative production, and separate remarks can be considered as insignificant discrepancies ", - the representative of a team of independent auditors Vladimir Maljuk has told.
The certificate with the international value is given out for the period of three years then the company should pass again serious auditor check and thus confirm conformity to requirements ISO.

4.04.06. - In OC "Polief " started to work both lines on manufacture Terephtalic acids

In OC "Polief " started to work both lines on manufacture Terephtalic acids (TFA). Now the enterprise has left on full capacity - 230 thousand tons TFA in one year.
Let's remind, by preparation for commissioning the second technological line of manufacture TFA the first line which has been started up in November, 2005, it has been stopped. On it all equipment and pipelines have been washed out. During a scheduled stop of manufacture the control over quality of all kinds of drains, air-gas emissions and a condensate is organized, and uninterrupted supply of the enterprise by all kinds of power resources, raw material and reagents is provided.
All repair and starting-up and adjustment works are carried out successfully, and today both lines release production. After end of last technical debugging the enterprise will leave on an independent mode of manufacture. It will take place in the near future. Then official opening ceremony will take place.
Made now at the enterprise Terephtalic acid is delivered to China, Turkey and on the Russian enterprise - "SYBUR-PET ".

3.04.06. - For a year the Ufa enterprises food and a process industry have made production on eight billions rubles

On eight billions rubles have made production of the enterprise food and a process industry of Ufa the last year - on 26 percent more, than in previous. According to the assistant to the head of administration of city district city of Ufa Marat Galliulin, the big growth of manufacture the last year have been marked at the enterprises confectionery, dairy, cereals and the flour-grinding industry of city. Most of all articles of food have released the enterprises "Ufamolagroprom ", "Ufamolzavod ", Ufa Bread Holding "Voschod ", "The Ufa bread ", Brewery "Fvstar " and a number of others.
By words of Marat Mudarisovich, today the enterprises food and a process industry of city satisfy demand of the population of Ufa for bakery products for 100 percent, for whole-milk production - on 95 percent. At the same time in present year there was a curtailment of production of meat and an offal of the first category on 16 percent, tea - on 13,5 percent, sausage products - on 31 percent. In the beginning of year in connection with known events in the alcoholic market manufacture of alcoholic production was considerably reduced.

3.04.06. - The Neftekamsk car factory makes shift automobiles for oil and shift teams for already a quarter of a century

25 years ago on Neftekamsk car factory the first turn of manufacture shift automobiles has been handed over in operation.
This year OS "NefAZ " plans to release 450 interiors for shift teams. All of them are developed in view of requirements of concrete customers.
And the background is those. At the end of 70th years in the country has been solved to increase considerably volumes of an oil recovery and gas in the North and in Western Siberia. At the complex decision of this problem the big attention has been given to improvement of conditions of transportation shift brigades. In 1978 the government of the USSR the decision on creation of manufacture shift automobiles on Neftekamsk a factory of dump trucks was accepted. Construction began in 1979, and already in 1981 the first turn has been accepted in operation. On May 1, 1982 the first-born has taken part in May Day demonstration in Neftekamsk - shift bus "NZAS-4947 ".
The automobile for shifts has passed serious tests in the Magadan area where the temperature fell up to-45 degrees. In interior it was comfortable: the temperature of +17 degrees steadily kept. In the first year the set of shift buses in amount of 200 pieces has been released. Till 1987 shift automobiles made based on the chassis "Ural " and "GAZ-66 ". Have developed these models in All-Union designer-experimental institute of bus construction (Lvov). The two first models shift automobile on the chassis "KamAZ ". Soon on Neftekamsk a factory the decision on creation shift automobiles of own design was accepted.
In 1988 new models shift automobiles of "Barchan " and "Safari " have appeared for regions with a hot climate, and northern variant of interior. Alongside with the domestic equipment conditioners and other equipment of German manufacture which has received the name were established "Accompaniment ". The complete set included two conditioners (in interior and at the driver), a refrigerator, a coffee maker, a video system and convenient French seats. Later the last have been advanced and made on Neftekamsk factory.
In 1989 manufacture shift automobiles has been started on "Toros ".
Today OS "NefAz " lets out two base models of "shifts " on base chassis "KamAz ". Body at them same - van type, metal, double windows, from the tempered glass. It is stipulated two systems of heating - the basic and emergency, ventilation. From a communication facility there is a radio receiver and an intercom. Shift bus can be made out as the hunting small house, a bath, a sauna, a laundry, hospital, a repair truck. A word, it is many variants, and all of them are claimed.

3.04.06. - On Neftekamsk dairy factory have started to make a new product from a series of cottage cheese weight "Special "

More recently in OS "Neftekamsk Gormolzavod " Manufacture of new production - cottage cheese weight "Special " with a coconut shaving has been mastered. It is packed up in convenient 100-gramme packing.
As against other cottage cheese weights of a series "Special ", made by the enterprises of group of the companies "Allat " (with dried apricots, with prunes or a chocolate crumb), the novelty contains only 4,5 percent of fat and consequently it ideally will approach for those who keeps up the diet and supervises fat content of consumed food.
At manufacturing cottage cheese weight "Special " natural components are used only: fresh cottage cheese and a coconut shaving, - therefore a dairy product has a gentle consistence and easy sweet taste. The new product Neftekamsk Gormolzavod is necessary as desirable even to gourmets.

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