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 Archive of news - May 2006

22.05.05. - For the first quarter of OJSC " Soda " has earned 617 million roubles

On results of the first quarter the net profit of OJSC " Soda " has made 617 million roubles. For this time of production it has been made on 2,5 billion roubles. 20 percent of production exported the enterprise to 25 countries of the world.
As the general director of Open Society " Soda " Farhad Samedov has noted, in the long term at the enterprise is planned to develop cement manufacture. It is caused by the increased need for cement of a building complex of Bashkortostan in connection with realization of the national project " Accessible and comfortable habitation - to citizens of Russia ".
In a year structure complex Bashkortostan it is required not less than one and a half millions tons of cement. Now " Soda " lets out one million tons of the given product a year, however by 2009 manufacture is planned to increase up to 2,2 million tons. For this purpose per 2007 new capacities owing to what already in the future to year the enterprise will let out 1,3 million tons of cement will be entered.

10.05.05. - CJSC " Caustic " plans to increase capacities on manufacture of polyvinylchlorid

CJSC " Caustic " has published the report for 2005. The enterprise has kept in the lead positions in the market of manufacture каустической soda, polyvinyl chlorid, plastic compounds of PVC. For the last year the share of the enterprise in the Russian market has made: on caustic soda - 20 percent, to polyvinyl chlorid - 28 percent, to plastic compounds of PVC - 25 percent. Besides, on a share " Caustic " half of volume of the Russian epichlorohydrin manufacture is necessary. Besides " Caustic " is the unique manufacturer in Russia perchloroethylene, chloride aluminium and of some products of organic synthesis and special chemistry.
Within a year at the enterprise there were appreciable changes of volumes of manufacture of the given products in relation to the previous accounting period.
So, manufacture caustic soda has increased in comparison with 2004 for seven percent - up to 238,5 thousand tons, pitch of cable plastic compounds - for 47 percent, up to 49,91 thousand tons, epichlorohydrin - for 27 percent, up to 35,3 thousand tons.
Polyvinyl chlorid the enterprise in the past to year has made 161,8 thousand tons (in 2004 - 159,6 thousand tons).
As a whole for 2005 the index of industrial production on the enterprise has made 103,1 percent.
The production program on release of a commodity output for 2005 has been established in the sum more than 7,3 billion roubles, the plan is executed for 100,4 percent.
The proceeds from realization have increased for 9,9 percent in comparison with 2004 and have made 7,4 billion roubles.
The profit on sales and services on results of year has exceeded planned on 36,1 percent and has made 990,8 million roubles.
At the enterprise favorable prospects of development.
One of the major directions is escalating capacities of a complex of PVC as the product best-selling in the market. The main preconditions for it are high stable demand for PVC, presence of own raw material, free floor spaces, engineering communications and energy carriers and the qualified industrial personnel having operating experience of given manufactures.
Polyvinyl chlorid by the right is considered the most universal plastic: compositions on its basis, including lubricated, are processed in wide scale of products and intermediate products.
For last years the Russian market of PVC shows essential rates of growth. The volume of manufacture of PVC with 1997 for 2005 has grown with 267 up to 579 thousand tons a year.
Demand for PVC in the Russian Federation increases in connection with growth of construction, housing and communal services, a gas-distributing complex.
The plan of perspective development of Joint-Stock Company " Caustic " provides reconstruction of a complex " vinylchloride-polyvinyl chloride " which will be carried out in two stages. At the first stage capacity will increase with 120 up to 200 thousand tons of PVC a year, at the second stage - up to 300 thousand tons a year with simultaneous escalating capacities on manufacture of chlorine, caustic soda, dichloroethane and vinylchloride.
Realization of the given project will allow to lower expenses for raw material and power due to application of the modernized equipment, to improve technical and economic parameters on manufacture and on the enterprise as a whole.
The increase in capacity of a complex of VC-PVC is provided simultaneously with introduction of the technological decisions, allowing to lower emissions of harmful substances in an atmosphere, quantity of sewage and harmful substances containing in them, and also quantity of firm waste.
The basic ecological object of the enterprise - biological clearing constructions which accept industrial and household sewage of city on clearing.
The existing technology of biochemical sewage treatment developed in 60th years, does not allow to spend today sewage treatment up to the established specifications of maximum permissible dump to a reservoir fisheconomic purpose. The Long-term plan of major overhaul and reconstruction of operating clearing constructions is developed for the cardinal decision of a problem of sewage treatment in Joint-Stock Company " Caustic " for 2002-2006 ".

03.05.05. - Sibay the concentrating factory types capacities on processing ore

Concentrating factory of Sibay branch of Open Society " Uchalinsk ore dressing combine " the Ural mountain-metallurgical company has left on a stable level of work: since January, it monthly processes up to 80 thousand tons of ore. Receipt of new, more productive mountain technics which has allowed to increase extraction of ore promoted it. Now on concentrating factory there is an ore from deposits "Anniversary", "Maiskoe", "Kamagan" and from Sibay underground mine. By the summer it is planned to renew transportation of ore Altay territory that will promote also to escalating of capacities of factory on processing of raw material in concentrates.
The management of the Ural mountain-metallurgical company gives the big attention to revival of mining in Sibay. The main problem - the stubborn raw crisis which has declared still in days of the Soviet authority. Gradually this complicated question is solved. Without ore the concentrating factory does not remain. Difficulties also that the Sibay underground mine to which capacities greater hopes are assigned, still is in a stage of formation. The cost price of cubic meter of ore on it makes 1965 roubles, when on Uchalinsk MBC- 1400 roubles. Differently, the reference point for more effective work regarding economy at Sibay miners is available. Management UMMC also aspires to it, putting in development of mountain branch of Southern Urals Mountains significant means. Basically they required for modernisation of operating manufactures, development of new deposits.

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