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 Archive of news - Juny 2006

28.06.06. - Neftekamsk " Iskozh " has staked on modernization of manufacture

The manufacturer largest in Russia and the supplier of artificial leather and textile materials - the Neftekamsk production association of Open Society " Iskozh " - has staked on modernization of manufacture.
The modern spinning equipment with electronic management of technological process firms " Truzchler " (Germany) for release a card cotton yarn of a ring way of spinning is bought and established. The given equipment allows to mix qualitatively fibres, to clear a clap of weed impurity, in regular intervals to distribute fibres of a clap in a tape, that provides reception uniform and pure (not below A class) a yarn of linear density from 15,4 up to 72 teks. On this equipment the enterprise can let out not only knitted, but also a weaver's cotton yarn. " Iskozh "plans to use a yarn by manufacture of own production, and a part - to realize to partners in republic and behind its limits.
One more significant achievement of association - start-up of the unit bought from Italian firm " IZOTEKS " , for release awning, boat, materials for mine pipes and banner materials.
Technical perfection allows the Neftekamsk enterprise to receive good orders. So, in March of this year the enterprise has signed the contract on delivery panel materials with a factory "UZ-DAEWOO". First cars " Nexia " and "Matiz" with a Neftekamsk upholstery already have descended from the conveyor of a factory.

10.06.06. - In Salavat at enterprise IK-4 the line on manufacture of thin-walled drums is started up.

Opening a semi-automatic line of German firm " Leifeld " took place in Salavat at enterprise IK-4 on release of steel thin-walled 50-liter drums. They are intended for transportation and storage of liquid chemical products, paint and varnish materials, mineral oil. Productivity of a line makes 10 thousand drums a month at work in one change. But, in case of need, work can be organized both in two, and in three shifts.
The corrective colony has wide experience of manufacture metal barrel package. It have adjusted in 1970th years for needs of armed forces. In particular, IK-4 was the basic supplier of tanks for fuel in armored armies. The volume of manufacture barrel package during Soviet time exceeded 400 thousand pieces a year. Today deliveries in army are reoriented on needs of conversion. So, 275-liter thick (from 3 up to 5 millimeters) steel flanks send under Saratov on a factory on destruction of the chemical weapon. They are intended for storage of caustic and poisonous substances of the maximum classes of danger.
Production of a new line has civil character. The first drums are already shipped to the Ufa paint and varnish factory. Among the nomenclature of the consumer goods mastered by the enterprise, are presented антивандальные the mail boxes practically inaccessible to access hooligans, metal fencings and elements of a fence of various types and the sizes. There is a sewing shop.
In total for last year IK-4 has let out production for the sum of 45 million roubles.
Start-up of a new line has not only industrial value. It will lead to creation, at least, 15 new workplaces. At the moment in a colony where serves time about 800 condemned, on manufacture than half from their number are borrowed no more. Average day time earnings condemned makes the about of 60 roubles.

01.06.06. - Took place Ceremony of rewarding of winners of competition " the Best goods Bashkortostana - 2006 "

Today in a conference hall of sanatorium " Green grove " ceremony of rewarding of winners of competition " the Best goods Bashkortostana - 2006" took place. Winners and students were congratulated by the assistant to the Prime minister of Government RB, minister of economic development and industry RB Jury Pustovgarov. It has noted, that the diploma of competition is very high estimation of presented production quality and the greater responsibility of the manufacturer for the goods best named.
About conditions of participation in a following stage of the Program " 100 best goods of Russia ", which results will be brought in November, has told director FSI " the Center of standardization and metrology and certification RB " Amran Muratshin. Application forms for participation in competition in it have presented year more than 100 enterprises of republic. On nominations of the application distribute as follows: 42 percent have made articles of food, 25 percent - production industrial-technical purpose, 27 percent - the consumer goods and six percent - services. Among the main criteria of an estimation of the goods and services were: quality and competitiveness, introduction of progressive technologies, growth of volumes of manufacture and sale of goods, an optimum combination of the price and quality. On results of consideration of the materials presented on competition, diplomas of finalists were rewarded 70 kinds of production, 98 kinds of production are awarded the maximum rank - winners of competition. - winners and students acquire the right to mark the enterprises production a trade mark " the Best goods Bashkortostana ".
- The diploma of such prestigious competition is a victory of all collective, - the chief of service of quality of Open Society " considers; Sterlitamak - М.Т.Е. And quot; Alexander Nazarov. - the achievement of our factory recognized one and from best in a nomination " Production technological purpose ", is modernized drilling-milling-boring the machine tool which today is demanded all over the world. We deliver it to Germany, Italy, Turkey and, certainly, on the domestic enterprises.
Winners of competition will represent Bashkortostan at a following stage of the Program " 100 best goods Russia ". We shall notice, that in 2005 by quantity of awards and quality of production presented on a federal level our republic was on a worthy fourth place among regions Russian Federations.

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