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 Archive of news - August 2006

25.08.06. - The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation places defensive orders on UEBPA

As has informed agency " Bashinform " the general director of Open Society " Ufa engine-building production association " Alexander Artjuhov, Ministry of Defence of Russia is measured to place in OJSC " UEBPA " a number of large defensive orders. One of these days for discussion of these questions in association the delegation of Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation led by the head of department of orders and deliveries aircraft technicians and arms of Military Air-forces Ministry of Defence the Russian Federation general-major Jury Smelterom has visited.
The interest shown Ministry of Defence the Russian Federation concerning Open Society " UMMC ", not fortuitous. According to a production plan of 2006, the Ufa engine-building production association carries out the state defensive order on repair of a large party of aviation engines for the Air Forces of the Russian Federation, closely cooperating with several aircraft-repair factories of Ministry of Defence of the country. Association participates in several large export contracts on delivery of military planes for the Air Forces of India, China, Algeria.
Under forecasts, already in following year volumes of manufacture in comparison with 2006 should increase for 17,4 percent. A little will increase volumes of a commodity output in segments on manufacturing new aviation engines and repair let out earlier. Almost on third the volume of manufacturing of spare parts for газотрубинных engines will increase. Deliveries of gas-transfer equipment AL-31ST created on technological base of aviation manufacture will dynamically grow.
Management UMMC in immediate prospects plans realization of scale projects - the organization of license manufacture modern gas-turbine engine for easy jet learning-training planes, deep modernization of the base engine AL-31F in configuration gas-turbine engine for planes of generation " 4 + ", serial manufacturing of the base Russian engine for helicopters of middle class VK-2500.
The governmental order of the Russian Federation of Open Society " UMMC" enters on a full basis into the program on Air Forces equipment of the country by a perspective aviation complex of front aircraft of the fifth generation. It is necessary to emphasize, that in these programs association invests large means or it is ready to make, as well as in developmental works on introduction in a batch production of the newest engine for helicopters of small class VK-800.
With the purpose of expansion of a ruler of let out production, optimization of resources and expenses in OJSC " UMMC " there is a re-structuring of manufacture, to formation of some managements on various business-directions. The accepted concept of technical development provides replacement of the existing equipment by machine tools of new generation, giving during deep modernization to unique technological park of new properties. Is developed and approved the plan of modernisation of manufacture for 2006-2008. In 2006 it is planned to get the new equipment for the sum of 555 million roubles.

21.08.06. - For half a year of the enterprises in Bashkortostan have dispatched breads and confectionery products for the sum of one billion 302 million roubles

On statistics, in the first half-year the large and average enterprises of the confectionery industry of republic have dispatched breads and flour confectionery products of incontinuous storage for the sum 921 million roubles (for 6,5 percent more, than for the corresponding period of the last year) and dry bakery products and flour confectionery products of long storage on 381 million roubles (for 2,2 percent it is less).
The index of industrial production of bread and flour confectionery products with incontinuous storage has made 94,8 percent.
As informs Ministry of Agriculture RB, confectionery products in republic for the first half-year have been let out 11618 tons - for 14,3 percent less, than for six months of the last year. It is connected with change of the proprietor in CJSC "Condy".
On LLC "Harris CIS" have been let out 5163 tons of confectionery products, (growth - for 6,1 percent). The Commodity output it has been made for the sum of 293,7 million roubles, it is shipped - on 280,4 million roubles, with growth to corresponding parameter of 2005 for 15,7 percent and 10,5 percent, accordingly.

02.08.06. - The Davlekanovsk shoe factory has updated assortment of production for 80 percent

The new collection was started in batch production by the Davlekanovsk shoe factory. In it - qualitative and inexpensive boots, boots and low shoes, shoes and slippers. New models now make more than 80 percent of total amount of production let out here.
This collection the enterprise specializing on manufacture of footwear for children and teenagers, has presented at an exhibition-fair " the School form-2006 ". For ten days the factory realized here production for the sum over 35 thousand roubles. And in the past to year for all operating time of fair this figure at combine has not exceeded 43 thousand.
As representatives of the company speak, summer shoes for boys and girls and winter footwear, namely low shoes use special interest.
- Adults buy from us footwear not only for the children, but also for themselves, - speaks the deputy director on commercial questions of factory Natalia Ovsyannikov. - In fact we let out footwear up to 37 sizes. Many casually come here and when see the prices and a variety of assortment, necessarily something get or come back for purchase later.
Such interest to production of factory in many respects is caused by that for last years quality of let out products here has considerably raised. Now at combine do footwear mainly of natural materials. For this purpose bring raw material from Poland, Turkey. And the enterprise actively cooperates with the Russian and republican suppliers. And manufacture is equipped by the high quality equipment, including bought in Germany, Leningrad region and in the city of Podolsk.
Achievement of factory - release of teenage and children's footwear with supination an insole preventing of flat-foot development.
In it to year the enterprise will celebrate anniversary - 65 years from the date of start-up of manufacture. The first pair a boot and shoes has descended here from the conveyor on December, 31st, 1941.
Now the combine realizes production across all Russia. The major partners давлекановской factories - the large wholesale enterprises of Moscow and Novosibirsk: on each of these cities it is necessary on 15 percent of total amount of sold production. Among constant partners - the companies of Sverdlovsk, Leningrad and Chelyabinsk areas, Tatarstan and Udmurtiya.

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