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 Archive of news - September 2006

26.09.06. - OJSC "Polijef" has renewed terephthalic acid manufacture after capital repairs

OJSC "Polijef" after major overhaul has renewed terephthalic acid manufacture (TPA). Repair was spent for the first time from the moment of start-up of the first line on manufacture TPA. All the actions connected with a stop of manufacture, have borrowed about one month. For the specified period audit газоочистного the equipment has been executed, and also work on repair and replacement of separate parts, units and mechanisms is lead, the press-service of the enterprise informs.
Remind, the enterprise has started TPA manufacture in November, 2005. The second line has been started up in the end of May of current year.
The general capacity of manufacture makes 230 thousand tons TPA a year. Now " Polijef " is the unique manufacturer in Russia TPA used for manufacture of polyethers.
Also since October OJSC "Polijef" passes to a new kind of packing terephthalic acids. Now packing "big-beg" on one ton becomes unprofitable to the European and Russian consumers of great volumes терефталевой acids. The less container, the more arises problems with packing, transportation, unloading, warehousing and storage.
The new line of packing will allow to accelerate considerably process, to raise productivity and to increase volume of selling of production.
Under the contract concluded with the company " AZO Gmbh ", the equipment for installation of a new line has already acted. Now TPA will be packed up in balk-containers on 20 tons. The balk-container represents the metal sea container inside of which settles down the bearing brass. Presence of such unit of packing promotes simplification of the process of packing, reduction of losses at a unloading, reduces use of manual skills to a minimum. Similar manufacture is favourable also because more cheaply nowadays available line of packing TPA. After assembly and installation of equipment begins possible to load simultaneously four balk-containers and to transport them as on motor transport, and a track..

16.09.06. - Ways of Urals Mountains metallurgy development will be discussed in Ekaterinburg

On Monday, September, 18th, in Ekaterinburg will pass a big " round table " on a theme " Development of the Ural metallurgy in a view of industrial policy of Russia.
It is expected, that it will collect heads of all largest metallurgical enterprises of the Ural region, representatives executive and the legislature of authority known for scientists and public figures. The president of the Union of metallurgists, the general director of the Ural mountain-metallurgical company Andrey Kozitsyn and chairman of the Government of Sverdlovsk area Alexey Vorobev will open " a round table " work .
The decision on carrying out of " a round table " was accepted in the beginning of August at the expanded session of the Union of the enterprises of a metallurgical complex. Then have been created working groups on six most actual for the further growth of the Ural metallurgy themes. As informs the press centre of Open Society " UMMC ", within almost two months working groups formed the consolidated offers concerning balanced development of a power and transport infrastructure which would consider growing volumes of metallurgical manufacture, to the decision of a problem of the raw deficiency connected with necessity of settlement of the whole complex of questions on entrails use, the mechanism of registration of mountain taps, organizations of sanitary-protective zones, transfer of wood fund. Also in sphere of steadfast attention of metallurgists there was a reform of technical regulation, the innovative and investment policy, questions of protection of the Russian manufacturers from dumping measures.
During " a round table " heads of working groups will sound key offers on these themes. After discussion in more expanded format with participation of representatives of authorities, allied industries, scientists and experts on the basis of these offers it is planned to develop already concrete recommendations which in the further will be considered and used at formation of industrial policy not only Urals Mountains, but also the whole country.
- The main thing, that we have precise understanding of which prime problems should be brought for discussion " a round table ". It is really very important questions for us, considering positions of the majority of the metallurgical enterprises of the Ural region, - says the first vice-president of the Union of metallurgists, director on the general questions of Open Society " Ural mountain-metallurgical company " Vladimir Beloglazov. - For the present early to speak about how recommendations will be finally formulated, but we hope, that in this or that kind they will get in the Government of the Russian Federation.
OJSC "UMMC", managed not only to return by a life many enterprises of Urals Mountains metallurgy, but also actively engaged now development of mountain branch of Bashkortostan, plays a key role in a mining industry of Urals Mountains. The opinion of experts UMMC, certainly, will be considered on forthcoming " a round table ".

12.09.06. - Passenger bus "NefAZ" has subdued Nizhni Tagil

The passenger bus of city type " NefAZ-5299 " has received a high estimation of organizers of the I Ural industrial exhibition-fair " UralMetallEkspo-2006", passed in Nizhni Tagil from September, 7 till September, 9th. The governor of Sverdlovsk area Edward Rossel who has expressed intention to send on Neftekamsk car factory of representatives of the corresponding ministry has become interested in production of OJSC " NefAZ " and to consider the problem on purchase of passenger buses for needs of area. The service informs on it on public relations of " NefAZ ".
The exhibition has been devoted to the 350 anniversary from the birth date of the founder of the well-known dynasty of domestic industrialists of Demidovs and organized with the purpose of display of samples of new technics, various production of the enterprises, modern technologies in metallurgy and mechanical engineering.
Among participants " UralMetallEkspo-2006" there were the large Russian holdings working in Sverdlovsk area, and also leading factories and combines. In total the achievements have shown at an exhibition more than 150 enterprises, firms and holdings from 16 regions of Russia, and also Sweden, Ukraine, France, the USA. On the ekspoforum has widely been presented the military technics for which Nizhni Tagil is famous. On its background snow-white bus " NefAZ " was allocated with especially civil kind, drawing of visitors attention comfortable interior and the European design.

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