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 Archive of news - October 2006

25.10.06. - Beloreckij metallurgical combine has started mill 150 after eight-day major overhaul

In OJSC " Beloreckij metallurgical combine ", included in " Mechel " company, after major overhaul the rolling mill 150 has become operational. It has been stopped on October, 17th on eight-daily major overhaul, the enterprise press-service informs. During repair the actions necessary for maintenance of the further stable work of shop, transition to new technical base and working conditions improvements of workers "violent" manufacture have been lead.
Traditionally capital repairs on BMC is an overlapping actually repair with equipment updating actions. All this has been carried out within the limits of the investment program of the company " Mechel ".
Before workshop stopped on major overhaul, rollermen have provided with preparation all steelwire and cable workshops of the enterprise. So during a stop of producing department BMC all other workshops worked in a normal mode.
Experts of workshop and combine, and also specialized contractors brigades have lead works on furnace laying replacement with walking siege, masonry repair and repair sets of the roller furnace. Replacing high-wear parts, cranes, is lead full audit of all engines which were ensuring the functioning the equipment. Besides in workshop reconstruction of a site of two-phasic cooling is made. It will allow to receive in the further sorbitized rod with better quality, that reducing costs on hardware repartition and raising quality of finished goods, especially a cable wire. Also new boards of automatic control by production and the digital task of mill 150 technological line drives management have been established, that will essentially facilitate work of the operator.
The rolling mill - one of the major workshops of the Beloretsk metallurgical combine, letting out rolled wire in diameters from five up to 14 millimeters from various marks of steel. Owing to effective millwork all steel wire - cable manufacture of the enterprise has stable loading capacities. Besides it, Beloretsk rolled wire is delivered on the company enterprises - Vjartsil'skij hardware factory, the Lithuanian factory " Mechel- Njamunas " and the Romanian factory " Mechel Kympija Turzij ", and also to Russian hardware enterprises and foreign partners.
In 2005 the rolling workshop has let out 544,4 thousand tons of rolled wire, by the end of this year the increase in rolling manufacture is planned. In successful work of the rolling mill it is incorporated a little making. Capital reconstruction which has allowed to modernize the equipment has been lead to 1999-2000 on the mill, to improve technologies and by that to increase a designed capacity of rolling manufacture of the enterprise. In 2004 in a tail part of the mill within the limits of the company investment program " Mechel " have been established modern wire-typing machines which have replaced manual packing revolts of rolled wire with qualitative automatic.

17.10.06. - At OJSC " The Bashkir cloth combine " is entered a procedure of competitive manufacture

At tujmazinsk$ " The Bashkir cloth combine " is entered a procedure of competitive manufacture. Now at the enterprise, whose balance loss for a half-year has made 7,6 million roubles, is conducted a preparation for the further inventory and an estimation of property.
The problem which has caused losses, has historical implied sense. The matter is that the factory constructed in pre-revolutionary time for a long time was engaged in release of cloth from which in the further overcoats for army were sewed. During the Soviet period the combine increased capacities and increased output. Then ours " defense " has passed to other kinds of regimentals, at factory volumes of selling have sharply fallen. Last decade the enterprise has passed to manufacturing of woolen blankets and cloth for the shoe industry. However incomes which were received by factory, was obviously insufficiently for a covering of losses. Besides the combine before introduction of competitive manufacture carried out also town constituent function, and it caused additional charges on maintenance of an infrastructure of native settlement Nizhnetroitsky.
As experts say, to close such enterprise, certainly, unreasonably. In fact its production is demanded. It is not necessary to forget and about social aspect of a problem: for inhabitants of industrial settlement the combine is, first of all, workplaces.

04.10.06. - OJSC "NefAZ" will present the buses in the Kemerovo area

The Kemerovo area became one of the main consumers of production of Neftekamsk car factory. During three years the park of passenger buses is updated only due to " NefAZ ". Today on area roads " run " about 600 buses with mark " NefAZ ".
As have informed at the enterprise, is planned the nearest days to display a new buses to the governor of the Kemerovo area Aman Tuleyev and the government of Kuzbas. To Neftekamsk car factory has what to show to the old partners. We shall remind, that owing to cooperation with the Belgian-Netherlands corporation " VDL", experts of a factory managed to create two buses on the chassis VDL with engine DAF basis - city low road clearance and a tourist class. These buses have been recently presented on the Moskow international motor show. The best tourist bus of a motor show-2006 had been named the Neftekamsk bus "VDL-NEFAZ-52999".

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