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 Archive of news - November 2006

27.11.06. - OZNA will make the equipment for station of refuelling of sea courts

Joint-stock company OZNA participates in the large project sold within the limits of the program of development of the Kazakhstan part of a Caspian sea shelf.
In Kazakhstan Republic give great valueto this project: it will allow not only to extract oil on a Caspian sea shelf, but also to become Kazakhstan real sea power with the developed coastal infrastructure. The project can be named international as the companies of Kazakhstan, Russia, Italy, Holland and other countries participate in it.
One of the important components of this scale project is the station of refuelling of sea courts (SRSC) in settlement Bautino, Mangistausk area RK. SRSC will include tanks of storage of diesel fuel, technological pipelines, a breakwater with a berthing wall and many other things.
Designing and manufacturing of blocks is assigned to joint-stock company OZNA booster pumps, foam extinguishing pump stations, blocks of automatic valves, pump station of potable water and station of pumps of loading. Modern innovative decisions are used in all from them, but it is especially possible to note application of ultra-violet unit for disinfecting water in pump station of potable water. Installation destroys the harmful microorganisms containing in water, and makes its safe for use. In loading pumps station the complex network of communications, and was possible optimum way "to lay" to designers of a bureau of pump equipment OZNA pipelines with use of electric drives of the American manufacture. All equipment of mark " OZNA " is delivered in modular execution that reduces time for arrangement of such large construction, informs the press-service of the enterprise.
Up to the end of December it is expected to ship all blocks-modules to the Kazakhstan customers, and already in following year the station of refuelling of sea courts should be put into operation.

20.11.06. - For ten months the Uchalinsk GOK has increased release of a copper concentrate up to 272,224 thousand tons

For ten months of current year the Uchalinsk GOK has increased release of a copper concentrate by two percent in comparison with the similar period of the last year - up to 272,224 thousand tons, informs RIA "News" referring to the press-service of the Ural mountain-metallurgical company (UMMC) into which structure enters UGOK.
The maintenance of copper in a concentrate has grown for 3,3 percent - up to 41,4 thousand tons. According to the message, for ten months combine has let out 217,001 thousand tons of a zinc concentrate (growth for 5,8 percent), the maintenance in it of zinc has increased for 6,1 percent - up to 100,15 thousand tons.
Extraction of ore on Uchalinsk GOK in January-October has made 4,052 million tons (growth for 4,5 percent). Besides Sibay branch Uchalinsk GOK from the beginning of year has let out a copper concentrate of 97,976 thousand tons (growth in 3,6 times), in it copper - 15,344 thousand tons (growth in 3,5 times). Extraction of ore has made 304 thousand tons (growth in 3,9 times).
UMMC unites actives more than 40 enterprises located in eleven regions of Russia, supervises release about 40 percent of the Russian cathodic copper, a quarter of the domestic market of hire of nonferrous metals, and also more than half of European market of copper powders. Enterprises UMMC in 2005 in comparison with 2004 have increased volume of realization of production by 33 percent - up to 97,09 billion roubles.

17.11.06. - Ufa instrument-makers let out the onboard equipment for Ulan-Ude

On FGUP " the Ufa instrument-making production association " in the fourth quarter of current year orders for release of the onboard equipment for helicopters " Mi-8 " and "-17" considerably have increased. As the customer helicopter association from Ulan-Ude acts. Given production has proved as high-quality and reliable, that, however, it is peculiar to all technics which is let out in UIMPA.
At the enterprise, in former years worked basically on aircraft and space, are strong traditions of the responsible attitude to business, aspiration to let out competitive products of any complexity. New instrument-makers orders please. Besides that they allow to improve an economic situation of a factory, they still is the certificate of the begun revival of aviation branch. Experts with the experience have become bored on the present work in normal volumes. Skills to work on full feedback in UIMPA are not lost.

15.11.06. - On a battery farm " Bashkirskaja " grow up quails

Almost year, as on a battery farm " Bashkirskaja " grow up quails. They began with small, and already now the livestock of these birds has passed for 20 thousand. One only layers are totaled the order of 12 thousand, from them daily receive on 11-11,5 thousand pieces of eggs. Besides the quails' slaughter is daily conducted.
Quails' eggs and meat are delivered in the largest trade enterprises not only in Bashkortostan, but also in other Russian regions. And more recently the enterprise has signed the contract with shops in Moscow. In capital of Russia two parties delicacy meat and quails' eggs are already sent.
According to the experts, the new direction gives appreciable results, it is very favourable, therefore in plans of a battery farm - to finish a livestock of quails to 100 thousand.

01.11.06. - Saving rafts TUFEMPS have helped to survive to seamen of " Sinegor'je "

Saving rafts and diving suits of The Ufa factory elastomer materials, products and designs again have helped to survive to seamen suffered from disaster in the high sea. Owing to reliable means of equipment, it was possible to be rescued to six members of the steam-ship's " Sinegor'je " crew, sunk in sea of Japan.
An event details are those. On October, 21st the steam-ship " Sinegor'je " with a wood cargo about three thousand tons, including a deck cargo, has left seaside port in Chinese. In conditions of storm weather on October, 23rd during following a vessel there was a dump of a cargo. Outboard was dropped about thousand cubic meters of wood, thus the dry-cargo ship has received significant damages. Water has started to act in hold and ballast tanks. Communication with a vessel has been lost. The crew has independently tried to reach a land, but soon should leave a vessel. There were 18 members of crew onboard.
In an emergency have been put in action saving rafts of manufacture TUFEMPS was on the steam-ship. Unfortunately, not all seamen could take advantage of them. Crew members of the Russian cargoship " Sinegor'je " drifted on rafts more than a day. First participants of search works have found a raft with one escaped seaman. Then three more alive have been pulled out from water. Then three more alive have been pulled out from water. Besides rescuers have found out two boats from " Sinegor'je ": in one there was a lost member of crew, in the second people have not appeared. The second saving raft has been found on October, 25th to the south of disaster area with five crew members. All of them are alive.
According to experts, without saving means suffered disaster might not survive at all.
As have informed in a marketing department OJSC " TUFEMPS ", this enterprise is the world's largest manufacturer of rescue technics. More than 45 years it conducts development and manufacturing of inflatable saving means. TUFEMPS - the unique enterprise in Russia, possessing necessary industrial in this area, design and technological potential. Rafts of its manufacture complete both Russian and foreign sea and river vessels of various classes, Navy fleet, and also civil aircraft and Military-air Forces. These products are one of the most perfect and checked up of water rescue means. During release of saving rafts the factory has not received any claim for quality of production used in extreme situations.

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