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 Archive of news - December 2006

30.12.06. - The size of the salary at the enterprises of light industry of republic reaches 8,5 thousand roubles

On results of year at the enterprises of light industry of republic is observed growth of salary.
The greatest salaries - at experts of OJSC " Neftekamsk industrial association "Iskoj": here the monthly average salary makes 8 545 roubles. Hardly less pay to workers of CJSC " Ishimbay stocking factory ", namely 8 351 rouble. More than seven thousand roubles - the monthly average income of experts of OJSC " Ufa knitting factory ".
Is among the enterprises of branch and such where the salary of workers does not exceed four thousand roubles. It is OJSC " Sodis-style ", OJSC " Birsk garment factory ", OJSC " Davlekanovsk shoe factory ", OJSC " SeBa " and State Unitary Enterprise " Agidel ". Monthly average payments to workers of OJSC " Bashkir cloth combine " is less: they make 2 282 roubles. However we shall notice, that all these organizations today actively work above increase in the sizes of payments.

28.12.06. - For a year Neftekamsk "Iscoj" has let out production for the sum more than 1,4 billion roubles

On preliminary results, " the Neftekamsk production association " Iscoj " in money terms exceeds annual volume of a commodity output of Open Society of 1,4 billion roubles.
By results of 11 months the enterprise has increased output in comparison with the same period of the last year by 17,4 percent. The volume of realization of the goods - for 19 percent has also grown.
Expansion of assortment, the conclusion of new contracts, modernization of manufacture and as consequence, improvement of quality of production has caused stable growth of wages of workers of combine. For today monthly average payments at the enterprise the highest in branch - 8545 roubles.
Today in " Iscoj " work 3,2 thousand persons. They are masters of a knitting factory, factory panel knitted materials, shop on manufacture of foam rubber, sewing and spinning manufactures, a weaver's site, a site on release of packing materials and many other things of divisions.

26.12.06. - Demand for production of Ishimbay factory of knitted products grows

With approach of winter demand for production of CJSC " Ishimbay factory of knitted products " has considerably increased. At the population children's and female pyjamas, day nursery sets from plush, the man's warmed linen and jerseys use popularity.
As experts of the enterprise said, 96 percent of production let out now - winter assortment. Thus it is realized practically completely. Willingly get products Ishimbay factories inhabitants of republic, and wholesalers from Moscow, Samaras, Ulyanovsk, Tyumen, Surgut and other cities of the country.

22.12.06. - "Immunopreparat" will be the unique Russian manufacturer "Immunovenin" and "Inferon"

The only thing Russian pharmaceutical producer letting out highly stable preparations - " Immunovenin " and " Inferon ", - remains branch " Immunopreparat " FGUP " NPO " the Microgene ".
These are preparations of new generation which are applied at treatment of children and adults with the congenital and got immunodeficiencies, at heavy forms of virus diseases and during the postoperative period.
Let's notice, that analogues of these means in Russia and on the post soviet space are not present. To develop the preparations demanded all over the world it was possible only to our scientists. Though attempts to create them the others pharmaceutical producers countries made repeatedly.
For the first time in manufacture " Immunovenin " has been started in 2001, " Inferon " - for four years later. In it to year " Immunovenin " and "஭" steel, accordingly, the winner and the student of the Russia program-competition of " 100 best goods of Russia ".
In 2007 the enterprise plans to increase volumes of release of given production. As director of branch Mahamat Alsynbaev has emphasized, interest to preparations huge as in Russia, and abroad. In fact these medicines can rescue to the person a life. And they cost much less than the European and American analogues.

18.12.06. - In UEBPA prospects of the state order are discussed

In OJSC " Ufa engine-building production association " according to the arrangement there were responsible persons of the Air Forces of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation led by general-major Oleg Barmin.
The purpose of arrival of group of the high-ranking militarians became discussion with management UEBPA of performance of the state defensive order of this year and readiness for participation in tenders in 2007.
As have informed at the enterprise, during taken place negotiations with a management of Open Society " UEBPA " led by general director Alexander Artjuhov the broad audience of questions, including - by perspective kinds of production of the basic manufacture, that is aircraft engines has been discussed.

13.12.06. - Experts of Open Company " Salavatskiy pischevik" meet the first anniversary

Experts of Open Company " Salavatskiy pischevik" meet the first anniversary - the fifth anniversary from the date of enterprise creation.
Five years ago " Salavatskiy pischevik " for the first time has let out production, and in it to year at wholesale fair on the conclusion of contracts of deliveries food and nonfoods for 2007 has received the next diplomas and medals of competition " the Best article of food of 2006 ". This victory over combine far not the first: since 2002 it is included stably into number of winners of this prestigious exhibition.
Today " Salavatskiy pischevik " - the modern enterprise which unites two large manufactures: a bakery and confectionery factory. Now the factory develops, expanding assortment of production and increasing volumes of manufacture. The enterprise is equipped by the modern baking equipment, lines on manufacture of wafers, cookies, gingerbreads, a dragee. For three quarters of current year the combine has let out a commodity output on 43,5 million roubles.
Now 174 persons work on a factory. Owing to their diligence on counters of city daily there are confectionery products more than fifty names. Moreover, monthly experts of combine introduce some novelties in manufacture. So, for ten months the enterprise has mastered release of two kinds of bakeries of the products, six new pies, three kinds of cakes and other production.

03.12.06. - Ishimbay knitting factory has let out production for the sum over 153 million roubles

CJSC " Ishimbay factory of knitted products " for ten months of current year has let out record for the enterprise quantity of production for the sum, exceeding 153 million roubles, it for 5,3 percent is more, than for the similar period of the last year.
The sum of the investments directed on modernization of manufacture for a last period, has made 1,7 million roubles. At the moment the enterprise has concluded the contract on delivery of the sewing equipment under the leasing scheme.
And it is not casual, in fact today the primary goal of collective " IKF " is radical improvement of quality of production and growth of its competitiveness in a home market. For this purpose the factory has lead work on introduction of a control system by the quality which is meeting the requirements of the international standard. In rather short terms, for ten months, the enterprise has developed documentation SMK according to requirements ISO 9001:2000, has lead internal auditor checks and certified check of Association on certification " the Russian Register ". In December the company plans to receive the certificate of conformity of System of a quality management.
At factory work on expansion of assortment proceeds. From the beginning of year it is introduced in manufacture of 35 new models, more than 20 new articles of cloths and 34 new figures on a cloth and a piece press. Updating of assortment thus has made 42 percent from volume of let out production

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