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 Archive of news - January 2007

January 29, 2007. - Heavy-Duty Machinery Park Of Beloretsk Metallurgical Plant Buys New BelAZ Trucks

This week two new 45-tons BelAZ trucks will go on their first trip from the road transport shop of the Beloretsk metallurgical plant OJSC, which is a part of the Mechel company. Heavy-duty machinery was purchased for the works at the mountain open-cast mine, where fluxing limestone is extracted.
The new machinery for the road transport shop of the Beloretsk metallurgical plant has been purchased in the frames of the enterprise's investment program. Overall cost of the project totals over RUR 10 million, the plant's press service reported.
Eight BelAZ trucks are already operating in the plant's mountain open-cast mine. Within a shift one truck transports round 100 tons of mined rock. The two new BelAZ trucks will provide a possibility to relieve the load on the existing machinery.
The new trucks are especially welcomed by the drivers who are to work on them. By the way, the wages of the drivers of these heavy-duty trucks are among the highest in the road transport shop. They were required to undergo additional training to work with the vehicles.
The necessity of purchase of the additional heavy-duty machinery was caused by a serious increase of the limestone extraction volumes at the mountain open-cast mine. During the time of work with the Mechel company the volumes rose more than 6.5 times to 2 million tons of mined rock annually. By the way, it is not the first instance of equipment purchase during the year of joint work with Mechel - two 45-tons BelAZ trucks and two front loaders had earlier been bought for the plant.
Major part of fluxing limestone extracted in the open-cast mine is shipped to the company's enterprises - Chelyabinsk metallurgical plant, Inzhstal and Yuzhuralnikel.

January 22, 2007. - OZNA Ships RUR 65 Million Worth Of Products To Customers In New Year

During its two-week work in the New Year the OZNA OJSC shipped to its customers over RUR 65 million worth of products. Railwaymen sent 44 platforms to the Western Siberia and the Republic of Kazakhstan.
OZNA has serious plans for 2007. The new working areas, that are soon to be commissioned, will be of good use. In the second half-year one of the new workshop bays for bloc equipment construction will start working at its full capacity. This will be a well-equipped premises with a modern ventilation and air conditioning system, windows for better illumination and other things.

10.01.07. - "Nefaz" has let out production on 7,6 billion roubles in 2006

For OJSC "Neftekamsk car factory " the last 2006 was uneasy, but successful and eventful. For a year it has been let out production on 7,6 billion roubles - for 35,5 percent more, than in 2005. A Physical volume index - 126,2 percent.
From sales the profit at a rate of 700 million roubles is received. Net profit, on preliminary data, - 320 million roubles. It is in 2,2 times more, than in 2005.
The enterprise last year has directed on the investment 138 million roubles. The part of means has gone on commissioning of a new painting complex on manufacture of autodumpers. Works proceeded one and a half year, and in July, 2006 the shop has passed to a new mode. Capacity of a painting complex - 25 thousand platforms a year.
Today the enterprise has unique technology of products surface preparation under painting. The similar technology shot-spraging processings of a product surface is applied far not at each factory of the Europe. Concern " MAN " has become interested in technology. It makes the chassis of lorries and studies offers of the Russian manufacturers of superstructures on the chassis. With the introduction of Russia into WTO for the western companies it is especially actual. Therefore introduction of a new painting complex at a factory is a sharp jerk forward. In the project it is enclosed in total 180 million roubles. All this - own means of Neftekamsk car factory.
At a factory the big attention is paid to modernization. Now the enterprise directs investments on passenger buses manufacture preparation " VDL-NefAZ".
With Belgian-Netherlands corporation " VDL " the Neftekamsk factory also has begun realization of the project in 2006. On the basis of chassis " VDL " with "DAF" engine at the Neftekamsk enterprise two models of the bus have been created - city low-rider and a tourist class, - which are already recognized at the international level.
To celebrating the 450 anniversary of voluntary ocurrence of Bashkiria in structure of Russia the Government of Bashkortostan Republic has placed the order for manufacture of 150 city and ten tourist buses.
First ten city buses " VDL-NefAZ " will be already put in republic this month, and all party - up to the end of the first half-year.
For the further work at the enterprise the Program of strategic development of a factory till 2010 has been developed and approved. Among priority problems - to increase incomes twice in comparison with 2005, to finish profitability of sales on net profit to seven percent, to increase labour productivity and a wages twice, to keep leadership in the market of fuel-bulk technics (not less than 50 percent) and to strengthen positions in the market of passenger buses.

06.01.07. - Mountain manufactures of the Bashkir Zauralye are received the competent young staff

Distinctive feature of the Bashkir Zauralye from other part of Republic Bashkortostan - developed mountain manufacture. Minerals here are extracted both the open way - in mines, and closed - in underground mines. With arrival of market attitudes the economy of mountain branch became more focused on a production efficiency at a minimum of expenses for a production unit. Naturally, in view of it requirements to the staff have increased.
Also it is very pleasant, that the approach to maintenance with them in mountain branch of Zauralye gets on a new level. In particular, in Sibay branch of OJSC " Uchalinsk mountain-concentrating combine " the Ural mountain-metallurgical company for two last years number of workers of underground mine has increased on 100 person. Simultaneously with it the quantity of the workers trained under all forms of vocational training has increased also. According to the head of department on personnel Sibaj branch of OJSC " UGOK " Farita Makshukova, in past year in local learning-course combine 780 workers are trained. Thus 705 from them - on working specialities. Priority are rates on preparation young shotfirers, timber-men, load-haul-dump unit machinists, drifters, machinists underground dumpers.
By the way, the care of updating by the young staff is peculiar also to other mountain manufactures not only the Bashkir Zauralye, but also all Southern Urals Mountains. More recently, in October, 2006, on the basis of OJSC " Uchalinsk mountain-concentrating combine " there has passed meeting of the faculty of Magnitogorsk state technical university and services on the personnel of the mountain enterprises of Bashkortostan Republic and the Orenburg area. At meeting the program of the further cooperation of university and mountain manufactures in preparation of young experts-miners business has been coordinated in details.

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