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 Archive of news - April 2007

April 29 - Beloretsk Machine-Builders Ranked Among Russia's Largest

The Beloretsk springs plant has entered the top-five list of leading suppliers of component parts for automobile-, tractor- and carriage-building enterprises of Russia. The plant's production volumes have grown by more than three times during the recent five years. It is noteworthy that together with this, the quality of produce also went up. Today, the following well-known companies are among the permanent customers of the Beloretsk-made products: Altay motor plant, Cheboksary and Chelyabinsk tractor plants, OJSC Ural Automobiles and Motors, Minsk tractor plant, Nizhniy Tagil carriage-building association and over 200 private customers. Constantly growing order portfolio allows not only to renew the production equipment, but also to solve social tasks. Thus, only this year the wages at the enterprise grew by more than 21% and have almost reached RUR 11,600, which is the best indicator among large-scale enterprises of Beloretsk. Together with this, the number of workplaces has increased here by 8%.

April 24 - Ufa Seeing Steady Development

Ufa, the capital of Bashkirostan, is seeing steady development. This is testified by the results of the city development in the first quarter of the year. Today, they were announced by Deputy Head of the Ufa City Municipal District Administration Albina Yusupova.
Thus, according to her data, since the year start, the large- and mid-scale enterprises of the city sold goods of their own production and provided works and services for RUR 49.1 billion.
Index of industrial production for extracting, and processing industries, industries of production and distribution of electricity, gas and water among large- and mid-scale enterprises of Ufa totaled 100.6%.
Only in two months the enterprises made capital expenditures totaling almost RUR 1.043 billion. The investments volume in January-March among the municipal enterprises of the city amounted to RUR 819.7 million, which is connected with the increase of volumes of object budget financing, dedicated to the celebration of 450th anniversary of Bashkiria's voluntary joining Russia.
Also the works at the objects of social sphere and reconstruction of the existing buildings were carried out.
In the first quarter, 121,500 square meters of new living space appeared in the city. RUR 38 million were spent for capital repairs of available housing.
The state of the consumer market and city's market infrastructure, according to Albina Yusupova, in the current year is characterized by stability, saturation of trading network with main goods, and growth of sales volumes. Thus, in January-March the retail turnover at the included range of enterprises amounted to RUR 7.8 billion.
The number of countries-partners of Ufa remains stable. These are 59 near- and far-abroad states.
In general, in the first quarter, the volume of profits in the city totaled almost RUR 4.783 billion. Average monthly wage in January-February 2007 totaled RUR 13,206 per employee.
The situation at the Ufa labor market was characterized by the decrease in the number of the unemployed and improvement of the unemployment level compared to a relevant period of the previous year. Thus, as of April 1, 2007, 7,325 people were officially registered as unemployed.
As for the budget, within the three months, RUR 1.9 billion were transferred to the city treasury. This figure exceeds the planned indicators of the first quarter by 27.5%.

April 20 - Fire Safety Month Taking Place At Beloretsk Metallurgical Plant OJSC

A month of fire safety is taking place at the Beloretsk metallurgical plant, which is a part of the Mechel company. Its aim is raising the level of control for keeping to fire safety rules at each workplace and on the territory of the enterprise in general.
Thus, within this month, training personnel of the Civil Defense Department will hold practical exercises with the members of fire-fighting operational crews, check the state of hydrants, primary fire-extinguishing means, and fire reservoirs in the main workshops of the enterprise. Also the warning systems and evacuation plans for the enterprise personnel will be equipped and updated. It is planned to take a number of measures to reconstruct the fire alarm, the press service of the plant informed.
Plant's management has always paid special attention to ensuring the fire safety at the manufacturing area. A 'Plan of Principal Measures on the Issues of Civil Defense, Prevention and Liquidation of Emergency Situations and Ensuring Fire Safety' is annually drawn up at the OJSC Beloretsk metallurgical plant.
"Concrete actions in this direction will allow to raise the level of control for observance of fire safety rules, avoid fire-hazardous situations at the territory of the enterprise in future, and be ready to meet any unexpected happenings", noted the head of the civil defense office at the Beloretsk metallurgical plant Boris Brazhnikov.
Also, in the framework of the fire safety month, fire-fighting competitions will be held at the plant among the civil defense department guards in the late April, dedicated to the 85th anniversary of fire prevention service at the enterprise.

April 16 - Ufa Knitting Factory Enriches Its Summer Collection With New Models

The OJSC Ufa knitting factory has extended its summer clothing collection with new models.
Primarily, creatives of the enterprise designed 40 new models of clothing: 20 for youth and other 20 for women.
The youth collection was designed mainly in the context of sports trend. Trousers and shorts, sports shirts and T-shirts are new products for the knitting enterprise. For ladies the factory has prepared classical costumes - novel knitted goods adorned with new interesting patterns.
Currently, the enterprise has launched production of dresses, sarafans, waistcoats, trousers and skirts of cotton and viscose. The factory has designed 15 new models of dresses and sarafans. All of them are produced in eight color variants. Turquoise and blue, popular this year, have become the main collection colors, however, the summer series are also supplemented with wares made in brown, red, and orange tones. The knitwork is made with various patterns: from classical spring colors to the elegant "leopard".

April 12 - Sibay Grain Elevator Upgrading Capacities

The OJSC Sibay grain elevator is successfully competing with bakeries of the neighboring regions - Chelyabinsk and Orenburg, which are supplying their produce to the Bashkir trans-Ural. The growing production volumes are a good testimony to the fact: recently the second bakery has been set in operation at the Sibay grain elevator, creating 23 new workplaces.
The new bakery daily produces 1.5 tons of bakery products. It is planned to increase output twice at the enterprise due to the growing demand, also increasing the assortment. At present, over ten brands of bread are supplied for trading from the enterprise. There is a good consumer demand for "Stolichnyi" (Capital's), "Chulpan", "Rzhano-Pshenichnyi" (Rye-Wheat), "Khleb Domashniy" (Home-Made Bread, with bran), "Krasnoselskiy" and other kinds. They are baked according to the recipes worked out by the enterprise's own experts, taking into account local traditions. Only natural components are used in production.

April 09 - OZNA Produces Weight Gages For Surgut Oil-Extractors

The joint-stock company OZNA has won a tender organized by the Surgutneftegaz oil company. Within one year the Oktyabrskiy-based enterprise is to produce a large batch - 171 sets - of three-component measuring devices "OZNA - Basis Weight Gage E". The devices are equipped with two flow rate meters of the Emerson company, which are meant for discharge of 400 tons per 24 hours and have four variants of make depending on the number of connected wells.
Realization of the new project has become the sequel of successful cooperation between OZNA and Surgutneftegaz in the sphere of measuring equipment supplies, which began this year. From January 2007 the Surgut oil-extractors were supplied with mote than 20 new generation devices, corresponding to the state-of-the-art standards, the production of 20 more units is in its final phase.
The OZNA - Weight Gage devices are confidently keeping the leading position at the measuring equipment market - this is proved by their victories at tenders and awards in the competitions in quality.

April 03, 2007 - RUR 2,659 Million Worth Of Confectionery And Bakery Products Shipped In Bashkortostan Last Year

According to the Ministry of Agriculture of Bashkortostan, last year republic's confectioneries and bakeries shipped products of short-term storage for RUR 1,941 million, and long-term storage - for RUR 718 million, which is correspondingly a rise by 9.4% and a fall by 13.5% compared to 2005.
The index of industrial production of bread and flour-containing confectionary products made up 94.8%. Experts link the reduction of quantitative indices with a fall in production of confectionary products: in 2006 their output totalled 22,526 tons, a fall by 18% compared to 2005.

April 02, 2007 - OZNA To Produce Equipment For Tatneft

On demand by oil industry workers of the neighboring republic of Tatarstan the OZNA JSC has started production of equipment UIPN-300-2 for analyzing physicochemical properties of base oil.
This equipment is distinguished by particular complexity and is ranked among unique orders. Many years ago production of this equipment type was already developed by the enterprise, for that time it was a unique progressive occurrence. Modern installation is an automated complex, in which the pressure, temperature, density and viscosity of oil may be defined in the in-place conditions, as well as gas factor and many other things. For the experts of the TatNIPIneft Scientific Research Institute (Bugulma) UIPN will become a necessary instrument for new research works and discoveries. After realization of this pilot project cooperation between OZNA and oilmen will continue.

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