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 Archive of news - May 2007

May 24 - Rationalizers Are Encouraged At Beloretsk Metallurgical Plant OJSC

The Beloretsk metallurgical plant, which is a part of the Mechel company, has created a commission for consideration of rationalization suggestions. A number of norms have been adopted at the enterprise, regulating rationalization activities, which also envisage effective measures of stimulating the plant's personnel to take part in work-improvement efforts, the Beloretsk metallurgical plant press service informed.
The OJSC Beloretsk metallurgical plant has approved 'Regulations on Organization of Rationalizing and Inventive Activities and Legal Protection of Introduced Objects and Intellectual Property' in order to promote innovative activities with the aim of evaluation of the effectiveness of implementation of work-improvement suggestions. Also, a commission has been created to consider rationalizing suggestions, which includes heads of the enterprise's technical services, labor and remuneration department, and accounts department.
Any employee of the plant may take part in improvement of his/her labor. New ideas and suggestions will be considered by the commission members together with profile experts. A procedure and technology of introducing the innovative suggestions have been worked out. Today, the commission already has over ten concrete suggestions on the agenda. The new Regulations envisage effective measures of stimulating employees of the enterprise to take part in the innovative activities.
The innovation efforts have traditionally been encouraged at the Beloretsk metallurgical plant. Work-improvement activities at the enterprise in form of rationalizing and inventive movement developed as early as in 60-70-es of the XX century. A conference of young specialists and technicians, which has been held recently at the enterprise, testifies to the fact that there are quite a few talented and creative people among the plant employees.
"Creation of the commission will accumulate the efforts of the enterprise's rationalizers and will facilitate a more effective technical re-equipment and modernization of production," noted plant's managing director Konstantin Nikolin.

May 21 - Annual General Shareholders Meeting Takes Place At OJSC Neftekamsk Automobile Plant

Last year the joint-stock company Neftekamsk Automobile Plant produced and dispatched RUR 8.39 billion worth of produce. The production volume increased by 136.4% year-on-year, the index of actual volume increased by 126.9%. In 2006 the enterprise paid RUR 847 million of taxes and payments to the budgets of all levels and non-budget funds (RUR 574 million in 2005). Net profits twice exceeded the planned figures and totaled RUR 358.6 million.
The data was made public at the annual general meeting of shareholders of the Neftekamsk Automobile Plant, which has taken place recently in Neftekamsk. It was participated by the director general of the KamAZ OJSC Sergei Kogogin.
The Neftekamsk Automobile Plant director general Raif Malikov came out with a report on the results of the plant's performance in 2006. The meeting decided to channel over RUR 77.9 million for payment of dividends. Thus, the yield will be paid at the rate of RUR 9.69 per share.
Also the composition of the plant's director's board was approved. It comprises 7 people, including the plant's director general Raif Malikov, head of the Neftekamsk city district administration Oleg Rudenko, deputy head of the department for Development of Fuel and Energy Complex, Coordination of Economy Branches, Foreign Economic Ties and Trade of the Apparatus of the Government of the Bashkirostan Republic Ruslan Syrtlanov. Andrei Maximov, chief accountant of the KamAZ OJSC was again elected as board chairman, the PR department of the OJSC Neftekamsk Automobile Plant informed.

May 16 - OJSC Ufaorgsintez Doubles Net Profits

In January-March 2007 net profits of the OJSC Ufaorgsintez doubled to reach RUR 328.332 million year-on-year.
The company's revenues grew by 36% to RUR 2.085 billion. Cost price of the sold goods totaled RUR 1.52 billion.

May 10 - Ufa Motor-Building Production Association Makes New Steps In Gas Power Engineering

Production of gas turbine engines for industrial use of different assembling is a new trend of productive activity of the OJSC Ufa Motor-Building Production Association (UMPO). In the framework of general agreement with the Gazprom OJSC the association takes part in implementation of the program for modernization of gas-transport systems, their equipping with modern highly-effective gascompressor units on the basis of AL-31ST and D-336 engines. The engines of the UMPO mark are also successfully used in gas power engineering.
Recently, at the Shashkin ground, a dry starting of the AL-31STE engine has been carried out, as a part of leader model of GTE-18 gas-energy station. For the first time the new electric launching system has been tested in action. According to the opinions of UMPO specialists, all the systems showed normal performance.

May 05 - Average Wage At Republic's Light Industry Enterprises Totals RUR 5,500

Currently, the average wage at the republic's light industry enterprises totals RUR 5,500. This is more than two times lower compared to average wage in processing industries of the region.
"For example: in the mining industry the average monthly payments exceed RUR 19,500," - says Igor Karepanov, head of the Department for Metallurgy, Lumber Industry, Light and Medical Industries of the Ministry of Industry, and Investment and Innovative Policy of the Republic of Bashkirostan. "Only in a number of farming enterprises the wages total RUR 3,300, which is lower than in the light industry". At that, it is necessary to note that intensity of labor in this industry is far higher compared with some other spheres.
The experts note that, first of all, low wages hamper the growth of labor productivity at the light industry enterprises.

May 04 - Light Industry's Share In Total Volume Of Republic's Processing Industry Less Than 1%

Currently, the share of light industry in the general production volume of the republic's processing industry comprises no more than 1%. But, this indicator is increasing from year to year, according to data of the department for Metallurgy, Lumber Industry, Light and Medical Industries of the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Innovative Policy of the Republic of Bashkirostan. First of all, this is caused by the growing interest of customers in domestic goods, which are not expensive and have high quality.
Presently, 480 large-, mid- and small-scale textile, sewing and leather processing enterprises, which employ 15,000 people, are operating in the light industry.
In general, the industry showings are formed by 24 large-scale enterprises. The leading companies of the textile and sewing sub-industries are: OJSC Neftekamsk production association Iskozh, CJSC Ishymbai knitwear factory, CJSC Ishymbai stocking factory, and Ufa-based Working Cloths Factory CJSC. Among the enterprises of leather-processing and footwear industry these are: the OJSC Davlekanov footwear factory, Oktyabrskiy-based SeBa Ltd, OJSC Neftekamsk leather haberdashery factory and OJSC Ufa leather haberdashery factory.

May 03 - Ishymbay Stocking Factory Sells Over 2 Million Pairs Of Hosiery In Q1

In January-March 2007 the CJSC Ishymbay Stocking Factory sold over 2 million pairs of hosiery products. Of this amount, round 990,000 pairs were purchased by the republican wholesalers, over 1.1 million pairs - by the wholesalers of other regions of the country. Ishymbay hosiery products, as always, enjoy high demand and are sold in 42 regions of Russia.
The experts link the increase of the sales volumes with the improvement of production quality at the Ishymbay Stocking Factory during the recent years and with the essential extension of the product range. Installation of the new Italian hosiery equipment allowed to produce men's and children's stockings of the plating and plush interweaving types, and cotton women's tights with elastane with reinforced and terry foot, children's tights and women's stockings with the usage of new types of high-quality colored cotton and elastane on the basis of the plating interweaving combined with float and wale thread plating.
Keen demand is enjoyed by children's and women's stockings made of cotton combined with polyamide, men's and women's terry stockings, children's and teenager tights, as well as a group of flax-containing stockings for children, women and men. This year a novelty has been launched at the factory - terry tights for women and children.

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