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 Archive of news - Juny 2007

June 29 - Birsk Craftsmen To Dress Metropolitan Dandies In Their Shirts

Together with such large companies as the state unitary enterprise Bashkir Arts of Agidel and Neftekamsk association Iskozh, small-scale companies will also take part in the Days of the Bashkirostan Republic to be held in Moscow. Thus, the OJSC Birsk sewing factory will bring to the capital and present at the joint exposition of the Bashkir light industry its men's shirts - ten models of the new collection.
The peculiarity of the men's shirts summer series lies in the fact that they are made of 100% cotton fabrics manufactured in Italy. As the enterprise employees say, the new products are favorably distinguished by their properties of natural fabric, which seems to breathe in the hot weather.
The Moscow dwellers have long been familiar with Birsk produce. The representatives of the capital's law enforcement agencies these days work in the uniform made at the Birsk factory.

June 22 - Saving Rate Due To Work Improvement At OJSC Kaustik Amounts To RUR 50 Million In Two Years

The saving rate resulting from inventive and rationalizing activities in the Sterlitamak-based OJSC Kaustik for the last two years is estimated at RUR 50 million.
Among the most important inventions introduced within this period at Kaustik there were the "Method of voltage regulation at the anodes of mercury electrolytic cells in the technological process of getting caustic soda and chlorine", "Method of automatic regulation of the technological process of electrolytic lye evaporation in multiple-unit evaporation devices", and "Method of neutralization of acid-containing sewage". The rationalizers' efforts are aimed at reduction of the expenditure norms for raw materials, electricity, and vapor, alongside with improvements of produce quality, productivity increase, solutions of environmental tasks, etc.
The scientific potential of the enterprise is based on highly qualified specialists, including three Doctors of Science and nine candidates of science. It is noteworthy that the number of rationalizers is constantly growing at Kaustik. As the press service of the joint-stock entity informs, in 1997 they were only 60, and in 2007 their number is already round 300.

June 20 - Baymak Casting And Mechanical Plant To Produce Chassis For Bashkir High-Power Tractor

In the late May of this year the President of the Republic of Bashkirostan Murtaza Rahimov was in the composition of the Russian delegation on a working visit to Vienna, the capital of Austria. Here, in the frame of official visit by the Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin, important contracts were signed between the Bashkir and Austrian sides.
In particular, the Bashkirostan-based OJSC Regional Fund and Austrian AVL List firm signed an agreement on organization of a high-tech engineering cluster in our republic. The project worth ballpark EUR 300 million is supposed to be implemented by 2010. Murtaza Gubaydullovi? met with the leadership of AVL List, with which Bashkirostan cooperates in the sphere of creation of new manufactures: the state-of-the-art wheel tractor and internal-combustion engine.
The large-scale Austrian-Bashkir engineering project on organization of batch production of tractors with the capacity of 150-220 hp will become, in a sense, a landmark for the entire Russia's engineering industry. It is planned to base part of the production at the facilities of the Baymak casting and mechanical plant. Recently, a delegation of the Austrian company AVL List GmbH, with its official representative Trevor Holland at head, has paid a working visit to the enterprise. The jointly produced tractor will be considerably cheaper compared to its foreign analogs. The republic plans to invest RUR 2.8 billion in the project and offset the expenses in five years.
The Austrian experts held a preliminary inspection of the Baymak plant's production capacities, upon the results of which a protocol of intentions was signed with the representatives of the management. In it, the OJSC Baymak casting and mechanical plant is viewed as a potential supplier of one of the future tractor's components - its chassis. They may be produced only using the method of vacuum-tape molding, on the state-of-the-art equipment and employing modern technologies. Today the specialists and employees of the enterprise are engaged in mastering the method.
Upon the order of Bashkirostan's government the AVL List company has been designing a tractor for about a year, production of which is being established in our republic. In the late 2007, the engineering company is to present the pre-production model to the customer. Beginning from 2010, it is planned to annually produce no less than 4,000 tractors.
It is to be especially stressed that the Republic of Bashkirostan has had long-lasting and fruitful relations with Austria. They started as early as 2005. This was the time when a Protocol was signed as a result of negotiations between the President of the Bashkir Republic Murtaza Rahimov and leadership of the UNIDO Secretariat. The new areas of development of further ties with the UNIDO were the following: the issues of enterprises' preparation to operating in the conditions of Russia's entry to the WTO; development of small business in the Republic of Bashkirostan; working out the possibilities of creation of tractor-assembly production in the republic; preparation of amendments to the Agreement on Cooperation between the government of the Republic of Bashkirostan of the Russian Federation and the UN Industrial Development Organization of April 23, 1999 (with the Amendments of June 27, 2003); prolonging of the Agreement on Creation of a Trust Fund between the UN Industrial Development Organization and the government of the Bashkir Republic of the Russian Federation of May 12, 2000 (with the Amendments of June 27, 2003). In general, cooperation in the sphere of Bashkirostan and Austria's engineering is just one of many important aspects designated for a long term. And it is very pleasant that the mutually beneficial contracts of the sides are coming into force.

June 14 - Bashkir Med Acquires New Equipment

The open cast mine under construction named Yubileinyi of the Khaibullinsk mine run by the Bashkir Med (Copper) Ltd. has the area of 600x400 meters. BelAz trucks one by one take out stripping strata and ore. Together with the five domestic excavators EKG-5, the trucks are loaded by two Hitahcis and a Komatsu. Though their bucket volume of 4.3 cubic meters is somewhat smaller than 5-cubic-meter EKG bucket, as the mine head Rinat Aslyamov says, the foreign-made excavators equipped with diesel engines need no electric lines, unlike the domestic ones that use electricity. This gives considerable advantages in mobility, maneuverability, and speed, and thus - reduction of time losses on the work stages, for instance, when conducting blasting operations. We should add the foreign models' possibility to load using one platform together with BelAz, as well as being lower or higher than it, work on a pit-face of up to 15 meters in height, the weight three times lesser compared with EKG, i.e. the capability of working on more crumbly or humid ground, and work of a motorman without an assistant. And we shall see the evident merits of the Japanese excavators. And one more foreign handsome may be marked out among the three domestic boring units SBSh-250. This is the US aggregate DML produced by the Atlas Copco company. It also uses diesel fuel and has a hydraulic actuator for all the boring operations. It has the mobility beyond reach of SBSh, lighter weight, and greater possibilities of usage. It is very important that domestic cone-rock bits may be used with the US equipment, which are capable of making up to 3,000 meters with DML using its most optimum drilling parameters, which is three times more compared to SBSh.
Not far, one more foreigner is working. It's the Komatsu bulldozer. Motorman Ishbulat Usmanov received it last year, and is very content with the aggregate:
- High-speed, high-powered bulldozer has a good maneuverability and capability of loosening ground. It works with high productivity and practically with no breakages.
In August the enterprise is acquiring a more high-powered bulldozer Katerpillar, designated mostly for loosening soils, which so far have to be bored and blasted. The motor transport workshop has also been replenished with foreign-made units. In May two Volvo technological dump-trucks arrived with the carrying capacity of 40 tons. Having three joint all-wheel drives, and thus, the lesser axle load compared to those of BelAz trucks, higher maneuverability and passability, these vehicles are aimed at solving the problem of removal of rocks in rainy weather from upper levels of clay soil open cast mine. In the conditions of active work in the open cast mine, the growing number of pit-faces, the leadership of the Bashkir Med and the Khaibullinsk mine have made their bet on purchasing, with the financial support of the Ural mining and metallurgical company, the state-of-the-art reliable mobile foreign equipment, high productivity of which justifies its cost. There is one more important aspect of introduction of diesel mining aggregates:
- During construction and operation of the future ore mill and underground mine there will be a considerable increase in electricity consumption, so, we are already starting to lower the power intensity of the open cast mining efforts, noted deputy head of the mining area Albert Khismatullin.

June 07 - Awarding Of Light Industry's Best Representatives Held At Ufa Knitting Factory

Today, the heads of the republic's light industry enterprises and professional educational establishments have gathered at the Ufa-based knitting factory to congratulate the best employees of the industry in a warm and friendly environment. On the eve of the professional holiday, the Day of Textile and Light Industry Worker, Deputy Head of the Ufa City Municipal District Administration Albina Yusupova, chairman of the Trade and Industry Chamber of the Republic of Bashkirostan Boris Bondarenko, chairwoman of the Association of Light Industry Enterprises of the Republic of Bashkirostan Alfiya Zinnatullina, and other officials arrived to congratulate light industry workers.
It is not a secret that there are quite a few problems in the industry. However, in the recent years, our enterprises have done a lot, not only to remain afloat in the conditions of tough competition with imported goods, but also to successfully develop and introduce new technologies. This is testified by the indicators cited by Albina Yusupova. According to the four-month results of operation, the enterprises increased dispatching of produce by 75% year-on-year. Index of industrial production grew by 24%. This testifies to the fact that the industry is seeing growth and development. As a result, there is the average wage growth.
- "It is pleasing to see the heads of light industry enterprises in such high spirits," chairman of the Trade and Industry Chamber of the Republic of Bashkirostan Boris Bondarenko addressed the audience. "This shows that, today we have what to be proud of. The operation of the enterprises has seen considerable positive changes. This is especially evident with the produce of the OJSC Ufa Cotton Factory, OJSC Ufa knitting factory, CJSC Ishymbai stocking factory, and CJSC Ishymbai knitwear factory. Today, serious attention is paid to leather-shoe production. Enterprises have received considerable investments and now are able to reach a due level of business. Movement forward and introduction of new technologies are yielding positive results."
- "We have to be patriots of our products," Boris Bondarenko appealed. "We have to support domestic manufacturers."
Diplomas of the Trade and Industry Chamber of the Republic of Bashkirostan for the high industrial showings were handed by Boris Bondarenko to the leaders of the OJSC Ufa knitting factory, Ufa leather haberdashery factory Ltd, and the state unitary enterprise Bashkir Arts Agidel. The souvenir production of the latter is widely known beyond the republic's borders.
- "We are proud of our light industry products and hope that it will rise once again to the former production volumes and relevant salary," - said chairwoman of the Association of Light Industry Enterprises of the Republic of Bashkirostan Alfiya Zinnatullina congratulating the audience. She handed the diplomas of the Association to the heads of enterprises, which had to overcome quite a few difficulties this year, and called to take active participation in the future exhibition in the Manezh in Moscow.
The presentation of the Spring-Summer-2007 collection of the Ufa knitting factory has become a true decoration of today's event. The models presented comfortable and practical clothing for modern townswomen. At that, they are all affordable and have already gone on sale.
Nobody was left emotionless by the presentation of a new collection of the enterprise's school uniform. The natural way the boys and girls were moving on the improvised catwalk made it clear, that these clothes were to their liking and they felt comfortable in them. The new collection was made taking into account the suggestions of parents, students and teachers. Sarafans, jackets and skirts were made using one-color knitted and tartan fabrics. All this products have to find their customer.

June 6 - Ufa Cotton Factory To Invest RUR 100 Million Into Production Reconstruction This Year

The OJSC Ufa Cotton Factory plans to invest round RUR 100 million into modernization and reconstruction of its main production facilities this year. About RUR 70 million will be spent on equipment purchases. It is planned to carry out reconstruction of weaving and change the present looms with the efficient equipment of the Belgium's Piccanol company.
In 2006 the factory invested RUR 419 million into reconstruction of the enterprise's building and the stage-by-stage commissioning of Iremel, one of the republic's largest trade and entertainment complexes.
Currently, the Ufa Cotton Factory is extending its range of products, including production of consumer goods. Every month the factory launches production of about dozen new bed linen sets of different coloring and bundling. It should be noted that the enterprise's products enjoy a stable demand with the republican buyers and wholesalers from other regions of Russia. 52% of crude cotton fabric produced at the enterprise is exported.
The increase in demand, naturally leads to the production growth. In January-March 2007 the production volume at the Ufa Cotton Factory grew by 6% year-on-year.

June 1 - Republican Seminar For Water-Pumping Enterprises Heads Takes Place In Uchaly

In Uchaly a republican seminar for heads of water-pumping enterprises of Bashkirostan's cities and districts took place.
The seminar began yesterday with a working meeting. The meeting considered and studied the experience of Uchaly representatives, determined the priority tasks in the context of the industry development. After the meeting the seminar participants visited the objects of Uchaly-based water-pumping enterprise and observation site of the ore-extracting open-cast mine of the OJSC Uchaly mining-and-metallurgical integrated works. The seminar ended with a roundtable, which considered problems of the industry in details, taking into account their successful solution in Uchaly.

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