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 Archive of news - July 2007

July 30, 2007 - Light Industry Enterprises See Production Growth In 1H07

The Ministry of Industry, Investment and Innovative Policy of the Republic of Bashkirostan has summed up the results of operation of light industry enterprises in January-June 2007. According to the statistical data, in the textile and sewing industry segments the index of actual volume totaled 104.3%. In many respects the growth was ensured by operation of such large-scale enterprises of the subindustry as the OJSC Factory of bonded fabrics, OJSC Ufa knitting factory, OJSC Ufa cotton factory, and a number of others.
Also, an increase has been traced in production volumes at enterprises specializing in production of leather and leather products. It should be reminded that in January-March 2007 production in leather-shoe segment fell by 0.8%, and according to the data on January-June, output of this products rose in the republic by the same 0.8%.

July 7, 2007 - Joint Stock Companies UMPO And Gazprom Discuss Issues Of Using Gas Turbine Engines

The OJSC Ufa Engine Industrial Association (UMPO) has hosted an annual meeting with representatives of the OJSC Gazprom. Its aim is consideration and evaluation of efforts on increasing the reliability of AL-31ST engines, and designing and implementing of a system for engine electric starting.
Leading experts of the OJSC UMPO, OJSC Gazprom and major gas-transporting and engine-building enterprise of the country participated the meeting.
It should be reminded that in the recent years production of gas turbine engines of different compositions for industrial use has been the most important direction of development of UMPO's production operations. In the frames of the General Agreement with the OJSC Gazprom, the association takes part in realization of the program of modernization of gas transportation systems, and their equipping with the state of the art high-performance gascompressor units based on AL-31ST and D-336 engines. Besides, the process is underway for mastering production of block-module gas-turbine electric power stations, which can be used in any segment of the national economy.

July 24, 2007 - Metallurgists Of Ashinskiy Plant To Receive Raw Materials From Bashkirostan

The Republic of Bashkirostan is of high economic importance for the Ashinskiy metallurgical plant, situated in Chelyabinsk region. The enterprise needs a boost in metal production volumes. The difficulties arise due to lack of raw materials. Bashkirostan has become one of the first regions, which managed to organize collection of scrap metal at a due level.
As the Ashinskiy metallurgical plant's Public Relations Department informed, the enterprise and the Republic of Bashkirostan have reached an agreement on obtaining a license for stocking up scrap metal on the Bashkir territory. The Chelyabinsk region metallurgists found necessary support in the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Innovative Policy of the Republic of Bashkirostan.

July 23, 2007 - UMPO Starts Batch Production Of Gascompressor Units

Subassembly of GPA-16R Ufa components, produced by the OJSC Ufa Engine Industrial Association (UMPO) has been carried out for the first time on the territory of the OJSC Ufa engineering plant (Shaksha).
Employees of the Ufa engineering plant have joined large-size components and carried out pipe fitting at two gascompressor units, already awaited by consumers at the compressor station Polyanskaya of the Bashtransgaz Ltd.
According to the enterprise, in future the methods and techniques that have been worked out will be employed in mounting of all the further units. The so called 'model assembling' of components is a testimony to UMPO's transfer from limited output of the equipment to serial production.

July 20, 2007 - 'Products Of Zauralie' Enterprise Gets Out Of Crisis

A well-known company Wimm-Bill-Dann has recently placed its orders at the Sibay-based enterprise 'Products of Zauralie', which has started to get out of raw materials and financial crisis.
The enterprise was built as early as in 80-ies, and commissioned in December 1984 as a concentrated milk factory, specializing in production of baby food. In course of time, the factory changed its name several times, and found itself in a very difficult situation with the collapse of the USSR and break-up of economic ties. At the time of the factory designing gross miscalculations were made concerning the raw materials base. It was supposed that milk would be supplied for processing not only from the regions of Bashkir trans-Ural, but also from the neighbouring regions. Unfortunately, it did not turn that way. And having lack of raw materials the enterprise could not reach the planned production capacity. In the end, the business turned bankrupt.
At present the enterprise produces 24 kinds of mixes for baby nutrition, enriched with vitamins and microelements. Production is being gradually expanded. Mounting of additional equipment is underway, which will increase the capacities of production output by 100 tons per month.

July 18, 2007 - OJSC NefAZ Profits Exceed Expectations

The staff of the Neftekamsk automobile plant produced RUR 4,857 million worth of goods in January-June 2007. The increase in production volumes compared to January-June 2006 made up 47.5%.
The index of actual volume is also impressive - 136.4 percent. The volume of supplied products and services totals RUR 4,874 million. Compared to the first half-year 2006 it increased by 46.6%.
According to the results of operation in January-June 2007 the plant's profits from sales totalled RUR 361.738 million (the business plan projected RUR 326 million), an increase by factor of 1.5 compared to the profits posted for January-June 2006.
Net profits amounted to RUR 180.699 million, when the business plan projected net profits of RUR 164.924 million. This indicator is 1.9 times higher compared to the relevant period of the previous year.
The data was announced at the board meeting of the OJSC NefAZ on the results of enterprise's operation in the first semi-year of the current year. Director general of the OJSC KamAZ Sergei Kogogin participated in the board's work.
The course for further development and increase in all the sources of income has again been approved at the Neftekamsk plant.

July 12, 2007 - Ufa Factories Sew 'Soviet' School Uniform

Ufa-based light industry enterprises OJSC Ufa knitting factory and '8th of March' Ltd have decided to produce by the start of the new academic year the school uniform for girls similar to that which was worn by soviet era schoolchildren.
Designers of the both enterprises will be using dark-blue linen: Ufa knitting factory - knitted fabric, '8th of March' - the gabardine woolen cloth. The dresses will be decorated with black and white laced aprons. For a start, pilot parties of the new school uniform will be sold - round 500 sets produced by the knitting factory and the same number - by '8th of March'.
The decision to produce dresses and aprons for schoolgirls from the 5th to 11th grades was not accidental. The suggestion to dress their children in this very school uniform was voiced by pupils' parents in some of the educational establishments. If the customers like the novelties, the production volume of these goods will be increased.

July 11, 2007 - OZNA Implementing Large-Scale Project In Kazakhstan

The Bashkir joint-stock company OZNA (Oktyabrskyi) is implementing a large-scale project in the Republic of Kazakhstan. In the late June it commissioned a ready-to-operate block group pumping station under the works number 90. A powerful complex consisting of eight units with the capacity of 180 cubic meters per hour each provides pumping of water into a bed at the oil deposit of the Uzenmunaigaz oil company. Dimensions of the complex are really impressive - the length alone exceeds 72 meters.
The commissioning efforts in Mangystausk region (the Republic of Kazakhstan) were attended by the experts of the OZNA servicing department. Electricians, setup personnel, and mechanical engineers have done a big and difficult job. Besides OZNA-service, which is the general contractor of the project, five Russian and Ukrainian subcontract organizations worked on the project, each of which carried out works in its own field. The customers were satisfied, the station was commissioned without critical remarks.
This large-scale effort is not the only joint project of Uzenmunaigaz and the OZNA company for the Uzen deposits. In course of the year a large party of three-component measuring devices Impulse 40-14-400 produced by the Oktyabrskiy-based company will be supplied.

July 9, 2007 - UMPO Enters Top Ten Russia's Defence Enterprises In Terms Of Revenues

The Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (AST) has published its total-revenues ranking of the Russian defense industry enterprises on the results of 2006.
The OJSC Ufa Engine Industrial Association (UMPO) has occupied the ninth position in the list, having left behind all the engine enterprises of the Russian Federation. UMPO's revenues from sales totaled, according to the results of the previous year, RUR 14,955.5 million.

July 5, 2007 - Davlekanovsk Shoe Factory Getting Ready For School Fairs

The OJSC Davlekanovsk shoe factory is in preparations to participate in the School Fair 2007. The fairs on the threshold of the academic year are traditionally held in Bashkirostan in the second half of August. At the school fairs the Davlekanovsk-based enterprise will be selling the footwear of both winter and summer collections. At present, the enterprise specializes in production of children's and teenagers' footwear of up to the 37th size.
The summer series will be represented by 37 new models of shoes, developed by the factory designers this year. The colouring of sandals and shoes is very diverse. A wide colour range has been received due to transfer to leather raw materials of Turkish origin that easily yield to dyeing.
The winter collection will also include new models, which the enterprise designed literally several weeks ago. There will be ten novels - walking shoes and boots. For footwear production the enterprise has purchased natural materials, including fur for lining, varnish and chrome, which have become the main elements in shoes gluing, as well as Polish moulded sole, which resists gliding and cold.
In August the enterprise plans not only to provide shoes for schoolchildren inside the republic but also conclude agreements with wholesalers of St. Petersburg, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Izhevsk, Orenburg and Ivanovo.

July 3, 2007 - Uchaly-Based OMEP Continues Boosting Production Volumes

The OJSC Uchaly Ore-Mining and Enrichment Plant continues to increase its production volumes.
In January-May 2007 the enterprise produced almost 22,000 tons of copper in copper concentrate, or 107% compared to the relevant period of the previous year. The amount of 2.049 million tons of ore was extracted, or 102.7% compared to January-May 2006. The preliminary data for June also show the continuing growth.
The personnel of the Sibay affiliate of the Uchaly OMEP has reached good and stable performance last year. This success has now been secured. In January-May 2007 the affiliate produced 11,782 tons of copper in copper concentrate (increase by factor of 2.1 compared to first five months of 2006). The extraction of ore totalled 207,000 tons (increase by 1.4 times).
Excellent operation of the Uchaly OMEP and its Sibay affiliate was ensured by introduction of the newest modern technologies, raising of workers' professional level, as well as implementation of well thought-out engineering solutions.

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