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 Archive of news - August 2007

August 29, 2007 - OJSC UMPO And OJSC Saturn Scientific Production Association Strengthen Cooperation

During the VIIIth International Airspace Salon MAKS-2007 held on the air base of Zhukovsk situated near Moscow, a memorandum on cooperation was signed between the OJSC Ufa Engine Industrial Association (UMPO) and the OJSC Saturn Scientific Production Association. As it is known, UMPO and Saturn had a joint exposition at the exhibition. Naturally, journalists were interested in cooperation prospects of this leading aviation industry enterprises, and new possibilities opening in connection with consolidation of their efforts.
As Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Bashkirostan Republic, Minister of Industry, Investment and Innovative Policy of the Republic of Bashkirostan Yury Pustovgarov stated today at a press conference held in the Bashinform agency, UMPO and Saturn have long been approaching cooperation. There were all prerequisites for a more close interaction, because, as the practice shows, the future is for integrated systems. Saturn has always had a strong technical background. Currently, some 4,000 design engineers are working there that have mastered the western technologies. And UMPO has all the possibilities and conditions for rolling out high-tech batch production. Good examples of this are engines for aviation and land vehicles.
"Primary is the product we have to create by our joint efforts. All the rest is of secondary importance," - said Yury Pustovgarov. "With Saturn we are sure the work will be a success. What we cannot say in relation to Saliut."
It has to be noted that the decision is spurred by the necessity of creation of integrated structures in the sphere of aviation engine building that has recently been voiced on the part of the government. As the OJSC UMPO director general Alexander Artiukhov explained, for many years a lot of things were doubled in this sphere. Different enterprises produced practically the same items spending funds in vain and using expensive equipment ineffectively. And then there emerged difficulties with sales urging producers to take the path of tough competition, sometimes resorting to dumping.
"An important issue is that we do not have same items with Saturn within our production ranges. Moreover, this enterprise has its own prospective projects," - noted Alexander Artiukhov. "Cooperation with Saturn will allow us to create a company that has no equal at present."
At the press conference it was said that currently the issues of creation of a managing company UMPO-Saturn are being mulled over. Managers of the both enterprises will be represented there.

August 28, 2007 - Universal Wheel Tractor To Increase Volume Of Bashkirostan's Production By Annual RUR 12 Billion

The experts have evaluated at RUR 12 billion per annum the volumes of production of middle-class universal wheel tractor, serial production of which will be launched in 2010 in Bashkirostan. As it is known, it has been designed by AVL List GmbH upon the order of our republic. The first demonstration model of the new tractor was examined in Austria by members of the Bashkiorstan's official delegation headed by Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Bashkirostan Rafael Baidavletov. At present this model is undergoing tests at the AVL testing area in Gratkorn, and presentation of the new tractor will take place during the days of commemoration of the 450th anniversary of Bashkirostan's voluntary joining Russia to be held in Ufa. According to all characteristics, the machine has proved to be very good, and besides, it has a brand new design. The Bashkir tractor also has its own name - Tolpar.
Journalists learned this today at a press conference in the Bashinform agency from Deputy Minister of Industry, Investment and Innovative Policy of the Republic of Bashkirostan Robert Vagapov, who headed the workgroup on tractor creation.
"There are no analogues to our tractor," Robert Fanilevich emphasized. "It has been created practically from scratch. In this, we have to give credit to the designers and authors. It is important that the tractor will be equipped with the domestic adapted engine YaMZ-536 (Euro-4) produced by the OJSC Yaroslavskiy engine plant. The tractor has a capacity of 170-230 horse-powers. The amount of 4,000 tractors will be produced per annum. This machine will be very competitive and attractive in terms of price. It will be sold at the price almost two times less compared to Europe.
At what expense will this be achieved? Robert Vagapov asserts that several factors will contribute to making production cheaper. Firstly, enterprises that will carry out the assembly works already exist, and do not have to be built anew. Certainly, there will be involved some 20 enterprises of the republic in the process of production of the universal wheel tractor, manufacturing of components and aggregates. Secondly, the electricity and workforce in our country is cheaper than abroad. And, thirdly, we are calculating the optimal profitability. In the opinion of the deputy minister, such tractor will enjoy a steady demand.
Undoubtedly, this is an important investment project of our republic, a striking example of realization of cluster possibilities, in this case of the engineering one. As Robert Vagapov noted, it is high time that not ideas are sold, but high-tech items with a high added value. As is the case with the new wheel tractor, which will be produced in our country.

August 24, 2007 - Immunopreparat Produces Additional Batch Of Inferon For Republic's Population

An additional party of highly effective medication Inferon in the volume of 211 packs designated specially for republic's population was produced by the affiliate of Immunopreparat Federal State Unitary Enterprise of the Health Protection Ministry of the Republic of Bashkirostan, Scientific-Production Association Mikrogen. This was done upon a special order by the enterprise's drugstore.
As the press service of Immunopreparat informed, 70 packs had already been supplied to the drugstore.
Inferon is a preparation of blood having anti-viral and immunity-modulating properties. In other words, Inferon strengthens organism's protective function. It is used against viral infections, oncological diseases, immunodeficiency, for prevention and treatment of diseases in adults and children. The medication has no contra-indications.

August 22, 2007 - Engine Producers Receive New Testbed

The first desk for testing turbo-jet engines AL-55I, designated for trainer airplanes, has been launched in the recent days. Chief designer of the OJSC Saturn Scientific-Production Association and director of the AL-55 engine program Armen Sarkisov, chief designer and director general of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise SPE Motor Alexander Ivakh, leaders and experts of these enterprises, and representatives of the OJSC Ufa Engine Industrial Association (UMPO), participated the testbed opening ceremony.
The testbed is situated at the area of the Motor enterprise. As it was reported by UMPO, the distinguishing feature in its creation has become wide cooperation between engineers and employees of the Motor enterprise both at the stage of designing and in course of manufacturing. The next thing is equipping the testing desk with controlling and measuring systems. In the nearest time one more similar testbed will appear in the OJSC UMPO testing complex.

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