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 Archive of news - September 2007

September 7, 2007 - ImmnoPreparat To Manufacture 26.5 Million Doses Of Grippol By Yearend

Microgen, an affiliate of ImunoPreparat of the Ministry of Health Protection and Social Development of the Russian Federation, will produce 26.5 million doses of the Grippol vaccine. In the judgment of Bashkir specialists, this amount will be sufficient to vaccinate during the autumn-winter period those people, who are subject to obligatory immunization both in the republic and in the country in general.
In should be reminded that the enterprise manufactured some 26.6 million doses of the vaccine last year, shipping was made not only to Russia, but also to the neighboring countries.
In should be mentioned that presently global pharmaceutical market has some 10 anti-influenza vaccines. They are manufactured in Germany, Great Britain, France, the Netherlands etc. Bashkir Grippol is the leading anti-influenza vaccine of the Russian Federation.

September 27, 2007 - Sibay Miners Work Using State-Of-The-Art Technology

Construction works are underway on the first starting complex of Sibay underground mine. Here work the employees of Betonstroi, Chelyabinsk Vostokmetalurgmontazh, Sibay SY-1, YuzhUralElektromontazh and PromVentilyaciya, which are contracting enterprises of the Sibay affiliate of Ychalinsk ore-dressing and processing plant. The objects of the Skipovaya mine have already been commissioned in the structure of heapstead building, the building of slope, mine shaft and concentration horizon of 369 metres, from which the ore is lifted to the surface. At present, the equipment of the mine is in the process of commissioning, the fine-tuning of hoist and all mechanisms is underway, the mine staff is being trained. The territory will be improved in the short run. Putting the mine into operation is planned on October after its formal acceptance by a state committee. Mine shaft Severnyi Ventilyacionnyi is another important object of the Sibay underground mine. It will function as a second mechanized lift within the structure of first starting complex. The hoist building has already been finished, while heapstead building is so far only a combination of metal constructions. Gas boiler will be put into operation on the mine shaft October. Its aim is to heat the heapstead building and lift building, and also ventilation system with hot-air heating equipment.
The first stage of the underground pit consists of numerous excavations used for delivery, transportation, ventilation, and ore mining on the 389-, 409-, 429-metr horizons. Hydraulic hookups with compressed air and industrial water, electrical equipment and illumination cables have been laid there.
The means used in 6 months of this year for the objects of the Skipovaya mine totaled 120 %. The sum planned to be spent on building and construction works according to the project is RUR 39.217 million. And the object #1 in the building of Sibay underground mine is the milling and filling complex that is expected to play an important role in the development of ore deposit Nizhnaya Zalezh. The staff of the complex using production chain of the equipment will produce and send the fill rock on the basis of blast-furnace slag, inert materials and lime to the cleaning rooms of the ore deposit. Thanks to it, the ore dilution will essentially decrease and the concentration of metals in it will rise. In December, according to the decision of the board of directors of Ural ore-dressing and processing enterprise, the milling and filling complex should go into operation.
In general, the objects of first starting complex will let the miners of Sibay underground mine use modern technologies to produce 400 thousands tones of ore per year.

September 27, 2007 - Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov To Visit Ufa Transformer Plant Under Construction

On September 28, within the framework of XIth session of the International Assembly of Capitals and Big Cities (MAG) running on 27-28.09.07 in Ufa, there will take place the visit of Ufa transformer plant, which is under construction.
MAG President and Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov will familiarize himself with the course of construction and manufacturing capability of future industrial giant.
Ufa transformer plant is one of the biggest investment projects of holding company "ElektroZavod" (Moscow) with total cost of more then RUR 4 billion.
The building of plant for production of power transformers, distribution transformers, rower centres started in September 2005. It is a complex of 2 plants under one roof with a total area of 60.000 sq. metres. Presently, the staff is finishing the assembly of equipment to launch the first line of production.
The production of first 220 kilovolt transformer is scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2007.
The modern equipment of Russian and foreign origin is installed at the plant, the state-of-the-art technologies that have not been used in Russia before are implemented on the enterprise.
The territory of Ufa transformer plant will host one more enterprise that will produce high-voltage commutation equipment. The transnational giant "Siemens" is a partner of "ElectroZavod" in production of this equipment.
Ufa transformer plant will become the biggest transformer producer in Russia - with total power of 30,000 megavolt-ampere per year. The building of machine engineering plants of such size has not been executed for 30 years on the territory of Russia and CIS.
The startup of the new transformer plant will allow to create new energy machine-building complex on the territory of Bashkortostan that has no counterparts in Russia or abroad.
After reaching the scheduled power the expected volume of output in money equivalent will reach more than RUR 8 billion per year.

September 21, 2007 - Beloretsk Integrated Iron-And-Steel Works Ends Preparation For Work During Autumn-Winter Period 2007-2008

The Beloretsk integrated iron-and-steel works that is a part of Mechel company ends the preparation of the workshops for work during autumn-winter period 2007-2008. The heating season starts in less than one month. Winter is a severe period for industrial enterprises with uninterrupted production cycle. An enormous work was done to organize regular and qualitative heat supply of the OJSC BMK objects, to ensure failsafe work of electric equipment, to increase the effectiveness of usage of energy resources during heating season. Particularly the repair of energy equipment, water boilers and smokestack was carried out. The inspection and repair of heat supply system of plant workshops, the heating systems of office block and storehouse and ventilation system was made.
As the press service of the plant reports, the measurers to ensure the trouble-free functioning of all parts of technological process on the enterprise were developed and approved.
All workshops and departments of Beloretsk integrated iron-and-steel works were provided with all the necessary stuff to run repair and to get ready for the winter already in the summer. To organize control for usage of heat energy and to ensure its effective usage special, devices of control were bought and installed on the heating mains. After the repair and before the beginning of heating season all heating mains were successfully tested. The supply of working clothes and shoes for winter work was made in the central stores; the reserve fuel supply was made for boiler rooms of the heating station.

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