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 Archive of news - October 2007

October 30, 2007 - Ufa knitting factory productionizes more then 200 new models of clothes in nine months

For the 9 months of the current year JSC "Ufa knitting factory" has productionized more then 200 models of clothes. In such case the renewal of assortment has reached 70%.
Ufa knitting factory today is one of the successfully progressing republican companies. Specifically for three quarters of the current year the factory output rose 38.5 % in comparison with the same period of the last year.

October 30, 2007 - JSC "Soda" gets first clinker

JSC "Soda" has got the first clinker on the dry method production line. It is half finished material in the grain shape produced by burning of meal. Clinker is the main base material for cement production.
In September first tons of raw material were produced on the new technological line. Heavy workload has been completed by Russian and foreign specialists during this time. Presently the equipment checkout is being performed on the cement production line. The fact to remind is that Sterlitamak "Soda" plans to produce more then 2 bln tons per year till 2010.

October 29, 2007 - Beloretsk metallurgical combine launches mill-150 after overhaul

Beloretsk metallurgical combine, part of "Mechel" company finished the overhaul of mill-150.
Mill-150 was stopped for an 8 day overhaul, during which all the maintenance measures for securing of workshop further steady operation during the following year were completed. JSC "BMK" specialists as well as other organizations-contractors have applied major efforts to inspect, repair and change mechanic and electric equipment of major technical line of the mill, heating furnace with the change of the laying, recuperators and heat proof fitting, and also completed the repair of the mechanic equipment of the main drive gears and mill metal ware. The inspection of main ventilation channel and heat exchangers was completed with the fragmentary change of some units, stop valves of water pipes, flushing of hydraulic system and greasing with oil change. The repair of operating cranes and lifting mechanisms, reversible circuit equipment clearing was also performed.
During the stop of the mill-150 - main workshop of BMC - all other workshops worked in a normal mode - millmen provided all the wire and cable workshops with the materials before the scheduled stop - BMC press office said.
The mill was accepted for operation in 1979, rated capacity of the largest in those times complex for production of high quality rod was on the level of 400,000 tons per year, and after the fragmentary reconstruction it increased to 550,000 tons.
Rolling mill is one of the most important workshops of Beloretsk metallurgic combine. I produces rod of 5-14 mm of different grades of steel. As of the December of the last year the workshop produced the 10 bln tons of hot-rolled mill products.
Due to the effective work of the mill all wire-cable production of JSC "BMC" has stable capacity utilization. Besides Beloretsk rod is supplied to the enterprises of the company: Vyartsyl hardware plant, Lithuanian "Mechel-Nyamunas" and Romanian "Mechel Cympiya Turziy" as well as to the Russian hardware plants and foreign partners.

October 29, 2007 - The produce of Tyimazyn plant of nonwoven fabric shipped to Germany and Kazakhstan

LLC "Tyimazin plant of nonwoven fabric" expands the geography of the supply of its produce. Now the products of the enterprise will be shipped to Germany and Kazakhstan. At present near 73.000 sq.m of geotextile fabric that is used in road building have been sold to these countries. The total sum of the Bashir fabric bought by Germany and Kazakhstan is 3.9 bln roubles.
The growth in the volume of output on the Tyimazyn enterprise is now notable. In this year's January-September period the plant increased production 26.6% on the last year's corresponding period. Partly it is conditioned by the growing interest of clients to outsole fabric, thread piercing material for floor covering and fabricated leather, sorbing and hydroisolating materials.

October 29, 2007 - in January-September Birsk machinists increase production 97% against previous year

The republican enterprise JSC "Birsk clothes\garment factory" increased by 97% its output in comparison with the nine months of the last year. It is the best result according to this index in the sub-industry. In general the growth in the sewing and textile industry production accounts for 4.5%.
As it is said in metallurgic, timber processing complex, light and medicine industries departments of Ministry of Industry, investment and innovation policy of the RF, Birsk enterprise as well as "Uchalinsk clothes\garment factory" facilitate the stabilization of textile and clothing production of the region.
Such a considerable growth in the output of Birsk clothes\garment factory production became possible due to the contracts for clothes for defense and law enforcement forces. Presently the specialists of the above mentioned forces of Moscow, Samara and of course of our republic use the clothes made in Birsk. Besides specialists of the factory manufacture work wear (both of summer and winter type) for the region emergency workers.
But there is no decrease notable in production volume of man and children shirts. Birsk specialty in this field is a shirt of Italian fabric - 100% cotton. According to the staff of the enterprise their specialty is distinguished first of all by wear characteristics: in summer the fabric seem to breath, in winter the shirts made of more consistent linen do not let you feel cold.

October 26, 2007 - JSC "Salavatneftorgsyntez" opens technical centre "Salavatneftorgsyntez-Yakogava"

Today technical centre "Salavatneftorgsyntez-Yakogava" was opened in Salavat. As a public relations manager of Salavat holding Ruslan Yusupov said to Bashinform agency this event is a new stage of fruitful cooperation of JSC "Salavatneftorgsyntez" and "Yakogava" (YOKOGAWA ELECTRIC CORPORATION), the start of the realization of their accord about long-term strategic cooperation.
"Salavatneftorgsyntez" and "Yakogava" are ancient business partners. One of the leading Japan enterprises in its field participates in equipment by automated industrial management systems almost all the plants - part of JSC "Salavatneftorgsyntez".
The technical centre will take part in creation of the modern system of management of technological processes and production on the basis of leading informational technologies with the priority-oriented equipment and software of "Yakogava" company. The centre is created within the framework of corporative program of enhancing efficiency of scientific-technological approaches and researches.
The reasons for "Salavatneftorgsyntez" and "Yakogava" technical centre creation are to accelerate the development of systems of industrial processes management, to lower the expenses on automation of technological equipment and to use it more qualitatively.
From now forth they plan to establish the scientific-technical centre and corporative university on the territory of JSC "Salavatneftorgsyntez". In prospect they plan to create mathematical model of every technological unit of JSC "Salavatneftorgsyntez", to create the training simulator of emergency situation liquidation taking into account the peculiarities of technological, pumping and compressing equipment.

October 26, 2007 - Two draw benches put into operation at Beloretsk metallurgical combine

Two draw benches for spring wire production with 1.4-2.4 diameter were put into operation in workshop # 12 of Beloretsk metallurgical combine (JSC "BMC"), part of "Mechel" company. Setting into operation of new modern equipment at BMC is carried out in accordance with substantial program for technical modernization of combine aimed at quality improvement and cost saving.
Only starting from the beginning of 2007 the complex for high duty stabilized reinforcing wire production was put into operation as well as two lines for cable, staple and fiber semi product wire, raw aggregates production.
The cost of the project accounted for near 69 bln roubles (2.8 bln US $), the estimated capacity - 14.2 thousand tons of wire per year. The complex of new equipment produced by German company Ernst Koch - leading manufacturer of wiredrawing equipment - consists of reeling aggregate, line for dross mechanical removal with preparation of the wire rod for drawing, straight-through drawing machine and a mechanism for forming rosette coils.
The equipment of the similar type already successfully works at the plant. The first line for spring wire 1.4-2.2 mm diameter production was put into operation at Beloretsk metallurgic combine in 2005. Two more lines similar to those that replenished the set of up-to-date aggregates were put into operation in workshop # 12 nearly one year ago.
At present spring wire enjoys constantly growing popularity on the market. Its main consumers are furniture enterprises. Today 60 % of all springs in upholstered furniture and mattress that are sold on the Russian domestic market are made precisely of the wire produced by Beloretsk metallurgic combine.

October 25, 2007 -Kazakhstan interested in Bashkir furniture designed by psychologists

The experts of Ufa LLC "Technohiminvest" and Centre of Psychological researches and development "Right decision" managed to combine the knowledge in the sphere of psychology and furniture production. The specialists of the centre developed and patented the series of furniture named "Furniture of ecological communicational space". This series includes several module tables with tabletops various by form. Tables can be combined in different ways to get numerous variants of new forms that will be calculated not for one but for 2-3:10 and more seats for studying.
The creators of these school tables are sure that these tables are indispensable for leading trainings, studying and developing classes. Such sets have already been bought by several republican high schools.
And recently the representatives of Kazakhstan high schools the Centre negotiates with got interested in the work of Bashkir psychologists.

October 25, 2007 - In January-September Textilemen and machinists ship goods and services for an approximate sum of 3 bln roubles

For the nine months of the current year republican machinists and textilemen shipped goods and rendered services on the 3 bln roubles. It is 13.7 % more than for the similar period last year. The produce output has grown by 4.5%, considering 8.2% growth on the large plants.
The best results are ascribed to JSC "Birsk clothes\garment factory" where this year produce output has virtually twice exceeded the last year index. Good results are shown by JSC "Ufa knitting factory", CJSC "Work ware factory", state unitary enterprise "BHP" Agidel", where the industrial production index exceeded 130%. The produce volume was also added by LLC "Factory of nonwoven fabric", JSC "Salavat sewing firm "Sodis-style", LLC "Clothes Factory" and others.
At the same time JSC "Neftekamsk industrial enterprise "Iskozh" lowered their index. The enterprise specialists produced 3.4% less than in nine months of the corresponding period last year. The decline in production of car upholstery fabric, textile fabric, hot-melted interlining is explained by reduction of deliveries to JSC "AvtoVaz", where the production of cars has been suspended, some cars were abandoned. Besides the size of JSC "Iskozh" output was influenced by raw materials price growth.
As it was admitted by metallurgic, timber processing complex, light and medicine industries departments of Ministry of Industry, investment and innovation policy of the RF the tendencies of stabilization and development will prevail in the textile and clothing manufacture till the end of the year that is connected with the growth of demand for product and investments aimed at modernization of the enterprises. According to the forecasts of specialists industrial production index will reach the level of not less than 102 %.

October 25, 2007 - New species of Birsk LLC "Nasha Mebel" production incite great interest among the visitors of Ufa furniture exhibition

Birsk LLC "Nasha Mebel" showed new species of production on the republican specialized exhibition "Office and home furniture" that is going on in the capital.
Fronts with aging effect and multicolor fronts popular in Europe are now produced by not so many furniture makers in republic. Now they are also made in Birsk. To make it more simple we need to say that furniture fronts are separate completely ready for making future wardrobes, wall cabinets and bedside chests. The furniture can be assembled out of these fronts.
New types of furniture needed no new equipment. In case of fronts with aging effect only technology of painting the wooden board changed. Now bright colors shade more dark, they cover them irregularly, by means of this arises the feeling that the furniture is very old.
Fronts that later become 2-, 3-, 4-coloured are not painted, but are covered with the thinnest film, that originally has got one or another picture.
New production of the company created enormous interest at the exhibition. For two days participation in the exhibition this small enterprise has encountered some 30 new clients among wholesalers from different regions of the country.

October 24, 2007 -New condensers boost the effectiveness of phthalic anhydride aggregate at "Salavatnefteorgsyntez" JSC

The use of new refrigeratories was started at the phthalic anhydride aggregate at "Syntez" plant of "Salavatnefteorgsyntez" JSC. According to the press-service of the joint stock the equipment of the leading world manufacturer GEA Luftkuhler GmbH (Germany) will allow to lower industrial risks and increase the quality of the production.
Phthalic anhydride is a chemical matter that is used for production of varnish, plastic, dye-stuff and for plasticizing agents. A considerable quantity of this product is used by "Salavatnefteorgsyntez" JSC for its own purposes - for production of plasticizing agent DOF, that in its turn is necessary for plastic, cable isolation, floorcloth, fabricated rubber products, leathercloth production.
The separation of raw phthalic anhydride runs in the refrigeratories of freezing. So far "Syntez" plant used 4 aggregates whose construction became morally and physically outdated. In connection with this the management of the plant and holding decided to replace the equipment used.
The assembling of 4 new freezing condensers of German firm GEA Luftkuhler GmbH have been completed on the phthalic anhydride aggregate as well as the replacement of -300 oil for more qualitative heat carrier Xceltherm 315 and installation of new pumps for circulation of cold and hot heat carriers.
New freezing condensers are more compact and energy saving, that will let decrease the operation costs. Due to the effective apparatus construction the collection efficiency increased.

October 23, 2007 - New epichlorohydrin pouring line put into operation at Sterlitamak "Kaustik" JSC

A new epichlorohydrin pouring line with various containers usage that is meeting the demands of the consumers was put into operation at Sterlitamak "Kaustik".
Until recently this production was available to the clients only in big tanks and containers, which was often uncomfortable for those who needed small volumes.
Within the framework of realization of investment programs aimed at satisfaction of the consumers' demand a new German line by "Feige" was bought that allows to can epichlorohydrin into any size tanks. As press centre of the enterprise quoted - the first 46 tons of export epichlorohydrin in new tanks are ready for shipment.
Presently "Kaustic" JSC covers 57 % of all epichlorohydrin produced in Russia, that the Sterlitamak chemists get with mass fraction more then 99.5 %. Epichlorohydrin is the prizewinner of "Best Republic Bashkorstan Goods" 2005-2007, laureate of "100 best goods of Russia" 2005-2007 and is mainly exported, affirming the high status of the company.

October 18, 2007 -Neftekamsk buses await Moscow

Minibuses "VDL-NefAz-32997" "Prosity" may appear in the nearest future in the Moscow airports. Visiting the exhibition of machine building industry dedicated to 450 years date of freewill annexation of Bashkiriya to Russia the Mayor of Moscow Yuriy Luzhkov was willing to buy them. While the management of "Domodedovo" airport also intended to buy this comfortable bus even during the beginning of September "InterAvto" exhibition. The negotiations on this issue have already been started.
As you know, the exhibition in front of Congress Hall, Ufa, was visited by RF President Vladimir Putin. Despite the fact that he had little time to look through the entire exhibition he has shown a great interest towards the products of Neftekamsk Auto Plant. NefAZ JSC introduced four new buses not taking into consideration "Prosity", touristic VDL NefAZ-52999 "Mistral", city "VDL-NefAZ-52997 "Transit" and long distance "VDL-NefAZ-52996" "Lexio". Tank semitrailer "NefAZ-Willig-96893", cargo semitrailer "NefAZ-93341-08" and fodder roller "NefAZ-1520" were also introduced.
General Director "NefAZ"JSC Raif Malikov told the head of the state about the second place Neftekamsk plant takes in Russia on production big passenger buses. Buses are produced both with domestic and foreign components. Close cooperation was established with Belgium-Dutch corporation "VDL". Vladimir Putin take a look at the touristic bus from inside and then turned to Raif Malikov and VDL Vice President Mr. Farmelen: "I congratulate you on a good product!"
Such appreciation of the President encourages and winds the workers for an effort to work better, - pointed Raif Malikov.

October 17, 2007 - Uchaly mining and concentration complex increases output of copper in concentrate

For 8 months Uchaly mining and concentration complex has increased the production of the copper in concentrate by 5 % in comparison with the last year corresponding period index. In general the total amount produced for 8 months is 34,785 tons of copper in concentrate.
Besides the Sibay subsidiary of Uchaly mining and concentration complex has produced 19,093 tons of copper in concentrate for January-August 2007 (1.7% growth). Ore mining has reached 306,000 tons (1.3% growth).
Speaking about the last year indexes the volume of ore mining was 5 bln tons having reached the top meaning, there have also been the peak output of metals in concentrate.
All this enabled to give life to all the planned projects concerning the quickest development of mining base, further reconstruction of concentration plant and social support of the staff. The Sibay subsidiary of Uchaly mining and concentration complex gain industrial momentum, "Bayramgul" agricultural company strengthens its positions as advanced farm.
As the press centre of the enterprise says due to the growth of physical volume and favorable market conditions they sold products, provided services and work for more than 10 bln roubles. Taking it into account the expenses on every rouble of the sold product, work and service accounted for 49.8 kopecks that is 4.8 kopecks lower than it was planned.
1.4 bln roubles of investments were acquired for capital development.
Uchaly mining and concentration complex JSC is town-forming enterprise, the sum of tax allocation to the consolidated budget of the city and the region is 75 % of the general amount. On 2006 the budgets of all levels accrued current payments for 2.9 bln roubles sum. And Uchaly mining and concentration complex is aimed to maintain high tempo of production and commercial operations. Its dynamic work forms stable safe situation in the city and the region.

October 15, 2007 - "Salavatneftteorgsyntez" JSC to get new equipment

"Monomer" plant, part of "Salavatneftteorgsyntez" JSC holding will get new equipment. Drum-separators that are part of double chamber pyrolysis furnace, are produced by "Red coppersmith"JSC (Rostov oblast).
The cost of the order that is to be completed by second quarter of the following year is 27 bln roubles.

2007.10.12 -"Immunopreparat" is to manufacture 26.5 bln of vaccine "Grippol" doses till yearend

The press office of the enterprise informed "Bashinform" that despite the holidays specialists of federal state unitary enterprise scientific development and production centre "Microgen", "Immunopreparat" affiliate, Ministry of Public Health and Social development, continue working. Holidays became working days for those involved in influenza virus vaccine "Grippol" production, for they are to manufacture 26.5 bln doses of vaccine till the end of the year. These are microbiologists, chemists, laboratory assistants, operators of the influenza virus vaccine workshop, as well as the staff of finishing workshop product line and combined drug section.
The workers of test animals lab also continue working. They need to feed and take care of more than 5.5 thousands of guinea pigs, white mice, hamsters and rabbits.

2007.10.10 - Meningococcal vaccine production to be launched in Bashkortostan

Vaccine against meningococcal infection will be manufactured in Ufa. Specialists of federal state unitary enterprise scientific development and production centre "Microgen", "Immunopreparat" affiliate, Ministry of Public Health and Social development, will produce polysaccharide dry meningococcal vaccine, "Bashinform" was told it by the enterprise press secretary Guzel Yusupova.
The production of new for Bashkir microbiologists vaccine will be launched in the multicomponent section headed by Candidate of Medical Science Nikolay Melnikov.
"Immunopreparat" microbiologists currently undergo training in Moscow, at G.N.Gabrichevsky bacterial products enterprise. They master the technology right on the working places.
The complex attestation of new production section for compliance with international quality standards GPM with the preparation of product pilot bath will be completed by this affiliate staff till the end of the year. Vaccine industrial output is scheduled for the next year.

2007.10.09 -Federal wholesale fair of light industry bears first fruit for Ufa knitting factory

The production of "Ufa knitting factory" excited the interest of wholesalers from neighboring, central and north regions of the country. For 10 day period Bashkir manufacturer shipped goods outside the republic for the 200 thousand roubles. But it is only the beginning. Now the enterprise managers negotiate about supplying school uniform to the largest trading networks.
Such an excitement for the factory products is a result of participation in Federal wholesale fair of light industry "TextilLegProm". On September in Moscow Bashkir craftsmen introduced their collection of woman and child clothes of autumn-winter season.
Let us remind you that traditional pink, red, white and black as well as new grey and turquoise were predominant shades of the collection. The series material is knitting, cotton, guipure and viscose with the last two used for decorative styling. All designs are decorated with Scandinavian style ornaments, various geometric figures and stripes.

2007.10.08 - The approbation of "Immunopreparat" line on syringe vaccine production proves to be successful

The approbation of product line on vaccine in disposable sterile syringes of federal state unitary enterprise scientific development and production centre "Microgen", "Immunopreparat" affiliate, Ministry of Public Health and Social development, completed successfully, the enterprise press secretary Guzel Usupova told "Bashinform" agency.
Bashkir specialists and "Miassk medical equipment plant" CJSC experts including the leading engineer of the Ural enterprise Sergey Uzkih checked the functioning of the section in the complex.
Some aggregates and their interaction and software, air cleaning and ventilation systems, different technical parameters were in the spotlight. This approbation turned to be final. Pilot series of "Grippol" will be manufactured even this year. They will be examined by specialists. In a case vaccine in disposable sterile syringes does not lose its biological and technical characteristics for the period of storage and meets the international standards, the enterprise will get down to industrial production of it in completely new form of original packing.
According to Sergey Uzkih, it has already been the third joint project of Bashkir scientific and industrial complex and Miass plant on creation "clean" workshops on "Immunoprepatat". Ufa specialists made everything professionally.
We should notice that the republican capital will become the first Russian city with high technological line for influenza virus vaccine and other medical immunobiological drugs production. The ventilation system will not only regulate the temperature and pressure in the building but will also secure the top sterility of the air. It's enough to say that the air will change more then 80 times in the workshop for bottling vaccine. This complex is divided into 4 zones depending on the sterility class. Laminar flow (unidirectional) of sterile air will be created in the section where the syringes will be filled with vaccine - it is A zone. B zone is an area with equipment inside, C and D zones are for vaccine containers preparation. The doors that separate zones work with gole principle. For example if the door between C and B zone is opened, in this case door between C and D zones automatically shuts.
This section of "Immunopreparat" successfully undergone an international examination in Switzerland, that opens before the enterprise a door to the global market.

October 5, 2007 - Sterlitamak machine tool plant participates in the biggest exhibition in metalworking field "EMO-2007"

The largest exhibition in the area of metal working "EMO-2007" held in Hannover (Germany) is over. On the overall area of 160 sq. meters machine tool builders from more than 40 world countries exhibited the diversity of technological solutions, innovations carried out on up-to-date machines with numerical program control as well as on the machining centre modules.
In the showroom # 13 on the area of more than 200 sq.m. "Sterlitamak machine tool plant" JSC represented the achievements of the staff for the last 2 years - machine tools for processing of the complex profile from 5 sides with one aggregate, including gas-turbine blades and mono wheels of 500VS, 500HVT type, multifunctional machining center unit, performing lathe work, milling, drilling and boring operations for details of any difficulty of 800VHT model and the latest invention - horizontal machining centre of 500H model.
All the participants of the exhibition as well as the visitors (and they were more than 166,000 from 82 world countries) were unanimous - this exhibition is the most interesting comparing with all that were held, - admits Zylfiya Hadieva, director of foreign economic relations department of "Sterlitamak machine tool plant". This can be proved by negotiating with potential clients from the USA, Colombia, Indonesia, the Republic of South Africa. Our visitors were interested in production cost saving against the constant grow of quality and working accuracy, increase in technical processes flexibility and reduction of idle time. The growing integration of different processing methods and their combination - it was the leading theme of the overwhelming majority of talks. In connection with it is pleasant to note that the projects of Sterlitamak exhibited at EMO-2007 completely met the highest requirements of the world machine tool market.
The exhibition proved that the plant has chosen the right course on modular approach to machine tools assembly. It enables the plant to be flexible in solutions to difficult technological requirements put forward by the customers and to offer them various types of machine tools. Upon that we are to propose the product made with quality, beauty and love.
-We settled mainly the issues connected with the export supply development - Zylfiya Failovna goes on. We achieved specific agreements with our clients from Belgium, Great Britain, Argentina, the USA and Germany. Our technologies are traditionally interesting to clients from India where Sterlitamak is going to ship 4 units of extremely complicated machining centers. The genuine interest is expressed by machine tool builders from Great Britain, Argentina, the USA and Germany. Realizing huge potential of the Russian market they seek ways for strengthening of their interests there.
Traditionally representatives of machine tool corporations from all over the world visit EMO exhibition. Russian clients do not lag behind as well. In accordance with the statistic data, 65 % of all the visitors are the leading managers of the companies, people who decide upon purchasing of equipment. Sterlitamak machine tool builders reached agreements with many Russian enterprises. It's noteworthy that Russian clients' interests float to big portal-frame machines.
"Perhaps we will have to surmount new aspects of machine tool building, to move towards enlargement and complication of the tools," states Zulfia Hadieva. This idea is supported by enormous interest of the visitors towards 2000VHT model though at exhibition it was only introduced by info materials.
The participation of the plant in such prestigious exhibition and the analysis of the world machine tool market testifies that the staff of "Sterlitamak machine tool plant" JSC, a leader of Russian machine tool building, has chosen the right direction for development an realization on innovative solutions. The conception of the machine tools produced in Sterlitamak completely meets the demands of metal processors. Nowadays "Sterlitamak machine tool plant" JSC has a possibility to find solutions to the most complicated tasks of any industry branch. The current exhibition proved that to meet the requirements of the world machine tool building it is necessary to constantly strive for quality.
"In machine tools construction we keep the pace with world leaders," Zylfia Failovna is convinced. The main thing to remain is respectful attitude of every worker towards his job, new solutions search, final product orientation that will enable us to make stable profit, to increase the prosperity and living standards of every plant worker and his family.

October 5, 2007 - The production of high voltage switchgear to be organized in Bashkortostan

Saint Petersburg became a place where "Siemens AG" and "Elecrozavod" JSC signed an agreement on creation of a new joint enterprise on high voltage switchgear production - "Siemens high voltage equipment". 51% of shares will belong to German concern and 49% - to "Electrozavod". The project investments account for $ 16.bln.
According to the business plan new company will deal with production, engineering, sale, supplying and maintaining of the high voltage switchgear equipment and its components of 72.5 W t 550 W voltage level. The expected volume of output in money representation is estimated at the level of more than $ 84.bln. per year.
The enterprise on the territory of the Ufa transformer works in Bashkortostan the completion of building of which is scheduled by "Electrozavod" on the first quarter of 2008 will be a production centre for "Siemens high voltage equipment". The building of the workshop and complex development is undertaken by "Electrozavod" holding company. Its investments into capital development will be more than $ 18.bln.
"Placement of the new enterprise in the Bashkortostan Republic is not occasional," marked general director of holding company "Electrozavod" Leonid Makarevich. "We complete the building of the Russia biggest transformer works, in 2008 we will launch our joint with Siemens project on high voltage switchgear equipment. It is additional tax investments into the republican budget, new working places, and the development of energy machine building in general. We in our turn get profitable investment in the world level production."
"The common project with "Electrozavod" will enable us to work more closely with Russian consumes - energy section enterprises," said Tomas Dalshtein, the head of switchgear equipment Department PTD "Siemens AG" during signing an agreement. "The growth of the branch now accounts for some 10% annually, for us it is very perspective market where we want to work with reliable and trusted partner, who knows specific local features."
The main outlet area of the joint venture is the objects of Russian energy branch. In some specific cases it is planned to ship equipment to other countries' markets.
"Siemens" and "Electrozavod" have already been running several joint projects in the sphere of development, production and electric equipment maintenance. Joint activity helps the companies to actively participate in the realization of the programs aimed at country energy complex development.

October 2007, -Beloretsk plant "STYN" boosts production of concrete mixers

Beloretsk plant "STYN" boosts the production of concrete mixers. The plant was established last year on the industrial-processing base "StroyInstrument" JSC, and is a part of Moscow group of companies "Entuziast". After this year transition period the production level doubled.
Today concrete mixers of various modifications with tank capacity 130-180 lt. for cottage and countryside houses building roll off the assembly line. The enterprise also produces rock-drills that by their technical characteristics, design and surety can be compared with the corresponding foreign samples. Beside there are manual pneumatic air brushes for finishing works among the product proposal of the plant.
At present the plant develops new types of concrete mixers.
In 2008 the management of the plant plans to double the production output. Proper production of components for concrete mixers and other details will be expanded.

October 3, 2007 - Bashkir new collection bags can be found in Chelyabinsk, Perm, Udmurtia and Tatarstan shops

More than 2 thousands of women's handbags of new autumn collection by "Neftekamsk factory of leather accessories" are offered for sale not only in the Bashkortostan shops but also in Chelyabinsk, Perm, Udmurtia and Tatarstan.
The product of Bashkir leather accessories manufacturers enjoys such popularity thanks to the fact that each collection is designed taking into account the latest fashion tendencies. And that is why there are no two series of handbags alike. The products of the factory are distinguished both by affordable price and wide range.
The main colors of the latest autumn collection are black, dark brown, vinous and "gold", "silver" and "bronze". What concerns the form - there we can see the prevailing fashionable bulky bags.

2007.10.03 - Ufa knitting factory complements autumn-winter clothes collection by youth models

The "Ufa knitting factory" JSC complemented "Autumn-Winter-2007" clothes collection by clothes for youth.
The youth line can be formally divided into 2 subcollections. One is out of knitted models, aimed at warm autumn weather. Dresses, lengthened and classic blouses of various styles are made in pleasant tones - grey, black, white. The garment is ornamented with stripes, checks and waves.
The second youth trend is warm jumpers and coat-dresses. Their color range is richer: classic tones are extended by rose-pink and scarlet.
The series consists of 35 models.

2007.10.02 - Beloretsk plant of springs and bow springs masters production of new product types

JSC "Beloretsk plant of springs and bow springs" masters the production of new types of products. For this year the plant mastered the production of 8 new types of railway springs: new line for spring winding was put into operation on the enterprise. It enabled to strengthen the market position of the plant, to get a 15 % raise in the volume output and to create some 25 % new working vacancies.
One year ago the Beloretsk plant of springs and bow springs founded on September 1941 and named in those times "Avtotractordetal" celebrated its 65 anniversary. The plant produces and supplies springs and bow springs to automobile, tractor and van building Russia plants.
There was a 17 % salary growth that accounts for 13,000 roubles. According to this index the plant is included into the first five machine building republican enterprises.
It is noteworthy that five years at a stretch "Beloretsk plant of springs and bow springs" is named the winner of social-economic and trade union contest of Association of Machine building trade unions of Russian Federation.

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2008 year - | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11 | 12 
2007 year - | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11 | 12 
2006 year - | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11 | 12 
2005 year - | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11 | 12 
2004 year - | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11 | 12 

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