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 Archive of news - November 2007

November 2007, 26 - Ufa instrument making production enterprise signs agreement on instrument making for spaceship of transport service of ISS

Ufa instrument making production enterprise (UIPE) continues producing devices for space. Till 2011 federal state unitary enterprise "UIPE" in collaboration with experimental machinery manufacturing NPO "Energia" will produce a series of devices for spaceship of transport service of International Space Station. The contract sum is 89 bln. roubles. The agreement on device production has been recently signed by general directors of both enterprises.
The development of native cosmonautics is associated with Ufa instrument making production enterprise. This year has become a significant one: 45 years ago UIPE started its membership in space exploration program.
Let us remind the landmarks of this great period. In 1962 UIPE became for the first time the participant of the space exploration program and started the production of programmed command computing devices for "Cosmos" series satellite. Starting from 1963 till 1974 the plant participated in development and production of onboard equipment foe spaceships like "Vostok", "Soyuz", moonship, orbiting moonship, permanent orbital station "Salut" and cargo spacecraft "Progress". During the 80th UIPE started the exploration and production of devices that were part of on-board equipment for core module for "Mir" station for NPO "Energia". In total the complex had near 400 devices of 50 types. 1997-1999 are the years when equipment for modules of ISS "Alfa" was produced. In 1999-2001 the unitary enterprise produced on-board equipment for cargo spacecrafts "Soyuz-TMA" and "Progress-M/M1".
But then because of the lack of the necessary finance of space program the number of launches of cargo spacecraft to ISS drastically decreased. As a result starting from 202 the production of space equipment was suspended.
Luckily the space branch in Russia starts to rebirth and the invaluable experience of UIPE becomes of great demand. Such being the case federal state unitary enterprise "UIPE" in collaboration with experimental machinery manufacturing NPO "Energia" of S.P.Korolev proceeded with their joint work on flight support of manned and cargo spacecraft to ISS. The preparation for this work was carried out on the plant. At the beginning of the current year the agreements on renewal of cooperation between the enterprises were signed, in particular in the sphere of basic parts of magnesium alloy and aluminum for "Energia". Special commission had authorial supervision to check the readiness of UIPE for equipment and components construction for rocket-and-space machinery. The verdict of commission is unanimous: the production, test and experimental base, UIPE staff is able to secure the whole process of equipment and components production and testing for rocket-and-space machinery. As a result the enterprise was issued the license of Federal space agency for carrying out space activities.
The work according to new agreement has already started. It is very important for the enterprise for it means long term investments and work-orders, and it means the possibility to secure the future of the plant and its being on demand in the branch.

November 25, 2007 - Ufa engine building production enterprise representatives meet Indian partners

"Ufa engine building production enterprise" (UEBPE) JSC participated in the session of Indian-Russian subgroup on collaboration in the sphere of production, maintenance and repair of the aerotechnics that took place in Deli. The issue of mutual shipment was considered there.
As it was explained at the enterprise, such meetings are held 3-4 times per year successively in every country. UEBPE JSC is the permanent member of this event, where the representatives of the unity have a possibility to speak directly to the Indian partners themselves, to dwell upon the whole spectrum of issues that are mutually interesting.

2007.11.22 -Uchaly miners call on smart technology

Modern technologies of ore mining and processing, effective labor management at all stages help the Uchaly miners and ore dressers to monthly fulfill the production plan. Reconstruction, that is underway at Uchaly ore dressing and processing enterprise not for the first time, has put the enterprise among the leaders of raw materials holding. Sizeable investments are still being made into the technical extension of the complex.
Both domestic and foreign equipment helps to comply with all technological regimes. Mineral processing factory is equipped with the necessary controlling and measuring apparatus and automatic systems. Some useful units were invented and assembled by the factory staff itself.
It is impossible to imagine the control of processes of mining without computer programs. That is why the abundance of computers on the factory sections is not surprising. Even some data terminal equipment functions. Before, it took long to define all the characteristics of equipment functioning, concentration of components in ore and concentrates. Now a lot of information appears on the computer screen, and some is even in the form of constantly updated data.

November 15, 2007 - Savings rate from the 10 months rationalization activity of Ufa engine building production enterprise reaches 22.7 bln. roubles

Number of workers involved into invention and rationalization at "Ufa engine building production enterprise" JSC has a growing tendency. 710 persons participated in the rationalization movement in the current year January-November period (for the corresponding period of the 2006 period - 663).
The total amount of the rationalization suggestions proposed is 1,686 and 816 out of it were implemented into production. 1,555 suggestions were registered for the corresponding period of the last year, 761 implemented.
As it was informed earlier, the economic effect from the usage of the rationalization ideas accounted for 22.7 bln. roubles - this is 7.1b ln. more compared to 2006.

2007.11.14 - Sibay miners get Finnish equipment

On the November the service yard of the underground mine of Sibay affiliate of "Uchaly ore dressing and processing enterprise" was replenished by modern drilling rig "Aksera-5" of Finnish production. It was allocated to the capital mining operation section N1.
"This machinery is aimed at blasthole drilling in the mine workings," explained section deputy director Yuriy Kirilenko. "Its main quality is high efficiency. For the seven hour shift in conditions of our fractured ground, that needs fixation of the mine opening, it can drill off two working faces including up to 100 3 meters blastholes. In the rock base it is possible to drill off even three working faces."
In general "Aksera" is not unknown to underground mine workers. Two analogous devices have already been working at the Sibayan underground mine for 2 years. "Aksera" inherited maneuverability, maximum drilling angle, electrohydraulic mode, excluding air pollution while working from its predecessor "Monomatik". Drilling rig moves fast on the mine roads on diesel engine. Arm manipulation enables to drill horizontal and vertical blastholes within angle of up to 120 degrees. The main difference between "Aksera" and "Monomatik" is more perfect control automation, higher horse-power punch, central lubrication of main components and aggregates. Two "Monomatik" machines allow to pass 280-300 meters of mine tunnels per month, while "Aksera" will add 150 meters more.
Alexander Neklydov and Zyfar Mahmytov - the most experienced mine shaft sinkers drilling oriented, were entrusted with the work on new drilling machinery. Aleksandr Neklydov, Honored miner of Bashkortostan mastered "Monomatik" at Uzelginsk underground minery of Uchaly ore dressing and processing enterprise. When up-to-date equipment was bought for Sibayan underground mine, experienced mine sinker was invited. At present "Monomatiks" are operated by 8 qualified sinkers, while "Aksera" is mastered by Alexander Neklydov and Zyfar Mahmytov with two trainees who will become qualified underground drillers.

2007.11.13 -"Sodis-style" steps up production at the expense of implementation of new collections and production species

Republican light industry is actively developing. The growth in the products made and sold is registered on practically all large-scale and medium-sized enterprises of the subindustry.
Such being the case the workers of Salavat clothing firm Sodis-style for the 9 months of the current year have produced 10.3 % more than for the corresponding period last year. The output growth became possible thanks to the developed by firm designers new school uniform that enjoys popularity not only within the republic.
For instance Sodis-style made a considerable contract for school uniform supply to Moscow. The general amount of more then 30 thousands articles of clothes made by factory workers and shipped to the capital accounts for more than 7.5bln. roubles. In the June the factory already sold boy suits and suits with sundresses for 8-13 years girls.
One more brand new of the enterprise that has without doubts considerably increased the production volume is suit for women. Right in this year the enterprise apart from work clothes and school uniform launched the production of elegant woman suits. Ufa trading house "Podium" was the customer.
But the major variety of goods is made of work clothes. And there the factory has got some brand new - work clothes for petrol station staff. It is produced in 2 variants - summer and winter.

November 12, 2007 - "Kaustik" JSC passes to the first hundred of the largest Ural companies and 400 largest Russia enterprises

The Deputy of the Head of the city administration of Sterlitamak city Nikolay Kirilov presented the General Director of "Kaustik" JSC An En Dok with the diploma of the city economic contest winner in the sphere of chemical production according to the work results for 9 months of 2007 and congratulated numerous staff of the enterprise.
The victory became possible due to high index of maintenance. For 9 months of the current year "Kaustik" JSC has shown a commercial output on 7bln. 623.5 roubles that by 7.8% exceeds the corresponding last year period. Receipts from selling of the integrated products reached 7.544,6 bln roubles including export selling - 1027.4bln. The growth in comparison with the same period data is 7.3% and 2.6% correspondingly.
At the same time there came the message about rating results carried out by rating agency "Expert RA" and its representative office in Ural region. "Kaustik" JSC took the 83rd line among 400 largest Ural Region companies (the results of Expert RA, Moscow).
As the press centre of "Kaustik" JSC informs ratings were carried out among the companies and organizations ranged by output volume and working in different economy branches. The source of the information is Rossdata and results presented by companies after polling and all of them taken from open sources including internet. That is why the ratings may be considered objective and without doubt having impact on the enterprise positive image formation and strengthen the reputation. "Kaustik" JSC is a permanent participator of these projects, constantly providing credible information about company on the "Expert RA" request.
The today's rating "Expert-400. The largest." - is the most representative list of leading Russian companies. For the existence time the rating became respected in Russia as well as beyond its borders, it is widely quoted by domestic and foreign mass-media.

November 12, 2007 - Seven specialists from Baymak region produce up to 2 thousands of felt boots for the winter period

Now there are some 10 small enterprises working specialized on felt boot production. This winter production, so to say, is of first necessity, especially in rural places. And therefore in is not a wonder that almost all felting is in settlements, villages and rural places. During cold autumn and winter months fullers have the most tasked period.
Such being the case, jacks of all skills of Tubinsk "Tulkin" company in Baymak region are engaged in felt boots. Every week only seven good hands produce and sell more then 100 pairs of warm winter boots - starting from the tiny ones till 47. They manage to sell up to 2 thousand pairs for the winter period.
All felt boots are handmade by "Tulkin" workers. The wool is washed and combed out getting thin soft linen. Then it is long flattened by fingers to make the wool stick together, then it is shaped as of plasticine giving it the form of the felt boot, then proceed with boiling in water to make the wool stick more tightly. Such blank resembles a bit the form of felt boot but of very big size. Then the blank is lasted and beaten by wooden beetle unless the product gets the normal felt mil size.
It is worth to note that the production technology has not even slightly changed for the last centuries. The grand and grand parents of modern specialists did the same. The process is easy only if to speak, but in practice it demands physical strength and a lot of patience a few are possible of. On completion of all these procedures the felt boots are send to dry and everything that is left is only to "shave" it to make it smooth.
The production of Tubinsk skilled craftsmen is popular not only in the republic - small shipments are ordered by neighboring regions costumers.

November 10, 2007 - "Ufa plant of elastomeric materials, products and constructions" JSC enlarges production of rubber sealants

Two new highly productive lines of "Rubicon" company (Germany) were put into operation at UPEMPC JSC. They enable to enlarge the production of rubber sealants, the demand for which is constantly growing in connection with the development of building industry in the republic and the country. The launch of the line was devoted to 450 anniversary of Bashkortostan voluntary joining to Russia.
As head of the marketing department of "UPEMPC" JSC Tatyana Olenicheva informs, the production efficiency of new lines is 20 % higher compared with the currently operating. They are maintained by qualified specialists who were educated at the firm-supplier. The complete automation and computerization of technological process guarantees strict quality control on all the production stages. And modern equipment aimed at rubber stock quality control with all the international standard requirements and geometric rubber profile cross cut sizes taken into consideration enlarge the possibilities of the plant.
Starting from the launch time of the first line 130 types of rubber sealant were acquired. The realization of this project gives the possibility to substantially enlarge the output volume of the product almost more than twice times.

November 9, 2007 - "Kaustic" JSC got new packing for calcium hypochlorite

First 190 tons of calcium hypochlorite in new packing from Sterlitamak "Kaustic" will get the consumers of this product in the nearest future.
Over the all years period - with the production been manufactured since 1956 - hypochlorite was packed into disposable metal drums that considerably boosted the price of the product.
The new line for packing using polypropylene bags with polyethylene insert for 20 and 40 kg. was developed and implemented by energy of technicians-and-engineers caustic soda and calcium hypochlorite workshop staff. The line was assembled on the basis of the existing equipment with the usage of functioning sewing machine, -the enterprise press service informed.
The packing type was chosen on the basis of consumers' claims study.
It is known that calcium hypochlorite is widely used in many branches of industry, for instance for neutralization of the cyanide comprising flow in the gold-mining sector, for fabric and paper bleaching, being a nice disinfectant it is successfully used in sanitation, water flow processing and swimming pool water preparation.

November 8, 2007 - Kumertaus helicopter KA-26 shipped to Japan

"Kamov" JSC, part of helicopter building holding "Russia Helicopters", completed the shipping of medium multipurpose helicopter -3211 to Japan. It is the first Russian helicopter to be shipped to Japan after UUSR breakup. It is manufactured on Kumertaus aircraft manufacturing enterprise. It was informed by management company "Oboronprom".
Earlier the light weight helicopters of "Kamov" company KA-26 were the first soviet helicopters Japan bought from USSR. FSUP "KumAPP" product will be used for cargo and people transportation. According to the helicopter operation results Japanese side will decide the question of another order possibility.
A-3211 helicopter is certificated according to FAR-29 norms in Canada. On December of the last year an addition to the airworthiness certificate was made that lets transportation of service passengers. Nowadays the process of certification according to EASA norms (European agency on secure aviation) is taking place in Europe.
Let us add that the helicopters of -32 type are shipped to 10 world countries: Spain, Switzerland. Canada, South Korea, Portugal and others. There are more than 20 helicopters of -3211 type made for today.
-32 helicopters proved themselves as safe and simple to operate and repair "airship". Engineered according to the traditional for "Kamov" scheme with centerline bearing screws the helicopter is distinguished by high maneuverability and stability during hanging-up. It is very important for erecting work or rescue operations in mountains or city blocks.

November 7, 2007 - Baymak casting-mechanical plant receive international certificate

International firm "Bureau Veritas" fulfilled a certification audit of management quality system of "Baymak casting-mechanical plant" JSC for compliance with the international standard ISO 9001:2000. Expert verdict: "The plant quality system meets all the requirements of the standard parameters". The enterprise will get the corresponding quality certificate.
The head offices of Bureau Veritas Certification ISO9001:2000 Audit Report are in Great Britain and France. Their subsidiary is accredited in Moscow. It is important to mark that Baymak plant got over an important international quality standard not by separately taken production but in complex, as a system.
7 Bashkortostan's enterprises are certificated on the international level. And in general in Russia 1,400 companies have international quality certificate. It is very small index and it blocks Russian entry to World Trade Organization.
The agreement with Magnitorsk State Engineering University about cooperation has probably helped Baymak metallurgists. It enabled the enterprise to to acquire a patent on iron alloy. Now the specialists of the high school develop the mathematic analysis of the pump cluster. It is computer modeling of aggregate operation that allows to detect the most wear-prone parts with the following model correction. All this will finally give the possibility to prolong the life time.

November 1, 2007 - Oktyabrsk tannery to open officially in November

The official opening of "Oktyabrsk tannery" LLC is scheduled for November of the current year. It was informed by metallurgic, timber processing complex, light and medicine industries departments of Ministry of Industry, investment and innovation policy of the RF. New equipment is been assembled and checked now. The company simultaneously produces small test run but there are orders from practically all the regions of the country. Assembled equipment complex with 100 % load will enable to process 6 tons of raw produce per day. The scheduled volume of currying is 2,5bln. dm. per month. The main goal is to supply Oktyabrsk "SeBa" LLC with raw produce.
With emergence of this production Bashkortostan became one of the few regions in the country where high-quality rawstock is manufactured.
The history of its creation starts on March 2005. During that period "Oktyabrsk leather and foot-wear complex" JSC, on which basis the plant was organized, went belly-up. The production was suspended. On September new owner - "Fininvestservice" LLC - came. "Fininvestservice" specialists completely repaired all production facilities and administrative complex. The talks on shipment of 30 units for chemist laboratory and production run parallel with it.
The process of gaining estimated capacity is thoroughly planned. On the first stage the so called semi-finished leather will be manufactured. Then they plan to produce on Oktyabrsk not semi finished leather but valuable produce for shoe making, clothes, haberdashery. The company plans to switch to this stage at the beginning of the following year.

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