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 Archive of news - December 2007

December 21, 2007 - Ufa knitting mill commercial agency to open in Moscow

Commercial agency of one more republican enterprise opened in Moscow. Now you can buy clothes of "Ufa knitting mill JSC" in the capital.
As the mill specialists point out, the decision to open commercial agency in Moscow is due to the growing interest of wholesalers from other country regions to the product of the Bashkir textilemen. That in its turn has become possible thanks to the successful participation of the enterprise in federal and international wholesale fairs and exhibitions.
For instance, after the participation of the factory in Federal wholesale fair "TextilLegProm" the enterprise sales outside the republic have grown considerably. Only for the first 10 days after the successful participation in Expo market place Ufa knitting mill has sold clothes to the neighboring regions on 200.000 roubles.
The autumn-winter collection made by Bashkir fixers enjoys great popularity among metropolitan women of fashion. Gowns, oblong and classic jumpers of different fashions are decorated with Scandinavian style design. The color patterns are diverse: starting from traditional black, grey and white and ending with blue, pink and bright red. Suits are accompanied with handbags, scarves and hattocks made of textile fabric.

December 21, 2007 - Republican manufacturers bakes 142.1 hundred tons of bakery for January-December 2007 period

On the 1 of December of the current year there were 493 bakery manufactures, 34 butter churns, 113 cattle- and poultry slaughtering workshops, 126 sausage manufacturers, 87 butter, cheese and milk manufacturers, 257 wheat manufactures, 20 workshops for cereal production and 37 - for compound animal feedstuff manufacturing.
According to the data of Ministry of Agriculture for January-December 2007 period all manufacturers baked 142.1 hundreds of tons of bakery, produced 32.000 tons of vegetable oil, 31.600 tons of meat and specialty meats of 1 category, 13.200 tons of semifinished meat products, 71.800 tons of sausages. Processers produced 19.300 tons of confectionery products, 8.900 tons of hepatic oil, 11.100 tons of fat cheese, 223,300 tons of whole milk products, 94.600 tons of flour and 16.600 tons of cereals.
The republic completely supplies itself with main food products.

December 21, 2007 - Oktyabrski porcelain ware plant produces New Year set of souvenirs

Oktyabrski porcelain ware plant JSC produced New year set of souvenirs. Painter-sculptor of the plant Ildar Badanshin developed a collection of mice figurines. The symbol of the upcoming year appeared in the image of the Boss, Pirate, Sloth and Friendly family skiing.
We will remark that all the figurines are hand painted with the usage of modern secure paints - red, green, white, black and golden.
The first subject collection dedicated to the symbol of the upcoming year was developed in the end of 1989. The first New Year figurine - white horse - 1990 symbol - was then produced by Oktyabrski enterprise. Since then the staff of plant painters annually manufactures holiday line of figurines that constantly are of great demand. That is because the clients with a great thrill and interest await the moment when the eastern horoscope collection will be enlarged with the next porcelain souvenir.

December 21, 2007 - JSC "PolyEf" ends start-up at PETF production

JSC "PolyEf" ends start-up work at poly ethylene terephthalate with high-viscosity (PETF) production used in pack materials for food industry.
The systems of dynyl and ethylene glycol monoethyl ether has passed the testing successfully, the system for vacuumizing has been tested and started, calibration of storage and reactor equipment has been carried out.
As it was reported by enterprise press service, it is planned to perform complex break-in of the manufacturing system of the first technological line. The pressure-pneumatic system will be tested as well. The storage of PETF-granulate is virtually ready to get production and to pack it.
Administerial department of the of the enterprise ends the work on the development of regulatory and technical documentation necessary for putting into operation the production facility.
Presently the specialists of the enterprise undergo training on the similar enterprise in Great Britain. The production of PETF will be started in the nearest months with the production capacity of 120.000 tons, that will be increased to 400.000 tons per year.

December 19, 2007 - Bashkir research-and-development center of beekeeping and apiotherapy starts production of 'honey cosmetics'

SI "Bashkir research-and-development center of beekeeping and apiotherapy" put into operation new workshop on cosmetics production on the basis of beekeeping products. The enterprise produces lines of shampoos, shower gel, bath foam, various creams, liquid soap, washing products for home cleaning, with the famous Bashkir honey as the basis. According to information of Ministry of Agriculture press service now they produce only 20 items but it is planned to increase the product proposal to 25 items.
New production is certificated. To produce it Bashkir research-and-development center of beekeeping and apiotherapy bought Italian equipment.
So far "Honey" cosmetics will only be supplied to branded shops of state institution, but there are requests not only from Bashkortostan, but always from beyond the borders. A part of first production will be shipped to USA.

December 19, 2007 - Group of companies Heineken in Russia develops intensively its manufacturing in Sterlitamak, preserving old brewing traditions

The output volume of Sterlitamak plant of beer and soft drinks "Shikhan" has reached record index of 2bln. hectoliters of beer. In comparison with the last year the gross growth on the enterprise reached more then 50 %.
This achievement confirms the plans of the plant "Shikhan" for further development and strengthening of its leading positions in the region.
"The exceedence of 2bln index of output volume is a new stage of brewery development. A bit more than 3 years passed since the time of integration of the plant into the companies group Heineken in Russia. For this small stretch finance was invested into development and enlargement of existing produce volume of the plant as well as in the quality of manufactured product ", believes Valeriy Bondarenko, general director of "Shikhan JSC".
According to Valeriy Grigoryevich only for this year the plant has successfully put into operation a new PET bottling line, modernized equipment of the brew house. New type of bottle was introduced in the end of June - 2.5 litres PET. New store for the storage of raw materials and packing materials was put into operation in November.
Besides the development of production means the creation of new working positions, the increase of salary level and social protection of the staff. It is pleasant to admit that the plant actively participates in city social and cultural events, provides charity support to the hospital, school, kindergartens.
The expiring year was memorable for the 15 anniversary of legendary Bashkir brand "Shikhan". It is famous far beyond the republic. It is enough to say, that beer under the "Shikhan" brand is shipped to more than 50 cities of Russia. "And the production of popular national trademarks "Three Bears" and "PIT" was launched this autumn." Besides the production growth was increased due to the sales growth. All this positive tendencies let us speak with certainty about the successful function of the brewery.
"The sky is the limit for us. We have big ambitions", says Valeriy Bondarenko.
The year 2007 can be easily called successful for the enterprise. The products of the plant become a winner on several prestigious Russian and republican contests.
It was recognized as laureate and diplomate of the All-Russian contest "100 best Russian goods-2007". The enterprise participated in this competition not for the first time, representing its products in the category "Food products". This year beer "Sedoy Ural", non-alcoholic drinks "Aromat barbarisa", "Dyushes", "Limonad", mineral water "Shikhan 2" were awarded the winners certificates of the competition. The victory in the All-Russian contest where participates the production of the best home manufacturers once again confirms the high quality level and marketability of products of Sterlitamak plant.
"Shikhan light", "Shikhan strong", "Sedoy Ural", non-alcoholic drinks "Aromat barbarisa", "Dyushes", "Limonad", mineral water "Shikhan 2" were awarded with silver medal on the competition that took place within the framework of the largest exhibition of Russia "Golden Autumn 2007". The sorts of beer of many producers were exhibited at the contest. It is pleasant that international taste panel that consisted of professionals of international level singled out and the Sterlitamak production.
The brewery traditions in Sterlitamak have ancient roots. As long ago as in 1884 merchant Dezortsev established the production of beer. The first production engineer was the citizen of Austria. The production volume of the enterprise that existed up to October revolution was on the level of 11.000 of vedros per year. According to the opinion of the president of group of companies "Heineken" in Russia Rolan Parme, true professionals work there and today, and the plant takes the leading position in the ten of Russian plant of the group of companies Heineken in Russia.

December 18, 2007 - Beloretsk metallurgical combine puts new equipment into operation

Beloretsk metallurgical combine part of "Mechel" company put into service 2 modern lines for production of coppered additional wire with 0.8-1.6 mm diameter.
The introduction into service of the line for coppered additional wire production was carried out within the framework of strategic investment program of "Mechel" JSC aimed at modernization and renovation of the equipment, and correspondingly of the quality level increase.
As it was announced by the press service of the plant the decision to buy new equipment - line for copper coating - was adopted by the management in connection with the growth of the orders from the consumers.
The introduction of new equipment of Italian firm WWM with the annual output volume of 3600 tons will enable to considerably increase the production of thin additional wire with 0.8-1.6 mm diameter to process orders of automobile and others plants of Russia. The cost of the project reached more than 26bln. roubles.
The line for copper coating consists of several units - unwinding machine, compensator, unit for dry drawing, drawing machine of wet drawing, baths for washing and copper coating, baking, calibration unit and spooling machine. New equipment will let secure high quality of copper coating, spooling will be made on the spooler as well as in the bundles with rosette type packing of the wasp.
The consumers will be supplied with the wire in euro wire reel magazines, to do it three rewinding machines were installed in the workshop.

December 18, 2007 - The product sales volume and production of manufacturing of goods at Ufa engine building industrial association in the expiring year amounted to 16 bln roubles

The record index of product sales volume and manufacturing of goods is expected at Ufa engine building industrial association JSC according to the results of the expiring year - more than 16 bln roubles.
"Such volume has been reached for the first time for the post-soviet period" - said general director of the association Alexander Artyuhov to the Bashinform Agency. In general the economical variable show positive dynamics of the enterprise functioning.
Such being the case the index of actual volume for 11 months of the current year amounts to 122.2 % in comparison with the similar period of the previous year. The production sales revenue has increased on 31.9 % or 3.5 bln. roubles in comparison with the corresponding period of the last year. The output per worker of the factory personnel increased on 25.3 % and amounts to 806.100 roubles.
In November three gas-compressor units were tested and put into operation at the gas compressor stations "Myshkino" (SeverGazProm LLC), "Karpinskaya" (TyumenTransGaz LLC), "Moscovo" (BashTransGaz LLC).
Adjustment works are going on at the compressor station "Polyanskaya" (BashTransGaz LLC) on the gas compressing unit 16-R Ufa, that is been installed instead of GTK-10-4.
Consequently the production of gas compressor equipment takes on in the production structure of Ufa engine building industrial association.

December 17, 2007 - The brick production in republic increased

The brick production in Bashkortostan increased. For the 11 months of the current year the output of this production has grown up on 5.2 % in comparison with the corresponding period last year.
Particularly according to the data of the Ministry of Construction, Architecture and Transport of Russian Federation the republican brick plants for the 11 months manufactured 386.1mln items of ceramic brick (that exceeds the results of the corresponding period of the last year for 8 %), 129.6mln of silex brick (3.1 % more) and 27.6mln of Besser bricks (the production fell there to 83.6%).
Despite this the brick manufacturing enterprises are not used at full capacity. For example the manufacturers of ceramic bricks use 61.8 % of their capacity, of silex brick - 52.9%, of Besser bricks - 60.3 %.
The November price for 1 thousand of bricks was from 4000 roubles to 8000 without VAT. The price of the brick has grown on 30-40 % on average.
The highest profitability was reached by Andreevsk brick plant JSC (45 %), Keramika LLC (10.9 %), state unitary enterprise Chekmagushsk brick plant (29.2 %).
In general the specialists from the Ministry admit that profitability remains on the low level. It is due to the price growth for fuel and lubricants, heat and electric energy, natural gas, as well as to the big depreciation of the equipment on the home enterprises and to many other factors. But even on these conditions with a sound production and sales management the profitability of 20 % and more can be reached.

December 17, 2007 - "Soda" JSC works out strategy of cooperation with dealers

"Soda" JSC had a first conference of the dealers of dry mix of "Bystroy" trademark. The strategy of cooperation with them was worked out at the conference. About 20 representatives of firms and organizations from 12 cities of Russia watched the manufacturing process of the product and got an opportunity to communicate with their colleges, to put forward their suggestions and wishes to the producer.
As the enterprise press-service stated to Bashinform Agency there came the most active dealers of "Soda". At the conference the guests were told about the condition on the market of dry mixes and about the perspectives of the "Bystroy" trademark, summed up the results of the dealers' year work and announced tasks for 2008.
In consideration of their work and adherence to Sterlitamak construction material the representatives of the firm got certificates of official dealers of "Soda" JSC in their regions.
Then dealers visited new production line for the dry method of clinker production, learned the production of construction materials, saw paletizing equipment and auto combined lift for dry mixes transportation; there was also the presentation of novelties of "Bystroy" trademark.
The guests were presented mechanized technology of dry mixes application. "Soda" JSC is the only Bashkir enterprise and one of the few in Russia that not only produces dry mixes but also implements the whole complex of technical solutions for delivery of mixes to the construction cite with their further application.
Mechanization of building and finishing works enables to increase the working efficiency many times.

December 17, 2007 - "TuymazuSteklo" JSC to manufacture new kinds of production

Starting from New Year one of the largest specialized enterprises of Russia on medical and food glass production "TuymazuSteklo" JSC plans to start the industrial production of new items - glass bottles for blood, transfusion and infusion products 450ml volume.
The difficulty of such production is in the fact that the thickness of the bottles should be the same all over the surface. The production of new items as well as all line of the plant will run around the clock. All 7 glass-melting furnaces will be used for this.
Let us remind that this year the plant has already mastered the production of bottles for corvalolum and acetum.

December 14, 2007 - Official representative office of Neftekamsk "Iskozh" JSC to appear in Moscow

Official representative office of Neftekamsk "Iskozh" JSC was opened in Moscow. The initiative to open the wholesale depot of Bashkir enterprise in Moscow was mutual. The representative office in Moscow gives "Iskozh" the chance to sell its goods to the companies that start their acquaintance with industrial production of Russia precisely from the capital. For the Moscow companies such a representative is a perspective to buy quality and not expensive Bashkir goods in their own city.
The interest in country towards the plant is great as "Iskozh" is a leader and the Russia and CIS largest producer and supplier of leather-like material, floorcloth, sheeting, polyurethane foam, shoes materials, furniture and automobile upholstery fabric, spinning, textile fabric.
There are more than 3400 staff members. The assortment of the production is of more than 1000 items. The main customers still remain such giant-companies as "AvtoVaz" JSC, "KamAz" JSC, "Uz-Daewoo", "Aviastar-SP", "Rostov plant of civil aviation" JSC and leather accessories, clothes / garment and knitting mill factories, the manufacturers of cushioned and office furniture, shoes plants and many others.

December 14, 2007 - "Ozna" flow switch group - best in Russia

7 years at a stretch the production of "Ozna" company becomes the winner of the program "100 Russia best goods" in the category "Production of technical-industrial purpose". This year the awards of federal level were given to the flow switch group aimed at switching the gas or liquid flow. It is made in two modifications (DU50 and DU80) and is used in prover unit that is the "heart" of metering equipment of "Ozna - MIcron".
Before the victory in the All-Russian quality competition the flow switch group successfully overpassed the republican contest and became the laureate of "Best Bashkortostan goods". The victories in the quality contests has become company "Ozna" good tradition and new achievement of the company proves it.

December 13, 2007 - "Salavatnefteorgsyntez" JSC to boost revenue

For 3 quarters of this year the revenue of "Salavatnefteorgsyntez" JSC enlarged on 35% up to 66,749bln roubles in comparison with the corresponding period last year. The net yield of the enterprise for 9 months amounted to 2.638bln roubles that is 31% more than the last year index.
As analytics point out it is due to the growth in the volume of the processed oil raw product and correspondingly to the boost in the sales of oil products as well as the price growth of oil processing products and petrochemistry.
Gross profit of "Salavatnefteorgsyntez" JSC amounted to 17.467bln roubles for 9 months that is 16.9% more then the last year corresponding indexes.

December 13, 2007 - "Ozna" gets new boiler plant

"Ozna" JSC is well experienced on production of boiler plants with different types of fuel. Boiler plants "Ozna" hold a strong position on the market and are of constant demand among the customers.
In the end of the 3rd quarter of the current year "Ozna" JSC carried out one important project - "Ozna-Gelios3.15x6 " boiler plant was put into operation aimed at heating the buildings of the plant. 6 boilers of their own production from 2K-VK with the general power of 18.9 MVt, installed under one roof has taken over heating watch, supplying the enterprise not only with the heat but also with the hot water for domestic, household and practical needs. As it was informed in the holding, autonomous heating enables to create comfortable working conditions and regulate the temperature depending on the weather conditions, besides it creates not small economic effect.

December 13, 2007 - Oktyabrski porcelain ware plant currently produces more than 40 dish sets and services

"Oktyabrski porcelain ware plant" JSC has chosen the production of restaurant dishes to be the main direction of its work. After remanufacturing in 2006 new furnaces and other high-quality equipment produced in France and Germany appeared on the plant. Besides they changed the suppliers of the raw materials and now Oktyabrski porcelain ware makers are using German clay and porcelain enamel that meets all European requirements.
Now the assortment of Bashkir utility production amounts to more than 40 items, and these are not separate models but whole sets and services. Some remain undecorated, others are hand-painted.
All pictures and new forms are developed by the painters of the plant. They work in a specially designed experimental art laboratory.
No wonder that the crockery of the plant enjoys great popularity and wins new and new prizes. For instance the restaurant dishes set "Prince" has become diplomant of the contest "100 best Russian goods" this year.

December 12, 2007 - "Ozna JSC" starts trial operation of electronic access system with magnetic passes

On the third stage of "Ozna JSC" was started the trial operation of electronic access system with magnetic passes. As it was informed by the holding press centre according to the results of exploitation all necessary changes will be made to the instruction "About pass regime on "Ozna JSC". In the future the management of the plant plans to equip the buildings of "Ozna JSC - management" and "Ozna JSC - engineering" with automatic access system.
These are not all but just the few novelties implemented in company. So the management company got down to implementing modern management systems. It is part of corporative strategy of "Ozna". One of the most effective and recognized business management instruments is the technology of project management. This the very level of business organization used by all leading companies.
The management of the company plans to form and adopt "Portfolio of capital spending projects", which realization will be built on project base.

December 12, 2007 - Ufa engine building industrial association holds advanced technical committee meeting

Ufa engine building industrial association had an advanced technical committee meeting where the preparation of production of aerotechnics items was discussed with the participation of native representatives of "Suhoi" JSHC, "Saturn" JSC, federal state unitary enterprise Scientific and Production Enterprise "Motor".
The Ufa engine building industrial association (UEBIA)delegation consisting of trend directors, principle and leading specialists was headed by the first deputy director general of UEBIA JSC - technical director Serhey Pavlinich.
As it was said on the enterprise, in the course of discussion of topic issues and during check of the details and units productions parties noted with satisfaction the success achieved by the UEBIA staff in the given direction, its aim at solving the problem of national scale.

December 11, 2007 - Group of companies "Ozna" purchases "Automation means management"

Group of companies "Ozna" going in the direction of providing complex solutions for construction of facilities of oil-gas fields for oil companies, enlarged its field of competence in the sphere of design and service. For example the procedure of purchasing two enterprises - "Nature Management Institute" CJSC and "Automation means management" LLC (Nizhnevartovsk) has been completed recently. The management of both organizations in cooperation with the management company specialists form the integration plan that will enable new group members to participate in the realization of the group "Ozna" development strategy, the press service of the holding informs.
Besides there are negotiations in progress with the leading world consulting companies specialized in the field of strategic consulting. The theme of the negotiations is the strategy of "Ozna" further development. There already have been the suggestions to consider from such firms as AGA management, Deloitte & Touche and Monitor Group that nowadays are the leaders in their sphere on the quality and level of the suggested services. The company aims at adopting the Long-term development strategy for 7 years till the 10th of April, 2008.

December 11, 2007 - Wholesalers ready to purchase Ishimbay knitting mill production in Internet-shop

Light industry enterprises are ready to master the Internet space. Some Bashkir factories and plants are willing to use the progressive form of trading through Internet shops. For instance "Ishimbay knitting mill" have made their mind to sell their products via such trading store. As world experience shows this form of buying enjoys great popularity both among the common buyers and the wholesalers.
The poll of wholesalers buyers of Ishimbay knitting mill showed that almost 70% of the polled wanted to buy the product of Ishimbay craftsmen namely in the Internet shop and only 11% told it was not convenient for them.

December 11, 2007 - Oktyabrski porcelain ware plant develops souvenir production direction

Oktyabrski porcelain ware plant LLC develops the souvenir production direction with the usage of European raw materials - porcelain mixture and porcelain enamel of German firm "EMERYS". Specially for the production of such souvenirs the plant bought new technological equipment and modern safety paints of German "SAMA" and French "CERIC WISTRA".
German porcelain mixture and porcelain enamel used for souvenir plates production are notable for high level of whiteness that enables to lay on thematic pictures, combining different colors, including light pastel shades. In their art the painters on the porcelain use very difficult technology - hand painting on the white margin of the porcelain with specific temperature-resistant paints of bright, juicy shades.
This direction implies exclusive single variants of souvenir plates decorated with hand paint, as well as replicating sets made with less costly technologies that enables to use this type of souvenirs in the sphere of tourism, hotel and restaurant business. The plates can be of different sizes: starting from American of 19-19.5 mm and ending with small plates of 9 cm diameter.

December 10, 2007 - Sibay elevator gets right for "100 Best Russian Goods" logotype

The staff of Sibay elevator in the course of the All-Russian competition got a right for usage of prestigious logotype "100 Best Russian Goods". The top grade flour of this enterprise will be labeled with it. The main part of its products elevator sells through the net of its shops that work not only in Bashkortostan republic, but and beyond its borders.

December 10, 2007 - Ufa knitting mill to sell more than 50 % of its New Year clothes collection in week

Ufa knitting mill to sold more than 50 % of its New Year clothes collection for the last week, and it is more than 2.500 items. The general amount scheduled to produce for New Year holidays is near 5.000 models from new collection.
The collection consists of 25 models of jumpers, gowns, shirts and trousers. Each of it is in 3 or 4 color variants.
At present the factory has already produced some 4.000 items from the New Year collection.
Let us note that that autumn-winter collection is also vividly sold. Near 80 % has already been sold and it is more than 10.000 of fashionable and not expensive clothes.

December 10, 2007 - Ufa engine building industrial association (UEBIA) improves produced equipment

Ufa engine building industrial association JSC tested the electric starting system CE3-130 of gas-compressor unit AL-31ST manufactured at this enterprise.
This system increase reliability, lowers the set up time, improves ecological characteristics of the drive group (decreases methane emission). Testing was successful. The representatives of UprTransGaz JSC "GazProm", gas transportation companies "TyumenTransGaz " LLC, "BashTransGaz" and the plant - producer of the electric starting system "Yakor" JSC were present during the test.

December 7, 2007 - TuymazuSteklo expanded its production range

One of the largest republican enterprises of medical industry - TuymazuSteklo JSC - expanded its production range.
Now the enterprise produces bottles with 50ml volume used for corvalolum bottling, glass bottles for blood and its components, and bottles with 180ml volume - an indispensable container for acetum.
The first to see the production of Bashkir enterprise are the participants of the VII international field exhibition "Glass and modern technologies" which took place in Moscow in the end of November.

December 7, 2007 - Ufa knitting mill to sell 80% of its autumn-winter collection

Ufa knitting mill has already sold 80% of its "Autumn-Winter-2007" collection.
Gowns, oblonged and classic jumpers of different styles hit the taste of republican women of fashion. There was a lot to choose from. The color patterns are diverse: starting from traditional black, grey and white and ending with blue, pink and bright red. Suits are accompanied with handbags, scarves and hattocks made of textile fabric.
All in all Ufa knitting mill sold more then 10.000 items of clothes from new collection.

December 7, 2007 - TuymazuSteklo named winner of All-Russian competition "Package is criterion for purchase"

TuymazuSteklo named winner of All-Russian competition "Package is criterion for purchase ", that took place in Saint Petersburg within the framework of the exhibition "UPEM - Modern packing, labeling and marking".
In the northern capital the specialists of Bashkir enterprise managed not only to represent their production but also met with potential clients and consulted them regarding the novelties of production.
For the splendid debut the plant was awarded the diploma of I degree for the victory in category "Package".
Today TuymazuSteklo JSC is the largest specialized enterprise in Russia on the production of glass for food and medicine industries.
Having overlived all the stages of establishing and development the plant preserved the human resources and glass work school and enlarged the output volume. Now 7 glass melting furnaces are involved it about the clock production.
Constant consumers are the chemical - pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmaceutical institutions, veterinarian stations and hemotransfusion stations. Now the geography of shipment is wide - it is the whole Russia and countries of former Soviet Union.

December 6, 2007 - Level of automation, corporate standards and labor protection at "Caustic" JSC given perfect mark

Representatives of 9 Russian enterprises - producers of caustic soda, and 6 foreign countries - the suppliers of technologies and equipment took part in the seminar "Ways of improvement of process of chlorine and caustic soda production by diaphragm method". Seminar took place on the basis of "Caustic" JSC.
Particularly divided electrolyzers were discussed and the way to make them the most effective in the world from the point of view of energy saving.
62 % of caustic soda in Russia is produced by diaphragm method, 28% - by mercurial method and only 10 by membranous that is considered to be the most progressive as it solves a lot of environmental tasks. But according to Russian scientists the shift to this method requires certain technical solutions and considerable material inputs. That is why the optimization of the diaphragm electrolyze is on the front burner. As it was reported by the press-service of "Caustic" JSC these issues were the main topic for discussion at the seminar.
Besides for the theoretical part the participants of the seminar could see the practical side: an excursion around the plant was organized for them. In particular the guests visited the workshop for anode production, for caustic soda and chlorine production by diaphragm and mercurial methods, the workshop for solid caustic soda and polyvinylchloride resin production. Practically everyone who was for the first time at the workshop praised the corporate standards and labor protection. The automation level was also given positive comments.

December 6, 2007 - Representative office of "TuymazuSteklo" JSC opened in Uzbekistan

The representative office of "TuymazuSteklo" JSC will open in Uzbekistan. Such a decision was adopted during the pharmaceutical exhibition that took place in Uzbekistan in November. This expo market place has a status of international and is organized for the third time. It is dedicated to the novelties of the pharmaceutical equipment, medicaments, veterinary preparations and products for medical purpose as well as crude drugs.
"PharmExpo Uzbekistan" is a very important specialized exhibition in Uzbekistan that arises interest both in native and foreign companies.
This year the exhibition hosted together the leading pharmaceutical companies of Switzerland, USA, India, Pakistan, Iran, China, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Russia.
For "TuymazuSteklo" JSC it was a lucky exhibition: some contracts were signed and was adopted the decision to open the Bashkir company representative office.
"TuymazuSteklo" today is the largest and universal enterprise in Russia according to the volumes and range of production for medical purposes. Factory meets near 80 % of requirements of the domestic market for bottles and antibiotics in ampoules.
"TuymazuSteklo" plans to sell 3 types of glass products in Uzbekistan: ampoules, bottles of glass tubes and dishes of liquid glass.

December 6, 2007 - Ufa engine building industrial association (UEBIA) commissions 3 gas compressor units for compressor stations

Three gas compressor units of UEBIA were successfully tested and put into operation in November of this year. They were installed on compression stations "Myshkino" (SeverGazProm LLC), "Karpinskaya" (TyumenTransGaz LLC), "Moscovo" (BashTransGaz LLC).
As the enterprise reported the are adjustment and comissioning works of the gas compression unit 16R-Ufa on the "Polyanskaya" compression station (BashTransGaz LLC).
Let us remind that production of gas turbine engines for industrial purposes is quite new field of Ufa engine building industrial association work. The production of gas turbine engine AL-31ST was mastered on the basis of AL-31F and is used in the gas compressing aggregates with 16 MW power and in AL-31STE for block modular electrical power station with 20 MW power. Ufa motor constructors can offer the potential customers a whole variety of products in different configuration, including the compressor stations ready to use.

December 4, 2007 - Ufa knitting mill makes New Year collection of clothes

New Year clothes collection was put into volume production by Ufa knitting mill. First pressruns of jumpers, skirts and trousers are already on the enterprise shop shelves.
Specially for the holidays the specialists of Ufa knitting mill designed 25 models of clothes, each of it is in 3 or 4 color shades.
The main colors of new collection are - violet, pink, grey, brown, all shades of blue. The product is decorated with metafibre - golden and silver, silk, and various ornaments: houndstooth and zigzags.
The discovery of new collection is different variants of trimmings, various forms of neck lines in jumpers and gowns. As the designers of the enterprise point out this idea arose after they visited another fashionable exhibition in Italy.

December 3, 2007 - "NefAZ" JSC - 10th in federal rating

Neftekamsk automobile plant took the 10th place among the autobuilding enterprises in the federal rating of economic effectiveness and investment attractiveness of industrial companies.
This result was reached according to the results of the first six months of the current year. It is proved by the certificate of the federal rating of consulting company "Bimmacon" issued in November.
As they explained at the plant this rating was based not only sales result, which is usually is taken into consideration during sizing up, but with regard to other indexes: primecost, state of the main funds, sums of credit and bill receivable, liquidity and financial solvency of the company. All financial-economic indexes of NefAZ are high.
The main aim of Bimmacon index is to work out the system of enterprises evaluation that will enable to compare the operating efficiency and investment attractiveness of commercial entity with different output volumes and staff number, as well as the companies belonging to different industries.

December 3, 2007 - Ufa varnish and lacquer plant boosts production volume

Ufa varnish and lacquer plant JSC boosted the production volume on 22% for 10 months of this year in comparison with the corresponding period last year. The general output volume is 2100 tons of production for 10 monthes of the current year. The general sales sum boosted on 35%.
The plant's strategy is based on the production and sale of hi-tech materials. Thanks to the usage of their own certified laboratory, modern production technologies and high quality Ufa varnish and lacquer plant advances its marketability. The products of the company is in the list of "100 Best Russian Goods" for two years at a scratch.
The enterprise implemented new progressive trend - production of powdered color of all types and kinds.

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