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 Archive of news - January 2008

2008.01.29 - Heavy Equipment Helps to Assimilate Minefield "Yubileynoye"

One of the largest brass minefields "Yubileynoye" in Haybullinsk region of Bashkortostan republic is acquired with the usage of brand new equipment. In 2007 miners of the minefield "Haybullinsk" of JSC "Bashkir brass" mined in the open-cut mining "Yubileynoye" 750.000 of copper ore having reached the volume of strip works to 9mln 335.000 cubic meters.
The effective work on the realization of the development program of the minefield is a merit of the whole staff of our enterprise, as the manager of the minefield Rinat Aslyamov admitted. According to him, the success of the staff owes greatly to big quantity of mining and motor transport that is bought with the financial support of Ural mining and smelting company.
Within the period of preceding year two highly-efficient excavators "Komatsu", heavy crawler dozer "Komatsu" and "Katerpillar", blade grader "Volvo" were put into operation as well as 4 movable ganged "Volvo" dumpers were bought to move ore and refuse stone. The first month of new 2008 year was marked for the motor transportation workshop of "Bashkir brass" by getting "BelAZ" machines with 55 tons load carrying capacity. There has not been such equipment at the enterprise yet. At the repair bay of the enterprise despite strong frost the sharp work goes on - the assembly of the received haulers is in process. While delivery there were some problems with railroad - the vessel was to big for the platforms. They had to split it in 2 and then to weld together to install on the haulers.
To the existing 30 BelAZ we will get in 2008 10 55tons haulers - informed the motor transportation workshop director deputy Garifulla Maksyutov. Five of them are already ready, for two of them we assemble the vessel, one BelAZ is on its way from the station, and 2 more are transported by railway. The advantages of new cars before the 45 tons equipment is in the fact that with bigger load carrying capacity they waste less fuel and are simpler maintained. Specially for loading of ore and refuse stone on the high load "BelAZ" the acquirement of 2 powerful self travelling excavators "Komatsu" with bucket volume of 6 cubic meters is scheduled. Some other powerful equipment is also supplied to the motor transportation workshop of the "Yubileynoye" minefield - KamAZ, cement trucks, fuel transporters. Now the vehicle fleet amounts to 100 units of motor equipment. There is a dock to repair it. Welding, turner equipment, platforms for engine disassembly, equipment for fuel units adjustment and tire fitting are installed there. They plan to boost not only the work pace at the minefield "Yubileynoye", but also to start acquirement of the new one - Dergamishskoye.

2008.01.21 - Integrated Logging-Lumbering Enterprise "Sakmar" Profits even from Birch Conversion

The birch prevails on South Ural. There has always been a small demand on it - the wood is not much valued, needs special chemical treatment to prevent from casting and decay. Nevertheless in Baymaksk district at integrated logging-lumbering enterprise "Sakmar" working mainly with the wood of this sort they managed to achieve good index.
The growth of goods production volume and volume of services provided amounts to 108 % in 2007 in comparison with the same period of the preceding year. The growth of the pre-tax profit to taxation and operational efficiency increased 110 and 120 % correspondingly. The investments into stock capital have augmented on 15 %, tax and non-tax revenues without debts on current payments show 25 % growth. Production profitability is in the range of 15 %, as "Baymaksk reporter" informs. And such excellent figures were obtained with the birch taking 85 % in the overall mass of conversion at this enterprise. None of the integrated logging-lumbering enterprises of the former Soviet Union has ever reached such profitability with indicated level of conversion. The authorities of the enterprise managed on the basis of technical modernization of the facilities to enhance the quality of the birch products. And because it costs less than coniferous species as a result the demand soared. Some huge companies, consumers of the birch wood in Salavat and Meleuz became the enterprise reliable partners. The demand for birch jumped also in Bashkir Far Ural.

2008.01.17 - Holers of Sibay Subsoil Delf Work with Computer Help

On the very eve of 2008 the subsoil delf of Sibay subsidiary of Uchalinsk mining and concentration complex JSC got brand new drilling machine "Solo-7-10C" produced by Finnish company "Sandvik".
This machine as well as 2 already operating "Monomatik" drilling machines, and bought last month "Aksera-5" were given to the delf according to the program of technical modernization of enterprises of Ural ore mining and smelting company. New equipment was judged on its merits by specialists of the blasthole drilling section N3 of subsoil delf.
-Using "Solo" we can considerably increase the efficiency of drilling holes in the roadways where ore is mined - shares his opinion senior overman Rashit Ibatullin. - Since this equipment can substitute at once 3 drilling machines of NKR type.
-For one 24 hour shift you can drill in a face the whole drill ring of 15-20 holes from 5 up to 20 meters. Besides the machine enables round drilling - 360 degrees, - senior overman Ruslan Yunusov adds. Having all this "Solo's" significant feature is high sensibility of the characteristics of driven wells - their range, drop rate and all parameters of drilling. Thanks to it during blasting works complete ore crushing takes place within the whole solid, lowering dilution and consequently boosting the efficiency of the delf.
New drilling machine is aimed at work on production units of the processing minefield "The lower reef", and later on it will be used on "New Sibay" and "Kamagan" minefields. Disengaged equipment NKR with the crew will have enough work on sinking culverts, stone shafts and drop raise mines. "Solo-7" as well as "Monomatic" and "Aksera" is self travelling drilling installation that uses mine network while working, but alongside it possess some technical novelties that determine its fundamental advantages. One of them is the aboard computer. Programmed parameters of drilling determine the sensibility of the process. The second advantage is remote panel for drilling control. It can be placed in any section of the mine that considerably influences not only the comfort of work and equipment control, but also the safety of the holer himself.
Vakil Gabdullin, a holer with 28 years service record that worked in due time at Uchalinsk MCC in Mezhgorye where he mastered "Solo" was appointed the gang leader of the crew. Some other experienced holers of N3 section Konstantin Vaskin and Ulnur Utyashev got down to work there - they had practice on this machinery at Uchalinsk MCC. Another 3 crew members had practice at Gayskii MMC.
The gang leader confirmed that he earlier worked with old modifications of this machine without remote panel. He confirms the utility of "Solo-7" remote panel with computer display on it. Control of the drilling module is carried out by 2 joysticks, several toggles and buttons. The connection and disassembly procedure of drilling module with 28 bars in loader is carried out automatically so there is no hand-work while drilling.

2008.01.15 - Sibay Subsidiary of Uchalinsk Mining and Concentration Complex Thirdly Becomes the Leader of Ural Ore Mining and Smelting Company

Ural ore mining and smelting company (UOMSC) summed up the results of productive-economic competition for the 3 quarter of 2007 among the enterprises entering this holding. The staff of Sibay subsidiary of Uchalinsk mining and concentration complex was awarded the leaders flag with emblem of Ural ore mining and smelting company as one of the winners.
Such being the case Sibay subsidiary of Uchalinsk mining and concentration complex established in autumn 2004 becomes the winner of productive-economic competition for the third time. It was also recognized as the best enterprise of the mining industry in IV quarter of 2005 and in IV quarter of 2006. Nevertheless it is not the reason for self-satisfaction for the staff but rather a level to long in future. According to provision "On organization of productive-economic competition among UOMSC enterprises" the winner will get material encouragement in form of money bonus to the workshops and production sections. The victory of Sibay miners is also prestigious concerning the fact that in their fields of work the staff of JSC "ElektroCink", CJSC "Uralcable", JSC "Revdivskii brick plant" famous in Ural were also recognized to be leaders.

2008.01.08 - "Gidravlika" masters new items production

The preceding year was quite successful for federal state unitary enterprise "Ufa aggregate enterprise "Gidravlika". According to anticipatory data the growth of goods production amounted to 5,2 %, the volume index - 107,4 %. The anticipated increase of the realization of products is 27,2%. The salary of all category workers augmented 28,4% compared with 2006 level. The growth of the output volume is completely determined by the increase in the labour efficiency.
To modernize the machinery the company on its own money bought equipment on 37,9mln roubles that is 80 % more than in the preceding year. The renovation of equipment favored the creation of new products that meet modern requirements.
For instance "Gidravlika" developed fluoroplastic fire resistant hoses that can stand 1100C for not less than 5 minutes. The hoses underwent all necessary tests including fire. Presently there is no similar production of hoses in Russia.
Besides there were designed fluorplastic hoses including fire resistant ones for hydraulic system of underwater craft of 21 project according to technical design specification of federal state unitary enterprise "Malahit". Ten standard sizes were developed and pilot batch was produced on request of JSC "Amur shipbuilding plant".
The works in filtration field continued. Reticular filter elements with required filtration fineness were designed for space-rocket machinery. The fueling of third stage of missile carrier "Soyuz-2" with fuel filtrated through filters developed by federal state unitary enterprise "Gidravlika" was conducted for the first time.

2008.01.05 - Mutual Aid Society Helps to Outlive the Crisis

Something like "mutual aid society" will help the enterprises to outlive the crisis. The possibility of this was proved in Novosibirsk. As the press service of Novosibirsk Akademgorodok reported to "Bashinform agency" a group of local industrial enterprises formed the so-called "Mutual aid society" that managed to get 1,5mln US $ to completely renovate the production of one of its members.
At the end of the preceding year on the initiative of leader of Novosibirsk machinery construction "Trud plant" seven one-field enterprises united into "Sibir Machinery building union" to help each other in the projects they won't be able to cope alone. The very first mission of the new "trade union" became the reconstruction of "Termofor" plant, which being the member of this extraordinary "7" got money from its colleagues necessary for robotization of the whole enterprise. The total sum was equal approximately 1,5mln US $.
According to the words of the director of the company "Termofor" Eduard Marus, the installation works of the state of the art assembly and welding automatic lines bought in Germany are being finished in the main workshop of the plant. Not later than this spring the enterprise will switch to the scheduled output volume.

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